EtroSHey everyone, just thought I'll drop by and say Thanks for the awesome system05:59
NoklaMJust joined the testing team, although not sure where to go from here06:58
zequenceNoklaM: You want to help with testing?08:47
zequenceMake sure to subscribe to our -devel mail list, and keep up with what is going on, and just jump in when there's something that you can help with.08:48
zequenceOur testing lead is Ross Gammon. He's preparing testing for this development release.08:50
zequenceYou can read a bit more about that here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-studio-devel/2015-November/007124.html08:52
NoklaMYup, defo gonna help with testing, I think I subbed to the devel list, I've also installed the 16.03 version :)08:53
NoklaM+ the .iso from the topic worked only with UEFI mode on mobo, refused to boot in legacy mode, just mentioning, dunno where to put this09:06
zequenceNoklaM: Most probably the boot problems are the same on all flavors, so double check with vanilla Ubuntu, and if you have the same problem, report a bug.09:13
zequenceAnd, this is how you report the bug:09:14
zequenceLegacy mode did not work, so you boot into UEFI mode. Open a terminal. type: ubuntu-bug grub09:14
zequenceubuntu-bug grub209:14
zequenceHere's something about testing ISOs, specifically about the bug part https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Testing/ISOTesting#If_you_find_bugs09:15
zequenceNoklaM: Welcome to the team, btw! If you like, present yourself on our -devel mail list, and let others know you exist and want to help09:16
NoklaMThanks :), will do as soon as i figure out how to post to it :)09:16
NoklaMmight sound lame but in my 20 years on pc never used a mailing list09:17
zequenceNoklaM: Just write an email to the email address Ubuntu-Studio-devel@lists.ubuntu.com09:17
NoklaMah wicked, so simple09:17
zequenceIt will only go through if the sender is subscribed09:17
zequenceCurrently we are doing some changes to the desktop, so if you find any problems with it, let us know. Here, or on the mail list. Both work.09:19
NoklaMI noticed that during the installation, the desktop on live showed the XFCE manu09:19
NoklaMi was scared it's gonna persist trough the install to the final stage09:20
zequenceYeah, that one needs to be fixed09:20
zequenceI just made the changes yesterday, so I missed something. Will try to fix that tomorrow.09:20
NoklaMI've just read on the mailing list that there is some mention of a in house desktop menu or environment, I did some UX while back09:21
NoklaMuser Experience design09:22
NoklaMSorry, my father decided it's perfect time to reset the router without informing me 09:33
NoklaMWhere did it cut-off zequence ?09:33
zequenceNoklaM: Ah, I was away for a while.10:15
zequenceYou said "user Experience design"10:15
NoklaMAh, basicly making the menus and interface as painless as possible for the end user, that's UX in short10:16
zequenceOk. Well, we're actually trying to get away from most of the DE stuff, since there are too few people interesting on working on that.10:19
zequenceOur custom menu looked better in the old menu (we started using the new one, "whiskers" yesterday)10:19
zequenceAlso, the menu should work with any freedesktop compatible menu, like the KDE menu10:20
zequenceWhat happens is a few new submenus are added10:20
zequenceThe logic behind the submenus comes from freedesktop categorization10:21
zequenceThough, we aren't following it yet, perfectly10:21
NoklaMAs far as I understand most DE's are themable right?10:22
NoklaMOnce one is set in stone I might look in to it and make it look less stock like :P10:23
zequenceWe don't really have our own theme currently10:23
NoklaMAlthough there is nothing wrong with stock10:23
zequenceWe only have a few custom icons10:23
zequenceWe had a custom theme back when we were still using gnome210:23
NoklaMI seen there is colour picked for the icon as a standard one, could work around that10:24
zequenceI had the idea to have specific colors for the different workflows, and worked together with our art lead, Zak, and some other folks a couple of years ago to sum those up10:25
