freakyydarkxst: well im not good in java yet and i dont know ... i might read my java book again ... i hope i will be able to code something then00:17
freakyybut javafx i dont know ... its complicated without a good book00:17
darkxstbest way to learn is read code!00:20
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freakyydarkxst: ok thank you09:14
darkxstfreakyy, if you want bugs to work on, just let me know ;)09:15
darkxstthough I do think as a starter, find something that annoys you and fix it, its a better approach09:16
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darkxstbug 151687609:18
ubot5bug 1516876 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu) "Language pack installation improvements for 16.04" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151687609:18
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freakyydarkxst: yea but i only know java and i dont have any java programs running - only minecraft09:30
freakyywell ok i know a bit C and C++09:33
freakyyi had it 2 years at school09:33
freakyybut i dont think it's enough ... i also only have a few books about c++ but none about C09:34
darkxstC is beutidul09:35
darkxst.C ia beautiful, even09:36
freakyyyes but c++ is more modern ... and somehow ive read so much about object oriented programming in java, that i wanna stick to it - python, java, c++09:37
freakyyi will learn some python i think09:38
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freakyyone thing ive coded in java09:41
freakyyis my coffee machine09:41
freakyynothing special09:43
freakyyso u c im a total beginner09:43
darkxstfreakyy, forget java its horrid09:44
freakyywhy? its said to be a good programming langauge for coding desktop apps and also server apps09:45
freakyyive bought 5 books about it09:46
freakyyspending around 200 euros all together09:47
freakyyill learn python now though09:47
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darkxstbooks wont make you a coder ;)09:51
* darkxst sleeps09:51
freakyydarkxst: yea ... but they can help u with things10:08
freakyybtw, whats the best gnome python ide?10:08
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freakyyok im using pycharm now10:26
LinDolhi all :)12:16
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Dorfen`Hello guys! Is there any way to get the default gnome terminal app to show the host i am ssh'ed into in the title bar? I've tried messing with {TITLEBAR} in .bashrc's PS1 var with no luck. Is it even possible, or do i need to get another terminal app?15:53
bhundven(16.04) I have a set of user-mode systemd units in ~/.local/share/systemd/user for offlineimap, and have ran 'systemctl --user enable offlineimap.timer', but I don't ever see it being ran in journalctl. I can manually start the one-shot offlineimap.service to sync my mail, but that is what offlineimap.timer is for. I'm not sure why it isn't running. Any tips for why this wouldn't be working? This wo16:08
bhundvenrked fine on debian sid (two days ago). unit files: https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap/tree/master/contrib/systemd (slightly modified, since '-u syslog' isn't in current offlineimap)16:08
bhundvenand then it starts working. idk, wtf.16:36
freakyyhi all. is there a suggested program for doing live twitch streams with ubuntu?17:42
freakyyi found something18:01
freakyyopen broadcaster software18:01
freakyyhey is there any good sound scheme for ubuntu somewhere?23:32

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