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BluesKajHey all13:40
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sandGorgonhey guys... is there a snappy based ISO that I can try out and play with ? I'm looking at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/xenial-desktop-amd64.iso but dont know if it is intended with dpkg or snappy19:38
lotuspsychjesandGorgon: xenial desktop isnt snappy19:38
lotuspsychjesandGorgon: ask the image in #snappy perhaps?19:38
sandGorgonlotuspsychje, oh.. I was reading all these blogs that said that 16.04 will be released as a snappy based and a deb based simultaneouly19:39
lotuspsychjesandGorgon: 16.04 isnt out yet right, this is the development branch19:40
lotuspsychjesandGorgon: maybe it will heva snappy in april 201619:40
sandGorgonlotuspsychje, I'm aware of that. which is why I pointed to the daily-live build. I was hoping there would be daily builds for the snappy version (if indeed the rumours are true)19:41
sandGorgonlotuspsychje, but if nobody here knows about it, then im skeptical. but it seems kinda strange with all those articles19:41
lotuspsychjesandGorgon: you can test snappy allright, ask where the iso is located in #snappy19:42
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