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dholbachgood morning08:35
davidcalleMorning o/08:47
dholbachsalut davidcalle08:53
nigelbczajkowski: Congrats on CC elections :)09:11
czajkowskinigelb: THank you09:14
czajkowskilooking forward to working with more great people in our community09:14
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* dholbach relocates to the office, brb10:14
dholbachdavidcalle, are we still waiting on IS for a db udpate on staging?11:34
davidcalledholbach, we are, in the meantime I'm testing what I can :)11:41
dholbachit will be interesting to see how it works with live data :)11:42
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balloonspopey, jose, happy monday to you. Shall we have a quick HO today / tomorrow to talk GCI?16:09
joseballoons, popey: tomorrow 14 UTC sounds good to you?16:10
balloonstomorrow morning is pretty full for me; I'd guess popey as well actually. Is there a time later today?16:13
balloonsjose, ^^16:26
josehmm, later today is popey gonna be available?16:36
popeydepends on the time, I have loads of family stuff on a monday night16:45
popeybut ping me, and I'll be there if I can16:45
balloonsok, well, I really just wanted to discuss the last big push for tasks. As you know, we need to get to at least 75, and should have alot more. It's time to follow-up with all the mentors and make sure they have things in the tool16:50
dholbachall rightie... I call it a day - see you all tomorrow!16:52

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