ianorlinwow I could finally get back on00:45
ianorlinI had trouble connecting to freenode earlier00:54
DonkeyHoteias did i, long delay00:57
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ianorlinhmm only 2 people have been nominated02:03
ianorlinI might be a littel late but am really quite hungry02:17
pleia2freenode has been subject to ddos attacks throughout the us holiday, so lots of netsplits and connection woes02:58
nhainesYeah, it's been a shame.02:59
nhainesHopefully everything stays stable for our meeting.  Which is now!03:00
EureCAFactoid startmeeting not found03:00
nhainesShush, you.03:00
nhainesOkay, manual logs this time around!  :)03:00
nhainesWelcome to the penultimate Ubuntu California LoCo meeting this year!03:01
nhainesThis meeting's agenda can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/15November2903:01
nhainesCan we get a show of hands for attendance?03:01
darkwizardjackNewbie here!03:02
nhainesdarkwizardjack: welcome!03:03
nhainesHmm, usually the attendance thing is more popular.  :)03:05
nhainesOkay, so first up on the agenda...03:05
nhaines#topic Upcoming Events.03:05
nhainespleia2: Ubuntu Hour San Francisco is back again, right?03:05
pleia2yes, we have one coming up the 2nd wednesday in december03:06
pleia2#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/3261-ubuntu-hour-san-francisco/03:06
nhainesThat's the 9th.  Sounds like fun!03:06
pleia2and one coming up on our next meeting day (earlier in the day) in berkeley on the 13th03:07
pleia2#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-california/2997-ubuntu-hour-berkeley/03:07
nhainesOh, that'll be nice.  I hope the weather is pleasant for both of them!03:08
pleia2they're both indoors anyway ;)03:08
nhainesMy favorite way to enjoy rain *is* through a window.  :)03:09
nhainesBut good weather makes the trip less dreary anyway.03:09
* pleia2 nods03:09
nhainesGlad UH is back.  Thank sfor that, pleia2.  :)03:09
nhaines#topic Announcements03:09
nhainesAre there any general announcements before we move on to tonight's agenda items?03:10
pleia2I don't have anything03:10
nhainesMe either.  This meeting might be a victim of the Freenode DDOS attacks, unfortunately.03:11
nhainesOkay, we can always come back to that later.03:11
nhaines#topic We have a meetup group now, what should we do with it?03:11
nhainesSo we have a Meetup group now!  http://www.meetup.com/Ubuntu-California/03:11
pleia2right, so we're one of the trial teams for the ubuntu community funds supported meetup groups03:12
pleia2but we also have the loco team portal, which we've always used and have events and RSVPs on03:12
nhainespleia2: actually, I believe Canonical is funding this without the community funds.  :)03:12
pleia2nhaines: oh, that's nice :)03:12
pleia2admittedly, the loco team portal is not used much, some people have trouble logging in, not much development is happening...03:13
nhainespleia2: yeah, they didn't want it to be dependant on donation amounts.  :)03:13
pleia2that's good03:13
pleia2still, the loco team portal is open source and I like how clean and non-spammy it is03:13
nhainesSo one of the alleged benefits of a Meetup group is that we can use it for external outreach to non-Ubuntu community members.  Which is nice because that's part of our mandate as a LoCo team.03:14
pleia2yeah, and already without much mentioning of it, we have 21 members03:14
pleia2some of whom I recognize from other meetups I go to, not from ubuntu anything03:14
nhainesAnd we already have 21 new users--right.  :)  Only 3 or 4 of which are Ubuntu people.03:14
nhainesSo that's a promising start!03:15
pleia2I'm inclined to duplicate the events I run across both things03:15
pleia2it's messy, but eh03:15
nhainesI think that's a good idea for now.  The plan is to extend the LoCo directory so that creating the event there duplicates it to Meetup.com automatically.03:15
ianorlinwow finally got here03:16
pleia2nhaines: ah, that'd be nice03:16
nhainesBut that's work and the loco directory is mostly in maintenance mode.  But if we can show that Meetup is popular, that will probably spur action in that regard.03:16
nhainesSo for now we're using it for Ubucon Summit registration.03:16
pleia2I'll add the SF ubuntu hour03:17
nhainesI hope to see more public events this next year, and I think Meetup.com will really help get the word out.03:18
ianorlinyes it will and maybe get more people that might offer places03:18
nhainesSo I think we're off to a small but very promising start.03:19
nhainesLet's try to get in-person events listed there as we plan them out.03:19
nhainesAny other comments on Meetup.com?03:19
pleia2I think that's it really03:21
nhaines#topic Ubuntu California Leadership nominations03:21
nhainesThe call for nominations is still open!  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Leadership/201503:21
