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Guest23925hey just got ubuntu running on the macbook. someone suggested there's something i can install to get the broadcom wifi working?00:08
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Gallomimia2hey just got ubuntu running on the macbook. someone suggested there's something i can install to get the broadcom wifi working?00:09
Gallomimia2pardon doublepost00:09
lotuspsychje!b43 | Gallomimia00:09
ubottuGallomimia: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx00:09
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Gallomimia2thanks lotuspsychje not exactly sure what path to take. the first step revealed that b43-pci-bridge is in use, but nothing is working00:15
Gallomimia2interesting. the GUI software settings is giving me options00:16
daftykinsGallomimia2: identify the chipset involved.00:18
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Gallomimia2its the bcm4322 and the gui window from settings is letting me install nvidia drivers and broadcom. it'll do it right after the massive main updates are done00:21
lotuspsychjeGallomimia: wich ubuntu version did you get on your macbook?00:23
daftykinsGallomimia2: nah reboot then go back there00:24
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mystupidnickim trying "apt-get purge emacsen-common" which results in a unmet dependencies problem: kdelibs5-plugins depends of: libenchant1c2a (>= 1.6.0)00:29
mystupidnickany idea how i can resolve that problem or debug the cause of it?00:29
daftykinsyou had other crap going on; "sudo dpkg -r emacsen-common" would probably ignore your other problems00:30
daftykinsbut really you should just fix those00:30
k1lyes, that sounds more like there is another (maybe old) depency error still there00:30
mystupidnickdaftykins: i've already tried apt-get -f install, apt-get autoclean, dpkg --reconfigure -a which is what i can think of00:31
mystupidnickdaftykins: dpkg -r .. doesnt work because dictinaries-common depends on emacsen-common00:32
daftykinswell that's nice and all, but i can't see their output from here00:32
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mystupidnickdaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13568286/ has the commands outputs00:34
Guest7206guys, can't boot Kali from live usb on ubuntu. Any input?00:34
daftykinsGuest7206: yep...00:35
ubottuUbuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu itself, as other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)00:35
daftykinsGuest7206: not supported here00:35
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Guesthey daftykins00:38
Guestunfortunately, guest is an unspecified handle00:38
Guestso all these messages lit up my IRC client00:39
Guestbut I am not their target00:39
daftykinsi would not recommend being in here called that.00:39
daftykinsi'd apologise, but that was extremely unwise of you00:39
daftykinsabout as good as being called 'ubuntu'00:39
Gallomimiawell. my mission seemed a failure. upon rebooting with proprietary nvidia drivers i get the black screen. as usual (same as on my other system)00:48
jason__Gallomimia, where did you get the drivers?00:48
Gallomimiaadded them with GUI software & updates00:49
jason__Gallomimia, try the ones from the nvidia website. I've had better luck with them.00:49
Gallomimiaso it clearly picked one with no input from me00:49
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Gallomimiayou have? mine has always blown up with that00:49
Gallomimiabut first things first. any suggestions on getting it to boot with something visible? it's a macbook pro, and i had to try twice to get it to boot back into macos00:50
Gallomimiai don't get to see any grub as it is, or able to select any safemode00:51
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Bray90820How would I change the mount point of a drive01:11
daftykinspermanent mounts, edit /etc/fstab...01:11
Bray90820daftykins: Thanks01:12
Gallomimia2oh the wifi works! i'm on a livecd with automatic drivers01:12
daftykinsdidn't you install already o001:12
Gallomimia2i need a tip for changing the drivers of the system installed on the internal drive01:12
Gallomimia2well no daftykins the video wouldn't work when i tried rebooting before01:12
daftykinsah from installing the nvidia? yeah not hugely surprised01:13
Gallomimia2nor i. its the same grief i have on the desktop01:13
Gallomimia2still a farcry better than dealing with an ati card01:13
daftykins:D *AMD01:14
daftykinswell if you want to fix your install, just boot to recovery, then run "sudo apt-get purge nvidia* "01:14
daftykinsno need to reinstall01:14
Gallomimia2that doesn't work out at all. there's no "recovery" option in this case01:14
daftykinsshould be if you pass to GRUB properly to get the menu01:15
Gallomimia2so some suggestions on that process would be welcome.01:15
Gallomimia2yeah that'd be great. any suggestions on how to see grub?01:15
daftykinsit's hidden as default, so you'd need to hold left shift after selecting ubuntu, depends if you've used rEFInd or just using the hold-alt-after-chime method01:15
Gallomimia2alt after chime method01:15
Gallomimia2i'll try the left-shift. except the ubuntu install isn't showing up in that case01:16
daftykinso0 you probably want rEFInd01:16
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages01:16
Gallomimia2thanks for that so far.01:18
Gallomimia2say thats some useful information about 10.10 using some LVM201:18
Gallomimia2i was seriously wondering where the smeg the two additional partitions on my drive came from01:19
daftykinsi avoid LVM01:19
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DurrenHello! I was wondering if someone could help me with a problem? I'm pretty new. I just installed Ubuntu over Windows 10, but every time I reboot/turn on my computer I get sent to grub. I then have to set the root and prefix to load Ubuntu. Any ideas?01:21
AbuDhardaftykins: why?01:22
filadome_how can i launch KDE from xterm VNC Debian?01:22
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SmokeyDhey everyone. In network manager applet, I see a wifi called "DIRECT-" with full strength, which my phone and a windows laptop don't see. If I do "iw wlan0 scan" in the terminal, it doesn't list that wifi though. Any ideas where it could come from?01:44
filadome_is it possible to run xfce through VNC? http://imgur.com/IR5e90E01:49
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Gallomimiaokay first.... rEFInd is awesome!!02:36
Dun_Hello, I am planning on joining google code in for ubuntu, and I was wondering whether or not I should prepare with a knowledge base of QML/C++ or HTML5/CSS/Javacript02:37
Gallomimiasecond, booting to safemode was hard. took 3 tries02:37
GallomimiaDun_: depends what you want to do. programs or websites?02:38
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Gallomimiathe former then02:38
Gallomimiatho i'll admit i don't know what qml is02:38
Gallomimiaanyway, the third thing i need to say is... upon booting in safemode, my macbook pro still has a black screen. due to nvidia drivers. need some help in shutting them off using recovery mode02:41
Joralwhy would kvm-ok show that my cpu does not support virtualization when its a newer A-Series APU that does support amd-v?02:44
frostschutznever heard of kvm-ok before02:45
Joralfrostschutz, following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation to debug my xen installation02:46
OerHeksJoral, what cpu / APU exactly? maybe you have to turn it on in the bios?02:47
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JoralOerHeks, A8-6600k, and it virtualbox in windows recognized amd-v, but not kvm in linux.02:48
OerHekskvm in linux on bare metal, or kvm in linux on virtualbox?02:51
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JoralOerHeks, Bare metal.  My ultimate goal is to have windows running as a domU for my son with the ability to have a "backend" of linux running on bare metal.02:52
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JoralOerHeks, was simply pointing out that virtualbox on my windows install was able to detect and use amd-v which makes me think that the issue is in my current configuration and not bios.02:56
OerHeksJoral, jups, else windows could not detect it, so no bios issue/upgrade needed02:57
OerHeksi have no clue, find no simular bugs02:57
JoralOerHeks, I followed the steps in that link and it says that if I get the result that it gave me then the cpu does not support svm, but according to the wiki amd-v is amd's implementation of svm and my proc supports amd-v so it should work but its not.02:59
JoralOerHeks, the only other thing I can think is that xen is not passing the cpu flags to dom0 properly but that seems like a doubtful longshot given the popularity of amd cpus for virtualization03:02
Joralok, going to reboot out of the hypervisor and see if that changes things.03:04
OerHeksJoral, no, amd-v works here http://imgur.com/e49FhQM03:05
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axwhyhi, how to costumize multi touch on 15.10?03:11
Gallomimiahey i've got a macbook pro with ubuntu 14.10.3 installed. i installed the nvidia proprietary driver and now it boots to a black screen, even in failsafeX mode thru recovery mode. can anyone give me a hint on how to disable it?03:12
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ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:16
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Joralso I can now confirm that booting directly into ubuntu kvm-ok detects that kvm will work and lsmod shows the kvm and kvm_amd modules loaded.  The issue pops up when I boot into the hypervisor (which is ironically when I need kvm)03:21
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mikeypizanodoes anyone know if it is possible to install avant window manager on 15.10 mate?03:28
OerHeksavant window manager? url ?03:30
OerHeksall i know is avant window NAVIGATOR.03:31
mikeypizanosorry, meant navigator03:33
OerHeksNope, https://launchpad.net/~awn-testing/+archive/ubuntu/ppa nor https://launchpad.net/~awn-core/+archive/ubuntu/ppa have packages for trusty or higher03:34
mikeypizanoi tried cairo dock, plank and docky, cairo seemed to work way i wanted it to but glitchy03:35
mikeypizanowhat i am mainly looking for is for something simple, like docky or plank, that would work a bit more like windows 7/8/1003:36
mikeypizanolike when hovering above pidgin, it would show what windows are open, cairo did this but it would get real glitchy on me03:37
Gallomimiaargh. boot problems are so frustrating :(03:40
Gallomimiaafter seeing the number of times i need to use nomodeset, and the number of times i've seen others told to use nomodeset, i can't help but wonder why its an option at all. why isn't it the default?03:40
mikeypizanothe worst are intermitent problems imo03:40
Gallomimiamy other system doesn't produce consistent results when i try to boot it03:41
mikeypizanomy favorite problems though are when it comes to something like engines, where you have one of the problems that is common to many issues and you have no idea what one you have03:42
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Gallomimiaseriously no one knows how to disable the video drivers without being able to boot normally? i am having grief. i can't even get recovery mode to show video now03:48
k1lGallomimia: does nomodeset work or not?03:48
Gallomimiai just tried that in grub options pre-boot and no.03:49
k1lGallomimia: you said it did work. did you change the drivers?03:49
Gallomimiabut i added a lot of things as per: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro7-1/Maverick03:49
k1lso you had a working solution with nomodeset. then added a lot of other stuff and it doesnt work now?03:50
Gallomimiano. it worked until i installed driver03:51
k1lyou see that its for the 10.10 ubuntu which is now 5 years old?03:51
k1lthere has changed a lot in kernels and drivers since then03:51
Gallomimiaah. i'll forget about that thenh03:51
Gallomimiaanyway, i installed proprietary driver, now it's black-screen. no brightness03:52
Gallomimiai'd really really like to un-install it. and i'd like to do it without blasting that partition and reinstalling from the USB stick03:53
Gallomimiaor not un-install, but disable till i can get the thing to boot03:54
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Gallomimiai'll give it a go with nomodeset in grub and nothing else03:54
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Gallomimiak1l: nomodeset does not change the result.03:59
Gallomimiathe ubuntu splash shows, the loading indicators fill immediately, and then the display turns OFF. it doesn't go blank03:59
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gee111can ntfs be converted to linux?04:07
Gallomimiaum... define "converted"04:08
k1lgee111: you mean without loosing all the data inside that partition?04:08
Joral does xen simply use the dom0 kernel, or is there another kernel option I am missing?04:09
Gallomimiagee111 something happening?04:13
VictoriaXOXOQ: What are the dangers of updating GTK+? My Ubuntu 14.04 is using 3.10 and the latest stable release is 3.18. Can someone explain?04:23
k1lVictoriaXOXO: breaking all your ubuntu :)04:26
OerHeksVictoriaXOXO, if you say stable, test it :-D > https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/ubuntu/gnome3-staging04:26
VictoriaXOXOk1l: Why does everything break? :(04:26
OerHekslet us know what breaks.04:26
Gallomimiabecause if it didn't, people who love to fix things would be bored and kill themselves :(04:27
k1lVictoriaXOXO: changing the gtk version on a gnome based desktop is quite a heavy change. so there is the risk that quite a lot wont work properly afterwards. if you have a PPA or such that keep track of all the depencies it can work.04:28
k1lVictoriaXOXO: but then i ask myself why you are on 14.04 if you want to change that much and make it unstable again.04:29
VictoriaXOXOk1l: Oh, okay. I guess I'll just keep my current theme then. :P04:29
axwhyanyone know how to change multi touch behaviour?04:29
VictoriaXOXOk1l: No, I just found ONE theme (for once) that I liked.04:29
VictoriaXOXOI usually never changes things.04:29
axwhyie current four finger swipe is launching dash, i want this action to swipe workspace/desktop04:30
k1lVictoriaXOXO: thats like changing the car just for the colour :)04:30
VictoriaXOXOk1l: But what if the color is aaaaaaaawesome?04:31
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kanhaHi, My ubuntu 14.04 hangs when I opens any application, after booting. When is used 'top' command I found that '.ruby.bin' is using 98% of cpu resource. Is this the problem why my system hangs? And how can I fix it?04:51
SlidingHornkanha, sounds like you have a ruby-based program that's bogging you down.  Do you recall installing anything that required you to add ruby?05:00
imthenachomanhey guys. so i am installing ubuntu on my personal/home media server. it'll have plex home theather and owncloud running on it. i'm tossed on which one to use. i know 14.04 LTS it the recommended but then 16.04 comes out soon and i'm wondering how easy it'll be to upgrade from 14.04 vs 15.1005:03
SlidingHornimthenachoman, typically, LTS releases are made to roll from one to the next05:04
k1lfrom 14.04 to 15.10 is not that easy. . but you can go from 14.04 to 16.04 on the LTS upgrade once 16.04.1 is released.05:06
k1lso either you install 15.10 now and make the upgrade to 16.04, or you install 14.04 and make the LTS upgrade later.05:07
Lewoco__What is an app that creates a notification area icon? I need one for testing purposes...05:08
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mlozaHi, I'm using MATE as DE. I change the default mate-screensaver with xscreensaver and now the Lock Screen button in the System menu is not working. How do I modify the command underneath the Lock Screen button?06:03
TSSwhen is 16.04 set to be released?06:04
k1lTSS: in april 201606:08
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+106:09
DoonzHey everyone im having trouble with ocale settings. I have a init.d script that runs with out any errors. The script is set to use my user name in it. When i log in to the shell under my user name my locales are fine. But when the script does it the locales are set correctly. How or who does that script run under also can i just put in the locale settings in it to run? Ubuntu Server 14.0406:19
slothhello, I installed twily's style for firefox, but i'm not sure how to bring back the url bar06:29
slothjoin arch-linux06:30
goaogi removed systemd and rebooted, is dbus why mouse and keyboard don't work in X (tty works)?06:33
Austin_Wall_daftykins: For some reason the kernel didn't update when I upgraded to 15.0406:36
Austin_Wall_Just thought I'd let you know that everything is working much better now that I've updated it lol06:36
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Gallomimiai have some success! ubuntu running on my macbook and using broadcom wifi06:38
Dati need to find away to install my printer06:39
Datwell all-in-one printer06:39
DatGallomimia: why did you install ubuntu on your macbook06:39
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Gallomimiabecause i came home one day to a macbook with 8gb of ram, running only firefox, mail, and steam, and the thing was swapping hard and wouldn't play me a video that i'd already loaded in streaming06:40
Gallomimiai found 4 processes eating hundreds of megs each doing nothing about system updates06:41
Gallomimiai'd been meaning to get the ubuntu installed for months now, but that was the last straw.06:41
Gallomimianow. there's the question of whether to get the proprietary nvidia driver installed06:42
Gallomimiathe last time i put that in, the display shutdown and i ended up reinstalling06:43
Gallomimiawhich involves some time spent sitting next to the DSL modem wired into it :(06:43
Gallomimiastupid broadcom....06:43
Gallomimiaimagine the day when no one will use closed source software ever. anyone who makes hardware that's closed source gets laughed at06:46
auzty_hello, why my ubuntu grub cannot find the grub.cfg file?06:50
auzty_i always get grub cli when starting my notebook06:51
auzty_i always get grub cli when starting my notebook06:53
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ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash07:06
Gallomimiaif i install flash as ubottu suggested, will i need to restart the firefox browser?07:10
nakedpwrhey everyone07:11
nakedpwri really have a question and i researched it out and i cant find a solution.07:11
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:12
nakedpwri am using an asus eeepc netbook and have installed ubuntu mat 15.10 but have no sound.07:13
