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rbasakteward: sorry, I was out last week. What's up?09:15
rbasakcaribou: why is bug 1464227 Invalid? /var/log/dmesg is out of date on my system. Or has systemd saved it in the journal somehow?09:33
ubottubug 1464227 in rsyslog (Ubuntu Vivid) "kernel messages are not saved when rsyslog is started" [High,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/146422709:33
rbasakcpaelzer__: I don't see any tags in your NIS git branch. Did you push them?09:34
caribourbasak: pitti told me that those were saved in the journal so I removed the systemd equivalent job of the upstart one when I merged the rsyslog package09:34
rbasakcaribou: ah, if it's in the journal then that's fine with me. Thanks.09:37
cpaelzer__rbasak, tags now uploaded09:39
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cpaelzerrbasak: there was so much confusion on friday for the first LP git upload that I missed them09:39
cpaelzerrbasak: now they should be good09:39
caribourbasak: journalctl --dmesg has it09:39
rbasakcaribou: aha. Works for me. Thanks again!09:40
caribourbasak: np09:40
rbasakcpaelzer: I see them now. Thank you!09:40
davegarathHi all. I would like to logging scp session from my server ( what are downloaded/uploaded ). I tried to configure /etc/sshd_config with "Subsystem sftp /usr/lib/openssh/sftp-server -l INFO" but scp session aren't logged10:24
davegarathI just can see connection and disconnection in the auth.log file10:24
rbasakDoes scp actually use sftp10:26
rbasakOr does it just run an scp at the other end like rsync does?10:27
davegarathmmm I don't know maybe not10:27
rbasakIf you're logging for auditing purposes then you can't rely on any logs if you permit shell access.10:27
davegarathmh ok10:28
maswanrbasak: scp does not use sftp10:28
davegarathso I can't log scp activities...10:28
rbasakYou could provide some kind of restricted shell and wrap the scp command I suppose.10:28
rbasakIt would be rather hacky though.10:29
maswanscp is very very close to cat $name | ssh fooo "cat > $name"10:29
davegarathok. I'll think some wrapper10:29
rbasakIt might be better to eliminate scp from your workflow entirely.10:30
rbasakIt's handy for ad-hoc stuff but less useful for workflow things.10:30
rbasakIf I were to set up something where I need an audit trail of what happened to a bunch of files changing, I'd use git and a hook to update it when required.10:31
rbasakPossibly with git-annex if large file support is required.10:31
davegarathI don't want eliminate scp to break some functionality on the server that could use it. I just want  to know if someone use scp for normal operation and watch for what.... I don't know what run on this server10:32
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formeIf I want to run Plex server on a headless Ubuntu server installed on an usb stick will I have performance issues with the plex server? The media is stored on a nas, so the locations are network based for read/write.13:15
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rbasakcpaelzer: first draft. Maybe I need to tone it down a bit? Feedback appreciated. http://paste.ubuntu.com/13576789/15:13
cpaelzerrbasak: tone down a bit in paragraph #315:17
cpaelzereverything else is totally fine, non-offensive and asking what we like to understand "why special"15:18
jeroentbt Hey, I just installed an ubuntu server (14.04.3) and would like to connect it to an IPsec VPN. This server needs to be the client in this connection. Which application would allow me to set this up? (a walkthrough would be great too!)15:20
ubottuFor more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN15:22
jeroentbthateball: thanks, that page does specifically mention IPSec VPN is not covered though..15:23
TJ-jeroentbt: you actually want it to operate in tunnelling mode, or just 'plain' IPSec encapsulation ?15:23
jeroentbtTJ-: You've got me there (noob... :/) I want a VPN connection to connect to some specific servers, All other connections should not use the VPN15:24
jeroentbtIf that was what you were asking.15:25
TJ-jeroentbt: yes, IPSec and VPN terms are used incorrectly at times. 'standard' IPSec is 'just' transport security (encrypting packets between hosts). 'on top' of that you can do tunnelling, which is where the 'virtual network' sub-net 'tunnel' comes in15:26
