lotuspsychjegood morning to all00:06
lotuspsychje* Connecting to barjavel.freenode.net (
lotuspsychjefreenode under attack00:06
daftykinsg'morn o/00:10
lotuspsychjehey daftykins00:10
daftykinsyeah it's been netsplitting goodness all night00:10
lotuspsychjethey getting ddossed00:11
lotuspsychjeoh oh hexchat lag00:16
daftykinsi'll switch to morse code!00:19
lotuspsychje_ _ _ ... _ _ _00:19
daftykinsis that SOS ;D00:20
lotuspsychjelol their getting wild in #freenode00:21
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lotuspsychjegood afternoon to all11:36
OerHekslotuspsychje, you are *late*11:37
lotuspsychjehexchat lag still dancing on the rythm of ddos11:39
lotuspsychjeanyone got a stable ircd leaf without ddos?11:41
OerHekscurrently that ddos is still going11:41
OerHeksso it is easy in #ubuntu :-D11:42
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: i was here @ 1h00 this night lol11:42
lotuspsychjeyou are late!11:42
lotuspsychjeyour server stable? card.freenode.net?11:43
lotuspsychjeor also lags?11:43
OerHekspretty stable here..11:46
lotuspsychjelemme try it11:47
OerHekscarefull with that popcorn thingy, even with vpn ...11:47
lotuspsychjeOerHeks: they hunt it down?11:47
OerHeksSure, i dropped it in april.11:47
lotuspsychjeok tnx11:49
lotuspsychjehey TJ-11:59
TJ-morning :)12:00
TJ-looks like pikapi is up to their usual breakage tricks again12:56
cfhowlettTJ-, he's invisible to me: hexchat /ignore is WONDERRFUL.13:05
TJ-haha I actually get a perverse pleasure in seeing how 1 person can break things in so many ways... and not realise its their fault!13:07
TJ-cfhowlett: oooo... I got that mobo to speak to me! It doesn't drive the motherboard speaker as I had expected, it drives the 'front' audio output ... currently says either (in a strident voice!) "CPU is missing" or "CPU failed self-test"13:07
cfhowlettthat sounds SO cool!  put that on a host so I can hear it??13:08
JanCmotherboard speakers are so 1980s  :P13:09
* TJ- drops a sub-woofer in JanC's coffee13:11
TJ-cfhowlett: I'm going to do that later in the week. It helped me confirm the CPU was dead, not the mobo, so waiting for a replacement CPU then I'm hoping I can find, or write, Linux tools to program the WinBond chip with new messages13:12
JanC(more recent motherboards only come with a piezo buzzer instead of a real loudspeaker)13:12
TJ-I've spent part of the weekend using gEDA to draw the AMD K8 power control circuitry to figure it all out13:13
cfhowlettTJ-, if you succeed you MUST do a write up.  Hell, customized bios messages?  I would LOVE to play with that!13:13
TJ-Yeah, this board has a silk-screen for one but it isn't fitted13:13
TJ-cfhowlett: this isn't even in BIOS, the WinBond chip operates independently apparently.13:13
cfhowletteven beter13:13
TJ-cfhowlett: obviously, since the BIOS code is executed by the CPU!13:14
JanCwhat architecture is that winbond chip?13:14
TJ-cfhowlett: that's why I want to set this up to confuse techies but having the mobo talk to them (with my customised recordings - 8-bit, 22kHz) without a CPU onboard, and ask them to find the hidden CPU :)13:15
JanCI know often Winbond chips are/were part of the chipset13:16
JanCI/O controllers & such13:17
TJ-see https://iam.tj/projects/misc/Winbond%20W83697HF.pdf13:20
JanCapparently they mostly make RAM & Flash nowadays?13:20
JanC"Forbidden"  :)13:21
TJ-lol did I upload as the wrong user?13:21
TJ-try now13:22
TJ-it only have u+r for some reason13:22
* TJ- hides from motaka2 ... the session from hell on Saturday!13:23
JanC"""Plus, as far as the unauthorized access by Microsoft is concerned, the company has already explained that it doesn’t collect more than error information and app crash data, so no personal details are being sent from your computer."""13:24
TJ-JanC: I'm not 100% sure how the 'talking' is done, the Asus manual says its something to do with the Winbond chip, but I think there must be something else. It also says/illustrate Windows software to reprogram the sound files13:24