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC . The Ubuntu EeePC Channel is #ubuntu-eeepc , main EeePC discussion in #eeepc07:14
nakedpwri looked there07:14
nakedpwri didnt see a sound fix.07:14
Gallomimiai knew there was something special about that! yeah. there's reams of info. and a whole nother channel07:14
jtreminioEvening all. If I have a key fragment like 3D624A3B how do I fetch the full string?07:15
Gallomimianakedpwr: you now know more than me about this. sorry i wasn't more helpful07:15
Gallomimiajtreminio: you "have" it? where's the full key?07:16
jtreminioGallomimia: this is what I have: http://pastie.org/1059143107:16
Gallomimiai'd think you'll want to use grep or sed07:16
jtreminioBut I need the full 41-character fingerprint07:17
jtreminioI can't seem to find it listed on keys.gnupg.net, either.07:18
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Gallomimiaright on. now i have a laptop that runs ubuntu, works with my wifi and bluetooth headphones, and runs videos in flash player.07:22
Gallomimiai still need to get a proprietary nvidia driver to work and get steam to run. and i'd like to find a way to get the buttons on my headphones to pause whatever i'm watching07:22
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hateballGallomimia: are you on 15.10? the nvidia driver should show up in the driver installer gui07:23
Gallomimiano it's 14.04.307:23
hateballWell, it should show there as well07:23
hateballGallomimia: you can also run "sudo ubuntu-drivers devices" in a terminal07:24
hateballthat will list if there are drivers available07:24
Gallomimiaand indeed the driver does show up there. and the last time i tried it wound up with a screen that shut off before boot finished, and ended up reinstalling the entire partition07:24
hateballGallomimia: what card is it?07:24
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hateballGallomimia: are you using a macbook?07:25
=== Hobbyboy|BNC is now known as Hobbyboy
Gallomimiai'd say it's going pretty well so far.07:26
Gallomimiaand the graphics are doing just fine without any 3d programs involved with neavou (sp?)07:26
hateballGallomimia: Which driver version did you try to activate?07:27
Gallomimiathe top of the list. it was proprietary, newest version. said (tested)07:27
hateballGallomimia: I think 340 is the latest one that supports the 320m card07:27
Gallomimiaokay well i have a good quantity of experience with installs being completely worthless after installing a driver like this, so let me ask you first. do you have any suggestions on un-installing the driver should  it fail to work?07:28
hateballYep, seems any more recent than that and it's 4xx and up that are supported only07:28
Gallomimiasince i have yet another system with nvidia card giving me black-screen to fix next07:29
hateballGallomimia: You could install the driver using "sudo apt-get install nvidia-340", if it fails to load X properly after that you can switch to a tty with ctrl+alt+f1 and log in. then "sudo apt-get remove nvidia-340" and it should go back to nouevea07:30
hateballdamn spelling07:31
Gallomimiaoh yeah that'll help07:31
Gallomimiai think.... let's try it!07:31
Gallomimiahm. it works with my external keyboard. but not the built in07:32
hateballI have zero experience with apple hardware so I don't know if it has any other form of weirdness07:33
Gallomimiak here goes07:33
Gallomimiayeah the keyboard is wonky cause it has a slightly different alt key, then there's the command key, and it has Fn too cause it's a lappy07:33
Gallomimiauh. now obviously i should be rebooting after this driver change? or can i try it without07:34
hateballGallomimia: you have to reboot for kernel modules to loda07:34
Gallomimiafirst i'll install rEFInd07:35
Gallomimiare-install, since ubuntu installer nuked it07:36
Gallomimiaokay. here's hoping.07:41
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eatingthenightEnvironment variables seem like they are not being respected with logging in with notty. For instance I have in my ~/.ssh/environment file a CCACHE_DIR=/something set07:44
eatingthenightbut it keeps using $HOME/.ccache07:45
eatingthenighteven though i can clearly see when running ssh host 'env'07:45
eatingthenightthat CCACHE_DIR is set07:45
Gallomimiahateball: unfortunately both of your theories have failed to produce. the nvidia driver yeilded the expected results: the screen turns off. and there's nothing i can seem to do to get a commandline prompt and take the driver out07:54
hateballGallomimia: ctrl+alt+f1 is blank as well?07:57
Gallomimiai think i've miscommunicated07:57
Gallomimiathe screen is not blank....07:57
Gallomimiait is OFF07:57
hateballGallomimia: can you boot to recovery console?07:58
Gallomimiathat i've had some trouble getting going07:58
Gallomimiaand i'm disadvantaged because this is my only running computer to check irc or browsers with07:58
Gallomimiaso, what should i do if i can? i suppose... apt-get remove07:59
hateballGallomimia: yes, "sudo apt-get remove nvidia-340"07:59
hateballGallomimia: that should kill the nvidia blob and take nouveau off blacklist07:59
Gallomimiaok. then i have the theory that there's some bug changing it to brightness zero, and everything else is working great08:01
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hateballGallomimia: As I said I have zero experience with apple hardware, I dont know if there are some specific gotchas08:05
hateballGallomimia: a google gave http://askubuntu.com/questions/269726/ubuntu-12-10-nvidia-geforce-320m-macbook-mid-2010-white-clamshell08:06
hateballGallomimia: suggesting the blob only works with legacy bios mode, but I have no idea if that is accurate08:07
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OerHeksIf it is the gforce 320m, here is a xorg line " Option  "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1"  in the wiki, for macbook, not sure it will work for you https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro7-1/Trusty08:08
hateballGallomimia: You could liveboot and edit the xorg.conf as suggested ^08:09
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Gallomimiaphew. finally got the proprietary drivers out of there08:26
=== sUbMuNdO is now known as Guest45937
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Gallomimiathink i'll give up on the steam and the video drivers for now. i can always boot into mac to play things.08:39
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Kartagisis avconv giving me [buffer @ 0x8dfe020] Invalid pixel format string '-1' because my .mkv has got a video codec unknown to my system?08:41
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ubuntu_25q tal08:56
MichaelHabibameurux: ih is fine, I can read RtL08:57
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MichaelHabibwas that lol  RtL or LtR ?08:58
MichaelHabibOff topic question, which PMS and CRM do you use ? doing some research but they all claim to be "the best" so want to get some feedback from people who actually  use these softwares.08:59
MichaelHabibPMS (Projects Management Software)08:59
Kartagisis avconv giving me [buffer @ 0x8dfe020] Invalid pixel format string '-1' because my .mkv has got a video codec unknown to my system?09:00
k1lthat sort of experience exchange is better suited into #ubuntu-offtopic MichaelHabib09:00
MichaelHabibk1l: ok thanks :)09:01
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dimitry7hi guys09:03
dimitry7pear.php.net is down09:03
dimitry7its urgent that i install the DB module, I have my site down and DB is missing09:03
OerHeksdimitry7, yes, it is down, there is one way to get what you need, internet archive, last snapshot 26 oct >> https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://pear.php.net/09:21
dimitry7OerHeks, thank you man!!!09:21
OerHekshave fun!09:21
dimitry7U 2!!09:22
OerHeks.. where the streets have nóóó name ...09:22
Gallomimiaany easy way to get a nat go on ubuntu?09:23
Gallomimiasweet. got t09:25
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mike25_Where can I find help pages for virtualizing 14.04 in LXC? I could only find how to install lxc in ubuntu, including on the lts guide frmo ubuntu.com. I want the opposite.09:54
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`raghow can you tell which program is causing a problem10:03
sysop-rickHi! i have a minor issue and i know that it does not have anything to do with Ubuntu but i will ask the question anyways for guideline purpose.10:06
sysop-ricki have a Freenas machine, and within that machine i have a Seagate hard drive that is about to break. Today i bought a Western Digital 3TB Red (It's been made to be used in a NAS environment/NAS machine)10:06
sysop-rickwhat is the way to do/most efficient way to move all my information from the broken drive to the new fresh one10:07
sysop-rickis it to mount my broken hard drive with some kind of ZFS libraries on my Macbook and then use rsync to send all information to my new imported/new formatted ZFS drive?10:07
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MyrttidSkinS [~asd@cable-] has joined #freenode10:31
Myrtti102431 ❁,- GodSkinS [~asd@cable-] has quit [Changing host]10:31
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AaranI seem to have broken my cups install10:46
AaranI can go to http://localhost:631/ which loads fine but if I try to enter http://localhost:631/admin I get a page that just says "Not Found"10:47
miroesqI just installed Ubuntu 14 with KDE and am while I can see some wifi networks, I can not see my home network.10:54
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pineapple1Hi trying to write a bash script and using $$ pid. Not sure how to run the script so I get the same $$ value each time I run it11:09
l7lhi, could someone give me a hint on how to install a server, where multiple users can connect via rdp and login to their -individual- workspace? Has anyone experiences on  how to dimension such a server memory/cpu wise? thanks in advance11:09
cliGeezermiroesq: when you see the list of wifi networks, did you see where it says more networks right below..there will be more in the list11:11
miroesqcliGeezer: didn't see that, but i will look at it again. thank you11:14
akikl7l: i recommend x2go for that use case11:17
l7lakik: many thanks! do you have experience with that?11:19
l7lakik: like memory usage for each connection?11:19
akikl7l: it depends on the desktop environment you are using11:20
akikl7l: for kde, i think it was something like 300-400 megabytes per connection11:20
l7lakik: ah ok, great11:21
akikl7l: x2go uses only ssh for connectivity and you can use ssh keys for authentication11:21
l7lakik: as it is a research environment for non cs-students, i thought about using http://guac-dev.org/11:22
akikl7l: did you try that already?11:23
l7lno but i will have a look at it11:23
l7li just dont have any experiences on how to dimension the system specification11:24
l7lakik: and it looks pretty easy to use on the client side11:25
miroesqcliGeezer: I don't have a button that says more. this is ubuntu 14, but it is running on an armv7 machine11:30
OerHeksmiroesq, you should have, "more networks"11:33
miroesqcliGeezer: I can pastebin a pic. I have a little icon of a wall socket and a wire coming out of it on the bottom right of my desktop. when i click on it, i see my wired connection, one wireless network, an option to connect to hidden wi-fi networks, option to create new wifi network and vpn connections, that's it11:35
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RicardoHasudungahey all11:50
RicardoHasudungahow to install application fromsoftware center on ubuntu old version?ubuntu karmic koala 9.1011:50
HeisenbergsDoglol wtf11:51
OerHeksRicardoHasudunga, that version is EOL, don't use it.11:51
lotuspsychje!karmic | RicardoHasudunga11:51
ubottuRicardoHasudunga: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) was the eleventh release of Ubuntu. !End-Of-Life on April 29th 2011, see http://ubottu.com/y/karmic for details.11:51
HeisenbergsDogRicardoHasudunga, why are you running such an old ubuntu?11:51
RicardoHasudungabecause i have cd of ubuntu karmickoala11:52
OerHeksservers are down, to make space for supported versions11:52
HeisenbergsDogso? leech wily, burn it11:52
RicardoHasudungaso?i can't install application fromubuntu karmic koala? :(11:52
RicardoHasudungafrom software center11:52
RicardoHasudungano i purchase that cd11:53
SlidingHornRicardoHasudunga, ubuntu is completely free...always has been11:53
HeisenbergsDogi strongly suggest to download the newest11:54
HeisenbergsDogwhich is wily, i think11:54
HeisenbergsDogremember, wolves eat koalas for breakfast11:55
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Yermhey all12:03
castle_hello dears12:06
castle_i'm new on ubuntu12:06
castle_i want to ask that12:06
castle_can i install iis on ubunut like windows iis12:06
jpdscastle_: No, use an actual web server like apache2/nginx12:07
castle_ok . its mean we cant use asp on ubuntu i think12:08
HeisenbergsDognginx...works but sucks12:08
jpdscastle_: https://askubuntu.com/questions/184243/how-to-run-asp-net-in-ubuntu-using-apache12:08
HeisenbergsDogapache2 ftw!12:08
castle_thank you dears12:08
jpdscastle_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ModMono12:09
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Yermi use ubuntu 9.10 why i cant install application from software center12:11
reinecath@search Stiles12:11
axwhyhi all12:11
TJ-!eol | Yerm12:11
ubottuYerm: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades12:11
axwhyi got a message like apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/bin/mediascanner-service-2.0" whats this meaning?12:12
command-lineWhat the heck ?12:12
axwhyits spamming my syslog12:12
Yermso? i cant install apps from ubuntu software center ? :'(12:12
command-lineWho would they post that message ?12:12
HeisenbergsDogYerm, because its years-after-eol already12:13
command-lineNo mor support12:13
TJ-axwhy: 'apparmor' provides application containment; preventing it accessing directories and files it ought not. That is defined by a per-application profile. It seems that 'media-scanner' is trying to scan where it isn't allowed by the profile12:15
axwhyTJ-: oh i see, media scanner try to scan my ntfs directory. how to slove this?12:17
chiefaholwhat is media scanner?12:17
TJ-!info mediascanner2.012:18
ubottumediascanner2.0 (source: mediascanner2): Media scanner package. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.107+15.10.20150922.1-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 67 kB, installed size 252 kB12:18
axwhychiefahol: i think its like service for caching media content ie movie12:18
axwhyit safe to removing this package?12:19
HeisenbergsDogbad english, but yes12:19
axwhythanks, brb im rebooting. sorry for my english, english not my native language :)12:20
HeisenbergsDogwb axwhy12:22
command-linePoor grammar12:23
axwhythanks all12:23
command-lineLearn correct grammar12:24
axwhycommand-line: please teach me :)12:24
HeisenbergsDogcommand-line, grammar is overrated12:25
chiefaholenglish is hard, you speak very well axwhy :)12:25
huwjri have ~70 wordpress sites on a shared hosting server - anyone have any ideas why on earth they’re so slow? time to first byte is SO random - sometimes 0.2 secs sometimes 10, 20 ,30seconds!12:25
command-lineNo your one hundred percent wrong.12:26
HeisenbergsDoghow do you know, chiefahol12:26
HeisenbergsDogthis is irc12:26
chiefaholPerhaps the other VMs are stressing the physical hardware!12:26
chiefaholhow do i know? i failed highschool english, english is lame, numbers are honestly easier12:26
command-lineAnd you display awful word usage.12:27
HeisenbergsDog"speaking" is something entirely different12:27
command-lineSo there fore you know poor grammar bro ski12:27
chiefaholspeaking and writing and english seem related to me but OK12:27
OerHeksguys, move the language talk to #ubuntu-offtopic, keep this channel free for support, thanks.12:28
chiefaholwell, i'm glad my english is bothering you :D because i'm not trying to improve it lolol12:28
command-lineYup your defending your lack of english.12:28
command-lineSucks to be you sir.12:29
HeisenbergsDoggood idea OerHeks12:29
command-lineYou should learn it.12:29
=== ffio is now known as nerd
chiefaholhatred hurts the hater more than the hated12:29
chiefaholim fine :D12:29
command-lineIm not hating.12:29
OerHeks!ot | command-line chiefahol12:29
ubottucommand-line chiefahol: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:29
command-lineNot this bot again.12:30
axwhybtw, after removing media scanner, my laptop feel little bit faster.12:30
command-lineThis room. Always uses this bot12:31
OerHeksthen stop it, command-line, you have been asked nicely.12:31
huwjri have ~70 wordpress sites on a shared hosting server - anyone have any ideas why on earth they’re so slow? time to first byte is SO random - sometimes 0.2 secs sometimes 10, 20 ,30seconds!12:31
command-lineExcuse me ?12:31
cfhowletthuwjr, ask wordpress support12:31
cfhowlettor your hosting company12:32
command-lineStay in your own lane12:32
=== dv__ is now known as dv_
huwjrwhat the fuck will wordpress know about ubuntu?12:32
cfhowletthuwjr, 1.  drop the profanity.   2. drop the attitude.12:33
huwjrtelling me to RTFM isn’t helping12:33
command-lineThats nice12:33
=== mauritslamers_ is now known as mauritslamers
cfhowlettyour attitude isn't helping you.  ===> /ignore applied12:34
command-lineIggy time12:34
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:34
axwhyone more question what is "powerd.service" ?12:34
command-lineIts plugged in12:35
command-lineKinda simple12:36
axwhywhy the service failed to start?12:36
command-lineDont know dont care12:37
OerHeksaxwhy, you might want to reask in #ubuntu-touch, as it is a phone service.12:37
axwhyOerHeks:  hmm it strange.. im not using ubuntu-touch,im using 15.10 on laptop. why this service exists?12:39
cfhowlett!behelpful | command-line, stop it.12:40
ubottucommand-line, stop it.: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.12:40
command-lineOk whater12:40
command-lineJokes not allowed says big brother. Boom smash bam !12:41
* cfhowlett adds another - tool - to /ignore12:41
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pikapiyo I have to insert usb twice to have it mounted12:47
pikapiwhy so?12:47
kvmcrashhi, how and where report bug that Ubuntu 15 amd64 crashes in kvm very early when booting the install cd?12:47
pikapinow I got angry12:48
pikapiso I removed usb while it was being written to12:48
kvmcrashubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso - this image crashes when run as:  qemu-system-x86_64 -hda ubuntu-sda.img   -cdrom ubuntu-15.10-desktop-amd64.iso12:49
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command-lineReport it12:52