jeroentbtThen I would need option 2, tunneling. thanks for the clarification!15:27
TJ-jeroentbt: the usual package for doing it is openswan15:27
jeroentbtTJ-: Thank you, I'll look in to that15:28
TJ-jeroentbt: there's a reaonably easy-to-understand overview here: http://clauseriksen.net/2011/02/02/ipsec-on-debianubuntu/15:29
jeroentbtTJ-: Thank you!15:33
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tewardwhen's the next server team meeting?17:29
beisnercoreycb, confirming:  is kilo: oslo.concurrency/nova is ready to promote to trusty-kilo-updates today?18:04
beisnercoreycb, also kilo: python-novaclient g2g?18:05
coreycbbeisner, not yet because they're not in vivid-updates yet.  and that's blocked on a dep8 regression that I'm working on fixing.18:07
coreycbbeisner, I'll keep you posted, thanks18:07
beisnercoreycb, ack, thx.  i'll watch the cards for updates.18:07
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rbasakcpaelzer: I'm struggling to understand how to tone down the third paragraph. Which bit of it should I focus on?18:34
tewardrbasak: hello!  hope you enjoyed holiday/vacation/etc., just an FYI the libuuid1 headaches broke my sbuilds, so i couldn't test merges, that's back on track now and i'm getting real close to a merge18:36
teward(for nginx)18:36
tewardjust wanted to give you the heads up18:36
rbasakteward: OK, no problem.18:36
vahidHi, I want to make a custom Ubuntu server image to install in every virtual machine, That ISO should contain some files. Is there any way ? I can make ISO with selected packages but not files.18:39
tewardvahid: you could make the virtual machine, then make clones of the VM for new virtual machines (changing network setups, hostnames, IPs, etc.)18:40
tewardjust an option :)18:40
teward(I haven't found a way to ship separate files on the ISO, myself)18:40
vahidI should Install on VPS.18:41
danawarHey ubuntu server i have an issue i ran a python script on my server at work which edited the /etc/fstab file to mount some smb shares on startup problem is there is an issue with it and now the server wont boot up so i can SSH into it. Is there any way i can recover this machine without getting physical access to it?18:44
sarnolddanawar: use serial or ILO or ivkm or whatever your system has to add "single" or "shell=/bin/bash" to your grub kernel command18:49
sokoll I'm trying to configure a this module https://confluence.atlassian.com/doc/configuring-apache-to-cache-static-content-via-mod_disk_cache-295305963.html. But, there is no /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf directory/file on Ubuntu. This page gives details on the Apache config files in ubuntu https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/httpd.html, but I'm just not quite clear on which file I need to edit19:17
sokollin order to load the cache mod.19:17
sarnoldsokoll: iirc it'd be in /etc/apache2/ somewhere -- grep -r for LoadModule and see if that helps you find anything19:18
sokollsarnold: what's the correct command for that?19:22
sokollgrep -r LoadModule?19:22
sarnoldsokoll: yeah, once you're in the apache configuration directory19:24
sokollah ok19:24
sokollbear with19:24
sokollI have mods-available/cache_disk.load:LoadModule cache_disk_module /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_cache_disk.so19:27
sokollbut no conf file19:28
sarnoldsokoll: nice; that looks like you ought to be able to do a2enmod cache_disk  to enable to module, and then add the <ifmodule> block from https://confluence.atlassian.com/doc/configuring-apache-to-cache-static-content-via-mod_disk_cache-295305963.html  to wherever your virtual host configuration is stored, probably a symlink from sites-enabled/ to a config file in sites-available/19:32
sokollok lemme give that a bash (no pun intended ;) )19:33
sokollHow do I know if it's working or not?19:36
sarnoldhopefully apache will pass through some headers that you can spot in curl or wget output19:37
sokollhmm, I'll fiddle about with it. thank you so much sarnold19:42
sarnoldcool :) have fun sokoll ;)19:43
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