flocculanthello MrTulias 14:56
MrTuliashello flocculant 14:57
flocculanthow's things14:57
MrTuliaswaiting for the meeting about testing :p14:58
flocculantyou know it's 3 hours away I hope :)15:00
MrTuliasyes :)15:00
flocculanthave you done much for us before? 15:01
flocculantname seems familiar15:02
MrTuliassome translations to Spanish15:02
flocculantaah - that's where I've seen your name perhaps15:02
flocculantafternoon krytarik 15:04
krytarikAftn flocculant.15:04
flocculanthi drc mexchip 15:38
flocculanthey sorinel1o 17:34
flocculant!team | early warning of testing meeting - we'll be using meetingology for that17:46
ubottuearly warning of testing meeting - we'll be using meetingology for that: bluesabre, dkessel, flocculant, jjfrv8, knome, krytarik, lderan, micahg, Noskcaj, ochosi, pleia2, slickymaster, Unit19317:46
flocculantanyone here for the testing session at 18:00 ?17:46
flocculantthat means not team :)17:46
flocculanthi mcs_ 17:47
mcs_hi flocculant 17:47
flocculantMrTulias was earlier17:47
flocculanthey akxwi-dave 17:48
akxwi-daveHi flocculant 17:48
flocculantakxwi-dave: join -offtopic17:48
akxwi-davejoin -offtopic17:48
akxwi-daveoops wrong box17:48
flocculantit's #xubuntu-offtopic :)17:49
akxwi-daveyup in17:49
meetingologyMeeting started Sun Nov 29 18:00:38 2015 UTC.  The chair is flocculant. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.18:00
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick18:00
flocculant#chair akxwi-dave 18:00
meetingologyCurrent chairs: akxwi-dave flocculant18:00
flocculantEvening all - so we're going to now run the planned How to test session18:01
flocculantWe're not sure what people need18:01
flocculantWe're sure we need you18:01
flocculantWhat we want to do in this session is just run through what we're trying to get during this cycle18:02
flocculantSo - what we first would love to know is who's turned up for the session :)18:02
flocculantIf you're here to learn something from us - then please do as mcs_ did :)18:03
flocculanthi mexchip 18:03
flocculantyou here for the testing session?18:03
mexchiphi flocculant, yes18:03
flocculantjust starting up now 18:04
mexchipyes, sorry for being a bit late18:04
mexchipbut I'm ready :)18:04
flocculantnow worries :)18:04
flocculantI saw you pitch up earlier18:04
mexchipyes, testing the IRC software I just installed18:05
flocculantanyway - lets get a start, akxwi-dave has been pretty active testing for us when we shout out during the last few cycles18:05
akxwi-daveAfternoon All18:06
flocculanthe recently got approved into the main QA team and this was his first *job* from me18:06
flocculantso be nice ;)18:06
mcs_\o/ akxwi-dave 18:06
flocculantakxwi-dave: - the channel is yours :)18:06
akxwi-daveCheers flocculant , As you have just been told, I've been test testing for a few cycles now18:07
akxwi-daveI started testing to give something back to the community, but it was scary at first18:07
akxwi-davenot sure if i was doing things right or if it actually helped18:08
akxwi-daveso hopefully what I'm about the pass on will help you get started in testing Xubuntu18:08
akxwi-davefeel free to ask anything as I'm doing this18:09
akxwi-daveto me there's three parts to the testing, ISO's, Packages and Bugs18:10
akxwi-daveso I'll go thru them one at a time18:10
akxwi-dave#subtopic iso testing18:10
akxwi-daveIso testing is probably the easiest one to get involved with, either by using a spare PC or using a virtual machine18:11
flocculantoh meh - do we need to #topic first :(18:11
flocculant#topic testing18:11
akxwi-daveoops   :18:11
akxwi-davelets try again18:12
flocculant#subtopic iso testing18:12
akxwi-daveIso testing is probably the easiest one to get involved with, either by using a spare PC or using a virtual machine18:12
flocculantcould be wrong :)18:12
* flocculant - you carry on akxwi-dave - sorry :p18:13
akxwi-daveWhen I first started I was lucky enough to have spare PC, but now I test using Virtual Machines (32bit) and real hardware (64 bit)18:13
akxwi-daveby downloading either the latest Daily build or even if its just beta version you can help 18:14
akxwi-daveyou can access these from here  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/18:14
mcs_Can i ask a question ?18:15
akxwi-daveof course18:15
mcs_Can we download the isos (the alpha and betas)  from here as well ? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/18:16
