craigbrashmorning all :)08:58
Kiloshelloooo africa09:24
craigbrashnobody talking10:42
Kiloshi craigbrash Cryterion10:55
Kilosi need help please10:55
craigbrashwhats needed10:55
Kilosi forgot whe doing a wiki testimonila how to end with my name10:55
craigbrashI will see if i can find out10:56
Kiloscant remember if it was $email addy$10:56
Kiloswas just soe symbal to enter before and after10:57
Kilosmy head getting too old10:57
Kilosi gotta go eat10:57
Kilosoh inetpro and superfly will know10:58
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Kilosty craigbrash11:18
craigbrashu welcome11:18

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