iggy_hi, i'm new to ubuntu, can someone tell me if it's possible to run virtualmachine in fullscreen but in dedicated workspace? i would like to easily switch between the two and have the as closes feel to native win usage12:54
axwhygtg, thanks all12:55
ikoniaiggy_: should be doable, just maximise the spice/vnc/whatever window and do it one per workstation12:56
ikoniaI guess it depends on what hypervisor you're using12:56
iggy_also I have some problems setting up graphic card in virtualbox, is it possible to set full passtrough or something to get more power to it? currently i'm limited to 256mb12:58
ikoniaI don't believe so12:59
ikoniaalthough to be fair, 256mb is a fair ammount of video pass through12:59
_Avocado_hi guys13:01
_Avocado_15.04 or 14.04?13:01
iggy_ok, next question, i would also like to separate my workspaces as much as possible, for example to have a dedicated set of icons in launcher for each workspace, is that possible?13:01
baizon_Avocado_: 15.1013:01
hateball_Avocado_: 15.04 will be EOL soon, so 15.10 if anything. 14.04 if you prefer a more sta(b)le release13:02
iggy_my ideal setup would be [1] system use [2] personal/browsing/etc. [3] development [4] win7 in vbox13:03
=== boxznc is now known as boxmein
iggy_whenever i switch workspace and click on some icon in launcher i get switched back to some other workspace13:04
chiefahol15 is a short term testing distro isn't it?13:04
chiefaholi'd stick with 1413:04
blackflowHello. Ubuntu 15.10 does not respect /etc/hosts. What can I do about it?13:04
chiefaholwhat do you mean by "does not respect"13:05
blackflowI mean I added a host entry like I've been adding to /etc/hosts for the past decade, and whatever I try to do with the hostname, I get NXDOMAIN.13:06
blackfloweh, nvm, resetting the network fixed it.13:08
formeQuestion: If I want to run Plex server on a headless Ubuntu server installed on an usb stick will I have performance issues with the plex server? The media is stored on a nas, so the locations are network based for read/write.13:14
cfhowlett!server | forme,13:15
ubottuforme,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server13:15
jackcomi lost many data when i use terminal on ubuntu unlike mac terminal. then how can i do?13:15
boichev2Hello, I just added /dev/sdb1 to a logical volume by mistake. I wanted it to be only inside the volume group in order to make a quick snapshot. Will lvreduce back to the old size remove the newly added partition ?13:15
motaka2TJ-: Hello, do you have time today for the final decision ?13:18
jackcomi lost many data when i use terminal on ubuntu unlike mac terminal. then how can i do?13:18
motaka2ioria: Hello13:19
jackcomubuntu terminal show little data comparing mac terminal. then how can i do?13:19
motaka2ioria: Sorry last night I was very sleepy13:19
motaka2Can you help me?13:19
ioriamotaka2  actually i got some problems with my chat client... i cannot connect and i'm usigng ff  to be here ....13:20
cfhowlettjackcom, what command13:20
ioriamotaka2  did you do the upgrade and sit-upgrade ?13:21
jackcomfor instance list13:21
jackcomlist cfhowlett13:21
jackcomand i print somthing then they lost previous data.13:21
cfhowlettjackcom, list is not a linux command ....13:22
_Avocado_I have an acer tablet/laptop, could I install ubuntu on it without driver issues?13:22
cfhowlett!touch | _Avocado_13:22
ubottu_Avocado_: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:22
jackcomcfhowlett: ?13:22
_Avocado_ubottu, it´s not really a tablet though, it´s a laptop that you can detach from the keyboard13:22
ubottu_Avocado_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:22
_Avocado_cfhowlett *13:23
chiefahol_Avacado_ you should google it! :)13:23
chiefaholsearch the specific model number13:23
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chiefaholgood luck buddy13:24
=== jelly-home is now known as jelly
ikoniawin 113:34
orfraie_ domogik13:35
Kartagisis avconv giving me [buffer @ 0x8dfe020] Invalid pixel format string '-1' because my .mkv has got a video codec unknown to my system?13:39
BluesKajHey all13:40
srulihi, would anyone know how to decrypt a file with pgp keeping the execute permissions?13:54
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Int__hi there13:58
Int__anyone can tell mehow to connect a raspbi to a win actv drectory domain?13:59
chiefaholinstall smb? sorry i dont really know14:01
chiefaholsamba i mean14:02
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motaka2TJ-: :(14:20
=== Hellosun__ is now known as Hellosun
=== Christer_ is now known as Christer
bishopsguys I really need help my ubuntu is doing something really annoying. from time to time when it wakes up from suspension (not complete shutdown) it fails to connect to the wireless. I sometimes need to restart the whole system for it to work. Any thoughts?14:26
Myrttibishops: which version of Ubuntu?14:27
bishopsMyrtti: 14.0414:27
Myrttibishops: and all the updates?14:28
motaka2bishops: Yes, forget about ubuntu. It hurts everyone14:28
bishopsMyrtti: what updates?14:29
bishopsmy system is up to date14:29
bishopsMyrtti: it's been like this for a while14:31
bishopsMyrtti: it's not a big deal but it's annoying. it starts looking for the connection and saying that I am offline or trying to connect and continues going offline. I just like to understand why it happens something must be wrong somewhere.14:31
Myrttibishops: just asking because I had that with my 15.04 after a kernel update and it fixed itself after upgrading to 15.10. I'm not suggesting that you need to upgrade to 15.10 - quite contrary - but if you've got the latest kernel in use, you should probably be fine on that front14:33
bishopsMyrtti: ok but i had that for a year now at least. what kernel do you have now?14:34
TJ-bishops: read the kern.log and syslog (in /var/log/ ). It may be the hardware isn't correctly re-initialised on resume from S3 sleep.14:36
bishopsMyrtti: oh now i just got disconnect for example and no sleeping!14:38
TJ-bishops: read the kern.log and syslog (in /var/log/ ). It may be the hardware isn't correctly re-initialised on resume from S3 sleep.14:40
bishopsTJ-: can you tell me the command line for this?14:40
bishopsTJ-: fine i found it14:41
=== lucas_ is now known as Guest47014
TJ-bishops: understand how to use the system pager first, reading "man less" ... then use "less /var/log/syslog" to check the network connectivity, and "less /var/log/kern.log" to check the hardware driver messages14:41
bishopsTJ-: i used gedit. but not sure what to look for14:42
bishopsTJ-: i just see a lot of network manager time out or failed type of message14:43
lucas__how i optimize ubuntu studio with kernel compilation?14:46
hiwkL3gacy: what?14:47
hiwklucas__: what?14:47
TJ-lucas__: what do you want to optimise?14:49
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=== Ig0r is now known as Guest27216
lucas__Tj: i wana try best speed to interface firewire14:56
syntacticNaClhey guys, anything inherently bad with using a username that is all caps, ie USERNAME. I am getting an error saying that the username does not match the regular expression configured. i know i can use --force-badname on adduser but wanted to see if anyone foresees any issues14:56
=== Icebit is now known as icecool
PicisyntacticNaCl: should pose no real problems15:03
Picier, no problems I mean.15:03
motaka2TJ-: Are you there?15:03
syntacticNaClcool, thanks Pici15:04
bluenemohi guys. I'm experiencing problems with my nfs-kernel-server on 14.04 whenever rsyslog restarts. I had nfsd and rpc on "all" debug mode, as you can see in line 28 http://paste.debian.net/hidden/209bdaa0/ rsyslog seems to stop for some reason (dont get why), then (of course) nfs doesnt log anymore. however the nfs is also interrupted to the clients. sometimes the server seems to get a kernel panic (no logs after that point in time and no IO repor15:07
bluenemoted by the hypervisor)15:07
=== moz is now known as Guest71371
EdicoI have something that makes me /home/user/.cache/upstart/gnome-session-Unity.log huge and I remain without space on my /home directory. Can anyone have an idea what process does that?15:08
motaka2What does error on line 12 means?15:08
lucas__i have a problems with b43 firmware15:09
lucas__with broadcom 431115:09
lucas__wireless adapter15:09
motaka2What does error on line 12 means? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13565695/15:10
lotuspsychje!b43 | lucas__15:10
ubottulucas__: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:10
bluenemoshortly after the machine was rebooted15:10
jeroentbtHey, I just installed an ubuntu server and would like to connect it to an IPsec VPN. This server needs to be the client in this connection. Which application would allow me to set this up? (a walkthrough would be great too!)15:16
jeroentbtThat would be ubuntu 14.04.3 btw15:17
lotuspsychje!server | jeroentbt15:18
ubottujeroentbt: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server15:18
jeroentbtwoopsy off to #ubuntu-server15:19
bishopsTJ-: sorry are you still there? my connection always goes now15:22
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BrowserHello. I am trying to run my QT APP in full screen mode without a window manager but it is only using a portion of the screen using the command "xinit my_app". Do I have to configure any file?15:34
=== farid is now known as Guest98961
TheMontyChristhow to check compression ratio of file in btrfs?15:37
lotuspsychje_!btrfs | themattbeballin15:37
ubottuthemattbeballin: Btrfs is a new filesystem available for Ubuntu. It is currently marked as experimental, and should not be used for important data. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs15:37
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Livmy laptop fan is not seeming to turn on15:38
LivI checked TLP and my fanspeed always reads as 015:39
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
lotuspsychjeLiv: when did it stop working?15:40
Livjust recently15:40
LivI noticed it this morning15:40
lotuspsychjeLiv: on ubuntu?15:40
Livthe temp was reading 7215:40
lotuspsychjeLiv: try vacuum cleaner on the fan air15:40
lotuspsychjeLiv: might be dust blocking the fan perhaps?15:41
Livthe fan itself did not kick on15:41
Livit's only when I get into gaming that my laptop heats up15:42
lotuspsychjeLiv: the fan should blow, if you game or not15:42
Livthe temp is only 44 right now15:43
lotuspsychjeLiv: its not good for a cpu to have a broken fan15:43
lotuspsychjeLiv: try vacuum cleaner15:43
LivI highly dought it's hardware15:44
Dorfen`Hello guys! I'm using ubuntu gnome, with the default Terminal app comming with gnome. I would like the title bar to show the hostname of the server I am ssh'ed into at the moment, but I can't seem to make it work. So far I've tried modifying .bashrc to include the {TITLEBAR} stuff with no luck, is it not possible in the default app? Or am I just severely retarded from sleep deprivation?15:44
lotuspsychjeLiv: are you sure the fan stopped, and not blowing low?15:45
lotuspsychjeDorfen`: maybe the #ubuntu-gnome guys also know?15:45
motaka2What does error on line 12 means? http://paste.ubuntu.com/13565695/15:45
Livtlp is saying "fan speed (fan 1) = 0 [/min]15:46
Livtlp is saying "fan speed (fan 1) = 0 [/min]"15:46
lotuspsychjeLiv: open the laptop back with the screws and check if its dirty?15:47
=== smojphac1 is now known as inframare
k1lmotaka2: using any proxies?15:47
motaka2k1l: I dont know, but I think I had tor installed15:48
k1lso thats the issue15:48
jamesmoryartibuenas tardes15:48
motaka2k1l: I should uninstall it ?15:48
LivIf I could only get manuall fan control15:48
Lihow to force ubuntu to use only english language when I'm typing thing in browser's address bar or longin window?15:49
k1lmotaka2: to access google repo you cant use tor.15:49
lotuspsychje!es | james15:50
ubottujames: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:50
MonkeyDustLi  system settings > language ... find 'apply system wide'15:50
Lithere are situations where only english is needed and I'd like to have OS that is able to disceminate those from other usage scenarios15:50
k1lmotaka2: so either dont use tor or dont use  google repo15:50
motaka2k1l: I dont want to access google repo how can I remove it?15:50
Dorfen`Sorry, my interwebz just went down, so i missed the response (if any), please repost if my question had an answer :)15:50
k1lmotaka2: remove the google repo in the software settings for updates15:50
lotuspsychjeDorfen`: the #ubuntu-gnome guys might know more of it?15:51
motaka2k1l: is that in ?  sudo vim /etc/apt/sources.listsudo vim /etc/apt/sources.list15:51
Dorfen`lotuspsychje: I feel silly for not seeing that channel, thank you m8:)15:51
lotuspsychjeDorfen`: hope you find your answer, if not re-ask here later15:51
k1lmotaka2: this is a dektop, right? just use the system settings -> software and updates -> 2nd tab15:52
MonkeyDustLi  so you want a 'per application' language setting?15:52
LiMonkeyDust: yes I found it but I don't know what would I want to use that for?15:52
motaka2k1l: I dont have access to desktop15:52
LiMonkeyDust: there two languages on this pc but I want to use only english on somethings15:52
motaka2TJ-: Where are you ?15:52
Lispecific things like login for example15:52
k1lmotaka2: erm, why did you isntall chrome then? o_O15:53
MonkeyDustLi  maybe there's a setting in dconf-editor, use ctl-f to find one15:53
motaka2k1l: I lost access to my desktop so I want to upgrade using ssh but thats the error it gives15:53
Liright now I'm still able to switch between those two languages, which causes me to forget to switch back to english every time I want to login or use browser15:53
k1lmotaka2: then remove the google repos from /etc/apt/sources.list.d/15:54
motaka2k1l: I am in iran and google doesnt offer services in iran15:54
motaka2k1l: thank you. I hate google15:56
akikmotaka2: could it be that iran is rather blocking google services?15:56
motaka2k1l: Reading state information... Done15:56
motaka2E: The package linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic:none needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.15:56
k1lmotaka2: sudo apt-get install linux-generic15:57
motaka2akik: No, in this case google has blocked it's services. Iran also has blocked youtube on the other hand :D15:57
motaka2E: The package linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic:none needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.15:57
Dorfen`motaka2: I believe google has Tor access available, to you could tunnel through that just for the deinstall maybe?15:58
MonkeyDustmaybe because of Iran's nuclear plans, the US/google blocks Iran15:58
motaka2Dorfen`: I dont know. I dont care, I just want my ubuntu desktop back15:58
=== mama is now known as Guest83247
k1lmotaka2: sudo apt update15:59
motaka2MonkeyDust: Yes, for sure, if we install google chrome we have more chance to make a nuke, but with firefox we dont have chance15:59
LiMonkeyDust: vice versa, that is a good reason to never block Iran.15:59
=== echo is now known as Guest10026
k1lguys, lets not get too much into politics in here, we focus on ubuntu support.16:00
Dorfen`motaka2: I thought the question was about deinstalling chrome with blocked repo's? (Which would not be blocked by tor, i think.)16:00
Guest83247what is the discussion about?16:00
k1lDorfen`: it is.16:00
motaka2Dorfen`: It is.16:00
motaka2k1l: finfished successfully16:01
k1lk1l> motaka2: sudo apt-get install linux-generic16:01
motaka2k1l: What should I do next ?16:01
lotuspsychje!discuss | Guest8324716:01
ubottuGuest83247: Want to talk about Ubuntu but don't have a support question. Join #ubuntu-discuss, for other non-support discussion not Ubuntu related you can also join #ubuntu-offtopic. Thank you.16:01
k1lGuest83247: this channels topic is technical ubuntu support16:01
motaka2k1l: E: The package linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic:none needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.16:02
Guest83247i am also new to linux16:02
Guest83247the interface is quite nice16:02
Guest83247does any one know any iso file burner program name16:03
lotuspsychje!iso | Guest8324716:03
ubottuGuest83247: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.16:03
Dorfen`Still no one in here with some gnome savvy sauce to spare? I need hostname of the server im ssh'ed into displayed in titlebar. Would think that should be pretty easy..16:03
motaka2k1l: ?16:03
Dorfen`Guest83247: dd ca write a iso16:03
Guest83247i will try16:04
MonkeyDustGuest83247  brasero is popular16:04
srulii've been trying to solve this for a week now, really need some help, i have 2 luks partitions 1 is lubuntu other is ubuntu server, they have separate boot partitions, i cant get grub to see them, grub-update will only recognise the one i am chrooted into16:04
k1lmotaka2: i am thinking about a clever way to solve this and not breaking more packages16:05
motaka2k1l: thank you16:05
k1lmotaka2: sudo apt-get -f install16:06
motaka2k1l: E: The package linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic:none needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.16:08
k1lhmm, the ":none" is what makes me wonder. usually that ":xxxx" is used to point to 64bit or 32bit but not none.16:09
motaka2k1l: :)16:09
TJ-motaka2: show us  "dpkg --print-architecture"16:09
k1lwhat did you do to that system before that happend?16:09
motaka2TJ-: god bless you16:10
TJ-k1l: aborted 12.04>14.04 upgrade. It's been recommended to do a clean install. I'm told there are ~300 kernel images in /boot/, or were16:10
motaka2TJ-: Where were you16:10
TJ-motaka2: busy16:10
motaka2donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ dpkg --print-architecture16:10
k1loh. yeah from that point i think a clean 14.04 iso and a new install seems to be a good start16:11
lotuspsychjehe doesnt want clean install, even allah cant help him16:12
userpcuserpcciao c'è qualcuno?16:12
Dorfen`motaka2: btw, who is behind the blocking of google? Iran self? Or is it a ban from the states? :S16:12
lotuspsychje!it | userpcuserpc16:13
ubottuuserpcuserpc: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)16:13
lotuspsychjeDorfen`: please dont feed offtopic16:13
TJ-k1l: also, the single hard disk came from another PC with different hardware. It was using Nvidia fakeRAID so the root file-system is (correctly) detected as being on a /dev/mapper/nvidia_xxxxx node, although this hardware has no fakeRAID controller. So, it has /dev/sda and /dev/mapper/nvidia_xxxxx both pointing to the same partitions.16:13
motaka2Dorfen`: Google has blocked some services like google code, book etc , iran has blocked youtube16:13
=== arif-ali_ is now known as arif-ali
ioriamotaka2, have you performed a full upgrade ? i mean, update, upgrade, dist-upgrade16:16
