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flocculantballoons_: we have lift off \o/ http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk/files/head:/testcases/packages/Studio/16:05
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balloonsI take it there's interest to run these too then? :-)16:07
* balloons notes his Monday Morning sentences aren't the best16:07
flocculantI think I linked you to the studio m/l where someone stood up to the plate for testing/qa for them16:07
flocculanthe's pushing to get stuff up so they can test packages16:08
balloonsyes, I read it. I assume this is the outcome, but I trust they will rally folks to also run the tests16:08
flocculantI hope so16:09
flocculantat the end of the day imo - if we make it available we can't do more than that16:09
flocculantI've been finding some odd ones this cycle - pavucontrol mutes when I open it using a xonar sound card - seems to be associated with logitech webcams ... go figure ;)16:11
balloonswhoa.. that's quite specific indeed16:42
flocculantballoons: yep :)16:45
flocculantthough one of our team saw the same thing - not confirmed he was a logitech webcam yet16:46
flocculanthe definitely doesn't have the xonar sound card16:46
balloonsflocculant, so one thing that needs to happen this week is a list of quality tasks for GCI :-) Would you care to help write a list (regardless of being willing to mentor them)?19:36
flocculantballoons: can do20:36
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