daftykinshey it's monday morning! my arrays are verifying!00:03
penguin42daftykins: Shouldn't you go to sleep now so you don't hear them scream?00:03
diddledanwhat do you drive them with?00:04
diddledanstandard linux mdraid?00:04
daftykinshell no, 3ware cards00:05
diddledanhardware raid ftw?00:05
daftykinsthe way i figure it, would i rather be digging through logs when the proverbial hits the fan, or seeing things handled nicely? :D00:05
daftykinsalso, you can keep so much more a cooler head when dealing with someone elses data than your own00:08
penguin423ware normally does work nicely00:08
daftykinsmine are pretty ancient now, but they're lovely00:08
penguin42but I haven't had to build big raids for quite a few years now, and it's so common to get 6 SATA ports on board now00:08
daftykins9650SEs, mine has 12 ports... clients has 1600:08
daftykins6 x 2TB RAID5 here, 8 x 4TB RAID6 there00:09
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penguin42is www.bbc.co.uk dead for others as well?00:48
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zmoylan-piand finally... loaded00:52
penguin42still taking it's time here00:52
daftykinsyep struggling00:57
daftykinsmaybe it's all the freenode DoS traffic :P00:57
penguin42or telehouse trying to fix their power again00:58
zmoylan-pior they switched their servers to 10 rasp pi zeros that came on magazine covers last week in reception...01:01
penguin42ooh, now it's moved to having the beeb 500 page - the nice one with the testpage01:19
diddledan_good video from john oliver : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NGY6DqB1HX801:56
diddledan_about mental health programs in americy01:56
diddledan_also, https://node-os.com/ ??01:57
penguin42noh god, js took over the world....01:58
diddledan_damned DDoS02:28
diddledan_poor freenode is really suffering the last couple days02:29
penguin42beebs website still seems to be borked02:34
diddledan_beeb been down?02:34
penguin42is for me02:34
diddledan_seems ok heer02:36
penguin42diddledan_: I'm getting either a connection reset, or just a hang02:36
diddledan_for the homepage it gave an error momentarily before chrome reloaded it and got the correct page02:37
diddledan_if I wasn't paying attention I'd not have seen the error at all02:37
penguin42still broken on my other PC02:39
penguin42and bytemark02:40
* zmoylan-pi watches christina hendricks get married to captain mal...03:17
diddledan_and who?03:19
zmoylan-pigo watch firefly03:19
diddledan_I decided not to bother with that03:19
zmoylan-piit is worth it03:19
diddledan_it was cancelled before I even started to watch it so I figured the stories would be left hanging so would be unsatisfying03:20
zmoylan-pii felt the same way till i a gaming group i was in decided to watch an episode while we waited for a late arrival03:20
zmoylan-pigreat show with great potential.  and still has a huge fanbase with 14 episodes and 1 movie03:22
zmoylan-pilots of lag your way diddledan_ ?03:28
diddledan_it's freenode03:28
diddledan_under a DDoS according to reports03:29
zmoylan-piwas only you this time so might not be ddos03:29
diddledan_I suck03:29
* zmoylan-pi puts on an episode of red dwarf with dwayne dibley... :-)03:57
diddledan_no, not dwayne dibley. I don't wanna be dwayne dibley!04:01
diddledan_time for a nap methinks04:05
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:55
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zmoylan-pihmm not net splits but some sort sort of attack it would seem08:31
Myrttiddos since Thursday, with intermittent sunny patches08:32
Myrttithen it all goes downhill again08:32
zmoylan-piand a chance of lag08:32
zmoylan-pii keep getting error messages that freenode is full08:33
pwaringlag has gone away for me now, it was terrible yesterday though08:34
zmoylan-pinot as much lag for me today but still got bounced and couldn't reconnnect this morning08:35
Myrttiever so sorry 😕 :-(08:36
MooDoono lag for me, and no need to apologise myrtti, it's not your fault is it :)08:40
Myrttiwell I feel responsible as member of the staff. It sucks when the skids decide to ruin things08:41
zmoylan-pidefinitely no need to apologise.  i just see it as opportunity to learn more about irssi to make it get past the errors quicker :-)08:42
zmoylan-piAND/OR find the eejits doing this and introduce them to the concept of annoyances...08:43