nhainesFor another week, actually.03:22
nhainesUntil December 5th, which is now reflected on the wiki page.03:22
nhainesLeadership is fairly simple, because all LoCo members in Ubuntu California are basically empowered to work on anything they like.03:23
pleia2so we just need one more brave soul to put their name forward to get the minimum03:23
nhainesSo it's more administrative.  Running the meetings, updating the wiki, sending out email notifications, and so forth.03:23
nhainesYup, it would be nice to have a real election.03:23
ianorlinhmm right no don't we have nhaines and I nominated so hopefully at least one or two people from bay area03:24
ianorlinor farther north asa that is a bit of a commute for say a release party03:24
nhainesYes, it'd be nice to have the representation.  Although it's mainly symbolic.03:25
nhainesSo the day after the nomination period closes, we'll start the election.03:26
nhainesAnyone who is a member of http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california/ is eligible to vote.03:26
nhainesThe election will end on December 12th, and then we'll announce the results at the December 13th meeting before we break for the rest of the year.03:28
nhainesThat's about all I have on that topic.03:29
pleia2we'll also need someone to volunteer who is not running to run the election, if there is one03:29
nhainesYes, that would be helpful!03:30
nhainesSo if you're interested, please volunteer on the mailing list.03:30
pleia2but I guess we'll cross that bridge if we get to it :)03:30
nhainesYup.  :)03:30
ianorlinHow many meetings in new year before scale?03:32
nhainesJust one.03:32
ianorlinah ok03:32
pleia2unfortunately it's likely much too late to ask my employer for funding for the event03:32
pleia2I really needed that info 2 months ago03:33
pleia2so hopefully whatever funding is needed has come together03:33
nhainesYes, Canonical's still working on it.03:34
nhainesThe sponsorship brochure is finished but I wasn't able to get the address.  It's on the Ubucon site.03:35
nhainesWhich is http://ubucon.org/ and is looking great.  It should get fully filled in over the next week.03:35
pleia2hopefully they'll be able to get it together earlier next year03:36
pleia2can't ask for funding less than 8 weeks before an event, particularly with the holidays in the way03:37
nhainesI think so.  The new venue made it difficult to get funding information together.03:37
* pleia2 nods03:37
nhainesBut all the planning is coming together well.  We'll need booth volunteers soon!03:37
nhainesAnyone interested can sign up here  ;)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale14x03:38
nhainesAnd that's easy too.  We'll need booth volunteers who can greet SCALE attendees and answer simple questions about Ubuntu.03:39
nhainesWe'll also have phones and IoT devices running snappy Ubuntu Core to demonstrate.  So it's worth volunteering, and you'll get to be the first to experience those things hands on.03:40
nhainesOkay, about time to wrap everything up for tonight, I think.03:40
nhaines#topic Other business03:41
nhainesAny other business or comments before we wrap up tonight?03:41
pleia2I'm all set03:41
pleia2thanks for charing :)03:41
nhainesThanks.  :)03:42
* nhaines assumes pleia2 meant chairing and not charring.03:42
nhainesI already cooked earlier. ; )03:42
nhainesOkay, thanks to everyone for coming tonight!03:42
pleia2charring :d03:44
pleia2I woke up on the other coast, it's been a long day :)03:44
nhainesdarkwizardjack: glad you could join us tonight!  How do you use Ubuntu?03:46
pleia2at least they use ipv6 :)03:47
nhainesHaha, yes!03:52
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pleia2the "location" bit about the meetup group may make things tricky04:00
pleia2it's listed as being located in los angeles, so it may not get out to the folks in SF for our events up here04:01
pleia2I don't know how to make that better though :\04:01
nhainesYeah.  I'm assured that the events themselves *should* still show up locally.04:01
pleia2ok :)04:02
pleia2nhaines: now that we sort of agreed to use it for now, want to formally announce the group to the team in an email?04:04
pleia2it was mentioned during the meeting email, but people would have to really read that :)04:04
nhainespleia2: oh yeah, that's a good idea!04:05
pleia2I can put it on social media too04:06
* pleia2 seeks dinner04:17
nhainesI can't help but wonder how I can get no phone calls all day and then as soon as there's a meeting I get like 3 phone calls all around it. :)04:23
nhainesWoo, post-meeting stuff done!  \o/04:47
nhainesWe got our first mention from the SCALE website. :)  http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/scale/14x/ubucon-summit05:09
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