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Cossanflocculant: my poweradapter was broke.00:32
Cossan WaynesKaffe>00:32
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sim642Whenever my HP 840 laptop runs low on power and xubuntu enters sleep mode or something. After plugging in power and starting up, the fans drive at crazy speeds. Is there any better way to fix it than restarting everything?08:46
flocculantsim642: someone had a similar issue the other day - reported bug 152024209:36
ubottubug 1520242 in linux (Ubuntu) "Fan is running constantly in high speed after resume from suspend to RAM" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/152024209:36
flocculantthey also commented on the last answer in the stackexchange workround they posted in post #309:37
xubuntu76whi. How do I enable a USB mouse? Last time I hooked it up to my computer it did not work until I went into settings-->mouse and chose the mouse instead of the pad. Now the mouse alternative is not available.10:17
xubuntu76wI have tried all the USB ports but no luck10:19
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Adrian_Need help on installing bootloader12:57
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marianoIs there a way to incorporate ubuntu's workspace view (for workspace management) on Xubuntu?16:20
marianoIs using compiz the best way to get workspace management like ubuntu's workspace switcher.16:29
flocculantmariano: I use something called Xfdashboard http://goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/xfdashboard/start16:33
marianothank you, I'll give it a read. :)16:33
flocculantwhich afaik is in development - it does work, it's just not really pretty :D16:33
flocculantthere is a xubuntu dev ppa holding that https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/extras16:34
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xubuntu95dhey has anyone had a problem with their network manager not displaying any wireless connections on install of 15.10?23:28

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