MooDoozmoylan-pi: concept of annoyances = baseball bat :08:46
zmoylan-pithat would be culturally inappropriate.... i'm not american... i prefer a hammer... :-P08:47
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davmor2Morning all09:06
davmor2czajkowski: congrats by the way for getting on the board09:13
czajkowskidavmor2: thank you09:14
czajkowskidavmor2: how's life?09:14
davmor2czajkowski: busier than ever, but good thanks, oh and missing the caravan, you?09:15
MooDoodavmor2: I've not been to ours in yonks, must make an effort to get to bakewell more next yeat.09:19
davmor2MooDoo: I thought it was your dads?09:21
czajkowskidavmor2: back afrter 4 days off so in my happy bubble09:22
davmor2MooDoo: we went every weekend because we got a seasonal pitch09:22
MooDoodavmor2: father in laws, but we didn't go much this year09:27
zmoylan-piwasn't caravaning weather this year09:28
MooDooit's a static, so isn't too bad in the rain09:29
davmor2zmoylan-pi: there is no such thing as caravanning weather it's a home on wheels, when it rains you stay in like you do at home :P09:30
davmor2MooDoo: Mine isn't but It is getting big enough to be :)09:30
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MooDooit's bakewell, it's a lovely break :)09:32
zmoylan-piand hope someone brought the travel scrabble and the scrabble...09:32
davmor2MooDoo: we got a seasonal at Ebury Hill it's like a 40 minute drive away but it is so peaceful :)09:35
davmor2MooDoo: it's nice because you feel refreshed after a weekend away :)09:37
MooDoodefinately, nothing like a full english on the verander in the sunshine :)09:42
davmor2bashrc_: I think you mean Luxury! then you burst into when I were lad you had no sunshine you were up before the sun and home after it were gone09:44
* bashrc_ resets days since four yorkshiremen sketch counter09:46
* davmor2 tries to break bashrc_ counter, When I were a Lad you had no counters if the number were bigger than the number of fingers you could count it anyway09:48
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zmoylan-pihmmm, listening to radio item about sales of sonic hedgehog games and megadrives been on the up...10:04
SuperMattyes, I heard about that10:06
zmoylan-pii was never into sega but might be worth a look10:06
SuperMatttbh, I have sonic on steam, don't need a megadrive to play it10:08
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday, and happy Computer Security Day! 😃10:22
zmoylan-piit is the day after the nsa promised to stop one of their spying programs...10:24
zmoylan-pipromise this time they mean it... ::wink wink::10:24
davmor2JamesTait: I give you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k07cflKCl-Y10:24
davmor2JamesTait: I think that is a good enough reason to want security right :)10:34
JamesTaitdavmor2, it's not my usual thing, but I'm not disliking it. 😉10:37
MooDooyay hackers10:45
MooDoolol "nsa: yes we'll stop" lol ha ha ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha10:45
zmoylan-pithe soundtrack is the reason i bought the dvd, honest guv... :-)10:47
zmoylan-piit's my 3rd favourite hacker movie...10:48
zmoylan-pibeen so bad it's good sorta thing10:48
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davmor2zmoylan-pi: yeah right Angelina Jolie had nothing to do with it honest gov'nor10:57
davmor2zmoylan-pi: sneakers and swordfish are they in there?10:58
zmoylan-pii fancied her risc laptop more :-)10:58
zmoylan-pi#2 sneakers.  never seen swordfish but have heard enough not to be bothered...10:58
davmor2zmoylan-pi: Swordfish isn't that bad if you just treat it like all standard hollywood spy/thriller/action/hacker films you know complete fabrications11:00
davmor2zmoylan-pi: what's number 1 then11:01
zmoylan-piyou won't have seen it, it turns up everytime there's a big discussion on hacker movies. it has no computers... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091464/11:02
zmoylan-piif you watch it you'll 1) agree it is a hacker movie 2) has an awesome soundtrack 3) laugh out loud11:02
MooDoosneakers is great - no more secrets :)11:03
zmoylan-piseetec astronomy11:04
zmoylan-piit's a wonderful movie but still only #2 on my hackers movie list11:04
davmor2zmoylan-pi: looks more like D.A.R.Y.L11:04