mcs_sorry  gtypo => http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current/18:16
flocculantstill yes :)18:17
flocculantakxwi-dave: excuse me for a moment while I make a point18:17
akxwi-daveoff course18:17
NoklaMGot to ask, how silly of me is to run the developmenet version on my only machine?18:18
flocculantakxwi-dave is running the session, I'm reading - if people have questions just chuck a o/ into the channel and I will make sure you get chance18:18
flocculantthen we can run the session as akxwi-dave want's and we can ask questions at each topic end, thanks :)18:19
flocculantakxwi-dave: your channel again :)18:19
akxwi-daveif you want to be 100 % safe do it as a VM, however my Laptop which i use daily has the latest 16 build on it.04  18:19
akxwi-daveonce you have the ISo of you choice take a look at the testcases for that build18:21
akxwi-daveluckily each test case has  a number of things that we would like to be tested for18:21
akxwi-daveI personally do them in this order, As I find that I can get a number of things tested in a good run18:22
akxwi-davestart with the Live Session - and work down the test options18:23
akxwi-davebasically that it boots to desktop and you can start all the usually applications18:23
akxwi-davefor me thats the main programs that i would use on a day to day basis18:24
akxwi-daveif I  get any wierd things happen or programs fail i would write down what I was doing and what went wrong.18:25
akxwi-davewhen I happy I have done that I go back to the  test cases and see if any bugs had been reported for the live session.18:26
akxwi-daveIf there have i check against what I may have found..18:26
akxwi-dave I ususally check after the first run, as I don want to infulence my usuage.. but for all the rest of the testing I check the bugs reported first18:27
akxwi-daveNo one fallen asleep yet?  :-)18:28
NoklaMkeep going :P18:28
NoklaMIt's good18:28
mexchipgo on18:29
flocculantI'm here too :)18:29
akxwi-daveI then Move to one of the install options - I usually try to alternate which one I go for first..( and choose a different one for the VM testing)18:30
akxwi-daveas you will see here  http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/351/builds/107745/testcases/1300/results  there tends to be more to do..18:31
akxwi-davemcs a question?18:31
akxwi-davefire away18:32
mcs_If i find a bug that is not part of a test case should i be raising to launchpad or xubuntus qa ?18:33
mcs_ie. against ubuntu or xubuntu ?18:33
flocculantagainst the package 18:33
akxwi-daveI personally raise it on launchpad ( Which I will come to later) against the package18:34
flocculantfind an issue with mousepad 18:34
flocculantreport it there, you can THEN list that number in the tracker18:34
mcs_ahh. ty18:35
flocculantthis means that both QA following tracker and dev following package see it :)18:35
mcs_right. ic18:35
flocculantakxwi-dave: unless that was what you intended to say :)18:35
akxwi-daveword for word flocculant   :-)18:36
akxwi-daveback to the installation testcase18:36
akxwi-daveas you may see there is usually more to check, so before I do I tend to see if any other bugs have been reported so I can check for them While installing18:37
akxwi-daveagain writing anything  i find down for later18:37
akxwi-daveand finally after the install I do the post install test, following the testcase along with using all the programs I use in  a day to day basis..18:38
akxwi-daveon a side note I also tend to install any restricted drivers available and steam, along with a game18:39
akxwi-davejust to test it as I would truly use it..18:40
flocculantimportant point ;)18:40
akxwi-daveonce all the testcases have been done I then file the reports18:40
akxwi-daveif you do get any of the bugs that have been recorded before PLEASE make sure you report them as well, just because some one has already reported it, its still important that you do18:42
akxwi-davethe more people that report a bug, shows that its not an isolated case18:42
akxwi-daveas a caveat to that. there will be obvious ones that will not need to be reported  i.e. the Gmusic Browser bug18:43
akxwi-davebut if in Doubt please please report it18:43
flocculantakxwi-dave: that has gone from the testcase now 18:44
akxwi-davethats the end of this subtopic any questions before we move on to testing packages18:44
flocculantI had one :)18:45
akxwi-davepls ask..18:45
flocculantif I start an iso test - is there a way that I can say I am testing it? 18:45
