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rbasakCan an AA please review monitoring-plugins languishing in Xenial NEW? It's a merge of a Debian source package rename.10:41
xnoxlxd 0.23-0ubuntu2 fails to start on i386 in the adt test. Can that be investigated at all? e.g. get the systemd journal out of there?10:43
xnox(similar transient failure was in the previous upload too)10:43
infinityxnox: Did you mean xenial? ^10:57
Laneyxnox: the instances are transient - you could make the test save artifacts in $ADT_ARTIFACTS11:01
xnoxLaney, it fails on adt deps installation..... before the test even run11:02
TrevinhoSRU team, can we please get a quick review of https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/685 ? It's waiting for long time, and it's blocking other changes...12:07
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yofelwhat's a good way to find out why a souce is not part of a packageset even though it's listed in the supported seed?19:58
yofel(polkit-kde-agent-1 and kwayland-integration from kubuntu xenial in this case)20:02
yofelhm, kwayland-integration is edubuntu and motu, polkit-kde-agent-1 is motu-only o.O20:12
stgraberso I have a few friends poking me because of a busted kernel that just hit the security pocket:21:46
stgraberbasically anyone who uses policy based routing or vaguely advanced routing in their firewall script now seem to be stuck in an infinite loop when calling iproute21:46
stgraberseems rather bad21:46
stgraberapw, ogasawara: ^21:47
ogasawarabjf: ^^21:48
stgraberan earlier report was dupped which I suspect confused the bots and made it disappear from reports...21:51
wxlbots aren't here21:52
bjfogasawara, stgraber looking21:53
bjfstgraber, if someone can test kernels we'll get it bisected and a fix out asap22:03
stgraberbjf: sdeziel can help there, I can have him join #ubuntu-kernel if that helps22:03
bjfstgraber, thanks22:04
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