shadaCan someone recommend a company that will let me rent a small Ubuntu box in Tunisia?18:40
shadaIt is for a school project.  I am an American University Student.  I need to run a Postfix email server in Tunisia.18:42
ichihishada, http://www.tac-tic.net/hosting/18:43
shadawonderful, thank you ichihi!18:45
ichihishada, I know the company founder, he's a serious Ubuntu fan too.18:45
shadaAwesome!  :)  I hope it works.  The offer comes with 10 email accounts... but I hope to run my own mail server!18:53
shadaI sent a request.  I will wait for a response.  :)18:53
ichihishada, Good luck.  Take care.18:54
shadaThank you, you too18:54

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