zmoylan-piwatch it and then tell me i'm wrong :-)11:05
MooDooI like hackers, sneakers, antitrust11:05
zmoylan-pii think i have anti trust on dvd, it was ok11:05
davmor2zmoylan-pi: you're wrong, fullstop but I'll try and see it :)11:05
davmor2MooDoo: anitrust is just hackers 3 which makes me wonder why I haven't seen hackers 2 :)11:06
davmor2zmoylan-pi: ex-mechina is good11:06
awilkinsI love that movie! The whole car-that-splits-in-two-for-greater-backstreet-agility thing is ace11:21
zmoylan-pishhhh!!!! spoliers!!!!11:21
awilkinsThere's a picture of it on the IMDB page.11:22
zmoylan-pii know, but shhhhh11:22
zmoylan-piand not done in cgi either...11:22
davmor2awilkins: Condorman did that too, and in bond it had a horse that turned into a plane :P11:55
MooDooblimey condorman, that's a blast from the past :D11:56
foobarrydr who. can i discuss an issue11:56
foobarrycondorman was the first film we had on vhs11:56
MooDoofoobarry: you have an issue with dr who?11:57
zmoylan-pifirst film i had on vhs was life of brian. an illegal copy as it was banned in ireland...11:57
foobarry2 billion years of skulls.11:57
foobarryprobably 100 billion skulls11:57
awilkinsdavmor2, To be fair, it was just a horses ass that turned into a plane11:57
foobarryi think the castle would no longer be there11:57
davmor2MooDoo: I remember every film I ever watched it's worrying11:57
MooDoodavmor2: you're watching classics :)11:57
foobarryjust covered in skulls11:58
foobarryno sea11:58
zmoylan-pithe first film i stopped watching it was so bad... lost in space11:58
MooDooit's gallifray, bigger on the inside tech :)11:58
davmor2MooDoo: No I remember condorman from the cinema it was that long ago11:58
MooDoofirst film i saw at the cinema was the last starfighter :D11:59
davmor2MooDoo: first film I saw at the Cinema was Starwars Episode v my Mom is a Harrisonford fan, so indiana jones, starwars, blade runner all at the cinema12:11
zmoylan-pithe first film i saw in cinema was darby o'gill and the little people in very early 1970s12:14
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foobarrymy first film was empire strikes back12:38
foobarryi was 5.12:38
foobarrythis chrimstas i will be taking my son for the first time. he is 5.12:39
foobarrythe film? STAR WARS12:39
foobarrythe circle is complete12:39
davmor2zmoylan-pi: man you're old12:47
davmor2foobarry: as long as he stays on the side of jedi's it's fine12:48
foobarryi did12:50
davmor2foobarry: That way leads to the darkside it does, full of windows and apples it is, no need for weapons, just a usb stick with ubuntu on it13:01
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zmoylan-piif i had to peg an os for yoda i'd put him down as an os/2 user :-)13:09
awilkinsAn elegant weapon, from a more civilized age13:10
davmor2zmoylan-pi: No os/2 is more a captain kirk/scotty thing what with all that warp13:11
awilkinsYoda is all about commands that have a --force option13:12
zmoylan-piand klingon and ferengi versions13:12
penguin42forth yoda is13:12
* davmor2 is waiting for the starbucks and costa use the froth cups on starwars release13:13
zmoylan-piit'll be star wars on everything for months in a few weeks13:14
davmor2penguin42: don't act like it won't happen ;)13:15
* penguin42 sighs13:15
davmor2penguin42: it'll be may the froth be with you, or use the froth, guaranteed13:17
penguin42davmor2: You should register the domain now13:18
andylockranafternoon peeps13:25
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zmoylan-pihelping kids get used to the idea of no privacy13:35
awilkinsSlashdot ran an article about people haxx0ring them to spy on your kids13:37
awilkinsTotally missing the point that THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE FOR13:38
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mappsgot my router user/pass14:25
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diddledan_what was it?14:46
zmoylan-pi1234... :-)14:46
mappsumeecpe was pass14:52
MooDoodiddledan_: what was that password I only see ******** ;)14:57
diddledan_this got assigned to someone. I wonder if that means my idea is being actively worked on? https://github.com/PowerShell/Win32-OpenSSH/issues/3515:03
zmoylan-pifingers crossed15:03
diddledan_I'm actually quite proud of the thoroughness I put into writing that issue15:05