motaka2ioria: I was doing as you were telling me but those problem happened16:18
ioriamotaka2, what problems ?16:18
motaka2ioria: is this what you want me to run ?16:19
motaka2sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:19
ioriamotaka2, yes....16:19
=== Saitama is now known as saitama
TJ-motaka2: if the dl.google.xxx server is causing problems, you'll need to remove it from the list of servers that apt uses16:20
motaka2ioria: E: The package linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic:none needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.16:20
motaka2TJ-: I removed that16:20
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
motaka2TJ-: The error above is after removing it16:21
ioriamotaka2, cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep model16:21
motaka2model           : 7516:22
motaka2model name      : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+16:22
motaka2model           : 7516:22
motaka2model name      : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+16:22
TJ-motaka2: The system is looked very badly broken16:22
=== Guest78908 is now known as oholiab
motaka2TJ-: You i have haardware problems?16:23
TJ-motaka2: no, I mean the operating system since your aborted 12.04 > 14.04 upgrade16:24
kostas_just reinstall the os16:24
TJ-motaka2: the release-upgrade failed, leaving some key config files in an in-between state16:24
=== lucas_ is now known as Guest22090
motaka2TJ-: you suggest me to install a clean OS?16:24
k1lmotaka2: i think your system is in a very bad state and making it work again is more work then macking backup of the important data, load a new 14.04.iso and make a new install16:25
TJ-motaka2: it'll save you hours, or days! As I and others said on Saturday, if the dist-upgrade doesn't work then you'll need to back-up your user data (all users home directories), configuration files, and any manually-installed software16:25
motaka2k1l: If TJ- says I will do that, since I dont have any utilty to back up16:25
ioriamotaka2, if you run sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic  ?16:26
k1lioria: the ":none" makes me wonder at the end. seems it broke the architecture thing in the package manager16:26
motaka2E: The package linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic:none needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.16:26
kostas_motaka2: just use a live cd and cp your files on an external hdd or on your network16:26
TJ-motaka2: you should be able to ZIP those files up - if they don't require too much space - and move that ZIP file to your Windows Vista PC for safe-keeping16:26
ioriak1l i see... really don't know that kind of error16:27
=== Piper-Off is now known as Monthrect
stmbgrHello. I can't connect to my hidden wifi network with my laptop wifi card.16:27
ioriamotaka2, sudo dpkg --remove --force-remove-reinstreq    linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic16:28
stmbgrI'm running Ubuntu 14.04.3 x64 and the adapter is Broadcom BCM43142.16:28
motaka2dpkg: warning: overriding problem because --force enabled:16:29
motaka2 Package is in a very bad inconsistent state - you should16:29
motaka2 reinstall it before attempting a removal.16:29
motaka2(Reading database ...16:29
motaka2dpkg: warning: files list file for package `linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic' missing, assuming package has no files currently installed.16:29
motaka2(Reading database ... 938573 files and directories currently installed.)16:29
tewardmotaka2: don't paste here16:30
tewarduse a pastebin16:30
niklas_hey everyone16:30
tewardmotaka2: though, as has been stated, your system is in a *really* broken state.  The best solution for you is to boot to a LiveCD/LiveUSB and back up data as TJ stated, ZIP it up, and put it on the Vista pc temporarily, then reinstall Ubuntu16:30
=== Saitama is now known as dag
MonkeyDusthey niklas_ , this is the ubuntu support channel16:31
motaka2TJ-: how can I move data from ubuntu to Vista ?16:31
motaka2I hate linux, never this happened to me on windows16:32
ioriamotaka2, we can try to remove thot package and try a manual install ....16:33
k1lever stopped a windows upgrade in tha half? :X16:33
kostas_ioria: I did once!!! And I left windows once and for all ;-)16:33
nicomachusmotaka2: I've had this happen when I did what k1l said: stoped a windows upgrade midway through.16:34
motaka2ioria: so lets try, what should I do ?16:34
ioriakostas_, you mean you broke your windows ?16:34
kostas_ioria: oh, yeah :-P16:34
ioriabad news... then16:34
kostas_ioria: not at all, lol! I never looked back on Windows... benn on ubuntu and debian only for 10 years16:35
motaka2kostas_: windows has changed since u left it16:36
kostas_motaka2: in what ways? is it stable? does it recognize all my hardware without drivers? does it update ALL the software installed? is it free to use?16:37
ioriakostas_, a manual install it's not advisable anyway ...16:37
BluesKajmotaka2, vista isn't MS's best OS ...W7 is probly they're best so far16:37
motaka2ioria: What should I do ?16:37
ioriakostas_, but this is the link http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic/download16:37
BluesKajtheir best even16:38
ioriamotaka2, http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic/download16:38
kostas_ioria: no problem ;-) I thought this was for mokata 216:38
motaka2ioria: I dont know what to do with that link16:38
=== RCL_ is now known as RCL
ioriamotaka2, you download the pacvkage and sudo dpkg -i package16:39
=== hxm is now known as Guest50543
TJ-motaka2: can you "pastebinit /var/lib/dpkg/arch"16:39
ioriamotaka2, but wait ....16:39
TJ-ioria: that package is amd64; the host is i386 :)16:39
motaka2TJ-: Unable to read from: /var/lib/dpkg/arch16:40
nicomachusoh man...16:40
TJ-motaka2: right, so that really proves that system is screwed up! That is a core file for the package managers16:40
ioriaTJ- oh really ? he got  64 bit cpu ...16:40
motaka2TJ-: Then fuck it I will install a fresh one without backupping16:40
TJ-ioria: host arch is i386 though16:40
VozivIs there a way to see when a package was last updated on?16:40
motaka2i HATE linux16:41
ioriaTJ- ok16:41
TJ-motaka2: what does "pastebinit <( ls -la /var/lib/dpkg/arch )" report?16:41
ioriamotaka2, so, in case the link is this http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/i386/linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic/download16:41
motaka2TJ-: donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ pastebinit <( ls -la /var/lib/dpkg/arch )16:41
motaka2ls: cannot access /var/lib/dpkg/arch: No such file or directory16:41
motaka2You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.16:41
MonkeyDustmotaka2  what was your initial issue?16:41
TJ-motaka2: right, so the file is missing entirely16:42
motaka2ioria: I dont know what to do with that16:42
motaka2TJ-: so a clean install ?16:42
TJ-motaka2: Let's see if we can fix that: "echo i386 | sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/arch"16:42
kostas_motaka2: nice buddy, you're on IRC which is not for the average Jo and you're telling to this community you hate Linux... nice trolling man!16:42
motaka2donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ echo i386 | sudo tee /var/lib/dpkg/arch16:42
ioriaTJ- nice shoot !16:43
TJ-motaka2: ok, that file now exists. Now try "sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.13.0-68-generic "16:43
motaka2kostas_: Sorry, I am really done with this16:43
kostas_ok, let's continue with our lives then ;-)16:44
Datclean install for me wasn't so bad everything is back to normal even got all my old settings and etc back to16:44
* Dat pets his external drive16:44
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13578864/16:45
BluesKajDat, or a separate partition for / and /home16:45
TJ-motaka2: So more breakage "debconf: apt-extracttemplates failed: No such file or directory"16:45
motaka2TJ-: so what should I do ?16:46
TJ-motaka2: that is a core file from the apt-utils package.16:46
motaka2TJ-: How do you know so much ?16:46
TJ-motaka2: Because I investigate16:47
motaka2TJ-: cool16:47
motaka2TJ-: If you say a clean install I will do that16:47
TJ-motaka2: "pastebinit <( dpkg -l apt*; dpkg -L apt-utils; ls -al /usr/bin/apt* )"16:47
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13578932/16:48
TJ-motaka2: I'm intrigued as to how that system got into this state, so I'll keep digging for a little while :D16:48
motaka2TJ-: :D16:49
TJ-motaka2: so we earlier saw "debconf: apt-extracttemplates failed: No such file or directory" but we find "-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root   22264 Aug  5 23:38 /usr/bin/apt-extracttemplates" ... so that makes me wonder if the system PATH setting has been broken16:49
TJ-motaka2: "pastebinit <( sudo which apt-extracttemplates; /usr/bin/apt-extracttemplates --help )"16:50
=== farid is now known as Guest81580
motaka2TJ-: It didnt give me a link16:52
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13579053/16:53
bluenemoI'm getting this message in /var/log/syslog:  nfs-master rsyslogd: [origin software="rsyslogd" swVersion="7.4.4" x-pid="939" x-info="http://www.rsyslog.com"] exiting on signal 15  and then my system is dead. any ideas?16:53
srulihow to i start gnome-disk-utility with sudo? (Disks) sudo gnome-disk-utility command not found16:54
bluenemoit dies about two minutes later. my belly feeling tells me that stuff trying to log stuff fills up buffers and then stuff runs out of memory16:54
yonatankoren If I have a process running in the background, namely tmux,  can do anything to see it again in the foreground?16:57
yonatankorenAnd tmux is running some processes16:57
MonkeyDustyonatankoren  'jobs' to see what's running ... 'fg' to bring it back16:57
MonkeyDustfyf  was faster16:58
yonatankorenfyf,  MonkeyD thank you16:58
=== Guest42216 is now known as HeisenbergsDog
motaka2TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13579053/16:58
TJ-motaka2: checking some things about that17:01
TJ-motaka2: right, that apttemplates is from the precise-updates repository. I wonder if 'dpkg' and/or 'debconf' have been updated to trusty.17:03
motaka2TJ-: SO what should I do ?17:04
=== maotora is now known as ArchNoob
ioriamotaka2, apt-cache policy debconf | grep Installed17:05
zykotick9yonatankoren: if you are using tmux, then "tmux ls" will list the running sessions.  "tmux att" will return you to it, if only one.17:05
motaka2ioria: Installed: 1.5.42ubuntu117:05
yonatankorenzykotic thank you!17:06
ioriamotaka2, precise too17:06
ioriamotaka2, very failed upgrade .... maybe a new sources.list and update upgrade dist-upgrade17:07
motaka2ioria: what do you suggest ?17:09
motaka2TJ-: Should I nstall a new version ?17:10
ioriamotaka2, sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bak17:10
motaka2ioria: done17:11
TJ-motaka2: I'm wondering if *any* 14.04 packages got installed. We know the apt sources.list got changed, but maybe all other packages remained on 12.0417:11
motaka2TJ-: maybe. What do you suggest ?17:11
ioriamotaka2, sudo rm /etc/apt/sources.list17:12
motaka2ioria: done17:12
=== dag is now known as lu_tze
ioriamotaka2, sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list and paste this in it   http://paste.ubuntu.com/13579409/17:12
motaka2ioria: how to save in nano ?17:14
ioriamotaka2, ctrl+o   and ctrl+x17:14
TJ-motaka2: might be best to not use the 'us' archives though; use your local ones, check the original (now backed up) file for that17:14
motaka2ioria: what do you mean?17:15
faheemazizmHi macbook air 2013 mid yeqar model, issues installing broadcom drivers17:15
ioriamotaka2, replace us with ir17:15
TJ-motaka2: show us "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list.bak"17:15
kostas_faheemazizm: ubuntu version?17:15
MonkeyDustfaheemazizm  cat /etc/issue17:16
faheemazizmkostas_, 14.04.317:16
faheemazizmHere's the output for rfkill list17:16
ioriamotaka2, to save in nano cotrol + o , or control +x and then yes17:16
faheemazizmkostas_, Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l17:16
faheemazizmMonkeyDust, Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS \n \l17:16
ioriaTJ- i think i was using us ...17:17
TJ-ioria: I've lost the pastebins I collected on this from Saturday, so not sure now17:17
motaka2ioria: done17:17
faheemazizmMonkeyDust, kostas_ issue is that when installing bcmwl kernel asks for 'Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS _Trusty Tahr_ - Beta amd64 (20150805)'17:17
faheemazizmin the drive '/media/cdrom/' and press enter17:17
faheemazizm 17:17
ioriamotaka2, cat /etc/apt7sources.list17:17
ioriamotaka2, cat /etc/apt/sources.list17:17
motaka2TJ-: nothing is done17:18
motaka2ioria: the secone?17:18
ioriamotaka2, cat /etc/apt/sources.list17:18
motaka2ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13579607/17:19
ioriamotaka2, sudo apt-get update17:19
TJ-motaka2: 'nothing is done' suggests the back-up command ioria gave you didn't get done.17:19
TJ-ioria: don't we want the sources.list now be pointing to 12.04, not 14.04?17:20
motaka2TJ-: I meant the request was not complete when I hit enter the new line started with >17:20
ioriaTJ- no upgrade then ?17:20
TJ-motaka2: oh!! that means you failed to close a quotation mark or similar17:20
TJ-ioria: Well, the versions of apt/apt-utils at least are still 12.0417:20
ioriamotaka2, how is going with apt-get update ?17:21
TJ-ioria:  I was looking for a sure fire way t check the *excutables* of debconf/dpkg are also 12.04 - if that is the case we can probably just reset sources.list to precise17:21
motaka2TJ-: wait ...17:21
manornkI create bash script that uses SUDO, and i want that it automaticlly after terminal requests password gives password to it.. how can i do this?17:21
ioriaTJ- oh, yeah17:21
TJ-ioria: it is possible the release-upgrade aborted immediately after changing the sources.list17:22
TJ-motaka2: can you hold on for a few moments please?17:22
ioriaTJ- ok17:22
TJ-motaka2: if you missed a quotation mark (causing the > prompt on a new line) just type another matching quotation mark and press Enter17:23
zykotick9manornk: under normal circumstances, i'd just run the script with sudo - rather then trying to embed it... YMMV.  Good luck.17:23
TJ-ioria: I'm thinking the sources.list got changed but apt failed due to what we saw earlier - that dl.google.com entry17:23
codephobicI have an old version of nodejs (v0.12) installed via github, on my ubuntu server. I am looking to upgrade to v5.1, but I was wondering if just downloading the tar.gz and running through configure and make and make install, would cause issues because of this older version?17:23
manornkzykotick9: thanks, i didn't think of it :D17:23
TJ-motaka2: can you do "pastebinit <( ls -latr /etc/apt/ )" please17:24
ioriaTJ-  usually that it's not a problem  ... it'a about chrome17:24
codephobicis there a more advisable method to installing the latest nodejs, say perhaps some git pull request or something?17:24
R13oseI am trying to create a bootable usb key that allows me to run Damn Small Linux but each time I try, this says "Missing Operating System." How do I fix this?17:24
TJ-ioria: right, something else happened to delete dpkg's architecture file, and the failure of debconf to find apt-extracttemplates17:25
TJ-ioria: either those packages got a partial upgrade and then it failed, or we have a complete precise system with no trusty intermingled, but some core config files got broken somehow17:26
ioriaTJ- yep17:26
TJ-ioria: if the release-upgrade broke the file listing for /etc/apt/ might show the original back-up and timestamps to clue us in a bit nore17:26
ioriaTJ-  i hope so...17:27
TJ-ioria: I'm wondering how /var/lib/dpkg/arch got deleted though; that is either failing disk (no sign of that in the kernel logs) or something misbehaved badly.17:27
ioriaTJ-  yes, weird ...17:28
faheemazizmHi macbook air 2013 mid year model, issues installing broadcom drivers17:31
faheemazizmHi macbook air 2013 mid year model, issues installing broadcom drivers, Ubuntu 14.04.317:31
TJ-motaka2: ioria that call to apt-extracttemplates is in /usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure17:33
TJ-Perl script: ... if (system("apt-extracttemplates", @collect) != 0) { print STDERR sprintf("debconf: ".gettext("apt-extracttemplates failed: %s")."\n",$!);17:34
faheemazizmHi macbook air 2013 mid year model, issues installing broadcom drivers, Ubuntu 14.04.317:34
tewardfaheemazizm: that's not vague at all, what've you tried so far, what errors do you get, etc.17:35
faheemazizmok just got it17:35
TJ-so, it is relying on a root PATH that has /usr/sbin/ - so a bad  /etc/environment could cause that17:35
faheemazizmteward, solved17:35
TJ-motaka2: can you "pastebinit /etc/environment"17:36
TJ-motaka2: the other possibility is that /usr/bin/apt-extracttemplates is not executable17:38
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ioriamotaka2, still there ?17:39
jwashhi everyone, i get ECONNREFUSED for vsftpd outside my local network, and it works fine on the internal network. Can someone help me troubleshoot?17:40
MonkeyDustjwash  yes freenode is under attack17:40
ioriai knew that...17:40
crisedIs it possible to use dd to burn windows 10 iso to usb in ubuntu 15.10?17:41
MonkeyDustjwash  oh, not only irc?17:41
jwashMonkeyDust: ??? vsftpd17:41
MonkeyDustjwash  i was too fast, apologies17:41
crisedI mean, I did it but my pc does not boot from usb drive17:42
tewardjwash: CONNREFUSED outside the network sounds like there's NAT or a router between the outside and the system17:42
tewardjwash: so you'd need to make sure the port forwards are done correctly (aka NAT rules)17:42
jwashother services route fine17:42
TJ-MonkeyDust: ioria testing here, if /usr/bin/apt-extracttemplates is NOT executable debconf reports "debconf: Delaying package configuration, since apt-utils is not installed." ... so it isn't that, and as motaka2 system gets past that check it also means the file should execute - which points to some failure maybe a segfault17:42
jwashthat's what's weird17:42
ioriaTJ-  ok, but the guy fainted :þ17:43
TJ-ioria: carted off by the Windows police :)17:43
MonkeyDusthe started attacking freenode17:43
ioriaTJ-  probably17:43
ioriai had to change the server ip, to connect17:44
TJ-possibly the DDoS lost the connection, anyone seen netsplits?17:44
TJ-MonkeyDust: right... it's all IRC's fault for complete strangers giving random instructions :)17:44
Liis there a way to make gedit keep a copy of unsaved documents to recover after accidental shutdown?17:44
TJ-Li: It may already do that - look for files of the same name with a ~ suffix17:45
TJ-Li: as in somefile.txt and somefile.txt~17:45
