mparilloGenerally, the LTS (14.04) and current (15.10) are available directly from kubuntu.org, and I would prefer either to 15.04, however ...00:08
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dv_is systray broken in kde5 / kubuntu 15.10? application systray icons dont seem to appear anymore12:36
hateballdv_: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2014/06/where-are-my-systray-icons/12:38
hateballthat should be an automatic trigger12:39
dv_hmm. okay12:40
dv_I had the issue with dropbox last time12:40
hateballyep that is one such app12:41
BluesKajHey all13:39
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jubo2Is there a command that will list all software installed with apt so I can just grab that and use that to 'sudo apt install...' on another system15:40
jubo2I think I want once again to install clean15:41
jubo2that or I want to move existing partitions to a bigger hard disk15:41
lordievaderdpkg -l, but you don't want to copy paste that list.15:41
lordievaderManually installed dependencies won't be uninstalled by apt-get autoremove.15:42
Geowanyjubo2: You can try this: dpkg --get-selections > packages.list15:45
GeowanyOn another machine, you can install with this command15:45
Geowanysudo dpkg --set-selections < /tmp/packages.list && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade15:45
GeowanyIt works for me. =)15:46
jubo2Geowany: Thanks! Saved to ~/Documents/commands/15:48
jubo2I mean to get some useful command or list of commands on irc and not to make a recording of it in one way or another is just bad manners.. they come back for the same command when they've forgotten it and didn't save it in a retrievable place15:49
BluesKajlike a cli-commands textfile, everyone should have one15:51
BluesKajmine's so old ai have to periodically edit it for commands the no longer apply15:52
BluesKajstill had some aptitude commands the last tinme I edited15:53
GeowanyWhen commands are useful for others, I write at our blog of community local. But it is written in portuguese.15:55
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jubo2I want to reinstall clean Kubuntu15 with minimal hassle on this one 500GB disk16:39
jubo2So I am thinking..16:41
jubo2get configuration from dpkg on old system16:42
jubo2install Kubuntu16:42
jubo2plug in old disk and transfer all of /home to the newly created /home partition via temporary mount16:42
jubo2and then give the dpkg generated list to the apt to install all apt'able software16:43
jubo2does this make sense?16:44
jubo2I need to Gparted it16:51
jubo2the disk.. It contains some relic Kubuntu14.04LTS 40GB partition16:51
jubo2or is the KDE partition tool kewler than Gparted?16:51
francis_Hi! My Ktorrent app always lags. Is it a hardware problem?16:52
BluesKajdunno why you don't use separate / and /home partitions, jubo216:52
BluesKajfrancis_, lags, how?16:53
jubo2BluesKaj: I use16:54
jubo2just not in 201416:54
francis_Ktorrent always stops16:54
jubo2so I could just move the partition with dd or instead of mount-and-copy16:54
jubo2but that doesn't matter does it?16:55
francis_the app stops, downloading stops16:55
francis_it automatically resumes though16:55
BluesKaj`dd will copy, but make sure the of partition is almost the same size ..has to be a bit larger for safety's sake16:56
jubo2uh-oh.. KDE Partition Editor says about the NTFS: "0 Bytes used"16:56
jubo2that's not right16:56
jubo2I just checked it is using 78GB16:56
BluesKajfrancis_, downloading is a function of the torrent sources, most likely not ktorrent itself16:57
jubo2the Live CD has mounted /dev/sda6 as SWAP16:58
jubo2I don't want this. I want to get rid of those unused Linux partitions16:58
francis_but Ktorrent hangs quite a lot! I have used it before, it never did before!16:59
jubo2BluesKaj: Should I be worried / vary of resizing the NTFS disk with any of these tools that report 0 bytes used16:59
BluesKajfrancis_, check your ktorrent internet and speed settings16:59
jubo2If I know I'm making it big enough to fit all the stuff there17:00
jubo2francis_: Some operators may throttle p2p network activity17:00
BluesKajjubo2, not if you have lots of unused space17:00
BluesKajon the ntfs partition17:00
jubo2It was packed17:00
jubo2I hit the unpack but cancelled it because it was taking forever17:01
francis_I'm afraid you really don't understand. the app itself stops. the APP oitself hangs!17:01
francis_the app itself!17:01
jubo2BluesKaj: uncompress17:02
BluesKajfrancis_, do you mean it fails to load?17:02
BluesKajjubo2, encrypted?17:02
jubo2BluesKaj: no, just compressed17:03
francis_It loads, it functions, but it STOPS!17:03
francis_it hangs!17:03
BluesKajfrancis_, what stops?17:03
francis_maybe the word "hangs" is only on Windows, not on Linux17:03
BluesKajit greys out ?17:03