akxwi-daveyes you can18:46
flocculantok thanks - how? 18:46
akxwi-davelogging into the tracker where you report the test results, you can set the result to "Testing"18:47
akxwi-daverather than passed or failed18:47
akxwi-daveand go back and edit it once you are finished18:47
flocculantok thanks akxwi-dave 18:47
akxwi-daveThat also go for if you reported one as passed you can then go back and change it to failed and vice versa18:48
flocculantdid mcs_ get syncing info earlier?18:48
flocculantakxwi-dave: good good point :)18:48
mcs_flocculant: ? i don't think so 18:49
akxwi-dave#subtopic Package testing and PPA's18:50
flocculantjust to tie this section up - there are ways to just grab the differenc18:50
flocculantI'll touch on those at the end though18:50
akxwi-davebefore i continue any other questions?18:51
flocculantas akxwi-dave is now on what we REALLY want :)18:51
mcs_i was going to enquire about zsync but i suspect that'll come later18:51
akxwi-davemcs_, yes it will do flocculant is going to do that at the end18:52
flocculantakxwi-dave: get on with packages where  I willl be noisy :D18:52
akxwi-daveright packages.. this is the bit that is really fun... 18:52
flocculant***PACKAGE TESTING ****18:52
akxwi-daveif you read the get involved section of the website it mentions there are 3  testing PPA's that are used.18:53
akxwi-daveand these need to be installed18:54
akxwi-daveto make it easier for people I will list the terminal commands to install these18:54
akxwi-davesudo add-apt-repository ppa:shimmerproject/daily18:54
akxwi-davesudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/xubuntu-staging18:54
akxwi-davesudo add-apt-repository ppa:xubuntu-dev/ppa18:54
akxwi-davesudo apt-get update18:55
akxwi-davesudo apt-get upgrade18:55
akxwi-daveI do this because people may be great at testing, but not necessarilty great at the terminal ( looks both ways and hides)18:55
akxwi-davefirst thing i do before any package testing is to check there are no updates18:56
akxwi-daveand manually do and update and upgrade18:56
akxwi-davei then go to the package tracker http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/18:57
akxwi-davehere for the latest ones18:57
akxwi-daveyes flocculant ?18:57
flocculantcan I just jump in quickly18:58
akxwi-daveof course18:58
flocculantre those PPAs18:58
flocculantanyone can add those when supported18:58
flocculantbut - we would urge people using them to also have ppa-purge installed so you can test *new* for a while 18:59
flocculantthen purge the ppa and go back to default19:00
flocculantakxwi-dave: sorry - carry on :)19:00
akxwi-daveno probs flocculant 19:00
akxwi-davethe good thing about package testing is that as there a large number of test cases, and it may look daunting, you can choose which one to do at any time19:02
akxwi-daveand like the ISO testing, the test cases have very good instructions of what to test..19:02
akxwi-davefirst time i looked at them, I will admit I was scared, and thought omg.. but after 10 mins of reading them.. it was more the case ok lets do this19:03
akxwi-daveusing the same methods as for the ISO's I look at the bugs that may have been recorded for the testcase i'm about to do19:04
akxwi-davefor example the XFCE appearance settings one   http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/350/builds/105268/testcases/1575/results19:05
akxwi-daveand work thru the instructions.19:06
flocculantoh pick one you can fail me on :p19:06
akxwi-daveOh yes..19:06
flocculanteven if it does prove a point :D19:06
akxwi-daveif you have looked at this testcase you will see  found a bug and reported it via launchpad19:07
akxwi-davenow,, i didnt just rush off and reported it , i retested that section a number of times before i did, just to make sure I hadn't done anything wrong19:08
akxwi-daveif you do find a bug and report it it will get picked up and checked by the team..19:09
akxwi-davejust like this one..   http://packages.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/350/builds/105268/testcases/1584/results19:09
akxwi-davethis shows that even if you think you may find a bug and its checked it may not be one19:10
akxwi-davein this case I checked this one a number of times before reporting, and eventually as you will see it was my VM that was faulty19:10
flocculantakxwi-dave: in one19:11
GridCubeMrTulias ping19:11