zequenceBeen a while, so I would need to look through that again to see what it was we were doing10:25
zequenceZak is not around much, but he will be art lead this cycle. He's the guy who made the wallpaper and our social channel artwork10:26
zequenceThe blue is a classic Ubuntu Studio theme color10:26
zequenceIf you want to check out some of the artwork, you can get it from our bazaar branch10:27
zequenceFirst, install bazaar: sudo apt-get install bzr10:27
zequenceThen, also in the terminal, do: bzr branch lp:ubuntustudio-artwork10:28
zequenceIt's not complete, and in total disorder10:28
NoklaMjust checking now10:29
NoklaMthat's some nice assets there10:31
zequenceIf you google "Ubuntu Studio desktop theme" you should find some pics of the old gtk2 theme10:32
zequenceblack, dark grey, white and blue10:33
NoklaMPurely theoreticly, HTML5 as layer on top of the DE, would that work?10:33
zequenceGnome3 uses css10:34
zequenceNOt sure about gtk3, which is everything within the window borders. XFCE uses it also, but lot of things there I'm not sure of10:34
zequenceA guy called cfhowlett has been working on porting the old gtk2 theme to gtk3. I've been planning on including it as an alternative, but that's about as much work we've done on desktop theming for the past few years.10:35
zequenceAnyway, got to go. I'll check in later, so if you think of anything just write here or on the mail list.10:36
NoklaMSure thing, have a good one10:36
flocculanthi Rosco2 :)12:04
flocculantwish you all the luck in the world getting testcases done :)12:05
Rosco2It is a hard sell :-)12:05
Rosco2I am sure I will have to do a lot myself12:05
flocculantreally? never noticed ha ha 12:06
flocculantI'd have likely been more available last cycle to help out - but got my own lts to worry about12:06
flocculantI will though do what I can to help get things on the tracker and available for you12:07
Rosco2Yeah - thanks12:07
Rosco2It is good to have someone to help me through the learning curve12:07
flocculantwhat might be a useful thing to do is create a folder on the project for studio specific tests - keeps them in one place 12:08
flocculantwe do that for xubuntu - xfce stuff is seperate from things others might use like mousepad12:08
flocculantRosco2: I'm only ever a ping or mail away, so whenever you have a question, and I'll hang about in this channel too 12:09
Rosco2folder? do you have a link, or do you mean bzr branches on the us-testing team launchpad?12:10
flocculantif you want to do that with a folder ubuntu-manual-tests/testcases/packages/studio soon ish I'll merge it asap12:10
flocculantRosco2: nope on the manual testcases12:10
Rosco2got it - thanks12:11
flocculantI did do Agave basic test a while back - so one's done :p12:11
NoklaMdon't worry Rosco2 I'll help ya with those test cases :P12:13
Rosco2NoklaM: Excellent news12:14
Rosco2Let us know how you get on as you get started12:15
NoklaMI'm going over the list looking for programs I have a clue about. Do we do only basic test like the ones described or can we go in "deeper"12:16
Rosco2I would like to start with a small quick test for as many as possible12:19
Rosco2we can add more depth later12:19
Rosco2If the tests are too long some testers may give up12:20
Rosco2Expert testers can always go deeper anyway and report bugs they find12:20
Rosco2flocculant: Was just looking at it12:21
Rosco2Good idea to have a folder like Xfce12:21
flocculantyea 12:21
flocculantRosco2: actually I'll just do that if you like now - just what to call it ? studio would be my fave :p12:22
NoklaMok, kinda got lost after setting up my name in bzr12:28
flocculantNoklaM: how far did you get? 12:30
NoklaMd'oh and Studio crashed when alt-tabing12:30
flocculantbzr whoami "NoklaM <noklam's e-mail> should do it - bzr whoami should return who it thinks you are, then bzr launchpad-login LPusername 12:33
NoklaMi think that worked12:34
NoklaMand which branch do I add or do I add any?12:36