francis_sometimes it greys out,17:04
francis_sometimes totally blank17:04
BluesKajhangs means fails to load and start properly17:04
francis_okay, it loads but then suddenly stops. Only Ktorrent17:04
BluesKajfrancis_, have you updated and upgraded your packages lately ?17:05
francis_Yes, it did17:05
jubo2BluesKaj: no install targets for ntfsprogs and ntfs-3g is already the latest version17:06
jubo2but still cannot resize that disk17:06
BluesKajfrancis_, are you on a work or school network ?17:06
jubo2except grow it17:06
jubo2but I want to shrink it17:06
jubo2I guess I need to boot to Windows and run the uncompression till the end17:07
francis_i will restart17:07
BluesKajjubo2, then shrink the 14.04 partition to make small enough to copy over withdd17:07
francis_if an extended test on HDD did not detect any error, then my drive has no bad sector?17:07
BluesKajjubo2, don't get side tracked , bad sectors are auto skipped17:08
jubo2I reboot to Kubuntu with the USB hard drive and the to-be-shrunk NTFS in /dev/sda17:08
BluesKajjubo2, no need for too many details17:09
jubo2mi irc logs need an exabyte of details17:09
jubo2"Ubi-partman failed with exit code 141"18:34
jubo2I'm trying to install Kubuntu on by the side of Windows18:35
jubo2I've put /-partition to end of disk, then SWAP and /home in the middle of the disk18:35
jubo2this way I can grow and shrink the NTFS and the EXT4 partitions as needed18:35
jubo2could this order have something to do with that ubi-partman failing?18:36
jubo2could the installation media be defective?18:38
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BluesKajjubo2, here are some suggestions  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/94502718:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 945027 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "ubi-partman failed with exit code 141" [High,Fix released]18:44
jubo2is there a limit how many raw partitions there can be?18:44
jubo2I'm looking at the situation in KDE Partition Manager18:45
jubo2and it put the swap and /home on an extended partition18:45
jubo2BluesKaj: Should I put all needed partitions into an Extended partition?18:47
BluesKajjubo2, don't use the kde partition manager , it's buggy , install gparted , use that18:47
svend-evGood morning18:51
jubo2g'morning svend-ev18:51
jubo2I get error from Gparted18:57
jubo2"mkfs.ext4 -L "" /dev/sda6" (error)18:57
jubo2is the disk broken?19:01
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jubo2How do I check if the installation media is broken or if the target media is broken?19:06
jubo2Is there a way to check installation media for errors19:10
jubo2checksum calculation of some sorts19:10
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jubo2I think that stick is faulty19:21
jubo2I try another stick19:21
jubo2yeah.. looks like the stick was faulty19:34
BluesKajuse dd to copy the iso to the usb stick, it's be bootable19:34
BluesKajit will be bootable, that is19:36
jubo2BluesKaj: I did but the stick was faulty19:36
jubo2I copied it over an El Capitan installer now and problems are gone19:37
jubo2ok I did take an dd image of that before I destroyed it19:37
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jubo2who knows how crappy that Cupertino software is19:37
jubo2maybe I need to isntall it again for mi mum19:37
jubo2running glitchlessly now19:43
jubo2now I'm getting "Hash Sum Mismatched" running 'sudo apt update'19:59
jubo2's bad19:59
jubo2I ixquick.com for it20:02
jubo2I didn't find any20:07
jubo2turned to googel20:07
jubo2I found advice saying to delete /var/apt/lists/* and run 'sudo apt update' to rebuild20:08
jubo2sounds legit20:09
jubo2sorry /var/lib/apt/lists/* I meant20:10
jubo2I was confusing those with sources.list20:10
jubo2it's gonna use the repos described in sources.list and rebuild /var/lib/apt/lists20:11
jubo2I must just say that this was the cleanest of clean installs after the faulty memory stick was discarded20:11
jubo2so it's kinda weird that I should have wrong checksums20:12
jubo2First thing I did was open a shell with the K-menu and type 'sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade'20:12
jubo2the right thing to do when trying to get the cleanest of the clean installs20:13
jubo2I don't delete. I move dir20:13
jubo2looks to be running fine the most useful computer tip ever: 'sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade'20:15
BluesKajjubo2, I'm surprised you didn't know that command20:16
jubo2Find the little black screen. Enter the commands with && in between them.20:16
jubo2"... and here in the K-menu you can find LibreOffice writer you gonna need"20:17
jubo2the system is the latest clean latest20:17
jubo2now I download from server the file where output of 'dpkg --get-selections > packages.list' is20:18