JanCjournalists not aware that crash data often contains personal data?  :P13:24
TJ-haha 'poor system performance' - so don't install crap on top of the OS!13:25
JanCTJ-: automatic updates13:25
JanCah, like I thought it's a Winbond Super I/O chip13:26
TJ-JanC: right, but I've not yet seen a vanilla Windows OS system that suffers if it is kept with just the MS updaets to the OS. The problems usually develop when the users being installing various bloatware applications13:26
JanCwell, if that hardware is old enough, Windows 10 is bloatware13:27
TJ-This motherboard includes the Winbond speech controller to support a13:28
TJ-special feature called the ASUS POST ReporterTM. This feature gives you13:28
TJ-vocal POST messages and alerts to inform you of system events and boot13:28
TJ-status. In case of a boot failure, you will hear the specific cause of the13:28
TJ-It comes with software called "Winbond Voice Editor"13:28
JanCthat Winbond chip does a lot more than just speech  :)13:29
TJ-well obviously :)13:30
JanCreally funny how half of the functionality of that chip was obsolete for a decade when that chip was made...13:38
JanClike the tape drive controller  :P13:38
BluesKajHey all13:40
TJ-I think the 'voice' support is in the custom 'Asus AS018 Deluxe', or the GPIO+Flash support of the Winbond chip is used13:45
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JanCnormally the "beeper" speaker/buzzer is attached to the Winbond, so it's likely involved, but it seems like some other chip would have to steer it13:54
TJ-Oh! the wronh ship! there's another much smaller one, W83791SD that does the speech. Didn't notice it skulking away at the back of the board with an unclear label13:59
TJ-it can handle 133 different events; I'm going to be having a LOT of fun with this14:02
TJ-OK, and it uses an external - DIP8 socketed - serial flash memory. Fab!14:04
TJ-That means I can externall read and program it. Get some of those and keep the original untouched, and write the digitised sound into the new chips14:06
TJ-The installed chip is a 10A - that's 1Mbit14:07
TJ-Hmm, I'm seriously considering this mobo as the core of the monitoring system, seeing as it is active on +5VSB14:13
JanCTJ-: so the actual voice programming is just writing to the EEPROM that should be close to the W83791SD?14:15
JanCyou could probably connect that chip & the EEPROM to an Arduino or something too (if you can unsolder them)  :)14:15
TJ-haha maybe, but I am recommissioning this old mobo because it has a good mix of older disk controllers, so it can replace 2 others. These are kept to enable recreation of original hardware configurations for difficult disk forensics or recovery14:20
TJ-JanC: once I looked in the correct area of the mobo it all became clear :) I've been focused on drawing a schematic of the K8 power sequencing circuitry so hadn't given this 'fun' side much attention14:21
TJ-The serial Flash is on the IIC bus, so shouldn't be too difficult to create tools for it, if they don't alreayd exist14:24
lotuspsychjenasty lags15:02
lotuspsychjeTJ-: lol that motaka guy has been wining for days when youl be online :p15:05
TJ-From what I could tell the problems stem from trying and aborting a 12.04>14.04 upgrade15:10
lotuspsychjeTJ-: he showed me his grub previous kernels, he got 30015:11
TJ-I spent about 6, maybe 8, hours Saturday just getting him to have a remote PuTTY SSH link from a Vista PC, to enable collecting the logs15:11
* TJ- falls off the chair15:11
lotuspsychjeand he tested few of them, none boot into his system15:11
lotuspsychjehe refuses to clean install lol15:11
TJ-Right. That's the last thing I said if trying to fix the broken upgrade with 'apt-get dist-upgrade' doesn't work15:12
lotuspsychjemixxed previous kernels with 3.2.. and pae15:13
