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ChinnoDogHappy Cyber Monday. Subscriptions to the new Safari books service are 50% off today. My experience suggests this may be the lowest price available all year.15:19
ChinnoDogI signed up a few minutes ago. Books can now be downloaded on Android and iOS. :D Desktop apps to follow.15:26
waltmanYou can download books with Safari? I thought that was only for reading online.15:35
ChinnoDogNot anymore. I'm assuming they are encrypted downloads like Spotify but I haven't done it yet.15:57
ChinnoDogI read most of my books on my computer. I'll have to wait until I can run the Windows app in WINE.15:59
pleia2yeah, I read books on my tablet on planes, no internets17:58
pleia2and my next book is on rough cuts on safari right now (it may even be published for real some day if I ever finish it!)17:58

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