Rosco2flocculant: studio would be fine12:37
flocculantNoklaM: hang on - let me set up this new home for studio 12:37
NoklaMokie dokie12:37
flocculantRosco2: ok - all done 12:39
flocculantNoklaM: bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests12:39
NoklaMtyvm kind sir12:39
flocculantopen that up once it's there - in testcases/packages you will see a studio folder - create your testcases in there :)12:40
Rosco2Yes - just name the new file after the app12:40
flocculantdon't add a number though - that gets added elsewhere and by admins12:41
Rosco2You beat me. A sequential number gets added to the filename later in the process12:42
Rosco2I remember wondering about that last time12:42
flocculantRosco2: :)12:42
NoklaMGot it12:42
flocculantNoklaM: also assign yourself to bug associated with the testcase your writing, link your code to it, then it all gets tied up properly down the road :)12:47
NoklaMD'oh run Jack AUDIO server with aeolus for testing, now not sure it should disable my normal headphones audio or is it a feature12:55
NoklaMI'll better stick to what I know12:56
flocculantsounds familiar - that'll be why I started looking and stopped :p13:04
NoklaMI'm doing krita, actually used to for 30 minutes before, just could somene guide me through hand on adding the file?13:06
NoklaMI mean when I do bzr add krita, it throws an error that the file doesn't exist13:14
flocculantNoklaM: bzr add13:15
flocculantbzr knows what it has - you just tell it to add and it does 13:15
flocculantNoklaM: then you want to commit your changes bzr commit -m 'new testcase for foo' for example13:19
NoklaMah I see, I didn't create the file in the first place manualy13:20
flocculantnot sure what you mean13:20
NoklaMWhat I had to do was create a krita file in the Studio folder13:21
NoklaMthen add it :P13:21
flocculantaah - yes :)13:21
flocculanthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/Manual/Writing and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/DevelopmentToolsUsage13:22
flocculantgo through from grabbing the branch, doing your thing, pushing it 13:22
NoklaMwicked, thanks :D13:23
flocculantwelcome :)13:23
flocculanthttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/ManualStyleGuide/test_case_format_script makes sure that what you've written passes for syntax13:24
flocculantthen you wait for a tame testcase admin to check it out :D13:24
NoklaMCan I show my file to someone before I push it?13:56
NoklaMLiterally paranoid that I made 10x mistakes in 3 tests13:56
NoklaMin the file writing that is13:56
flocculantNoklaM: if you want pastebin it and I'll have a quick look 13:57
NoklaMhttp://pastebin.com/KgJYRBsb <-- flocculant 13:59
flocculantkind of :)14:00
flocculant2 ticks14:00
NoklaMwhat did I mess up?14:00
flocculantnot that you messed up14:04
flocculantthis test tests foo14:04
flocculant<dt> do this14:04
flocculant<dd> this happens 14:04
flocculantimagine someone who learnt english following it - make it as obvious as you can14:05
flocculantalso - not that you did, never use UbuntuStudio or Xubuntu or Ubuntu - just use FAMILY in uppercase and then it works out which flavour you're testing :)14:06
flocculantNoklaM: what we try to do is make tests as agnostic as we can - so anyone can use a test 14:06
NoklaMAh I see14:06
NoklaMso just KISS method14:07
NoklaMand I have to add the <strong> section also14:10
flocculantyea 14:10
flocculantthat is in all testcases14:10
NoklaMjust checking before i push "bzr push lp:~noklam/ubuntu-manual-tests/testcases/packages/Studio"14:20
NoklaMSorry for the amount of questions14:20
flocculantyou're welcome - push to bzr push lp:~noklam/ubuntu-manual-tests/studio14:20
flocculantyou could lp:~noklam/ubuntu-manual-tests/krita14:21
flocculantwhen I do it 14:21
flocculantI find the bug I'm fixing and use the number 14:21
flocculantup to you really :)14:22
flocculantand assign yourself to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests/+bug/118388914:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1183889 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Needed: Krita" [Undecided,New]14:22