jubo2then run the command 'dpkg --set-selections < /tmp/packages.list && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade'20:19
jubo2Then I copy everything over that /home dir from the old /home dir to get the configs I want20:19
jubo2not to mention the documents and pics20:19
BluesKajso this has become your personal blog for installing kubuntu20:20
shaun__hi guys my /usr/local is only 239MB its entirely too small and now i cant install anything cause ive run out of space how do i increase the space20:22
jubo2it's the best20:22
jubo2shaun__: laptop or desktop?20:22
jubo2if you have a partition for /usr/local you must make it bigger20:23
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_shaun_laptop. how do i go about it20:23
jubo2do you have many partitions or just one ?20:23
_shaun_i think a couple i cant remember how to check20:24
jubo2_shaun_: I'd get 2.5" migration kit with suitable size HDD or SSD20:24
_shaun_so theres no other way?20:25
jubo2Migration kit would include a 2.5" USB-to-SATA enclosure, the hard drive and a software you can use to move your partitions20:25
BluesKaj_shaun_, sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get autoclean20:25
jubo2_shaun_: I was just about to suggest what BluesKaj said20:25
_shaun_my suspicion is pip is installng all its packages there20:26
jubo2but wouldn't have remembered the command20:26
jubo2_shaun_: SSD is no longer very expensive20:26
jubo2and it is faster20:26
jubo2I totally understand if people take a cheaper 1,000GB HDD then an expensive 512GB SSD20:27
_shaun_ok i understand, i probably need to figure out how to configure pip to install its stuff elsewhere20:27
_shaun_ok i need to take the ssd into consideration i wouldnt have thought of it before20:28
jubo2_shaun_: if you ever feel like changing your HDD for bigger and/or faster just get the kit. You could purchase the USB-to-SATA enclosure separately but you'll pay $20 for it20:28
jubo2_shaun_: with the kit of enclosure, bigger hard drive you can use the GNU/Linukka standard tools Gparted and dd to do the dirty work20:29
jubo2or use the supplied by disk maker of the kit20:30
jubo2_shaun_: with dd you can move the partitions to the new hard drive and with Gparted you can grow them20:30
_shaun_ok ill do enquiries at the local shops here thanks20:31
BluesKajHDD for large data storage, SSD for everyday appd usage20:31
_shaun_so these partitions can mirate to and fro?20:31
BluesKaj!info dd20:33
ubottuPackage dd does not exist in wily20:33
juboxitrying to run 'sudo dpkg --set-selections < packages.2015-11-30.list'20:42
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juboxiI get bunch of lines like 'dpkg: warning: package not in database at line 17: apache2'20:42
juboxithen at the end of the printout it puts20:43
juboxidpkg: warning: found unknown packages; this might mean the available database20:44
juboxiis outdated, and needs to be updated through a frontend method20:44
juboxiI don't get it why wouldn't the dpkg see package 'apache2'20:44
juboxithis would be simple if I knew what dpkg is and its relation to apt20:48
lordievaderDpkg is the package manager. Apt is merly used as a way to get the packages to the local system. Dpkg actually installs them and keeps track of what is installed.20:50
juboxikewl.. thought so20:50
juboxiDebian PacKaGe management20:51
juboxior something like that20:51
lordievader!info dpkg20:52
ubottudpkg (source: dpkg): Debian package management system. In component main, is required. Version 1.18.2ubuntu5.1 (wily), package size 2063 kB, installed size 6660 kB20:52
juboxilordievader: there seems to be switches to do with setting and getting available info20:52
juboxiI don't get this.. Why would it not see that "apache2" is available20:53
juboxiI want it to rebuild its database of known available products20:53
juboxiwhat happens if I run 'sudo dpkg --clear-avail' ?20:55
lordievaderThe man page will likely tell you.20:55
juboxiinstalled dselect20:58
juboxinow gonna attempt to fix problem with 'sudo dselect update'20:58
juboxioh yes21:03
juboxi'sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade' runs21:03
heinkel_111I have a machine I have set up as nfs server, and another as nfs client if I can call it that, it mounts a couple of directories exported from the server21:07
heinkel_111this usually works fine21:07
heinkel_111but sometimes my network connection drops and then everything freezes21:08
heinkel_111then I can issue a command to the server: sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart21:08
lordievaderheinkel_111: I guess you are using hard mounts, perhaps you need to consider using soft mounts.21:08
heinkel_111lordievader, thank for the hint, I am not an expert on this21:09
lordievaderheinkel_111: https://www.centos.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=878721:10
