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fkdremoved systemd for eudev but mouse and keyboard (maybe poweroff button too) dont work in X is dbus the cause?14:01
Brutushi, i've installed lubuntu in a vm. it's still pretty much at default settings. how do you turn on ssh?21:19
wxlif you mean ssh daemon, you need to install it21:20
Brutusoh right21:20
Brutusok it's installed21:21
Brutusneed to figure out this systemd stuff21:21
wxlby default it will start at boot21:21
Brutusok trying that21:22
Brutushmm that doesn't work. also can't ping it21:23
wxlif you can't ping it, might be a network issue and/or you're using the wrong ip21:23
Brutuswell i can ping my laptop21:23
wxlusually there are virtual ips21:23
wxlthe fact that it's a vm requires special attention21:24
Brutusi can update the vm, i can ping from the vm to other devices in my house21:24
Brutusi can ssh from the vm to my laptop21:24

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