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jamespagemarcoceppi, hey - is it possible to re-trigger the review queue tests for https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/charms/trusty/ubuntu-repository-cache/xz-indexes/+merge/277880 ?11:31
jamespagecjwatson asked me to look on Friday, but the test failures had been dropped due to archiving of older results I think11:31
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marcoceppijamespage: restarted, but the results do disappear after a few days, but they are premenantly recorded here: http://reports.vapour.ws/charm-test-details/charm-bundle-test-parent-365013:19
marcoceppijamespage: it looks like the tests need to be fixed to use the better format of amulet.sentry['service'][0] instead of hard-coding '/0'13:21
stubmarcoceppi: Is all-machines.log or equivalent available anymore from CI runs? I can't see a link to them any more.14:10
marcoceppistub: they should be14:27
marcoceppistub: where are you looking?14:27
josearosales, marcoceppi: hey guys, wanted to check everything was going good wrt tasks?14:28
stubmarcoceppi: http://review.juju.solutions/review/2370 - just a link to jenkins logs14:48
marcoceppistub: yes, this is a known deficiency. THe results still get logged to the vapour.ws site14:51
marcoceppistub: http://reports.vapour.ws/all-bundle-and-charm-results/cassandra14:52
stubmarcoceppi: ahh, ta.15:00
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roadmrhey juju folks :) what's a good way to get the last X lines of log from a unit? juju ssh $UNIT_ID sudo cat /var/log/juju/unit-$UNIT_TAG.log feels kludgy, and juju debug-log -i $UNIT_ID --limit=100 -n 100 can block if there are less than 100 lines in the log file :(16:00
jrwrencharmers: any advice on these failure? http://juju-ci.vapour.ws:8080/job/charm-bundle-test-lxc/1534/console from http://review.juju.solutions/review/2357  I recall something about broken test env on that day. If no advice, can you please rerun those tests, assuming env is fixed?16:21
bloodearnestreactive question: where do I put my layer's unit tests, and do I run them in the layer, or in the built charm?16:37
lazypowerbloodearnest: unit tests belong in the unit_tests directory in the layer, and should be runnable by both the layer and the built charm for completeness16:38
tvansteenburghjrwren: i queued another test on lxc16:39
bloodearnestlazypower, right. Is there a standard place to put test dependencies in the layer?16:39
lazypowerbloodearnest: so far i've seen a lot of use of tox to isolate all that in a venv16:40
bloodearnestlazypower, right, that's what I would do for a normal charm. Unsure about how different layers would combine the setup/running of their unit_tests in the built charm16:41
lazypoweryeah, the files being overriden by the top layer that generates the built charm will be the holder of any overriden files16:42
bloodearnestlazypower, where will <layer>/unit_tests/* end up in the built charm dir structure?16:42
lazypowerthat dir will, yes16:42
lazypowerbut if there is say a <layer>/unit_tests/01-thing.py  in both layers16:42
lazypowerthe top most layer will override the 01-thing.py in the lower layer16:42
lazypowerbloodearnest - might also be worth the effort to ping the list with that question, and shake out some outliers that have thought but haven't asked yet16:47
jrwrentvansteenburgh: thanks.16:47
bloodearnestlazypower, by default, I assume charm build will merge all non-special directories in the final output?16:49
bloodearnestwhere special I guess = reactive, maybe hooks?16:50
lazypowerbloodearnest, when merging, it still overwrites unless its metadata.yaml or config.yaml16:54
bloodearnestlazypower, ack16:57
josemarcoceppi: ping re: PSA17:22
marcoceppijose: yes17:23
josemarcoceppi: is there currently a list of charms that are holding that hardcoded pattern? if so, is it public? I'd like to go in and fix some of those if possible17:23
joseor do some MPs17:23
marcoceppinot yet, we may be producing one for work with code-in17:24
joseoh awesome17:24
asanjarkwmonroe: sorry pal, i thought you had it20:16
kwmonroeno worries asanjar -- i was building myself out of sparktc github.. pre-built bins are fine by me!20:16
tvansteenburghjrwren: almost http://reports.vapour.ws/charm-test-details/charm-bundle-test-parent-383420:47
jrwrentvansteenburgh: thanks for the notice. *grumble* at it failing still :)20:48
stokachuso for actions.yaml the example schema https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/authors-charm-actions shows the use of compression.type=gzip, how does juju know that those properties are mapped to kind and quality?21:17
stokachuand what is the format for defining both the compression kind and quality, is it compession.type=gzip,0?21:18
marcoceppistokachu: that's example fail21:41
marcoceppistokachu: it should be compression.kind=gzip in the example21:42