akxwi-davethe message with this is you may not always get it right..  but if you have tested it and get the same result a number of times report it19:12
flocculantthe first appearsto be a real bug :19:12
GridCubeP: i think this is the meeting you wanted to be around19:12
akxwi-davedont let the ones I have linked put you off, off the package testcases, there a number that have only a few steps19:13
akxwi-davestart with those to get the hang off it.. once you do you will find you are half way down the list before you know it19:14
akxwi-daveobiously some of them are better tested with real hardware19:14
akxwi-davefor example to bluetooth connectivity19:15
akxwi-davebut real hardware or virtual machines.. any testing is helpfuul19:15
akxwi-daveany questions?19:16
flocculantloads :D19:16
flocculantbunch of statements too :_P19:17
akxwi-davefire away19:17
mcs_who ?19:17
flocculantperhaps if w #topic flocculant then let people ask stuff19:17
akxwi-davemcs first19:18
flocculant#subtopic Xubuntu extras19:18
mcs_just to be clear about testing the PPA, i could...19:18
flocculantmcs_: the ?19:18
mcs_flocculant: i was going to ask a question19:19
flocculantyep - go ahead 19:19
mcs_i could download a daily iso, update and upgrade it, add the PPAs using the commands above ^^^ update and upgrade again and then i'm good to go ? 19:20
akxwi-daveThats what I do on my laptop.. and test the individual iso's om a vm19:21
flocculantmcs_: for people not understanding19:21
flocculantgrab the daily image http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/daily-live/current and you can zsync it19:23
flocculantI alias image to zyncing the pair19:23
flocculantanyone questions about testing apps?19:24
akxwi-davetwo links that can help to bookmark for reporting new bugs19:24
akxwi-davethese along with the full list of test cases are auto loaded for me when I start testing.. just in case19:25
flocculantlast call19:25
flocculantclosing at 7:3019:26
akxwi-daveonce of the hardest things when reporting bugs is the tags.. don't worry if you get them wrong first times around flocculant  can change them :-)19:26
akxwi-daveif any one has any questions after this session feel free to grab me anytime19:27
akxwi-daveyes mcs19:27
mcs_is it too early to start testing now ? i.e next week ?19:28
akxwi-davenope startwhen you are ready19:28
meetingologyMeeting ended Sun Nov 29 19:29:23 2015 UTC.  19:29
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2015/xubuntu-devel.2015-11-29-18.00.moin.txt19:29
akxwi-davethank you all for coming19:29
akxwi-davehope this has helped even if in some small way19:30
mcs_ty akxwi-dave flocculant 19:30
flocculantmcs_: I've been running the dev version since the day after release as alwa19:30
NoklaMthanks lads, very informative :)19:30
flocculantakxwi-dave: thank you man :)19:30
flocculantI'll try and get some logs out of it for the wiki19:31
akxwi-daveanytime :-)19:31
flocculantperhaps when we do session 2 we'll do the next stage 19:32
flocculantruns with dev, runs with ppa, runs away :p19:33
flocculantsadly I am serious :p19:33
flocculantwe should follow that basic session up - bluesabre will REALLY hate me then :P19:34
flocculanthe he he 19:34
akxwi-davelmao.. :-)19:35
flocculanthe won'y:19:35
akxwi-daveWell hopefully that will help..  wish i had thought of asking for a bit of guidance when I first started, it can be scary until you get to the point when it clicks19:36
flocculantakxwi-dave: hah hah19:36
flocculantakxwi-dave: exactly what I had hoped for from you 19:37
mexchipthanks for the session, it was very informative19:38
flocculantthey might know yet - but it was spot on 19:38
flocculantthanks mexchip 19:38
akxwi-davewell time time to go mate... was the wifes birthday last thurday and i need to take her to the pub19:38
akxwi-davecheers mexchip  and thx19:38
flocculantakxwi-dave: good evening then :)19:38
akxwi-davewill be back on tomorrow.. have fun19:39
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knome_trackerdoesn't look any better, seems like i'm dropping off soon again.23:05
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knomethis looks more promising23:14
tsimonq2hey, gonna give you guys a hand, after I am done with Lubuntu ISO test cases, I am going to do some Xubuntu ones23:52
tsimonq2although at this point it is less important then it would be later on in the release schedule, why not?23:53

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