flocculantthen link your mp to that bug 14:22
NoklaMI broke it /panicmode14:23
NoklaMOh the bot just anounces it14:23
flocculantNoklaM: ok I can see that 14:24
flocculantyou need to propose for merging - you can put my nick in the reviewer box14:25
flocculantit might all seem long winded at the moment - but it does make it all followable in 6 months time :)14:25
NoklaMI can imagine it looking funny if people didn't follow rules and after 6 months everyone was like /oops14:27
NoklaMSource branch it will be merged to is the ubuntu-manual-tests development focus one?14:29
flocculantNoklaM: one last thing and I'll deal with it :)14:33
flocculantsee where it says Link a bug report? 14:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1183889 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Test Needed: Krita" [Undecided,New]14:34
flocculantuse the number there - and assign you to the bug14:34
NoklaMYou mean report a bug?14:37
flocculantnope - the bug is already there link above, assign it to you - that shows everyone it was you who fixed the bug14:39
flocculantand link it to your code which fixes it 14:40
OvenWerk1NoklaM: with reguard to ISO boots. The last ISO I booted I was able to boot either way (bios/efi). Some of this stuff depends on the system I guess.14:42
NoklaMMy mobo is picky I guess, but it didn't like windows 7 either14:43
NoklaMI got a feeling I broke something14:46
NoklaMjust not sure what yet14:46
OvenWerk1Things do change from iso to iso as well, I installed mine two weeks ago. I am DL the new one so I can fix the menu :)14:48
NoklaMOh I got a fresh one this morning I think14:48
NoklaMfrom the link above /topic14:49
flocculantNoklaM: ok - merged that, linked the two, in future can you mark bugs as fix commited though - fix is released when someone adds it to the tracker database 14:50
OvenWerk1I am using zsync which says there is a 22% difference from the last one I downloaded.14:50
flocculanthi OvenWerk1 14:50
NoklaMokie dokie, thanks14:50
NoklaMeh, I just realised I could have tested pressure sensitivity and all those gimmicks in krita with my tablet14:55
NoklaMgot a wacom bamboo, might as well do another graphics app and test it there14:55
OvenWerk1Ah, we need more people who are graphics centered.14:58
* OvenWerk1 is almost completely audio headed.14:59
NoklaMI got AKG microphone but that's about it, bought it, heard my voice on recording and ditched it15:00
flocculantha ha 15:01
OvenWerk1my vision is to see Studio work as well out of the box for graphics and video as it does for Audio. But I don't know what would be useful in those areas.15:02
NoklaMWell GIMP does work great out of the box so does Krita15:02
OvenWerk1NoklaM: setting up colour on the monitor maybe not..15:03
NoklaMI'll check that15:03
* flocculant hasn't a graphic bone in his body, nor musical unless you count listening all day :p15:04
NoklaMIs there any streaming - as in spotify type - programs for Linux?15:05
OvenWerk1I expect the apps themselves work well, but any system tweaks to make the tools like tablets for input and monitor set work would be great.15:05
OvenWerk1do you have a link I could look at?15:05
NoklaMlink to ?:P15:06
OvenWerk1a page that tells me what spotify is?15:06
NoklaMoh :D15:06
NoklaMIt's a commercial app for streaming music15:07
NoklaMis even free if you don't mind few adds15:07
OvenWerk1There are certainly streaming tools like icecaste that one can stream their own music through. Most of the Linux players already are able to use it.15:09
OvenWerk1there is idjc which has everything needed to set up a radio studio with mics, playlist, jingle lists, phone i/o  crossfades etc.15:10
NoklaMThat sounds awesome15:11
OvenWerk1I had set something like that up at home here, but my family has such distinct tastes...15:12
NoklaMWhat music you in to?15:13
OvenWerk1Lots of things from older rock from the last century to country, blues, folk etc.15:14
OvenWerk1Lots of things from older rock from the last century to country, blues, folk etc.15:14