stokachumarcoceppi: ah!21:51
stokachunow that makes sense21:51
cory_fuHey, so I have a proposal for charm layers that I'd like to get feedback on.21:52
marcoceppicory_fu: shoot21:52
cory_fuWe'd been recommending base, runtime, etc. layers use yaml files for config options.  But this could lead to a lot of small yaml files with various names.  So I was thinking instead we could have an "options" section in layer.yaml21:53
cory_fuSo you'd have layer.yaml contain: includes: ['layer:apache-php']; options: apache: packages: [...]21:54
marcoceppicory_fu: oh, I like that, then what every key under option would be automatically prefixed?21:54
cory_fuInstead of having a separate apache.yaml21:54
stokachucreated a PR https://github.com/juju/docs/pull/751 for that doc fix21:54
cory_fuAutomatically prefixed?21:54
marcoceppicory_fu: well, my thought was layers that presented options would provide jsonschema in them so that it'd be explicit21:55
marcoceppiie, apache-php layer would define the schema which it supported21:56
* marcoceppi strawmans21:56
cory_fuThat sounds intriguing.  What would that look like?21:56
cory_fuCharm-tools could do the validation, then, at build time, too21:57
marcoceppicory_fu: right21:57
stokachuheres my ghost charm using the latest wheelhouse support https://jujucharms.com/u/adam-stokes/ghost/trusty/821:59
marcoceppibleh, the apache-php layer doesn't quite fit the mold, but almost done21:59
stokachuwent from 334 files to 72 \o/21:59
marcoceppicory_fu: give me 10 min, otp21:59
stokachuthough im not sure why the revisions aren't being updated to match what is in bzr22:00
cory_fumarcoceppi: Still otp?22:29
cory_fustokachu: Revisions on jujucharms.com don't match bzr revisions because the charm revision tracks number of times ingested, which happens at periodic intervals and could include many bzr revs22:31
cory_fuOnce we have `juju publish`, the charm revs will make a lot more sense, since it will track how many times you ran `juju publish`22:32
marcoceppicory_fu: https://gist.github.com/marcoceppi/ca36655cb917b16d068122:52
marcoceppisomething like that?22:52
marcoceppicory_fu: actually, just updated it22:53
cory_fumarcoceppi: I like that a lot22:56
cory_fuI also like that Alot22:56
marcoceppiI hug Alot22:56
marcoceppicory_fu: the "parent" key would just be the layer name. I'm not sure how this would work for the sites key other than make sites an open-ended object22:57
marcoceppiand maybe replace "provides" with "defines" as provides is used in the charm ecosystem22:57
marcoceppibest not to conflate the two22:57
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cory_fuAgreed on the last bit22:57
adam_gERROR error checking if provisioned: subprocess encountered error code 1   <- is there any way to get debug info on the subprocess failure ?22:57
cory_fujsonschema doesn't have support for validated lists?22:58
marcoceppicory_fu: no idea22:58
marcoceppicory_fu: apparently it does22:58
marcoceppicory_fu: since we already use jsonschema for actions.yaml it'd be great to keep that pattern going with this and maybe convince core that config.yaml should move to it as well ;)23:00
marcoceppicory_fu: either way, I like the idea. It gives better visibility into the layer and provides a build time lint for validation, +123:00
cory_fumarcoceppi: Can you point me to an example of how jsonschema is used to use definitions in actions.yaml to validate params (or a similar example)?23:07
marcoceppicory_fu: you mean the golang libraries, or how it looks as an implementation?23:08
cory_fuHow it looks as an implementation23:08
marcoceppicory_fu: the apache-plugin charm would be a good start ;)23:08
cory_fuSpecifically, I'm wondering how the action.yaml contents are used as / injected into a schema23:09
marcoceppicory_fu: they are the schema, each parent item defines a params and that params is the schema23:09
marcoceppiwe'd remove the parent key (action name) and just have a schema, more or less what's in the gist23:09
marcoceppicory_fu: O23:10
marcoceppicory_fu: I'd imagine this would come into play eventuall, https://pypi.python.org/pypi/jsonschema but maybe I'm not understanding the question23:10
cory_fuSo, looking at the example in that last link, the contents of "properties" is what we'd be filling in, right?23:11
marcoceppicory_fu: no, not quite23:11
cory_fuSo I guess we can just wrap it in {'type': 'object', 'properties': schema}23:11
stokachucory_fu: ah ok23:12
marcoceppicory_fu: let me try to produce a quick py example23:12
cory_fumarcoceppi: Alas, I have to run, but send me the pastebin when you have it done.  I think I'm seeing it now, but I'm not certain23:16
marcoceppicory_fu: I wrote my thoughts at the bottom of the gist: https://gist.github.com/marcoceppi/ad318d081e3b3085781923:37
marcoceppicory_fu: if you'd like I can open an issue on charm-tools to discuss further23:40

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