ibeardsleeAnyone else in here getting the ubuntu-nz-owner@lists.ubuntu.com emails?20:27
ibeardsleeajmitch: ^^ ?20:28
ajmitchyeah I'm seeing some20:29
ajmitchnot that there's any legitimate email on the list20:30
ibeardsleeyeah, looking at the list admin info at the moment trying to see if there is anything that can be done.20:33
ibeardsleealso trying to recall what the 'official list' is supposed to be .. the lists.ubuntu.com or the launchpad thing20:34
ibeardsleecause one should die20:35
ajmitchafaik it's meant to be lists.ubuntu.com20:35
ajmitchor at least it was several years ago20:35
ajmitchI don't think you can really do much about the -owner traffic20:35
ibeardsleeI'll have to wait for another one to see if it is being procmailed into my Lists/<listname> email directory or straight into my inbox20:48
chiltsafter another morning/day/week of crap connections, my fibre is getting installed this afternoon22:20
chiltscan't come soon enough22:20
ibeardsleechilts: yay22:38

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