zmoylan-picovered all the ground from what i could see15:06
diddledan_oftentimes when I file a bug/improvement I do as little effort as possible :-p15:06
diddledan_I'm inherently laxy15:06
zmoylan-pia rolled up newspaper hitting the developer on the nose *IS* a legitimate bug report :-D15:07
pwaringI put in a lot of effort, which is why I get annoyed when people close something as WONTFIX15:07
pwaringBut I have a trick to avoid that now15:07
pwaringMake first bug report a trivial documentation fix - if that's ignored do not contribute further15:07
diddledan_lol, zmoylan-pi, that sounds fun15:08
zmoylan-piit's suggesting they're like a happy puppy sitting beside a big pile of poo that they made...15:08
zmoylan-pibad developer *smack*15:10
penguin42heck it's wet out there15:13
* zmoylan-pi checks forecast for the week and only friday looks like it'll be a no rain day...15:14
davmor2zmoylan-pi: where do live the sahara?15:14
diddledan_I haven't opened the curtains15:14
zmoylan-pidublin.  you don't get 40 shades of green without a little rain15:15
mappscan someone try my ip 1194 forwarded port but cant connect15:15
penguin42zmoylan-pi: You'd think Manchester would be greener then15:16
penguin42oh just UDP?15:17
davmor2pfff 50 shades of grey was named after the writer saw this sky15:17
mappsi set the proto as UDP in server conf15:17
mappswonder if its to do with the nat interface it was set at15:19
mappsi left it as default15:19
mappseth0.v1804 or eth0.v804.ppp15:19
mappsyea need 2nd i think15:20
mappsnope still nothing;/15:21
mappsanyone got any suggestions? openvpn is running and both server/client config looks ok15:23
penguin42use TCP :-)15:26
diddledan_what are you trying to get running?15:26
mappsjust enabled DMZ on the pi IP and still cant connect15:26
mappstrying to forward 1194 to the pi so i can connect to my vpn from my phone15:26
diddledan_UDP doesn't "connect" because it's UDP15:27
davmor2mapps: is the port actually open on the pi15:27
mappsdavmor2 should be only iptables rule is iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -s -o eth0 -j SNAT --to-source
diddledan_mapps: iptables -L INPUT --verbose | pastebinit15:28
diddledan_(pastebinit is available on pi?)15:29
mapps*sec and yea15:29
diddledan_ok, your policy is set to accept - that's what I was wanting to verify15:31
diddledan_the daemon is running ? :-p15:31
diddledan_</mr stating mcobvious>15:32
mappsand yep15:32
mappscan see it's running15:32
diddledan_does your openvpn.log show the connection arriving?15:32
diddledan_you'll need to regen your certs15:33
jpdsmapps: Oh, thanks for the private key15:33
mappsnope nothing at all15:33
mappshaha it doesnt matter for now;p15:33
mappscant connect anyway;)15:33
mappsil regen later15:33
mappseverything looks fine though? server/client config..iptables rules15:34
mappsipv4 forwarding enabled in sysctl.conf15:34
jpdsI don't understand what this SNAT is about15:34
jpdsAll I have on my VPN is a MASQUERADE rule15:35
mappswould nmap show udp?15:35
diddledan_no it wouldn't15:36
jpdsmapps: netstat -lnptu15:36
diddledan_udp can't be verified due to being connectionless15:36
mappsssh doesnt work..even though it says open? and ive set a DMZ up?15:36
diddledan_are you sure your router can forward udp ports?15:36
mappsyea it allows it15:37
mappsso why cant i even ssh in...says port open but wont work15:37
mappscould it be their end?15:38
diddledan_your router might not do NAT-reflection, so if you're trying to ssh to your own public IP that might be the issue15:39
penguin42mapps: Because the ssh is tcp ?15:39
mappsbut i set a DMZ15:39
mappscan someone try ssh to my ip then please15:39
jpdsmapps: Can I have your private ssh key?15:41
mappsi dont use ssh keys15:42
mappscan someone please help15:43
mappsdiddledan_ ??:(15:43
lubotu3DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!15:44
mappsthis sucks, no idea why i cant connect15:45
diddledan_it's a forkbomb15:45
mappsif it was their end, nmap wouldnt show as open would it?15:45
penguin42diddledan_: It's impressively short15:46
diddledan_if nmap shows it open then it's open15:46
diddledan_penguin42: I think I got it wrong15:46
mappsso if its open why cant i ssh even? i tried from my phone uing 3g15:46
mappsas you mentioned nat reflection15:46
mappsthis is annoying:)15:46
diddledan_penguin42: I think it should be :(){:|:};:15:47