NoklaMBluegrass by any chance?15:15
NoklaMThe joys of running a unstable release15:15
* OvenWerk1 finds there is a lot of music he enjoys playing but not listening to so much :)15:15
OvenWerk1I like some bluegrass too.15:15
NoklaMIt's very Irish folk like, 15:16
NoklaMAlso drumkv3 crashed my pc a second ago15:16
OvenWerk1I got soured on it a bit a few years ago I had a friend who could play only one song on his banjo and so got tired of it.15:16
NoklaMI had an urge to buy a banjo not so long ago15:17
OvenWerk1gtk and qt based audio plugins are going through some upheaval just now.15:17
NoklaMbut I still didn't recover from the sore fingers from guitar15:17
NoklaMMy underbed is full of old instruments I'd like to play but I'm to busy with the pc15:18
OvenWerk1I play bass and guitar. I have started playing mandolin as well.15:18
NoklaMNow bass is awesome, I had a go at a pwn shop, I literally just plucked the strings and they sounded awesome15:19
OvenWerk1The mandolin was passed down from my father a few years ago, but I only played it in public the first time a few weeks ago.15:19
NoklaMDo you have a beard?15:19
NoklaMCause that should be a part of the kit when playing mandolin15:19
NoklaMAlso the docker at the bottom of the screen, is there a way to get rid of it?15:21
OvenWerk1easy to get rid of15:21
NoklaMI just clicked it and it vanished, well the - on it15:22
OvenWerk1right click on it, pannel->pannel prefferences15:22
OvenWerk1in the dialog click the big red minus sign15:22
NoklaMThat should come with the manual15:22
OvenWerk1I made mine vertical and put it on my right monitor in a smaller size.15:23
NoklaMHonestly It's been 8 year since I go tmy 1st Ubuntu CD and I still only know how to brake it15:23
NoklaMI got stuck in the windows zone, but since I kinda dislike constant spying and value my privacy a bit I switched back for good15:24
* OvenWerk1 plays this bass: http://www.ibanez.co.jp/products/u_eb_page15.php?year=2015&cat_id=2&series_id=51&data_id=51&color=CL0115:25
OvenWerk1I want to get a matching bass with frets15:25
NoklaMIt's mahogany, i probably wouldn't be able to afford the body of it15:26
OvenWerk1I have an old Squire I got cheap. I pulled the frets out and filled the slots so I could try fretless playing.15:28
NoklaMHow did that go?15:29
OvenWerk1I ended up using it a lot because it is 3 pounds lighter than my RIC15:29
NoklaMthat's like 1.5kg15:29
OvenWerk1It was ok, but once I got the SR I realized how a ready hard neck makes a huge difference in playablility.15:30
OvenWerk1Ya, I was using my shoulders a lot at work (letter carrying for Canada Poste) and needed less on my days off.15:30
NoklaMDon't they give you cars?15:31
NoklaMOr you have to carry a bag?15:31
OvenWerk1I had a footwalk. On a heavy day I might deal with as much as 350 pounds of mail.15:32
NoklaMoh man, ouch.15:32
OvenWerk1that is in 35 pound or so chunks15:32
NoklaMI've yet to see postman on foot in Ireland15:32
NoklaMThey got so used to cars they do 25m2 block with a car15:33
OvenWerk1They are woring to do tha here too, but I would rather do the walk15:33
NoklaMIt would be a national protest here if they told em to go on foot15:34
NoklaMI bet15:34
OvenWerk1they would have to hire more people... that could be a good thing too15:35
flocculanthah - they walk about where I am in england15:35
OvenWerk1The reason they want to go to trucks here is to use less people.15:36
NoklaMI live in the sticks, so everything is kinda far away from each other15:37
OvenWerk1Our rural routes are all truck.15:37
NoklaMclosest shop? 20 mnutes walk15:37
flocculant15  minutes here15:37
NoklaM20s to Tesco, not good for me:( no deli haha15:38
NoklaMIf I walk I do another 5-7 minutes to a petrol station with a deli15:38
NoklaMDid you lads see mcdonalds replacing workers with menu machines15:39
OvenWerk1not here.15:39
NoklaMThey got few out in US i heard because of the higher wages 15:39
NoklaMDoesn't bother them in Ireland tho, 9.05 or 9.15 Eur from January15:41
NoklaMthat's what they have to pay to the over 18s in full time15:41
