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inetprogood mornings06:58
pieter2627morning all08:29
Kilosmorning all09:11
KerberoAhh oom Kilos, goeiemore!09:30
Kiloshi Kerbero 09:30
thatgraemeguygood aftermornoon09:52
Kiloshey all you clever peeps are there certain days that flights are cheaper15:13
Kilosdont all rush to answer at once15:15
MaNIbut I can't remember which, mid week and late on sunday usually IIRC15:23
MaNIto do with when the business people commute15:24
Kilosoh my15:24
Kilosthis is all strange territory for me15:25
Kilosand kinda frightening15:25
superflyKilos: Sundays and Tuesday / Wednesday I think 16:57
Kilosty superfly ill check them out too16:58
superflyKilos: also, about 3 months in advance 16:58
Kilosi cant do that superfly 16:58
Kiloswanna be there for our 30 anniversary16:59
Kilos31 dec is 30 years16:59
Kilosi go eat17:00
grembleIn 30 years?17:01
grembleHey kulelu88 17:05
kulelu88howzit guys?17:06
grembleI am well thanks. 17:07
kulelu88all good17:07
kulelu88things have been too quiet here17:11
Kiloshi gremble kulelu88 17:14
grembleHey Kilos 17:15
Kilosi got a mail about linux sysadmin training for $179 if you interested17:16
grembleSo expensive :o17:22
Kiloswhat isnt17:23
Kilostry buying a plane ticket to the other side of the world17:23
kulelu88where you going? Kilos 17:31
kulelu88with the exchange rate, that 179 is a bit steep17:31
Kilosto aus17:31
kulelu88bad time of the year Kilos . Peak summer in Aus also17:31
Kilosi love hot weather17:32
Kilosjust the flight costs are killers17:32
Kilosi wanted t have left already but the visa app taking time17:32
Kilosif i knew how id go on a cargo plane17:33
kulelu88try shipping yourself17:33
kulelu88speak to DHL17:34
Kilosyou mean couriers17:34
kulelu88its worth a try17:38
Kilosive just looked at their site17:40
Kilosnothing about shipping peeps17:40
Kilosbut id go that way if it was cheaper17:40
Kilos36 hours without food isnt a prob17:41
kulelu88toilet may be the bigger issue, but they should have toilets on cargo planes18:05
Kilosunless the pilot is a robot18:05
inetprogood evenin18:05
Kiloshi inetpro 18:05
Kilosall well there18:06
inetprogood, good and there?18:06
Kilosyes ty18:06
inetproyou have your visa yet oom Kilos?18:06
Kilosno man sigh18:06
Kiloshopefully wednesday18:06
Kilosi think they trying to stress me to death first18:07
Kilosnight all.sleep tight19:02
magespawngood evening19:50
grembleHey magespawn 19:51
magespawnhi gremble 19:58
magespawndo you sleep at all?19:58
grembleI try not to. I'll sleep when I'm old. Right now I have stuff to do20:00
magespawnmmm, what is old?20:01
grembleWhen I can't do things anymore. Right now it is looking like that'll be 90, since my grandfather is 87 and still going strong.20:02
magespawncool beans20:04
grembleHaha but in seriousness. I work better at night because it is quiet20:05
grembleSo I tend to sleep late20:05
magespawni thought maybe there was a specific age20:06
magespawnahh, that would work for me too, except the people paying the invoice want me there during day time20:08
grembleOh haha. Were you hoping it wasn't yours?20:08
magespawnthe invoice? no, i was hoping it was mine20:10
grembleHaha the age. :P20:11
magespawnha, no i sill feel the same way20:12
magespawntime for bed, good night20:37
kulelu88totsiens mag20:39

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