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Myrttino idea how that happened...10:33
k1l<motaka2> k1l: thank you. I hate google15:56
k1linstalls google chrome15:56
hggdhone has to wonder16:05
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SonikkuAmericaHi, I keep getting banforwarded here from #lubuntu-offtopic.21:22
Picilet me take a look21:23
PiciSonikkuAmerica: nevermind my #freenode comment21:23
SonikkuAmericagot i21:23
Picihmmm.. gotta investigate this, one moment21:23
SonikkuAmericaI haven't been in that channel in ages... I'm suspecting a Kiwi IRC ban maybe?21:23
Piciyeah, thats what it looks like, need to check my logs21:24
k1lwasnt there an issue with trolls using kiwi all the time? i am not in that channel but i might have heard such things21:25
Piciwe don't have ubottu in there, so I don't see an entry in our bantracker about it.21:26
SonikkuAmericak1l: In #lubuntu-offtopic, not so much, but I remember a global ban from #u at one time.21:26
PiciI'm going to remove the ban, especially because its a forward to here and we haven't had any weird people (besides SonikkuAmerica) drop by complaining about it.21:26
SonikkuAmericaPici: I may need to talk to Unit193 , I'm pretty sure one of his clones is in that channel anyway21:27
PiciSonikkuAmerica: it is.21:27
PiciI'll bug him about it later, but for now we'll remove the ban. If for some reason he needs to add it again, so be it.21:27
SonikkuAmericakk thanks.21:28
Unit193k1l is right, it was intended.21:29
PiciUnit193: so... what now? it seems awfully wide, and like I said we haven't had anyone come in u-ops recently because of this.21:30
Unit193Has had a few, yeah.  They just don't stick.21:31
Unit193Going with your last statement seems fine anyway.21:36

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