diddledan_again heed the warning of lubotu315:47
lubotu3DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!15:47
Seeker`diddledan_: why are you writing out forkbombs in here?15:48
diddledan_Seeker`: it was a response to a weird series of characters that mapps wrote15:48
Seeker`yeah, don't.15:49
mappsmaybe il reboot it15:49
mappsalthough that wont do anything15:49
davmor2mapps: are you reading the right guide for the os you have on the device for setting this all up or are you making it up as you go along15:50
mappslol yes im not a fool15:51
mappsswitched back to 3g and it's working15:51
mappsso diddledan_ could be right?15:51
mappsid never ever had that before, an issue connecting to the public ip locally:)15:51
mappsyep and vpn working15:52
mappswow, how odd15:52
AzelphurAnyone handy with monit? I've looked at the documentation on this page for pushover notifications, https://mmonit.com/wiki/MMonit/PushoverNotification (scroll to the bottom)15:53
davmor2mapps: yay diddledan_ good guesswork dude ;)15:54
Azelphurand I've wrote something similar for pushbullet, http://pastebin.com/QDhGLtcE but whenever I get an alert, I literally just get "$MONIT_SERVICE - $MONIT_DESCRIPTION" sent15:54
mappshas anyone else had that before where you cant connect to the public ip locally?15:55
davmor2mapps: I have on an old router but not for a while but then I run openwrt on ip-link routers pretty much since :)15:56
mappsthis is just the router i got given when i signed up to umee;)15:57
AzelphurOo, this is actually officially now a shell scripting error15:57
AzelphurI stuck echo "$MONIT_HOST" | wall in the shell script, it walls "server", so the variables are definitely set15:57
popeyhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06rkc60 was interesting to listen to. maybe of interest to some here... "John Harris from the Guardian talks to university researcher, Penny Andrews, who, after a difficult childhood and adolescence, was finally diagnosed as autistic in her early thirties"15:59
Seeker`I've got a friend that was officially diagnosed at 2616:00
AzelphurI was diagnosed pretty late myself, didn't get diagnosed until 1616:02
davmor2I didn't get diagnosed with dyslexia till I was in Highschool and a supply teacher decided there was something up with me being in top set maths and science and bottom set English and French16:03
* penguin42 should probably get himself checked at some point, I'm fairly sure I tick most of the boxes16:04
Seeker`penguin42: There's a difference between "not being very social" and "autistic"16:05
penguin42Seeker`: Yes, I realise that16:05
davmor2ah that is the polite way of putting it thanks Seeker`16:06
AzelphurThe take home here is that UKs mental health services are fairly useless, I've had some real bad experiences with them16:07
AzelphurIn other news, people noticed the 1TB Samsung EVOs on Amazon? so cheap, I picked one up16:16
AzelphurI've been looking for 2TB HDD deals too, nobody has any good deals on them, seen 1TB, 3TB, 4TB and 5TB, SSDs of all sizes, and no 2TB deals :<16:18
penguin42the flash prices seem to have fallen through the floor16:19
AzelphurI'm having fun this black friday, my boss is late paying me so he gets to buy me whatever I want off Amazon at purse 50% rates until he pays me16:21
Azelphurso I got that 1TB Samsung drive for £12016:21
marshmnhi all; I have a few games which I *believe* were developed using the 'Unity 3d' cross-platform games engine; these seem to run pretty slowly on Linux though; does anyone have similar experience and/or know tips to make them playable?16:22
davmor2penguin42: they will, they should get cheaper too, more bulk of chips less overall cost they will limit it at some point to make the maximum amount of profit16:22
Azelphurmarshmn: have you tried other games? do you get poor performance across the board, or only in Unity?16:23
marshmnAzelphur: I have other games which seem more native and which seem to be fine; the machine is quite powerful too (i7 w/16GB RAM and Nvidia 750M)16:23
penguin42davmor2: The 3d structure stuff might have helped recently, but it's more process steps so I'm not sure how much price wise it helps16:23
Azelphurmarshmn: are you using Unity?16:24
marshmnnot Unity desktop, no16:24
marshmnI'm in Gnome16:24