TJ-Li: there used to be a setting to enable back-ups I recall, but not used it ages so not sure what the default behaviour is now17:45
LiTJ-: the backup option is there in the preferences tab works fine with files that I've previous saved copy from17:51
Libut if I have an unsaved document I can't find it after reboot17:51
LiI tried to sudo find . -iname "Untiteled Document*" -type f17:52
Linothing there!17:52
TJ-motaka2: ioria I've been reading the apt-extracttemplates source; unhelfully if collects up all errors until the end and just dumps the messages so not useful. We'd need to run the apt-get install under control of 'strace -f ...' to find out what more is broken. From the source I suspect the apt pkg cache, which would be easy to fix.17:54
ioriaTJ-  could work17:56
motaka2ioria: TJ- sorry boss is on the phone17:56
ioriaTJ-  he's back17:56
TJ-motaka2: I have to leave now, but hopefully you can follow-up on what I've written. I *think* you should return /etc/apt/sources.list to point to the 12.04 precise archives, delete all the existing cached apt package info under /var/cache/apt/ (someone can tell you the specifics of what and how to do that) and then do "sudo apt-get update" to fetch the precise package lists in.18:05
TJ-motaka2: I *suspect* the situation is that the tools are 12.04, trying to read data that has come from 14.04 which those tools don't understand, and thus 'apt-extracttemplates' is failing because it doesn't understand the data format.18:06
ioriaTJ-  so reverse all to 12.04 ?18:06
boxmeincan I do something to the unity panel so wine tray icons would appear on it?18:07
motaka2ioria: sorry I was away18:13
motaka2ioria: sudo apt-get update  done successfully18:13
motaka2what is next ?18:13
ioriamotaka2, well, we have a problem on how to proceed18:14
ioriamotaka2, maybe come back to 12.04 or trying a new upgrade to 1418:14
ioriamotaka2, i gave you another file, btw18:15
motaka3ioria: Are you there ?18:17
ioriamotaka3, cat /etc/apt/sources.list18:18
motaka3ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13580727/18:18
ioriamotaka3, sudo apt-get update18:19
motaka3ioria: but I did that already18:19
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ioriamotaka3, yep, but you posted another sources.list that made me wonder ...18:19
motaka3ioria: finished18:20
ioriamotaka3, without errors ?18:20
motaka3ioria: yes18:20
motaka3ioria: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13580765/18:21
ioriamotaka3, ok , so, the point is: we don't know how many packages has been upgraded to 14.04 ....18:21
ioriamotaka3, and how many are still 12.0418:21
kazdaxis ubuntu a good way to learn linux ?18:21
motaka3ioria: dist-upgrade wont take them all to 14.04 ?18:21
kazdaxi dont really know what i want to do with linux18:22
kazdaxbut i just want to start somewhere..setting up , maybe doing projects i like18:22
kazdaxlike my own webserver18:22
kazdaxor ftp server18:22
motaka3kazdax: Yes it is good for newbies18:22
kazdaxmaybe even a database server and do some programming with it18:22
ioriamotaka3, is what i think .... but it's not the regular way to do a release-upgrade18:22
kazdaxI have had a few problems previously with ubuntu tho18:22
kazdaxlike for example one was not being able to watch youtuve18:22
kazdaxi think the solution for that was to enable hmtl 5 or download chrome18:23
motaka3ioria: if you say I will do it. At mot I will lose data right ?18:23
kazdaxthen another thing was internet speed was slower on ubuntu18:23
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rypervenchekazdax: Any distro will be a good starting distro, so long as it works for you. Later on if you want to change distros, as people do, you can.18:23
kazdaxthat i was not able to fix .. I had the ubuntu installed on my machine on the natuve hardware18:23
kazdaxright but what would you guys firstly use a linux for18:23
kazdaxor have a project for a linux to learn18:23
kazdaxsomething to gear you towards ..you know like a aim to reach when learning it18:24
ioriamotaka3, we cannot downgrade ....18:24
kazdaxbecause i bet its a wide subject ..you can do alot on it18:24
motaka3ioria: so the only way is sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade18:24
motaka3ioria: or you wait for TJ- point of view?18:24
ioriamotaka3, the second18:24
motaka3ioria: :( ok I will wait18:25
TJ-motaka3: ok, the file listing confirms there's a backup from before the upgrade "3043 Nov 21 21:10 sources.list.distUpgrade"18:25
motaka3TJ-: :)18:25
TJ-motaka3: I'm in-and-out, preparing a meal here, so bear with me. "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list.distUpgrade"18:26
motaka3TJ-: is that a good news?18:26
motaka3TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13580876/18:26
TJ-motaka3: I think we should try switching back to the 12.04 precise archive lists.18:27
motaka3TJ-: if you say18:27
wintermoonguys, could anyone help me fix my MBR???18:27
wintermooncheck this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13580895/18:28
motaka3TJ-: How?18:28
ioriamotaka3, reverse the files in /etc/apt ....   sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list.bak /etc/apt/sources.list18:29
motaka3ioria: so  sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list.bak /etc/apt/sources.list  ?18:29
ioriamotaka3, yes18:29
TJ-motaka3: "sed '/^deb cdrom/ d' /etc/apt/sources.list.distUpgrade | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list "18:29
motaka3ioria: done18:30
Bashing-omwintermoon: State the issue . See what we can do .18:30
motaka3TJ-: done18:30
TJ-motaka3: "sudo find /var/lib/apt/lists -type f -delete"18:31
TJ-motaka3: "sudo apt-get clean"18:32
wintermoon@Bashing-om I had two disk devices with Windoze on each, I had a problem where both Win booters mixed and sometimes rebooted at start after selecting on the boot screen18:32
TJ-motaka3: "sudo apt-get update" ... that should fetch all the Precise 12.04 package lists cleanly18:32
wintermoonI added now a new drive with ubuntu but grub didn't fix the problem18:32
sokollCan someone here help me with an ubuntu apache question? I can't get help on #httpd because I have been unfairly muted for requesting that someone else help me rather than the person who was 'helping' me18:32
Bashing-omwintermoon: No problem booting 'buntu ? When the boot priority is set to the 2nd hard drive .18:34
paulbxsokoll, jump in, ask your question, if somebody can help they will18:34
sokollpaulbx: ok, thanks. was just making it clear I can't ask on #httpd before asking.18:34
motaka3TJ-: seems busy, by the way I am doing all this in putty18:34
wintermoonit didn't boot whatsoever after installing, same Windows booting screen as before18:34
TJ-motaka3: that's fine :)18:34
motaka3TJ-: I love linux, it is so customizable. I am learning ...18:35
TJ-motaka3: as long as the package system thinks the system should be on 12.04, and now it knows the i386 architecture again, we should be able, over that SSH link, to fix (repace with 12.04)  any 14.04 Trusty packages that got on there18:35
wintermoonI've already pasted my drives list: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13580895/18:35
Bashing-omwintermoon: Then we are looking at installing grub ( 'buntu boot loader ) to that 2nd hard drive ?18:35
TJ-motaka3: As I said, I'm cooking here so there may be extended delays from me18:36
motaka3TJ-: does linux care how many users working on it at the same time?18:36
wintermoonwould that get rid of the Windows boot as well???18:36
motaka3TJ-: No problem, if you had time tell us what you were cooking18:36
Bashing-omwintermoon: NO, will not effect the Windows on the other 2 drives . Reconfirm however that you are booting that 2md hard drive and ubuntu does not boot .18:37
TJ-motaka3: no it doesn't care, as long as it has resources to cope18:38
TJ-motaka3: tell me if/when that "apt-get update" has completed18:39
wintermoonapparently there's no boot from the 2nd drive (sdb) because I only see the Windows boot screen when starting the PC18:39
wintermoonI guess the boot is messed between sda and sdc drives18:40
motaka3TJ-: it is finished now18:40
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wintermoonsorry I can't be clear enough, that doesn't help much18:40
Bashing-omwintermoon: Please use nick to address us .. this is a busy channel and your responses can/will be missed . // OK, you have a liveDVD(USB) on hand to use to install grub to that 2nd hard drive ?18:40
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wintermoon@Bashing-om yes I'm actually on ubuntu if that helps18:41
wintermoon@Bashing-om I just installed ubuntu and thought Grub would get rid of it, but it seems it didn't install18:44
wintermoon@Bashing-om Or, probably got installed but the Windows' boot takes place first somehow18:45
motaka3TJ-: It is finished18:45
Bashing-omwintermoon: Great .. we install grub to the 2nd hard drive. ' sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /mnt ; sudo grub-install --boot-directory=/mnt /dev/sdb ; sudo umount /mnt ' . Reboot into the install - boot priority set to the 2nd hard drive ) and once booted into ubuntu run ' sudo update-grub ' to pick up and chainload Windows to it's boot menu .18:46
Bashing-omwintermoon: You are aware that you have a unorthodox install of ubuntu on the 2nd hard drive ?18:47
wintermoon@Bashing-om no I'm not, what does that mean?18:47
TJ-motaka3: OK, now "pastebinit <( dpkg -l | grep '^[iuh]' )"18:48
motaka3TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13581279/18:48
wintermoonBashing-om you mean sdb1?18:49
Bashing-omwintermoon: Normally we expect the OS partition to be the 1st partition on the hard drive .. and then an extended partiton and within the extended partiton is the swap partition.18:49
gswallowAm I the first person to report that  ca-certificates-java (20130815ubuntu1) hangs on install today?18:50
wintermoonBashing-om I see, so would you recommend reinstalling again?18:50
Bashing-omwintermoon: Nawww ... 'buntu is flexable .. let's see what we can do as is . run the commands and we see the result .18:51
kostkon!info ca-certificates-java trusty18:52
ubottuca-certificates-java (source: ca-certificates-java): Common CA certificates (JKS keystore). In component main, is optional. Version 20130815ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 13 kB, installed size 75 kB18:52
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wintermoonBashing-om OK I'll do and will let you know18:52
Bashing-omwintermoon: K; I be away for a short time .. be back soonest .18:52
motaka3TJ-: ?18:53
TJ-motaka3: thanks. I'm going to eat now, then write a script to scan that output to identify any non-precise packages, so they can be fixed. I'll be about 45 minutes.18:57
motaka3TJ-: Thanks for your great help18:58
motaka3I will wait18:58
TJ-see you soon18:58
wintermoonBashing-om didn't work :( still booting through Win's19:00
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AngryOx80hi guys19:02
AngryOx80how i can start GNU g++? im new in ubuntu ^^19:02
AngryOx80its already installed19:02
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thoriewill adding a new partition using cfdisk on unallocated space cause my existing partitions to be destroyed?19:04
AngryOx80how i can start GNU c++ at the terminal?19:05
tomtomdrumI had issues with my Mint install and I have an encrypted home folder which i was able to recover. I want to backup this folder so I can save my files so I can do a clean install.19:05
tomtomdrumI am running mint off a liveusb and have the encrypted folder sitting in /tmp/ecryptfs.GGAmoe4d19:05
tomtomdrumI open the folder as root and can see everything but when I try to copy it, it won't allow me as I dont have permission.19:05
tomtomdrumWhen I check permissions under properties it reads 100019:05
tomtomdrumHow can I change it so i'm able to transfer it to my external hd?19:05
lotuspsychje!mint | tomtomdrum19:05
ubottutomtomdrum: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:05
AngryOx80guys need to know how to open a programm in ubuntu with the terminal19:07
AngryOx80just need the Command19:07
lotuspsychjeAngryOx80: type the name of the package in terminal to launch19:08
tomtomdrumhow do i go about connecting to irc.spotchat.org new to this. Im using mIRC19:09
lotuspsychjetomtomdrum: type /join #mirc and ask there mate19:11
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sokollOk, apologies for the delay. I'm trying to configure a this module https://confluence.atlassian.com/doc/configuring-apache-to-cache-static-content-via-mod_disk_cache-295305963.html. But, there is no /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf directory/file on Ubuntu. This page gives details on the Apache config files in ubuntu https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/httpd.html, but I'm just not quite clear on which file I need to edit19:12
sokollin order to load the cache mod.19:12
sokollI appreciate this isn't the perfect channel to ask, so apologies in advance.19:13
lotuspsychjesokoll: maybe the #httpd guys can help, or #ubuntu-server?19:15
sokollI have been muted in the #httpd channel :( thumbs muted me because I asked for help from someone other than him as he was being very rude and condescending.19:16
wintermoonhi :) can anyone help with multi-booting issues?19:16
sokolllotuspsychje: I'll try ubuntu-server19:16
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Bashing-omwintermoon: Makes no sense that with grub installed to the 2nd hard drive, and bios set to boot the 2nd hard drive as the 1st boot prioriry that Windows can possibly boot . What happens exactly when you attempt to boot from that 2nd hard drive ?19:16
wintermoonBashing-om I've already installed Grub with the steps you provided, but I see no Grub booting options, same Windows as before19:18
wintermoonI'm booting ubuntu through a Grub CD19:18
Bashing-omwintermoon: And I ask you again . Is that 2nd hard drive set in bios as the 1st boot priority ?19:18
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wintermoonBashing-om my bad19:19
Bashing-omwintermoon: :)19:19
wintermoonBashing-om I'll check it out and brb19:21
lotuspsychjeplissonneau: welcome19:26
wintermoonBashing-om hey, it boots now but show no options, only "Grub>"19:26
Bashing-omwintermoon: We try and boot the system from that grub > prompt .19:28
wintermoonBashing-om I thought the booting would be more intuitive :D19:30
transhumandoes ubuntu still use crontab?19:32
Picitranshuman: sure19:32
transhumangetting crontab.service failed to load no such file or directory19:32
Picitranshuman: what are you doing to get that message?19:32
transhumansudo service crontab restart19:33
Bashing-omwintermoon: At that grub > prompt; terminal commands ' set prefix=(hd1,msdos2)/boot/grub ; set root=(hd1,msdos2) ; insmod linux ; linux (hd1,msdos2)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sdb2 ro ; initrd (hd1,msdos2)/initrd.img ; boot ' . See if now you boot ?? // And yes this should not be needed ! You should boot to the grub boot menu and be able to select in that menu what operating ystem you want to boot .19:33
transhumanI have a couple wget s that are supposed to download dyndns19:33
transhumansorry upload19:34
goddardis there an application permissions/security layer?19:34
wintermoonBashing-om thanks bashing, I'll check and brb19:34
lotuspsychjegoddard: whats your end goal?19:34
Picitranshuman: the service is just called cron, not crontab.19:34
FotoMonelloCan put a link to my video? Tnk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Az7xtjAf41c19:34
lotuspsychje!ot | FotoMonello19:35
ubottuFotoMonello: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:35
PiciFotoMonello: no, this channel is for Ubuntu Support only.19:35
FotoMonellointo crontab there are the list19:35
transhumandah how obvious thanks, I thought it had something to do with the wget line..your help is appreciated19:35
FotoMonellosorry lotuspsychje19:35
transhumanI thought I had read somewhere they were going to start offering web certificates for free in order to force everyone over to https is that the case?19:37
transhumannot sure who was going to do it...cant seem to find anything further on it that was a couple years ago19:37
sandGorgonhey guys... is there a snappy based ISO that I can try out and play with ? I'm looking at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/xenial-desktop-amd64.iso but dont know if it is intended with dpkg or snappy19:38
hack_Hi, is it possible to configure a single application to use a different version of java than default?19:38
hack_I want to use OpenJDK for most things, but Android Studio doesn't always like it19:38
motaka3TJ-: ?19:38
wintermoonBashing-om hey, there's an error at "insmod linux" -> "file '/boot/grub/i386-pc/linux.mod' not found19:41
EriC^^!snappy | sandGorgon19:42
ubottusandGorgon: Ubuntu Core is a rendition of Ubuntu with transactional updates using "snappy". For discussion and support, please visit #snappy and see http://www.ubuntu.com/snappy/19:42
Bashing-omwintermoon: In that case .. because that file should be there .. I do suggest that you reinstall . Make sure that the .iso if valid ( md5sum ) and that the burn is good - boot the liveDVD to the boot menu and option is " check disk for defects " .19:42
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^19:43
EriC^^sandGorgon: check this out https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/start/#snappy-local19:43
EriC^^it's a tiny image that can run on kvm19:43
wintermoonBashihng-om yeah I checked the disk before installing and said it was OK19:43
wintermoonBashing-om ^19:44
hack_is there something I can do to the command or script that launches android studio to make it (and only it) temporarily default to Oracle's JVM?19:44
Bashing-omwintermoon: My machine : " sysop@1404mini:~$ ls -al /boot/grub/i386-pc/linux.mod >> -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 13076 Nov 12 10:57 /boot/grub/i386-pc/linux.mod " .19:44
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje19:44
wintermoonBashing-om :(19:44
codelionHello, I have an offline mirror of the ubuntu repositories which my machine can access, trying to install from a USB disk but it is not detecting that it can download updates while installing, therefor disallowing the upgrade option for the installer, is there a way around this19:44
Bashing-omwintermoon: As you want .. we can mess about ... but I assure you at this point it will be much faster to do a fresh clean (RE-)install .19:45
wintermoonBashing-om I see but I don't see the difference expect doing a correct drive partition, could that fix the issue? In that case what are the steps for a correct partitioning?19:46
Bashing-omwintermoon: What experience do you have with linux ? If all new .. I do recommend that in the install procedure that you choose " erase disk and install ubuntu" let the install wizard take care of everything but the personal detaols .19:47