OvenWerk1There are too many people here who would not be able to use a machine. (lots of older people)15:42
flocculantor ones like me who just refuse point-blank to do so 15:42
flocculantI don't use them in supermarkets either15:43
NoklaMbut in all honesty it's kinda going that way, automotion15:43
OvenWerk1I don't use selfserve checkouts either.15:45
OvenWerk1no choice for gas... (petrol?)15:45
NoklaMSelf Service petrol station?15:46
OvenWerk1all of them.15:46
NoklaMOh wow, i seen one nearby Dublin once15:46
NoklaMBut that's about it15:46
OvenWerk1There may be one or two full service places around, but you have to know where they are.15:46
NoklaMoh wow15:47
NoklaMAnd I thought if I move to Canada it will be easy to find a job15:47
NoklaMbut with my qualifications clerk on petrol station is max15:47
OvenWerk1depends where (and when)15:47
NoklaMI'd like somewhere sunny :P Is that an option in Canada?15:48
NoklaMsick of rain and wind15:51
OvenWerk1your pick, rain and wind or sun and cold and snow.15:53
* OvenWerk1 lives in the Comox Valley15:53
NoklaMThe thought of snow scares me, I seen it once in last 4  years and it was whole 2 inches that blocked the country15:54
OvenWerk1there is a difference between dry snow and wet snow. Dry is easier to deal with.15:54
OvenWerk1I grew up in Calgary Alberta.15:54
flocculantNoklaM: don't forget that here and where you are, we don't really get snow, so don't spend €'s or £'s on dealing with it generally15:55
flocculanthence Heathrow shuts with half an inch ... 15:55
OvenWerk1Terrace BC if you like _lots_ of snow.15:56
NoklaMOh no, I'd stay away from it15:56
NoklaMIt's like rain, but its solid15:56
NoklaMI never see people put winter tyres here15:57
NoklaMAnd half or 1 inch drops and the whole country comes to a stop 15:57
OvenWerk1Ontario sometimes has a lot too, because of the Great lakes. Alberta is cold but mostly sunny, the snow doesn't get that deep.15:57
OvenWerk1NoklaM: The difference is that an inch of snow where you are vanishes the same or next day. In Calgary an inch of snow might stick around for 6 weeks.16:00
NoklaMThat's true I've never seen last longer than 2 days16:03
flocculantI'm old enough to have seen it in England 16:06
NoklaMI've only been here 10 years16:06
flocculantI've been here since 1963 :D16:06
NoklaMI'm not 10 btw :P16:06
flocculantha ha 16:06
* OvenWerk1 has to go.16:07
flocculantcya OvenWerk1 16:07
NoklaMSee you mate, was nice chatting to you :)16:07
flocculantI should too - got a session to be ready for later https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/xubuntu-devel/2015-November/010969.html16:08
flocculantNoklaM might have an interest in that - it'll be xubuntu based, but the basics will be pretty much agnostic16:09
NoklaMWas just thinking that16:09
NoklaMSince I have ton a of questions16:09
NoklaMAnd finally my mailing list is working16:11
NoklaMI can reply /woopwoop16:11
flocculantNoklaM: well as long as a question works for me with my real hat on I'll answer it :)16:12
NoklaMYou won't probably believe it but I've been running circles on the launchpad website16:12
NoklaMstill can't find the one saying which softwar eneeds to be tested16:12
flocculantoh right16:13
flocculantI can link you to the list of bugs for needed testcases for Studio16:13
NoklaMoh would be awesome16:13
flocculantyou won't find testing yet - that's not set up and lives somewhere else16:13
NoklaMtyvm :)16:15
flocculantNoklaM: just remember, find a bug, assign you, do the testcase, push MP, link bug to that MP, propose fix16:15
NoklaMJust looking for the ones i have at least slight idea of how they work16:16
flocculantyep - completely understood16:16
flocculantand I'm good with you putting me as reviewer too 16:16
NoklaMawesome :)16:17
flocculantnow you've got the basic hang of it - just push them, if there's an issue I will comment on the proposal16:17
NoklaMThere is few i might have an idea how to run16:18
NoklaMand what they do16:18
NoklaMHonestly I was overwhelmed with the amount of software that came with Studio16:18