AzelphurAre you using a desktop with a compositor?16:24
marshmnhow to tell?16:24
davmor2Azelphur: he is using gnome so it is using clutter iirc16:25
Azelphurmarshmn: hmm, do you have transparent windows anywhere?16:25
marshmnAzelphur: I can run terminal with a transparent background if that's what you mean?16:26
Azelphurmarshmn: probably have composite enabled then, somewhere there will be a setting to turn that off16:26
Azelphuryou loose a few shiny effects, but composite hurts game performance16:26
AzelphurLook for Window manager settings, Composite , etc. Dunno where it is in gnome, maybe someone else does.16:27
marshmnAzelphur: ok, that's interesting, will look into it16:27
diddledan_does anyone know about https://atraci.github.io/Atraci-website/ ?16:30
diddledan_aah it uses youtube16:31
diddledan_I was wondering where they source their catalogue from16:31
Laneybleh it looks grim outside17:17
awilkinsI went outside. It WAS grim.17:17
awilkinsHowever, as reward for my persistence, I now have a box of stroopwafel17:18
Laneywas intending to ride into town17:19
davmor2awilkins: you get waffles for having a strop man there is something wrong with this world ;)17:20
Laneybut that is up and down TWO whole hills17:20
davmor2Laney: they're call sleeping policemen, or speed humps, not hills honest gov ;)17:21
Seeker`awilkins: gief17:24
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knightwisehey everyone19:18
knightwiseanyone in ?19:18
zmoylan-pino one here but us chickens19:20
saur0i'm not here19:21
penguin42nope, definitely not19:31
diddledan_I'm confused how a person at chromium thinks that the bug I filed isn't the bug I filed and therefore I should file a bug: https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=55708720:32
diddledan_#6 was me, as was the original bug report20:33
diddledan_oh well, I guess I'll file an exact copy?20:35
penguin42diddledan_: I guess it's a simpler case20:36
diddledan_but it's the exact thing that I wanted fixed20:36
diddledan_why should I have to file a second bug to get the thing fixed that I've already filed a bug to get the thing fixed?20:36
penguin42diddledan_: It sounds to me like you're asking for it to 1) Prompt the user and 1a) Proide the cert if asked for 1b) connet anyway if the user says no20:37
penguin42diddledan_: It sounds like they're asking for a bug filing for just 'connect anyway without the client cert'20:37
penguin42diddledan_: Which without understanding the details of SSL, does sound simpler20:37
penguin42anyway, time to poweroff brain, back to work tomorrow20:38
DeaDSouLhi, i have a lycamobile number... and I would like to purchase a voucher from their website.. there a lot of categories and plans... which one allows me to send an internation SMS ?21:23
directhexum........... i don't know?21:25
diddledan_ask them?21:26
directhexlike, why does this seem like something anyone in here would know?21:26
diddledan_what is lycamobile, anyway?21:26
directhexdiddledan_: they basically do PAYG SIMs for people whose families are far outside the EU, so need mostly international calls21:28
directhexyou'll find posters for them in most independent corner shops or ethnic food stores21:29
DeaDSouLdirecthex: i'm out of uk now.. and i need to purchase voucher online... but i don;t know which one should i get ?21:30
intrbizDeaDSouL: I doubt anyone here will know21:32
daftykinsDeaDSouL: this is not a shop.21:42
intrbizis it me, or is this channel quiet of late21:42
daftykinserr, doesn't feel like anything beyond usual21:43
intrbizhmm, fair enough21:43
intrbizsemed busier earlier in the summer21:43
daftykinsprobably the winter blues and preparations for Christmas for all the family folk :)21:44
intrbizTBF I've been pretty crap at being online the last few months21:44
daftykinsi'm keeping quite the funky hours myself :(21:46
intrbizyes, my monday mornings are all to funky hours these days21:48
DeaDSouLintrbiz: thanks22:02
DeaDSouLdaftykins: really ?!22:02
DeaDSouLdaftykins: smart boy22:03
daftykinshey DeaDSouL let's go and ask in ##windows about good car insurance providers22:04
daftykinsi feel like i'm on a roll22:04
DeaDSouLdaftykins: i asked this channel because of the "uk" ... i thought someone knows22:05
=== Lcawte is now known as Lcawte|Away

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