wintermoonBashing-om I thought that option would erase all my drives :D19:48
Bashing-omwintermoon: Nope .. only the target drive / BUT make sure of what the target drive is identified as !19:48
wintermoonBashing-om yeah, my bad then19:49
wintermoonBashing-om I have a few more questions but BRB19:49
Bashing-omwintermoon: No, not bad at all .. it is that process of learning .19:49
codelionAnybody know if there's a way to force the ubuntu installer to recognize an offline mirror?19:49
codelionIt won't let me select "upgrade from X to X" because its detecting that it is offline19:50
kazdaxis there a room for video editing ?19:50
akikhack_: if my memory serves me well, you can do it with the JAVA_HOME env variable19:50
lotuspsychje!alis | kazdax19:50
ubottukazdax: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http19:50
codelionhack_: you need to set JAVA_HOME and ANDROID_JAVA_HOME19:50
codelionhack_: also, you'll want to make sure your path makes javac, etc the right binary19:51
codeliondo 'which javac' to confirm, for example19:51
hack_codelion: are those global variables or are they local to a lauched application instance?19:51
codelionthey're environment variables19:52
codelionso like, export JAVA_HOME=/path/to/your/jdk19:52
akikcodelion: what does ANDROID_JAVA_HOME declare?19:53
codelionakik: I think actually that one is for AOSP, nevermind. just JAVA_HOME. hack_19:53
codelionmy bad19:53
TJ-motaka3: My analyse reports there are 152 packages on that system that aren't the expected 12.04 Precise versions. That suggests it won't be possible to return it to a pure 12.04 state. That means trying to fix errors as they occur in getting it into a stable 14.04 Trusty state, or wipe it and do a clean installation.19:55
TJ-motaka3: this is the summary of differences: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13582462/19:55
hack_Ok thanks, just wanted to make sure if I started something (or if something else started automatically) that uses java it wouldn't suddenly be running on Oracle19:56
ioriaTJ- there should be a tool to reverse a broken release-upgrade... don't you think ?19:56
TJ-ioria: not possible; release-upgrades run hand-tuned .prerm/.preinst/.postinst scripts . The only way would be using file-system snapshots with LVM etc19:57
Paradisee_hello guys, i just bought a hd to use as secondary (backup files) on ubuntu, but i cannot use it, how could i make it work?19:57
TJ-ioria: I think my awk script wasn't entirely accurate in matching package names, but it'll do :)19:58
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: define 'cannot use it'?19:58
ioriaTJ-  :þ  i read once something about a "restore point" in linux ....19:58
lotuspsychjeioria: fix broken packages from recoverymode?19:59
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: basically when i plug the hd it wasnt displayed, doing fdisk -l it was there..19:59
TJ-ioria: "apache2 FOUND: 2.2.22-1ubuntu1.10 EXPECTED: 4.3.9-13ubuntu3" looks a bit weird19:59
TJ-ioria: yeah, I've been working on such a thing19:59
iorialotuspsychje, hi Lotus... no, an app19:59
Paradisee_now i used gparted to make a partiion on it but i cannot copy nothing in it...19:59
ioriaTJ-  really ?19:59
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: try to format your hd with gparted19:59
motaka3TJ-: This cant get me 14.04 upgrade?  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:59
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: i cannot format it...dunno why..20:00
ioriamotaka3, with a proper sources.list ....20:00
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: did you gksu gparted?20:00
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: what does that mean20:00
wintermoonBashing-om hey, I'm reinstalling :), one more question, does Grub gets rid of Windows' boot??? I can imagine myself selecting a windows OS in Grub and then booting right on Windows previous dual-boot20:00
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motaka3ioria: ?20:00
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: how did you start gparted?20:00
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: sudo gparted20:00
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: gksu gparted instead20:01
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: same..20:01
ioriamotaka3, now, you should have  the pangoline sources.list... you need to restore the file i send you20:01
TJ-motaka3: that's where we need to take it, so the previous step we did to return the system to the 12.04 Precise ap sources.list needs to be undone so that file again points to the trusty 14.04 archives20:01
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: what format was your hd by default? ntfs? fat32?20:01
HeisenbergsDogor kdesudo :P20:01
=== a1 is now known as srilux
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: it's ext420:01
HeisenbergsDogto everyone his own20:01
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: try formatting as ntfs, as a test20:02
motaka3TJ-: ioria Can you tell me how?20:02
Bashing-omParadisee_: cli way : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingANewHardDrive .20:02
Paradisee_i cannot format it.20:02
Paradisee_the type is in grey.20:02
codelionthis is really frustrating...20:02
Paradisee_that means i cannot click on it.20:02
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: hmm gparted that cant format a drive?20:03
ioriamotaka3, we can try a new upgrade to 14.0420:03
Bashing-omwintermoon: Grub will over-write existing boot code on the selected device only . On a hard drive there can be only one boot code !20:03
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: you sure you selected the right hd on right upper corner?20:03
Paradisee_how do i see all the hd on my machine?20:03
TJ-motaka3: hang on, just looking at your files list20:03
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: ofc.20:03
motaka3TJ-: ioria ok waiting ...20:03
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: check fdisk -l20:04
TJ-motaka3: do you get results from this: "grep 'trusty' /etc/apt/sources.list.bak" ?20:04
Paradisee_doesn't show nothing.20:04
codelionDoes anyone know how the ubuntu installer determines if you are offline? Is it a generate 204 check perhaps?20:04
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: what kind of hd is this?20:04
Paradisee_bw black 1 TB20:05
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: usb?20:05
motaka3TJ-: Yes I do20:05
TJ-codelion: the Ubiquity GUI installer, or the underlying text-mode debian-installer?20:05
Paradisee_*WD sata20:05
TJ-motaka3: "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list.bak"20:05
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: wd black sata hd, connected to sata motherboard internal?20:05
codelionTJ-:  the gui installer. I am not familiar with the underlying text mode installer20:05
Paradisee_yes ?20:05
motaka3TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13582643/20:05
TJ-codelion: Ubiquity uses d-i under-the-hood, so I think it may defer to d-i to discover online state20:06
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: check your syslog and dmesg perhaps20:06
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: /var/log/...20:06
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13582668/20:07
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: you connected the hd yourself internal? cables all good? bios setup right?20:07
codelionTJ-:  do you have any suggestions as to getting Ubiquity to work with an offline mirror of the ubuntu repositories? I have access to archive.ubuntu.com and its a very thourough mirror20:07
goddardlotuspsychje: i was wonder if an existing application existed that could help me manage applications ability to do things on my system.20:07
Paradisee_http://paste.ubuntu.com/13582672/ lotuspsychje20:07
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: i supose.20:07
TJ-motaka3: OK, that file looks fine to use: "sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list.bak /etc/apt/sources.list"  then do "sudo find /var/lib/apt/lists -type f -delete"  then fetch the 14.04 lists with "sudo apt-get update"20:07
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: going to restart one sec20:08
TJ-codelion: I usually do it via an apt proxy. It can be set in a preseed file or on the kernel command-line, I seem to recall.20:09
motaka3donkarlo@mohammad-desktop:~$ sudo cp /etc/apt/sources.list.bak /etc/apt/sources.list" then do "sudo find /var/lib/apt/lists -type f -delete20:09
motaka3cp: accessing `ype': No such file or directory20:09
TJ-motaka3: you misread. There are 2 separate commands on that line, each in its own pair of " " marks20:09
TJ-motaka3: sorry, 3 separate commands!20:10
ioriamotaka3,  without " "20:10
motaka3Tj ok20:10
motaka3TJ-: is updating ...20:11
Smnguys, I'm using ubuntu 15.10 64 bits, for some reason new applications aren't getting added to the dash even though I can open them from alt f2 and the terminal20:11
wintermoonBashing-om just reinstalled, now it won't even boot to Grub prompt :( it shows the cursor on top left20:12
Paradisee_ok, i formatted the hd in ext420:12
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: i see you have samsung ssd also, did you enable AHCI in bios?20:12
Paradisee_i have no idea.20:12
Paradisee_that is my ssd for the os20:12
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: did you firmware upgrade your ssd?20:12
Paradisee_i did not.20:12
Paradisee_or at least not me.20:12
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: evo 840 needs firmware upgrade to write performance20:13
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: its reccomended you do this and reformat ubuntu20:13
ioriaSmn,  there is an entry for them in /usr/share/applications ?20:13
Paradisee_but we're talking about another hd20:13
TJ-codelion: you could use a "preseed/url" to provide the installer with a preseed file, which specificies your local apt archive20:13
Paradisee_not the ssd20:13
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: also set bios from IDE to AHCI20:13
mikaandrefirmware ??? waths20:13
codelionTJ-: I'm trying to look into your suggestion, but a few things: The mirror is at the same URL it should expect if its online, so I dont need to redirect it. 2: can you link to a guide to do what you are suggesting?20:13
motaka3TJ-: done20:14
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: so you formatted your drive..20:14
Paradisee_i formatted the second one. the hd not the ssd20:14
Smnioria,  there actually is20:14
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: how did you solve it20:14
Paradisee_changed the sata plug20:14
Paradisee_i plug'd it on the ssd one.20:15
ioriaSmn,  Super-key (Windows key) and type the name20:15
TJ-codelion: oh, if the local network is resolving the archive.ubuntu.com FQDN to a local host, then it should work. Maybe there's a call to some other server, like the one containing the release-upgrade files. run a tcpdump sniff on it to find out20:15
Smnthat's how I normally launch my applications20:15
HelppleaseeeeeeI'm in desperate need of some help20:15
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: i strongly advise you firmware your ssd20:15
ioriaSmn,  which is ?20:15
Smncalling the dash and type the name of the applicaiton20:15
SchrodingersScat!ask Helppleaseeeeee20:15
HelppleaseeeeeeI just built my first PC and it boots up fine, however, when installing Ubuntu 15.10 it says "Invalid packet response from host"20:16
=== Comstock- is now known as Comstock
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: but this is a simple hd not a ssd.20:16
HelppleaseeeeeeIt says that over and over again and it's not installing20:16
Smnbut since a couple of days ago new applications don't appear on it20:16
TheEagerPadawanhi guys, i got some experience with linux and i would like to achieve my first cert - i am wondering what would be a good one to start off with and what resources i should check - i found theurbanpinguin is he still valid?20:16
TJ-motaka3: ioria OK, this is where it gets 'interesting'. If you get any errors from commmands, pastebin the results and we'll investigate/fix each. "sudo apt-get -f install"20:16
ioriaSmn,  i mean, which application does not show ?20:16
Paradisee_i should be able to write on it.20:16
HelppleaseeeeeeI'm so sad :(20:16
SchrodingersScatHelppleaseeeeee: try a new installation medium, either redo the liveUSB or burn another LiveCD20:16
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: your hd is solved now, im talking about your ssd performance20:16
mikaandrevous parlez francais?20:16
ioriaTJ-  :þ20:16
pbx!fr| mikaandre20:16
ubottumikaandre: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.20:16
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: i dont care about the ssd now.20:16
Smna bunch of them, so the fault isn't on the applicaiton, because no new application shows20:17
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: i cannot write on the hd....a20:17
codelionTJ-: good idea, brb trying that20:17
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: your choice20:17
HelppleaseeeeeeSchrodingersScat: So could I just retry installing the USB?20:17
Smnsome of theme are vim, puddletag, musicbrainz picard, selene media encoder20:17
Helppleaseeeeeelike reboot and restart the installation20:17
ioriaSmn,  totem or evince work ?20:17
Smnqtractor, qjackctl20:17
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: i just want to know why am i not able to write on the new hd.20:17
motaka3TJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13582827/20:17
Smnboth work20:17
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: i got a folder "lost+found" in the hd, and i cannot even access to it.20:18
HelppleaseeeeeeI'm in desparate need of help20:18
ioriaSmn,  they are not cli ?20:18
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: gksu nautilus and test from there20:18
HelppleaseeeeeeHow do I restart the installation process :(20:18
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: same20:19
mikaandreil y a un canaux un Portugais20:19
Pici!pt | mikaandre20:19
ubottumikaandre: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.20:19
Bashing-omwintermoon: Sheeshh .. show a new ' sudo fdisk -lu ' . let's see what the installer did .20:19
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: error?20:19
SchrodingersScatHelppleaseeeeee: could try a simple reboot, but redoing the LiveUSB altogether may be required, also !md5sum the image to ensure that the download completed correctly and wasn't corrupted along the way.20:19
Smnthe fault is not within the applications, they should appear, they have appeared on me before, in previous installs, and it is affecting all new applications20:19
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: none.20:19
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: got teamviewer if you have time.20:19
ioriaSmn,  let me try20:19
Picimikaandre:  Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português.20:19
Smnthe only exception is lollypop, but I built it from source, and the rest were installed from either official repos or from teh launchpad20:19
HelppleaseeeeeeI can't restart the computer :( it keeps coming back to the installation I was already on20:20
mikaandreil y a pas em PT-PT20:20
HelppleaseeeeeeI'm so sad20:20
motaka3TJ-: Is there anything wrong with the output20:20
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/13582885/20:21
TJ-motaka3: good do far. time to consult with ioria: the system has 152 14.04 packages, but the core files seem to be 12.04. Do you think it is worth trying to redo a do-release-upgrade ?20:21
shaun__hi guys my /usr/local is only 239MB its entirely too small and now i cant install anything cause ive run out of space how do i increase the space20:21
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: try gparted to ntfs now20:21
wintermoonBashing-om I can't even boot through Grub CD... it's stuck at "adding 16GB swap on /dev/sdb5" dayum prolly it's killing my SSD :D20:22
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: i cannot format again...20:22
ioriaTJ- he can try that , if fails  upgrade && release-upgrade (risky but fixable)20:22
SchrodingersScatHelppleaseeeeee: you can turn it off though20:22
ioriaTJ- sossy , if fails   upgrade && dist-upgrade20:22
wintermoonBashing-om mmm lemme try again20:22
=== shaun__ is now known as _shaun_
TJ-ioria: i think dist-upgrade first20:23
wintermoonBashing-om weird, it boots now20:23
wintermoonBashing-om well, through Grub, I'll check that command20:23
ioriaTJ-  he needs an upgrade .....20:23
HelppleaseeeeeePlease I'm in desparate need of some help20:23
ioriaSmn,  working for me.....20:23
HelppleaseeeeeeI had a failed installation20:23
HelppleaseeeeeeHow do I reset the deisk20:24
Helppleaseeeeeeand restart the installation20:24
Bashing-omwintermoon: ouch ! .. well how long has this " installing to sdb5" been going on . By the way swap on sdb5 is what we would expect . That is the good news .20:24
ioriaSmn,  cat /etc/issue20:24
TJ-motaka3: OK, let's just go for it: "sudo do-release-upgrade"20:25
motaka3TJ-: Ok20:25
motaka3TJ-: on the way20:25
wintermoonBashing-om At first didn't boot, then stuck at that swap line, now it boots normally I guess (through Grub CD)...20:25
TJ-motaka3: I'm hoping it doesn't try to release-upgrade *from* 14.04 to some later version :D20:25
lotuspsychjeHelppleaseeeeee: start again with usb?20:25
Smnonly thing in there is    "Ubuntu 15.10 \n \l20:25
ioriaTJ-  omg20:25
motaka3TJ-: I hope so.20:26
wintermoonBashing-om fdisk output is:20:26
TJ-ioria: hehehe right! strong coffee time :D20:26
codelionTJ-: it turns out that our mirror doesn't cover updates. I took a full disk backup instead, time to clean install20:26
codelionthanks for the help20:26
TJ-codelion: you're welcome20:26
wintermoonBashing-om sdb1 Linux, sdb2 Extended, sdb5 Linux swap / Solaris20:26
TheEagerPadawanwhich linux certs is good to begin with and where do i find decent resources20:26
motaka3ioria: :D What happened ? Did he risked my life?20:26
goddardis there an application permissions/security layer?20:26
TJ-TheEagerPadawan: cut your teeth helping in channels like this :)20:26
Bashing-omwintermoon: So ? Did the actual install to sdb complete ? Have you tried booting - set in bios to boot the 2nd hard drive as 1st boot priority ) ?20:26
ioriamotaka3,  no20:27
motaka3ioria: :D TJ- is great20:27
ioriamotaka3,  absolutly20:27
lotuspsychjegoddard: is apparmor what you looking for?20:27
TJ-motaka3: no, we were considering how the upgrade could see the 14.04 files there and think it was expected to upgrade from those to a later version :D20:27
