phillwhi, anyone awake at this hour?02:38
k1lsome are. but depends on what the issue is if that people can help :)02:40
phillwwith issues going on, why is '/msg ChanServ KICK #channel nick' returning back "(02:22:44) ChanServ: (notice) Invalid command. Use /msg ChanServ help for a command listing."02:42
k1lare you set +r on that channel?02:45
phillwk1l: I'm the founder :)02:45
ninnnuWell, if you see /msg chanserv help, you'll notice that kick isn't a valid command..02:46
k1lyeah, i am not sure about freenode having that command on their chanserv02:46
phillwahh, good call. that is atheme version of irc02:47
k1lbut there is some chanserv please kick the user 'ish command02:48
phillwI love standards... akick is fine on freenode :D02:48
phillwwhich bans, but does not kick..02:48
ninnnuYou could always just op yourself and kick them. I don't think Chanserv does anonymous removal anyway if that's what you're looking for.02:49
phillwyeah, iirc it is a mode +b with various *, !, - 's etc set.02:49
k1lthere is a remove command (which is not anonymous)02:50
phillwninnnu: I tried that... I am OP'd but my attempts to kick result in 'command not found'.02:50
ninnnuphillw: /kick nick, skip chanserv02:51
ninnnuIt's a command in your client, not chanserv-thing02:51
phillw(02:20:56) ChanServ: (notice) AKICK list for #phillw:02:51
phillw(02:20:56) ChanServ: (notice) 1: add (tsimonq2) [setter: phillw, modified: 6m 9s]02:51
phillwso, that is set.02:51
phillwooh, thanks ninnnu :)02:52
phillwyou can guess I'm used to having an admin bot for these tasks but with the ongoing DDoS attacks the bot has to be re-started each time.02:53
k1l/remove #channel $nick :reason02:55
phillwk1l: 'no such channel' /remove #phillw tsimonq202:58
phillwthe channel is there :)02:58
k1l/cs remove #chan nick02:58
phillwk1l: just a kick will suffice..02:59
phillwakick already has user banned, but that cannot take effect whilst user is still on the channel03:00
k1la remove is a kick03:00
phillwany one on here a freenode staffer?03:00
k1ljust made by chanserv and not by the op. but the kickmessage is extended to who said chanserv to remoce03:01
k1lbut most clients dont autorejoin on a remove.03:01
phillwk1l: so '/remove #phillw tsimonq2' should kick user tsimonq2 from channel #phillw ?03:02
k1l/remove are the ircd commands. /cs remove is the one thats issued from chanserv. i am not sure which is still working (due to changes to the ircd) but i know one works since its in the chanserv.py i use with hexchat :)03:04
phillwk1l: thanks for your help... those commands are not working and I cannot get my head around the mode +b flags :)03:06
k1l/quote remove #channel nick       that works, just tested03:07
phillwremove #phillw tsimonq203:09
phillwno such channel03:09
phillw(03:08:59) phillw: remove #phillw tsimonq203:10
phillw(03:09:09) no such chan03:10
k1lphillw: /quote remove #channel nick03:11
k1ljust tested from the webchat to make sure my scripts are not cheating there03:11
phillwk1l: ahh, thanks... I was not using quote as I thought it was 'quote' as opposed to use!03:13
k1lah no, / is the starting of IRC commands03:14
phillwyou now see why I like an admin bot :)03:19
phillwk1l: "(03:18:20) tsimonq2: phillw: your failed attempts to correctly remove me amuse me"03:19
k1lwell, use a proper irc client, then there are already made scripts :)   like for hexchat there is chanserv.py which is /cs kb user reason        and a user is gone and a ban is set.03:20
phillwk1l: which part of issuing commands and kicking people has ANYTHING to do with my irc client?... Just a question.....03:21
k1lyou said its to complicated. so i think that proper scripted clients are much easier for that tasks.03:22
phillwthat's why we have an admin bot... the "/quote remove tsimonq2" did not work03:24
phillwthe +b bit did03:24
k1l"/quote remove #channel tsimonq2"03:24
phillwthat worked !03:25
phillwk1l: again, thank you. that channel is not a pure ubuntu channel, but many on there are.03:33
k1lyeah, no problem. as you can see i dont know the chanserv/ircd commands all by heart. i just use the very simple script commands for my hexchat plugin.03:36
phillwk1l: I did learn the basics, many moons ago (like when UBT was running) my master parted to become a freenode staffer and I was handed onto a new master. As such, I have a lot of patience for padawans.. but this one has gone over the tip of rules too many times now. As the last ones happened when his trainer was on vacation. Him off there and chat to his master is in order. His chances of getting ubuntu-membership are now zero.03:39
phillwThe topic for #ubuntu-irc is: International Ubuntu IRC operators channel | The IRC Team: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcTeam | This is NOT a support channel, support in #ubuntu etc. | The channel is multilingual, but English is preferred | Regardless of language, please write clearly | This channel is logged http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/03:40
* phillw sorry03:41
phillwa failed copy and paste of the best part of phrasing03:41
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