heinkel_111in fact there are a lot of disciplines I do not consider myself an expert in ...21:10
heinkel_111lordievader: that problem description in the first sentence...it is that21:11
heinkel_111lordievader: thank you21:11
lordievaderheinkel_111: What do you mean?21:11
heinkel_111"I have had the situation where I had been using an NFS server when something happened, the client lost connection with the server, and the entire system froze."21:12
heinkel_111it is written so I understand he is talking about precisely the same problem, even if the information is technically insufficent to confirm that :)21:13
lordievaderYes. But the actual reason I linked to it, is that it describes the differences between the two methods.21:13
heinkel_111which was what I neeeded, precisely, thank you21:13
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nolsenIs there a way to repair plasma?22:00
nolsenBecause plasma is just constantly failing, killing it and executing it doesn't fix it.22:01
nolsenThese dam segfault errors.22:02
hay207hi guys, when opening a file named in arabic language from dolphin, it won't open, but i open it instead from the video player22:46
hay207a media file22:46
bprompthmmm w0t?22:49
hay207i can't open an arabic named  file  directly from dolphin22:52
bprompthay207:  how about ... any other file manager?23:00
hay207give me a minute or two23:02
hay207bprompt: i tried rox-filler, works normally23:06
hay207any file, not just a media file, won't open directly from dolphin23:08
hay207named in arabic23:08
bprompthay207:     ok... now ...hmm check rox-filler .desktop file, and dolphin's, they'd be at /usr/share/applications/rox.filler.desktop   and /usr/share/applications/kde4/dolphin.desktop , you might be missing quotes in the Exec= line I"d think, or something is missing from there, that's breaking out on the characters23:10
bprompthay207:    mine reads    ->   Exec = dolphin %i -caption "%c"  %u   <---- keep in mind that, %u is the "selected file entries in the window"23:12
hay207Exec=dolphin %i -caption %c %u23:13
hay207rox has no desktop icon23:15
bpromptwell, it does, it may just have a different name there23:15
bpromptwindow manager menus use it, as well as other menus23:16
hay207it has no menu item23:16
hay207i opened rox from terminal23:16
bprompthay207:    try with -->  Exec=dolphin %i -caption "%c" %u <---    you can override /usr/share/applications   .desktop files by simply using your own at ~/.local/share/applications, so, copy over Dolphin's .desktop and edit it like so23:17
bprompthay207:   hmmmm pretty sure it'd have one.... tis there somewhere...anyhow... try the edited dolphin's .desktop23:17
bprompthay207:   try first with  "%c" only, if no dice, try then with "%c" "%u"23:18
hay207so i cp dolphin desktop file to ~/.local?23:21
hay207and try with %c only?23:21
hay207cp= copy and paste23:21
bprompthay207:    try with -->  Exec=dolphin %i -caption "%c" %u <---    you can override /usr/share/applications   .desktop files by simply using your own at ~/.local/share/applications, so, copy over Dolphin's .desktop and edit it like so23:22
bpromptwell, "cp' it, sure, or just drag/drop as well, and then edit the local .desktop23:22
hay207let me explain the problem more23:25
hay207vlc shows error opening ???? <--23:26
bprompthay207:    which means the %u isn't picking up the full filename23:29
bprompthay207:   try first with  "%c" only, if no dice, try then with "%c" "%u"23:29
hay207just the arabic name23:29
hay207no luck23:32
bprompthay207:   do you have the dolphin in arabic language?23:34
hay207in english23:34
hay207i m installing konqueror23:36
hay207same error :(23:38
hay207i will fill a bug23:39
bprompthay207:     try adding the Arabic Language first, through -> System Settings > Locale > System Languages23:41
hay207when i add it, some UI elements change to arabic, and23:42
hay207i see a program in mixed english and arabic23:43
hay207ok, thanks bpromptfor trying to help23:47
bprompthay207:     was thinking, you can, once it's added, go to the same spot   System Settings > Locale > Country/Region & Language > Language <-- tab, to add the arabic language support for kde apps23:50
hay207As i said, if i added arabic language, i see some programs in mixed english and arabic23:52
bpromptwell....the issue seems to be something with DCOP in kde apps only23:55
bpromptdoesn't happen to rox-filler or the media player, likely because they're not using the kde dialog subroutine23:56
bpromptcould be a bug, yes23:56
bprompt!bug | hay20723:58
ubottuhay207: If you find a bug in Kubuntu, please follow the instructions at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Bugs/Reporting to report the issue to the developers.23:58

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