wintermoonBashing-om yep, 2nd drive is still 1st priority, and I have just reinstalled again on that same drive with the Wizard managing the partitions20:27
TheEagerPadawanTJ-: system administration would be interesting for me20:27
TJ-motaka3: because we still don't know exactly how the system got so broken, or what else is lying in wait for us20:27
wintermoonBashing-om, but I don't even see the Grub prompt right now if I reboot20:28
Bashing-omwintermoon: Great, so what results when booting the install ?20:28
motaka3TJ-: I hope every thing goes fine. IN the city where I live  internet interrupts so much. Would it be trouble some for the upgrade?20:28
TJ-TheEagerPadawan: you can learn alot about the things that go wrong, and how to fix then, in channels like this and #ubuntu-server, and ##linux, as well as playing about yourself with virtual machines20:28
lotuspsychje!apparmor | goddard20:28
ubottugoddard: For information about the AppArmor security framework employed in Ubuntu (since Gutsy Gibbon), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor20:28
wintermoonBashing-om just the cursor on top left looping20:28
jhutchinsTheEagerPadawan: Break things, figure out how to fix them.20:28
jhutchinsTheEagerPadawan: Build a copy of each of the major distributions.20:29
ioriaSmn,  did you install qtractor with apt-get ?20:29
jhutchinsTheEagerPadawan: http://tldp.org20:29
Smnwhich I've done before20:29
TJ-motaka3: it could be, but the release-upgrader is supposed to cope with such things. bad connectivity wouldn't explain how /var/lib/dpkg/arch got deleted - release-upgrade would never delete that file20:29
Bashing-omwintermoon: A thought .. even though I see no idication of GPT , is this an UEFI system ?20:29
motaka3TJ-: ok then20:30
wintermoonBashing-om, besides that, the screen flickers each second or so... Sorry I don't know what UEFI means20:30
TheEagerPadawanjhutchins: i ain't looking this as a hobby project, i'm serious regarding getting in the workfield and i need to be able to show my experience they only way you can do this is with a cert these days20:30
ioriaSmn,  did you tweak System Settings -> Security & Privacy ?20:30
SmnI should bring more info, a few days ago(I already had the problem)someone recommended to deleted the cache, I did logetd out and in and the applications up to that point all showed, but when I installed new applications they didn't appear20:30
Smnno, I haven't even entered that part of the settings20:30
motaka3TJ-: it says it will take 11 hours :D20:30
TJ-motaka3: Time for bed :D20:31
Smnso the problem is along the lines of dash not chekcing for th enew files20:31
ioriamotaka3,  come on ....20:31
Smnand only doing so when its cache is manually deleted20:31
motaka3TJ-: Yea I have to drive home20:31
TJ-motaka3: this is why it is often easier to download an ISO installer and start fresh :)20:31
jhutchinsTheEagerPadawan: The one Linux admin I know who has certs also has the worst job.20:31
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: Partition 1 does not start on physical sector boundary20:31
motaka3TJ-: yeah you are right. I saved several links to study. I learnt so many things from you. Thank you20:32
motaka3ioria: thank you for taking care of my case. You are really a nice person20:32
mallohplease help me20:32
Bashing-omwintermoon: Makes no sense to me that this is the result . OK, reboot the machine, as soon as the bios screen clears depress and hold a shift key -> grub boot menu ?20:32
ioriamotaka3,  you're welcome20:32
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: join ##hardware and ask if its known issue20:32
TheEagerPadawanjhutchins: how do you think you get past hr if you are junior and still have everything to proof?20:32
codephobicanyone here use #yeoman or ##webdev? Are these channels dead or is there a network split or something happening?20:32
motaka3TJ-: by the way should leave my laptop ON so the putty can continue working ?20:33
TJ-TheEagerPadawan: certificates don't mean a lot to many of us; we go on your ability to adapt in the field to challenges, and knowing how systems tick and what the various core services are and how they should be managed. You only learn that by actually doing - moreso by playing about and deliberately breaking it and then trying to figure out how it broke and how to correct it20:33
lotuspsychjecodephobic: ask in #freenode please20:33
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: WARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sda'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.20:33
TJ-motaka3: it would be good yes, if something goes wrong the putty terminal will show what last happened20:33
jhutchinsTheEagerPadawan: It's not easy.  Learn the system well.  Make contributions to wikis and documentation and such.20:33
Paradisee_lotuspsychje: seems like fdisk doesnt support that type.20:33
Paradisee_what should i use instead?20:33
sky-2kmoinsen @all20:34
motaka3ok TJ- thanks again good night20:34
wintermoonBashing-om nope, still black screen and cursor20:34
TheEagerPadawanjhutchins: all true but tell the corporate world that20:35
mallohScreen resolution 1920-1080 did not monitor and LCD tv.No icons , windows and other large . From the program additional drivers tried all options - the same result20:35
Bashing-omwintermoon: Do not know what to say other than we are back to verifying the .iso and the burn . If that box boots Windows, it will boot linux .20:36
ioriaSmn,  try to reinstall two packages ...http://askubuntu.com/questions/225519/applications-not-showing-in-unity-dash20:36
ioriaSmn,  try to reinstall two packages ... http://askubuntu.com/questions/225519/applications-not-showing-in-unity-dash20:37
lotuspsychjeParadisee_: maybe this can help? http://guleweb.com/blog/?p=3420:37
TJ-TheEagerPadawan: the key word is "experience" and that includes things you do yourself. I'm much more impressed by seeing side-projects and self-taught skills because the most important skills are analysis, deduction, research, and working from documentation.20:37
Bashing-omwintermoon: In the installation phase, did you note where grub would be installed ? sdb ! .20:38
wintermoonBashing-om no, installation was automatic20:38
wintermoonBashing-om could boot into the OS and reinstall Grub be an option? or something?20:38
Smnioria, that guys problem is different, he's not getting any applications, I am but only the ones installed before x date, and anyway, I had already installe dthe applicaiton lens20:39
ioriaSmn,  ok20:39
TJ-wintermoon: have you tried switching boot device order?20:39
wintermoonTJ- 1st device is Drive where Ubuntu was installed20:40
Smnreinstalled* I mean. But it had no effect20:40
TJ-wintermoon: right, I'm saying if there are multiple devices, switch them!20:41
TJ-wintermoon: that, or positively prove where the boot-strap and boot-loader are20:41
wintermoonTJ- any way to prove that? please note I'm just a regular inexperienced user20:41
TJ-wintermoon: well, I generally try to work from evidence, so I do diagnosis to identify what the actual install locations look like, rather than guessing20:42
ioriaSmn,  is that you  :þ ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/704073/newly-installed-applications-not-showing-in-dash-menu20:42
wintermoonTJ- hmmm20:44
Smnthat's a mere coincidence. I haven't asked for help anywhere but here20:44
lotuspsychjemalloh: ubuntu version? card chipset? driver active?20:44
Smnafter reading it I'm surprised he seems to have done the same as me20:44
Smnalso, it seems his case is a little different, because he says they appear on reboot or after launching thorugh terminal, which doesn't happen to me20:45
TJ-wintermoon: the boot process is pretty simple: power-on > firmware power-on-self-test (POST) > firmware boot-manager -> read boot-strap code from boot device into memory > execute boot-strap > boot-strap loads additional boot-loader code > boot-manager menu > load OS > execute OS20:45
ioriaSmn,  right20:45
TJ-wintermoon: now, if the 'boot-strap' or 'boot loader' code was accidentally installed to a device which isn't 1st in the boot-order, the problems you describe would be expected. That's why I suggested trying to change the boot-order (if there are multiple devices available)20:46
goddardlotuspsychje: not sure let me look20:46
ioriaSmn,  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/150674420:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1506744 in unity (Ubuntu) "Newly installed applications do not show in the dash" [Low,Incomplete]20:46
wintermoonTJ- I understand now, I'll try20:46
ghost_hello guys20:46
sargecan anyone help me to get a registration number20:47
Smnlooks like 15.10 didn't come out so polished20:47
Smnthere is another bug related to the trash icon where if you empty the trash it will launch nautilus after the fact20:48
lotuspsychjeSmn: use LTS for more stable experience20:48
ioriaSmn,  you could try  #1220:48
TJ-sarge: Ubuntu does not have a registration number20:49
SmnI know, I prefer to deal with this than with older packages, just saying that a stable release shouldn't be suffering from these problem20:49
sargeI was on here and I took there was?20:50
wintermoonTJ- it seems that was the case, thank you20:50
wintermoonTJ- anyways it's still messy20:50
TJ-wintermoon: yay... so now it is booted, you need to *fix* that !20:50
TJ-wintermoon: as I understand it you now have a disk with the Linux boot-loader on, but the OS on a different disk?20:50
Smnioria, , that actually worked20:51
ioriaSmn,  you're lucky guy20:51
Smnso the problem is within the loader20:51
wintermoonTJ- indeed20:51
Smnthank you, ioria20:51
TJ-wintermoon: so, use "sudo lsblk -f" and identify which device name hosts the root file-system at /20:51
ioriaSmn,  you're welcome20:51
wintermoonTJ- sdb120:52
TJ-wintermoon: OK, now do "sudo grub-install /dev/sdb" and if no errors are reported, do "sudo update-grub"20:53
TJ-wintermoon: note that is "/dev/sdb" *not* "/dev/sdb1"20:54
wintermoonTJ- yep, done20:54
TJ-wintermoon: OK, reboot, change boot order to the 'Linux' device, and it should work20:54
wintermoonTJ- YAY! it boots, now lemme check if Win boots correctly20:56
EriC^^!yay | wintermoon20:56
ubottuwintermoon: Glad you made it! :-)20:56
TJ-wintermoon: that's where you may have to fix it up20:56
wintermoonTJ- yeah it was somewhat messy before installation, don't know how to explain tho, but had mixed bootings (?)20:57
=== mfisch is now known as Guest7150
wintermoonTJ- had two devices, one Win on each, and sometimes when booting the system would reboot before starting the OS20:57
TJ-wintermoon: when there are several devices, the installer sometimes guesses wrong. It assumes the device currently listed first by the firmware is the 1 you want as boot device, so unless you spot that and change it at partitioning time, the boot loader goes onto the 'wrong' device if you want to keep them separate20:58
wintermoonTJ- I see, I didn't know that, I messed at some point back then21:00
wintermoonTJ- now at Grub I see the following:21:00
wintermoonTJ- I have three Windows options... listed as follow:   *Win 8 (on /dev/sda1)   *Win 8 (on /dev/sda2)   *Win 8 (on /dev/sdc1)21:02
wintermoonTJ- I selected the first Win option, and it led me to the previous Windows default Dual-boot (previous to Ubuntu installation)21:03
TJ-wintermoon: urgh, sounds like it just got complicated!21:03
wintermoonTJ- LOL... I want grub to show only two Win options, one for sda and other for sdc...21:03
TJ-wintermoon: I'd *guess* /dev/sda1 is a Windows Recovery image (the first partition generally is, if not hidden)21:03
wintermoonTJ- I see21:04
TJ-wintermoon: so I'd think /dev/sda2 is one installation, and possibly sdc1 is the other (though that could be a Recovery image too!)21:04
TJ-wintermoon: try "sudo blkid"21:04
wintermoonTJ- one of them is a Win 7 dual-boot, dunno which21:05
TJ-wintermoon: if you can boot, from GRUB, into the Windows install, it might be worth having it re-install its own boot-strap code into the MBR of /dev/sda so it uses native Windows boot with no GRUB involvement, that way you can choose Win8 or Ubuntu simply by selected the boot device from firmware.21:06
TJ-wintermoon: just make sure it doesn't write it into that /dev/sdb!21:07
wintermoonTJ- hmmmm21:08
TJ-wintermoon: situations like these, I do love UEFI :)21:08
wintermoon2TJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/13583685/21:09
wintermoonTJ- Win8 and DATA have both a Win8 installation on each21:10
TJ-wintermoon: GRUB relies on os-prober to add foreign OS entries. Try running it, see what it discovers. "sudo os-prober"21:11
wintermoonTJ- http://paste.ubuntu.com/13583750/21:13
TJ-wintermoon: so, that shows you os-prober thinks differently to you about sdc21:13
TJ-wintermoon: there is no GRUB configuration to have it amend the os-prober output; you can only disable it entirely so GRUB doesn't add foreign entries21:14
TJ-wintermoon: actually, the /etc/grub.d/30_os-prober shell script does process "GRUB_OS_PROBER_SKIP_LIST"21:16
TJ-wintermoon: it looks as if the code their looks for the UUID of the partition(s) you want to skip in that variable21:17
wintermoonTJ- I guess the boot was spoiled previously, but why it shows three different Windows options? There must be some way to get rid of them and let GRUB manage each Windows boot individually? :D21:18
TJ-wintermoon: so you could add GRUB_OS_PROBER_SKIP_LIST="069AE3D39AE3BCF5 C6EE2876EE286143"  to '/etc/default/grub' to have it skip /dev/sda1 and /dev/sdc121:19
TJ-wintermoon: but something is missing from /dev/sdc5 that os-prober expects, which is why it doesn't list that partition as bootable21:19
TJ-wintermoon: I seem to recall it looks for /boot/bootmgr.exe or similar21:20
TJ-wintermoon: the shell script in /usr/lib/os-probes/mounted/20microsoft  does the hunting/recognising of Windows OS21:21
wintermoonTJ- hmmm21:22
sulfasalon a new install 1510, how do I edit the preferences in terminal and gedit?21:28
bekkssulfasal: Which preferences?21:29
sulfasalline number background etc21:29
bekksof what?21:29
sulfasalterminal gedit etc theirs no way to configure them21:30
bekksTerminal doesnt have line numbers to be shown.21:30
sulfasalok gedit21:30
bekksif its not in the preferences, there is no way.21:31
sulfasallol, lubuntu does21:31
bekksSo its in the preferences - somewhere :)21:31
sulfasalLooking at gedit window on ubuntu1510 right now. No preferences21:32
sulfasalopen save print undo that's it21:33
nicomachusone sec sulfasal let me pull up gedit on one of my 15.10 machines21:33
EriC^^sulfasal: check the global menu at the top left corner ( mouse-over so it appears )21:34
nicomachussulfasal: lubuntu uses leafpad, not gedit21:34
sulfasalnicomachus: nuh-uh21:34
sulfasaluses both21:34
sulfasalEriC^^: nope, nothing there. Am I missing some GTK thingee? This is a brand new install.21:36
nicomachussulfasal: Edit --> Preferences and there's a check-box for "display line numbers" under view21:36
nicomachusit may be in your top menu bar, not connected to the actual gedit window.21:36
sulfasalnicomachus: ain't no edit there's just icons across the top open, save, print, undo that's it21:37
EriC^^sulfasal: hold alt so the menu at the top appears21:37
sulfasalEriC^^: ok I see now, it's on the top of the screen NOT the actual gedit window21:38
* nicomachus said that...21:38
EriC^^yeah, ubuntu uses global menu's if you hover the mouse over it it'll appear21:38
EriC^^( it can be disabled btw )21:38
EriC^^sulfasal: settings > appearance > behavior > menus21:39
TommallaHey, I broke my unity :<21:41
EriC^^sulfasal: np21:41
nicomachusTommalla: nothing wrong with that. :)21:41
EriC^^Tommalla: does the guest account work?21:41
TommallaSo, I have this liveUSB of 15.10. I booted it up, installed a bunch of things including nvidia-drivers and gcc-4.9 (trying to run a CUDA project on a liveUSB). After that I closed the lid of my laptop for a moment and that's when all hell broke loose.21:43
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
TommallaWhen I reopened the lid, there was a login screen but whenever I logged in (login: ubuntu, pass:blank), there would be an error about some program crashing (unity, I presume?). I rebooted, and now I only get the desktop with no top/left bars nor window decorations.21:44
TommallaWhen I tried to run unity from console, it gave me errors about glib missing. I reinstalled python-gobject and upgraded unity. Now when I try to run unity from console it hangs on "compiz (core) - Error: Plugin 'opengl' not loaded." and nothing more happens.21:45
Tommallanicomachus, EriC^^: ^21:45
daftykinsTommalla: don't see the point in trying to achieve such a task from a live session.21:47
daftykinsand no debug can be done because you'll reboot and it'll all be gone...21:48
simon^^I am a consultant doing an assignment for a major home appliance company. It is a research project and I'm creating a datalogger for dishwashers. The platform I use is a beaglebone with a custom cape that has the electronics required to talk to the dishwasher. Ubuntu 14.04 was selected for rootfs and I`m using the freshest 4.1 kernel. This device is going to be shipped to customers (brainless people) and they will need21:49
simon^^to connect to the logger through its wifi and install deb packages using some windows program I will write to update the software on their logger. My question is: what available options do I have for remotely installing software where everything has to be operated by braindead people (consumers)?21:49
daftykinssimon^^: why such a new kernel? also if this thing is ARM, bear in mind #ubuntu-arm exists21:50
nicomachus4.1 on 14.04?21:50
daftykinsyeah stops it being ubuntu imo.21:50
simon^^Irrelevant, I am not going to change kernel21:50
daftykinssimon^^: but you already have, since 4.1 doesn't come with 14.0421:50
daftykinsso what you're running is no longer ubuntu 14.0421:50
simon^^It is still irrelevant to the question21:51
daftykinsyes, but i'm asking anyway - being stubborn and refusing just makes you come across as though you have an attitude21:51
Tommalladaftykins: It won't. I have a partition on that liveusb for the data. AFAIK it should stay there.21:51
simon^^It was a collegue of mine, I agree it was a stupid decision and I have spent tens of hours just to wrestle kernel issues, but right now its what ive got :P21:52
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
Tommalladaftykins: There's no other way to do this - this is the only CUDA-compatible machine I have and it's not mine so I cannot modify the hard drive21:52
daftykinssimon^^: why not configure a default samba share that people can throw packages on, then script up automatically parsing that path to install them? if i follow you right21:52