lotuspsychjehe totaly borked his system15:13
TJ-My problem was as soon as I gave support he stopped thinking for himself, I was pretty sure he was just sat there staring at the screen and waiting to be told everything15:14
BluesKajshould have had a separate /home partition15:14
TJ-He's in Iran, so I think there are some issues with censorship, HTTP proxy interceptions maybe15:14
lotuspsychje <motaka2> lotuspsychje:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/1hlyu24or7uib64/IMG_20151129_132848.jpg?dl=015:16
BluesKajyeah, I ponted a Iran user to PIA vpn ..he couldn't beleive how inexpensive it is15:16
BluesKajan Iranian iuser, even15:18
BluesKajok it looks like the DDOS attacks are over for now, bbl15:20
TJ-BluesKaj sounds disappointed :D15:20
lotuspsychjei thought freenode would be handling this more professional15:22
lotuspsychjesomebody must be really angry15:22
BluesKajok , konverstaion finally connects from Xenial15:26
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: cool :p15:27
BluesKajlotuspsychje, guess the DDOS attacka were preventing our servers here from connecting so i added a couple euro servers to my list15:29
BluesKajand kornbluth connected, finally15:29
lotuspsychjei cant connect card.freenode.net15:29
lotuspsychjeim on barjavel france15:29
TJ-if you use irc.freenode.net DNS will round-robin the server15:30
BluesKajyeah , I used to use irc.freenode, but switched to NA servers, but it's so long ago I've forgotten why :-)15:31
lotuspsychje_ok on wolfe now15:32
BluesKajcard worked here15:32
lotuspsychje_seems like roundrobin is filling joins again15:36
BluesKajok, added irc.freenode.net to the bottom of the server list15:39
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BluesKajnow I recall why I switched ...some servers were very laggy, so I added servers that  were under 100ms  from my location15:41
lotuspsychjeah ic15:41
lotuspsychje0sec lag now15:41
lotuspsychjeseems ddos is over15:41
BluesKajyeah I have 30ms lag with card15:42
BluesKajthousands of a second15:42
BluesKajit's a decent connection15:44
BluesKajusing a vpn slows it down somewhat, but it's still quite good at 250ms or 1/4th of a second or so15:45
lotuspsychjelol TJ- you cant hide!15:53
JanCI don't think irc.freenode.net is simple round-robin?16:04
Piciits just a bunch of cnames16:07
TJ-it is round-robin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13578022/16:07
MonkeyDustmy irc was constantly de- and reconnecting, then lagging, just now16:09
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: freenode had ddos attack16:09
TJ-I think we should rename that now, after all it's 20 years since DOS. It's now officially to be known as "DWinLoss"16:11
MonkeyDustddos, exciting!16:13
MonkeyDusti want a ddos attack for xmas16:13
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: and where have you been the last few hours!!!....16:13
BluesKajand I'm trying to keep up with my Windows user friends, upgraded W7 to 10, but I"m confiicted by it :-)16:13
lotuspsychjethe privacy nightmare will continue16:14
* TJ- wraps a 5.25" DR-DOS floppy and puts it under lotuspsychje's christmas tree16:14
lotuspsychjelol lol16:14
lotuspsychjeTJ-: throws back an amiga50016:14
TJ-Oooo yeah, I did some fab machine-code programming on the old amiga16:15
lotuspsychjeok and now i have to go to the dentist, another nightmare16:15
lotuspsychjecya guys in a bit :p16:15
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: ill ask santa on my way out ok!16:16
MonkeyDustwhat got Motaka2's system in that state?17:05
MonkeyDusthe's been struggling for days now17:05
BluesKajrefuses to do a clean install and has no clue how to back up his data ?17:11
TJ-seems to be an aborted 12.04 > 14.04 release-upgrade17:15
EriC^^how's it going with motaka17:19
MonkeyDustbacon and eggs, at ease, as always17:21
BluesKajlooks like the ddos attacks are back up... card wenr down17:38
