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dholbachgood morning08:35
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dholbachjdstrand_: I'm not knowledgeable enough to be able to review https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/click-reviewers-tools/oa-plugin-1520605/+merge/278952 and https://code.launchpad.net/~mardy/click-reviewers-tools/oa-framework/+merge/278594 - maybe you or somebody in your team can take a look?11:56
ahayzenHi. has anyone noticed that on app startup a white box appears at the top of an app, pushing down the content for a split second? (this is most visible on Music as its dark themed, but I've also seen on messaging app)13:43
davmor2popey: question, why is there no % button on the calculator?14:34
popeydavmor2, not enough room, and IIRC we figured it's something you can easily calculate14:36
popeyunlike square root14:36
davmor2popey: this is very you just multiple it by 1.XX where XX is the percentage anything above 100% is just you being ripped off in Britain again right :)14:38
popeyCompletely. Please feel free to file for a refund.14:38
davmor2s/very/very true14:38
popeyAll refunds will be processed promptly.14:39
davmor2popey: no I just wondered if there was a reason, now I know there is I'm happy it's not just been overlooked14:39
mhall119davmor2: did you want percent, or modulo?15:02
davmor2mhall119: nearly all calculators come with a % button and I just noticed we didn't have one so thought I'd ask15:05
davmor2mhall119: I think it is mostly there because the people that used calculators the most were auditors and accounts and they needed to know the % for tax etc15:06
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mcphailjdstrand_: can I annoy you again about the procedure to get a package manually reviewed for inclusion in the store? I have package 4033 which needs access to the SD card, so fails automatic validation. I think my apparmor permissions are the minimal set to achieve this16:14
pmcgowanbfiller, I think an sms I sent may not have transmitted, any log to check?17:09
bfillerpmcgowan: possibly dbus.log, salem_ ^^^^17:09
pmcgowanopps howd I end up n this channel17:10
salem_pmcgowan, is the message bubble green in messaging-app?17:10
pmcgowansalem_, no, but this was an outgoing message17:11
pmcgowanand a min later the screen came on with no message shown17:11
pmcgowansalem_, sorry17:11
salem_pmcgowan, hm, if the buble is green, it means ofono notified the upper layers that the message was sent.17:14
pmcgowansalem_, the service provider log doesnt show it, pretty sure it didnt go17:15
pmcgowansalem_, anything else to check?17:15
salem_pmcgowan, let me see if dbus.log would show something useful. just a sec17:16
salem_pmcgowan, did you send the message using the indicator? or messaging-app?17:17
pmcgowansalem_, the app17:18
pmcgowansalem_, nm I checked and it went17:26
pmcgowannot sure why my screen keeps coming on though17:26
salem_pmcgowan, could you run dbus-monitor > log? and wait for the screen to turn on again?17:26
salem_pmcgowan, also, are you seeing the notification bubble on new text messages?17:27
pmcgowansalem_, yeah its all fine, except for a diff bug witht the screen coming on17:28
pmcgowannot related to messages17:28
pmcgowanbut disconcerting17:28
salem_pmcgowan, ok, I thought it could be the telephony-service-indicator stuck, but it's not related then17:29
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mcphailappdevs - I would appreciate some feedback on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-image/+bug/1521292 . Sorry if it is a bit ranty and incoherent, but I'm feeling a bit ranty and incoherent18:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1521292 in Ubuntu system image "No easy way for users to supply large amounts of arbitrary data for apps" [Undecided,New]18:53
pmcgowanmcphail, looking19:47
mcphailpmcgowan: ta. We really need a workaround for this19:51
mcphailjdstrand: thanks for reviewing the app19:51
pmcgowanyeah its a big hole, came up before19:51
mcphailpmcgowan: it is a lot of big holes, making up an even bigger one19:52
mcphailThe problem isn't just the read-access paths, but the awful situation where a user can't get data onto the device in the first place20:01
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