NoklaMWas either Studio or try to run Mac OSX on AMD cpu16:20
NoklaMWindows just pushed the line16:20
flocculantNoklaM: I would guess that the best thing to do if you're more graphic is to do those16:23
flocculantI'm pretty sure that Rosco2 is just pleased to have someone helping and if you can do a % that's going to be \o/ 16:23
flocculantthis has whole testing thing's been floating about for quite a while16:24
NoklaMd'oh shrini was faster than me on inkscape16:24
Rosco2You bet :-)16:24
Rosco2Just been updating https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Testing/Testcases16:25
Rosco2Glad to add krita!16:25
flocculantNoklaM: perhaps but if you look at the code from shrini I asked a couple of months ago if it was still being worked on16:25
flocculantso - if you can actually do the deed and propose a test - that'll supersede something from Aug 2014 ;)16:26
NoklaMI'll be glad to16:27
* flocculant is pretty much totally aware of what's going on with manual testcase code16:27
flocculantRosco2: at some point you're going to need to try and get your head around the admin side of the trackers - I'd be happy to help you out, but I'm guessing timezones will make week hard, so I would make myself available at a weekend for an hour or so 16:28
Rosco2I just logged in actually.16:29
flocculantmight need zequence to add me to your release team temporarily so I can actually see things on the tracker16:29
Rosco2Need to link the test cases to some test suites16:29
* flocculant can't admin studio stuff16:29
Rosco2Like US Audio, visio graphics etc16:29
Rosco2whoops video16:30
flocculantRosco2: perhaps start working with an etherpad on what you want to see it looking like16:30
Rosco2good idea16:30
flocculantI can make notes on what I've learnt about it all when I've time then :)16:31
NoklaMargh bzr keeps commiting on the first file i created instead of the latest16:56
NoklaMtried bzr help commit but there ain't much there16:56
OvenWerk1bzr add?16:58
NoklaMdid that and still commits on the 1st file16:58
NoklaMI wonder did it work17:14
NoklaMhow do I cancel a push?17:16
flocculantNoklaM: that's why I do that push to different branches bzr push lp:~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/bug#foo example17:25
flocculantyou keep pushing to the same branch so the old stuff shows still 17:26
NoklaMI just changed the dir and it updated it hinks17:26
NoklaMI thinks*17:26
flocculantas it is = please push it again so that inkscape is inside /Studio - don't need folders for everything :)17:27
NoklaMok :P17:27
flocculantcheck out the /xfce branch of the testcase 17:27
OvenWerk1I use two local directories (at least with GIT) So for https://github.com/ovenwerks/mcpdisp I have ~/software/mcpdisp/mcpdisp/ and ~/software/mcpdisp/work/17:28
flocculantOvenWerk1: yea - I don't know enough about bzr to comment tbh17:29
flocculantI just push my bugfixes to specific branches like bzr push lp:~flocculant/ubuntu-manual-tests/bug#17:29
OvenWerk1I pull to the first and then do all my work in work... if I screw work up too much I can delete the whole directory and reclone from the local clean copy. For mcpdisp that is not too important, but for something like Ardour a reclone from the master takes forever.17:29
Rosco2Yes. It is best to pull the latest bzr before starting a new testcase17:30
flocculantNoklaM: aah yes - before starting on a new one bzr pull 17:30
Rosco2And create a new branch from that to work on the bug as flocculant says17:30
OvenWerk1bzr status   will normally tell you what you are going to commit.17:30
flocculantassuming someone has done the merge17:30
flocculantfrankly when I was doing a lot - I just kept pulling branch afresh - and delete the old one17:31
flocculantpulling here takes ~15 seconds :D17:31
flocculantbzr still does my head in at frequent intervals I have to say :)17:33
flocculantRosco2: if nothing else - this was a really useful few hours :)17:40
flocculantNoklaM deserves a Gold Star :)17:40
NoklaMI'm still fighting with bzr :P17:41