lotuspsychjegood evening19:02
GrizzlyKolschlotuspsychje, hi19:04
lotuspsychjehi GrizzlyKolsch19:05
GrizzlyKolschlotuspsychje, how goes it?19:05
lotuspsychjefine tnx GrizzlyKolsch19:05
DJoneslotuspsychje: sokoll has already been banned from #httpd19:16
DJonesAs complained about in #freenode19:17
lotuspsychjeDJones: oh tnx for letting us know19:17
DJonesNo worries19:17
lotuspsychjeDJones: his question doesnt look very specicious here though?19:17
DJonesNo, not sure why they got banned19:20
lotuspsychjeok, as long as he keeps polite here :p19:20
lotuspsychjegood evening EriC^^ and pauljw19:47
EriC^^evening lotuspsychje19:47
pauljwhi lotuspsychje  :)19:48
EriC^^guess what, i fixed my iphone's wifi recently19:48
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: did you open the device?19:48
EriC^^it was grayed out, it's a bug in the iphone19:48
EriC^^nope, i tried something from youtube, you get a hairdryer and put it on the top part until the phone says "warning temperature very high you must turn off the phone to use it"19:49
EriC^^then you turn it off and put it in the fridge for 5-10mins, turn it back on, and ta-da! it works!19:49
EriC^^i was a little skeptical at first, but everyone was saying it worked, so i went for it :D19:50
lotuspsychjeim not gonna put my bq 4.5 in the fridge :p19:50
EriC^^well, refrigerator :P19:50
EriC^^i found a 0day (by now like a 40-60day :P) on youtube, for ubuntu 14.04.219:55
EriC^^easy root access from any user, it's a bug in fusermount19:55
EriC^^i tried it on a vm, it works!19:56
TJ-EriC^^: is there no USB for it?19:59
EriC^^TJ-: what do you mean?20:00
EriC^^the iphone?20:00
TJ-EriC^^: sorry, I meant to type "is there no USN for it?"20:00
TJ-EriC^^: Ubuntu Security Notice20:00
EriC^^the cve number?20:00
EriC^^hmm i think so, i checked 14.04.3 and it has a newer version and it doesn't work20:00
lotuspsychjewb MonkeyDust20:15
MonkeyDustdoes somemone remember my password?20:16
lotuspsychjethink it was ddos66620:17
MonkeyDustgreat, tnx20:17
lotuspsychjeactive night after ddos :p20:29
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: you can shutdown your botnet now :p20:29
lotuspsychjeTJ-: i told him to put lubuntu on his laptop to speed things, and backup his data to there20:32
lotuspsychjebut his laptop has broken usb and dvd lol20:32
TJ-this is the laptop with Vista + PuTTY on20:34
lotuspsychjenot sure20:34
TJ-I know it took about 3 hours to get PuTTY installed and working20:35
TJ-most of the problem being he failed to install openssh-server as instructed in the beginning, and then was reporting connection refused messages!20:35
lotuspsychjePici: this guy has been asking for whole week now :p20:43
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj20:43
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje my connections drops after I disconnect the vpn server, but it autoconnects after 3 minutes20:46
BluesKajon konversation20:46
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: to freenode?20:48
BluesKajnot really, i"m connected the web and irc thru the vpn server if I choose to use it , otherwise it's just an ordinary ISP connection20:50
lotuspsychjenite nite21:22
pauljwdinner-time, bbl...22:12
daftykinsalways the way, ask two questions - only get one response22:54
DosTuMaiOops. Sorry, wrong channel. >_>23:14
daftykinsit should be the right channel!23:22
daftykinswe'll get lotus back in the morning to sing23:22
* OerHeks plays airguitar23:24
* daftykins air drums23:26
TJ-I'm sorry, you need an OTA update to drums v2.01-beta323:29
* OerHeks downloads a double-airguitar patch from piratebay23:30
* daftykins works out how to SSH into his air drums23:31
TJ-uhoh, was that symbals v0.99-rc2 I heard crashing there?23:31
* OerHeks hands a displayport cable to daftykins 23:31
* daftykins chuckles23:32

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