Rouge6is anyone in here alive?04:42
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clivejoAnyone got a vivid install?11:34
mparilloclivejo: I do.11:36
mparilloDo you have a test in mind?11:36
clivejomparillo: would you try installing calligra 2.9.9 on it please?11:37
mparilloSure thing. Logging off now.11:37
marco-parillosudo add-apt-repository ppa:clivejo/calligra  ?11:59
clivejosorry marco-parillo I have to pop out, family thing.  Will you be about later?12:01
BluesKajHey all13:40
BluesKajcouldn't connect wth crad.freenode or dickson. Seems the NA frenode servers in my list aren't responding., but the euro server kornbluth connected ok ...any buzz on the chats about this ?13:44
BluesKajcard  freenode13:44
Guest72345BluesKaj: Freenode is suffering from (D)DoS attacks again.13:49
BluesKajGuest72345, ok , don't see anything on the server notifications tho13:53
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lordievaderBluesKaj: 27-12:04 [Freenode] -mquin(~mquin@freenode/staff/mquin)- [Global Notice] We are again experiencing connectivity problems to some servers due to DDoS attacks. Please bear with us  while we ride it out.13:53
* BluesKaj nods13:54
Mirvheads up I'm planning to land Qt 5.5 possibly tomorrow or anyway this week15:15
Mirvto xenial15:15
Mirvkwin, plasma-framework and frameworkintegration being stuck in -proposed will mean though that the Qt will be stuck in -proposed too. is there a plan to get those three through to release pocket?15:16
Mirvframeworkintegration has been stuck since 2015-11-03, the others are from last week or so15:16
sgclarkMirv: hopefully yofel can assist. I do not know the process to unstick things in proposed yet. 15:59
sgclarkHorrible network problems, heading out to get a new router. bbl.15:59
yofelMirv: sorry, I'll try to figure that out today or tomorrow. At least 2 of my plasma uploads were not in the packageset and got rejected, so I need to figure out why that happened.16:01
Mirvsgclark: yofel: I see a long chain of arm64 build failures, no time to look at those today anymore but I tried triggering a rebuild of some16:16
yofeloh right, there are those too :/16:16
MirvI can handle those dummy rebuilds, you do the actual fixes :) I'll continue tomorrow16:17
yofelok, thanks for the help :)16:19
clivejoI applied for a KDE bouncer and apparently I need a sponser, who do I need to get to sponsor me?18:05
BluesKajKDE bouncer?18:12
BluesKajclivejo, do you mean an irc bouncer?18:14
clivejoBluesKaj: yes18:44
BluesKajServer: orion.trekweb.org Port: 5709, use SSL18:44
BluesKajclivejo, irc://chat.freenode.net/firrre18:46
clivejoFreenode has been very unstable recently18:46
BluesKajclivejo, DDOS attacks today18:49
BluesKajclivejo, try #firrre and ask about the znc bouncer 18:50
BluesKajor here  https://firrre.com/18:52
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clivejosgclark: hows the progress with the merges?19:28
clivejomparillo: did you try calligra?20:03
mparilloI am ready to try. You want it on 15.04?20:50
clivejoonly if you want to21:01
clivejoI dont have vivid, just packaged it for the fun of it21:02
mparilloI have pulled up a 15.04 VM, and am happy to try.21:09
mparillosudo add-apt-repository ppa:clivejo/calligra  ?21:10
clivejoand install calligra21:10
clivejoupdate the cache too I guess21:11
clivejonot sure if add-apt-repo does that automatically21:11
vipclivejo: is https://www.calligra.org/ maintained?21:13
vipis it calligra homepage? 21:13
mparilloHmm, when I do the update / upgrade, I get new kernals, but no new Calligra.21:14
vipbecause I know nothing about it, and first page should say something what it is21:14
clivejovip: take the tour21:15
clivejoit was news to me too, but Ive started to use it21:15
vipyou are joking, right?21:15
clivejoLearn More > Take the Tour21:16
vipno, really21:17
vipmaybe you didn't get irony21:17
clivejothat must be the problem21:17
vipthe first page should have oneliner which should describe the calligra21:18
clivejomparillo: did you do a sudo apt-get update ?21:18
vipnobody will search for "tour" somewhere in menus, he will just leave the page21:19
clivejovip: you should mention it in the calligra channel21:21
mparillosudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade -y && sudo apt-get autoremove -y21:21
clivejojust the update and then install calligra21:21
clivejono need to upgrade the entire system just to test it21:22
mparilloAhh, I thought I got it simply by adding your PPA and upgrading. I have broken packages, but maybe I need to re-boot.21:23
vipclivejo: ok (I thought you're involved in calligra)21:24
clivejovip: nope, just trying to package it21:24
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