flocculantI could refer you to an earlier comment from me :D17:41
flocculantNoklaM: frankly if push comes to shove - rename the branch with your work in it, pull the main branch and copy it in :)17:42
NoklaMI managed to delete that directory xD17:42
NoklaMI'm at that stage17:42
flocculantI would say I'd done that one or twice - but the truth would be many more ;)17:42
Rosco2Yes - very productive today17:43
flocculantI'm glad I popped by 17:43
Rosco2I have deleted the odd bzr branch to start again too17:43
Rosco2I still do it for git, but much less17:43
flocculantI've only ever used bzr to work with, I've git cloned to get some xfce stuff in my other hat17:44
flocculantI don't code - apart from Hello World ... 17:45
NoklaMbzr push lp:~noklam/ubuntu-manual-tests/bug#118302217:46
NoklaMis that the right one? Just making sure17:46
NoklaMi pushed a commit that deleted the directories and updated the original file17:46
flocculantthat works for sure17:47
flocculantNoklaM: just make sure you've done the linking of bug to code ;)17:47
NoklaMapparently it deleted my original file 17:59
NoklaMbrb got to smoke17:59
flocculantNoklaM: can;t help immediately - but I do have a local copy now :D18:00
NoklaMI have no idea what I did /insertMonkeyPictureWithKeyboard18:03
flocculantdone that18:07
flocculantafk for a bit while we do our irc testing session 18:07
NoklaMI'll be there in a moment18:08
NoklaMmanaged to restore the file /lol18:09
NoklaMbzr = the devil18:13
NoklaMI think I'm gona write a post and publish it somewhere about how to avoid getting burned by bzr18:22
flocculantI'd read it ;)18:23
NoklaMthat is if I did everything right in the last of me using it18:25
NoklaMelse { Go back to square 1 }18:25
Rosco2Noklam: good idea to write it all down18:45
Rosco2Plus links to helpful sites18:45
Rosco2Over time you refer to them less and less18:45
NoklaMI found the man page explained a lot but the removal part was bad in it18:45
NoklaMI'll probably start a blog somewhere if for the future testers18:46
NoklaMbut untill i have all the knowledge written down, im gonna ask a lot of question :P18:46
flocculantNoklaM: few typo's in latest18:47
NoklaMi spell checked :(18:47
NoklaMI'll fix18:47
NoklaMHopefully the gedit spellchecker is worth it18:50
flocculantyea 18:53
flocculantyanks 18:53
flocculantcan't spell English it seems :D18:53
NoklaMI've just pushed the 362 revision which should (spell checker blame) have the spelling mistakes corrected18:56
NoklaMbuginstructions I just read that as begininstructions, must be tired18:57
flocculanttime for beer then ;)19:01
NoklaMI literally didn't sleep 24h19:01
NoklaMbut that's because i have to go do bloods tomorrow19:02
NoklaMand my sleep schedule is like swiss cheese19:02
NoklaMso i can safely delete krita from my files and it won't commit it anymore by the dozens19:11
NoklaMgood night everyone20:03
NoklaMsee you tomorrow20:03
flocculantnight 20:11
zequenceWow. Busy day :)20:47
flocculantzequence: yep - and you haz tests :D20:48
zequenceI've been recording all day. Noticed some problem with our desktop metas. Will have to investigate more tomorrow.20:57
zequenceIt doesn't seem to be building, or something. The source is in -proposed, but no binaries.21:01
zequenceWell, the whole meta source package of course, but has something to do with the desktop seeds21:01
zequenceI was expecting something like this. Didn't much look at the details the other day.21:03
flocculantRosco2: can you please get across to noklam that if they make sure to link bugs and code - someone else doesn't have to chase about making sure bugs get marked properly when code lands 0 thanks :21:03
flocculantzequence: qa got busy all of a sudden ;)21:04
zequenceflocculant: It did! Nice to see someone like NoklaM show up as well, out of the blue :).21:05
flocculantyea for sure - did what I could to help there :)21:06
zequenceflocculant: You're a giant help, for sure!21:06
zequenceProlly sounds better in Swedish.21:07
flocculantha ha21:16

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