simon^^He mentioned something about "new networking features"21:52
daftykinsTommalla: then your plan is flawed.21:52
TJ-simon^^: if the 'logger' ahs WiFi why can't it update packages itself?21:52
simon^^daftykins, that is one option, we were also discussing setting up a node server and http posting debs21:53
dusan_Hello there21:53
simon^^I was thinking there might be some corporate 'distribute software transparently to clients' way too, but I know of none21:54
daftykinswhat do those beaglebones run from? SD cards for the OS, like a Pi?21:54
zerowaitstatesimon^^: take a look at snappy maybe?21:54
Tommalladaftykins: Well, have a better idea?21:54
daftykinsTommalla: yeah, arrange proper access to a proper target machine you *can* control.21:54
Tommalladaftykins: told you, impossible21:54
TommallaI can, however, suspend this machine21:54
TommallaWhich I have been doing21:55
simon^^It runs from internal flash. First it boots from SD, then it copies the SD card to internal eMMC card and dd's null to the boot sector of the SD using a custom script21:55
daftykinsTommalla: enjoy then. your constraints sound utterly ridiculous.21:55
simon^^then it formats the SD and use it for storing logs21:55
daftykinssimon^^: ah, so too slow to ship updated cards i take it?21:55
simon^^zerowaitstate, I will do that, thanks21:56
dusan_Is there anyone around who uses Ubuntu Gnome?21:56
zerowaitstatesimon^^: bear in mind snappy isn't really production ready yet21:56
TJ-simon^^: set-up your own ubuntu mirror archive which contains just the packages required; configure the 'logger' device to use that as its repos, ensure the device can get an IPv4 and IPv6 address using dhcp/dhcpv6 and RA, and that your repo server answers to both IPv4/v6, and has DNS entries for both A and AAAA records, and then all you do is publish a new version of the package in your repo and all the21:56
TJ-loggers will eventually call-in and upgrade21:56
bekksdusan_: I bet some people do.#21:56
simon^^daftykins, not really, it is just something I made quickly for the upcoming release. Later we will probably PXE boot or something21:56
TJ-I know a gnome that uses Ubuntu :)21:57
simon^^the installation is done at the factory21:57
dusan_hahaah nice one :D21:57
daftykinsdusan_: ask the actual question21:57
zerowaitstatewould GNOME Ubuntu be Gubuntu?21:57
simon^^TJ the logger can only access the laptop of the customer when they connect, it is a design decision to not allow it to access the internet in any way21:58
dusan_Nah just wondering how many people use it :D21:58
k1lzerowaitstate: no. its ubuntu-gnome21:58
dusan_everything is good but gnome-terminal sucks balls21:58
simon^^and the laptop has very restricted company policy so they cant install anything and they are definately not admin :P21:58
simon^^and it runs windoze21:59
nicomachusdusan_: that's really a discussion for #ubuntu-offtopic, this is strictly a support channel21:59
dusan_Ah ok :)21:59
TJ-simon^^: how will the customer connect then? will they have to switch to ad-hoc wifi mode, or do you intend the device to operate as an AP, potentially polluting the 802.11bg band ?21:59
dusan_Ok then I have a real question is there any way to make unity web player run on Ubuntu?21:59
TJ-simon^^: or is the device connecting by wired Ethernet, or USB?22:00
nicomachusdusan_: you may find this helpful: https://askubuntu.com/questions/425317/unity-web-player-for-ubuntu22:00
daftykinsdusan_: probably not, i see a lot of articles talking about pipelight hacks but i bet most of those fail now.22:00
daftykinsheh yeah like the above link, which has replies saying it doesn't work22:00
* nicomachus slinks away and leaves daftykins to handle things22:01
daftykinsnicomachus: i was on the same page when you linked it :D22:03
* nicomachus is still only on level 3 of his Hooked-on-Phonics audiotape22:03
simon^^TJ-, The device operates as an AP. What do you mean by polluting the 802.11bg band? Do I need to have some certificate to run an AP or is it just a general concern?22:09
simon^^I checked out snappy, its not really what im looking for22:10
TJ-simon^^: general concern - most homes are already congested with neighbour APs; adding another isn't going to win friends22:10
TJ-simon^^: if it only operates when turned on/off manually to do data exchanges that'd be OK, but I'd recommend against an always-on AP device22:10
simon^^TJ-, it operates when you run a program on your dishwasher22:11
k1lsimon^^: canonical got some thing called "landscape"22:11
simon^^its powered by the powerboard bus22:11
TJ-simon^^: any programme, or a special one for data logging? if the former, I'd expect some customers reporting 'bad wifi' for their personal systems when the thing is operating.22:12
TJ-simon^^: 2.4GHz  band with 802.11b/g (20 MHz channel width) has only 3 completely non-overlapping channels. When it is 802.11n (40MHz channel width) that reduces to 2.22:13
BigMaoHi there, I've been experiencing freezing on a fresh install of Ubuntu. The input devices are unresponsive for about 1-2 minutes after seeing the login screen.  How can I diagnose this problem?22:14
simon^^TJ the goal of the product is to "monitor" the habits of the customer, and to parse logs to find suspicious sensor values etc. using analysis software. Only employees will have it and they will get a free dishwasher in exchange for using the system. This means that yes, it runs on any programme22:14
TJ-simon^^: if those Windows PCs are locked down, I'd suggest the easiest way to have ubuntu updates delivered would be to have a minimal Ubuntu virtual machine to deliver them, running on Windows22:14
simon^^I was thinking that. The aim is to have an application with two buttons to run on their computer. They press one button when they are home, and one when they are at work. Thats the whole synchronization mechanism. We want to download logs, update software and add (change) configuration files. Ive developed a bunch of deb packages for all this already but the thing I still have to do is this updating mechanism.22:16
TJ-simon^^: we have some packages designed to do that kind of thing. apt-mirror, apt-cacher-ng, aptoncd, and others22:16
BigMaoI'm also having an issue where I can't access any of my virtual terminals (CTRL + ALT + F1-F6).  Instead I get a blank screen.  Does anyone have this problem?22:17
TJ-!apt-offline | simon^^ this can be used on Windows systems too22:17
TJ-!info apt-offline | simon^^ this can be used on Windows systems too22:17
ubottusimon^^ this can be used on Windows systems too: apt-offline (source: apt-offline): offline APT package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.6.1 (wily), package size 55 kB, installed size 346 kB22:17
simon^^TJ cool! I have a bit of reading to do now :D Thank you for helping me out22:18
=== HeisenbergsDog is now known as Guest65519
ubuntu452Hi guys! I was wondering about intel graphics drivers on 14.04.3 I went to 01.org but it appears that the packages available there don't have support for 14.04.3, any advice on how to get better support for the graphics card?22:20
daftykinsdo not install from that site22:20
ubuntu452daftykins: I haven't22:20
daftykinsyou already have the best support, 3.19 kernel on LTS :)22:20
jesuslovesyouthiI'm trying to use macchanger with the random option (ie: macchanger -r < interface >); but the outcome is the same address (same as my acutual mac). I did do 'sudo ifconfig wlan0 down and did use prefix my macchanger command with sudo. What am I doing wrong?22:20
daftykinsjesuslovesyouthi: this is Kali isn't it.22:21
ubuntu452daftykins: My 1024x768 resolution disagrees with you x)22:21
=== Guest65519 is now known as HeisenbergsDog
TJ-ubuntu452: resolution is generally due to the monitor not supplying valid EDID22:21
jesuslovesyouthidaftykins: ubuntu 14.0422:21
daftykinsubuntu452: that's not driver based, perhaps you should've started with that as your question... desktop/laptop ? connection type?22:21
ubuntu452Desktop LAN22:21
=== HeisenbergsDog is now known as Guest94175
daftykinswhat has LAN got to do with anything?22:22
ubuntu452daftykins: I thought it was the intel driver22:22
daftykinsi'm saying connection type of the display :)22:22
TJ-ubuntu452: "pastebinit <( xrandr -q )" from a GUI terminal shell22:22
=== Guest94175 is now known as HeisenbergsDog
=== HeisenbergsDog is now known as Guest62916
ubuntu452daftykins: omg im sorry, my brain is half turned off... VGA cable, desktop, monitor is a samsung (no idea model, im not close to the PC with the issue atm)22:23
=== trisquel_ is now known as HeisenbergsDog
daftykinsnot close means what? why are you here asking? :)22:23
daftykinswe need to see direct output and logs etc, so if you're not there, we can't help other than to say it's 2015 - use a digital connection22:24
ubuntu452daftykins: not close means, it's the work desktop, im at home right now... Let me connect to it22:24
jesuslovesyouthiAm I supposed to use some other program (like urandom) along with my macchanger command? Bc that's not how I see used here : http://linuxconfig.org/change-mac-address-with-macchanger-linux-command22:24
simon^^TJ another question :) What is the recommended way for managing private keys (for signing deb packages) for large companies? Do I need to request money for a safe with two large golden keys that have to be turned simultaneously in different ends of a room to lock it up in, or is there a simpler way?22:24
ubuntu452daftykins: my mobo doesn't support anything else22:24
* nicomachus is curious about how much of the consulting fee is now going to TJ-22:24
daftykinsthat's unlikely22:24
ubuntu452daftykins: but sadly true22:25
daftykinsmust be older than i thought22:25
daftykinsnicomachus: he gets _all_ the virtual cookies :)22:25
TJ-simon^^: yeah, that... or just an air-gapped PC to generate a CA (Certificate Authority) key-pair, and issue your own signing certs with that, and install the public CA cert on the devices22:25
simon^^haha :P The job of a consultant is to quickly gather intelligence and act as it was there all the time :P22:25
TJ-nicomachus: so far, 5 chocolate cookies om non non :D22:26
haskelwhen you check command -h, it shows a lot of optional arguments, how do you know what the values are for those optional arguments?22:26
haskeli.e. an option arg: --stdout22:26
daftykinshaskel: by learning to run "man <command>"22:26
haskelwhat value do I give it if I want to turn it on?22:26
haskeldaftykins, let me give that a shot22:26
simon^^TJ thank you, I owe you a bunch of beers man22:26
simon^^If you`re ever in sweden22:27
nicomachusclearly he wants chocolate cookies22:27
simon^^I`ll ship some of the best Amsterdam space cake22:27
haskeldaftykins, it says no manual entry for command22:27
ubuntu452daftykins: What am I looking for? When I get there again tomorrow, what should I record to get some help?22:27
daftykinsubuntu452: TJ- asked you to run a command, so...22:27
jesuslovesyouthiit's cool. I'll worry about it later22:28
ubuntu452TJ-:    1024x768       60.0      800x600        60.3     56.2      640x480        59.922:29
TJ-nicomachus: it sounds like fairly typical PLM data collection22:29
daftykinsubuntu452: don't paste to here22:29
ubuntu452TJ-: those are the modes supported atm22:29
daftykinsubuntu452: you needed to install "pastebinit" then run the command given22:30
nicomachusTJ-: I was just trying to mess with him.22:30
daftykinsthen link us to the URL resulting from it :)22:30
ubuntu452daftykins: ^-^22:30
TJ-ubuntu452: we'd need to see the pastebin, because it gives more contextual info, but those resolutions look to be the standard VESA resolutions when there's no better EDID info from the monitor. Check in /var/log/Xorg.0.log for clues that EDID is failing22:30
corvohi guys, trying to install yumi and first I couldn't because I didn't have gambas3-runtime installed on my 12.04. I found a way to manually install it by following a wiki, I did but then I had to create a dummy package for it with 'equivs'. Followed that procedure too but it gave me this error http://pastebin.fr/43624. I still tried to install it after all (now that I manage to manually install gambas3-runtime even if without equivs...) and It works but it doe22:32
corvosn't start giving me this other error "Cannot load class 'TrayIcon': Unable to load class file. FMain.FMain.0" Dunno what to do anymore, help! Please :)22:32
ubuntu452TJ-: Hypothetically if the issue is with the monitor not being correctly identified, I presume I'd have to install the monitor drivers, is that right?22:32
nicomachuscorvo: any reason you're still running 12.04?22:32
daftykinsubuntu452: no22:32
daftykinsubuntu452: i take it you're new to Linux and normally use Windows? drivers aren't the answer :)22:33
TJ-ubuntu452: no, my first suggestion if EDID fails is to check the pins at both ends of the VGA monitor - specifically the DDC pins22:33
corvonicomachis: hardware stability with my machine, tried 13.10 and 14.04 but there were no doubts I should have go back to 12.04, way faster and better for my pc22:33
corvonicomachus: hardware stability with my machine, tried 13.10 and 14.04 but there were no doubts I should have go back to 12.04, way faster and better for my pc22:33
ubuntu452daftykins, TJ- I haven't used Linux in a while... forgot about the configuration issues after installing a distro =)22:33
TJ-ubuntu452: EDID is transferred over the DDC link as digital data. That failing is a common problem due to physical issues. Believe it or not, some cheaper VGA cables leave out the DDC signal22:34
corvoanyway, I obviously canno install dummy package for gambas3-runtime and that bothers yumi's boot, any idea how to solve it?22:35
ubuntu452TJ-: That could be the case, sadly I'm at home now and that is the PC at work (probably they got a cheap ass VGA cable), any ideas how to fix it not involving changing the cable? (It might take weeks b4 they get the right one and I don't want to have to buy one myself)22:35
TJ-ubuntu452: you'd have to create custom modelines matching what the monitor can do, and add them to the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file in a 'Monitor' section, along with an associated 'Screen' section22:37
daftykinswe're talking a couple of pounds,dollars,euros22:37
daftykinsgo on, splash out for Christmas :P22:37
ubuntu452daftykins: I'm cheap too xD22:37
TJ-ubuntu452: swap the cable from 1 from a Windows PC - it'll never notice - they 'll just blame the drivers :D22:37
roHello. Im trying to wipe a ssd. Im using the command "pv < /dev/zero/ > /dev/sdb" Im getting an eta of 265hrs. Is there any way to speed this up?22:37
TJ-ro: use the SSD's ATA Secure Erase command. 10 seconds22:38
mcphailubuntu452: what graphics driver are you actually using just now? Has the system dropped to the vesa driver? Have you booted with "nomodeset" (which will drop to the vesa driver if there is no proprietary driver installed)?22:38
ubuntu452TJ-: Hahahahahaha! I don't see many ppl around using windoes machines... It's mostly mac users (they have all their cool cables and stuff)22:38
daftykinswhere cool = ridiculous22:39
ubuntu452mcphail: I literally just installed ubuntu 14.04 today on the machine, it was running 12 something...22:40
mcphailubuntu452: what is the native resolution you are looking for?22:40
ubuntu452daftykins: indeed, sadly they'll probably have to replace *ALL* the cables with the next version of the mac22:40
daftykinsubuntu452: wouldn't hurt to see a "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"22:40
ubuntu452daftykins: can't provide it :( tried sshing over the VPN only to realise that I turned off the machine before leaving work :'((((22:41
daftykinsthen what was the faked resolution output you shared earlier?22:42
ubuntu452daftykins: I was so proud of myself for being a good citizen and turning it off as I left :/22:42
TJ-ubuntu452: would have been more fun to do it remotely over SSH :p22:43
daftykinswell write it down for tomorrow, install 'pastebinit', run "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" and write down the link to share here when available22:43
ubuntu452mcphail: Something nicer than 1024x76822:43
ubuntu452TJ-: that's what I was hoping for xP22:43
ubuntu452TJ-: I'll enable wake on lan for next time ^-^22:43
nicomachuseverything is more fun when done remotely over SSH, EXCEPT for distro upgrades.22:43
mcphailubuntu452: but what is the res of the monitor?22:43
daftykinsmaybe leave it on and double check you installed openssh-server, too...22:43
* nicomachus learned the hard way22:43
TJ-ubuntu452: and don't forget, check the hardware connections, that might be all it needs. I've seen the DDC pins bent inside the connector several times. *gently* prising them back to straight fixes it - but don't snap them!22:44
TJ-nicomachus: what issues did you have with distr upgrades?22:44
ubuntu452mcphail: might be something like 1900x... but I'm not 100% sure22:44
ubuntu452mcphail: I'll check the hardware tomorrow if the VGA cable doesn't work and write the Xorg.conf file by hand to a nicer resolution22:45
nicomachusTJ-: It was a few months ago. something ended up getting corrupted on the reboot, and I lost the whole HDD because it was all encrypted and couldn't be recovered. It was a loooooong deal.22:45
TJ-nicomachus: that is where installing dropbear does wonders, especially in the initrd22:46
mcphailubuntu452: if it _is_ a 1920x1080 monitor, you can try adding "drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=edid/1920x1080.bin" to your kernel boot line. If you're using radeon or nouveau drivers, that should prompt them to set resolution correctly22:46
daftykinsanother win for encryption :D22:46
daftykinsmcphail: intel only so we're told.22:46
ubuntu452mcphail: no radeon/nouveau drivers, it's intel only (should definitely request a GPU for that thing though...)22:46
nicomachusTJ-: I just googled dropbear and got a mythical australian koala thing...22:46
mcphaildaftykins: ahh. Haven't tried it on intel, but it should work on any kernel modesetting drivers22:47
nicomachusah, this? https://github.com/mkj/dropbear22:47
TJ-daftykins: encryption can only break if the LUKS header gets its mast key damaged. sectors in the data area being corrupted are just like corrupted sectors anywhere22:47
daftykinsnicomachus: perhaps add linux :P22:47
TJ-!info dropbear | nicomachus22:47
ubottunicomachus: dropbear (source: dropbear): lightweight SSH2 server and client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2014.65-1ubuntu2 (wily), package size 171 kB, installed size 997 kB22:47
mcphailubuntu452: give it a try anyway. Haven't tested on intel, but worst that will happen will be you'll have to reboot22:47
nicomachusTJ-: that's exactly what happened to me. the LUKS header key was corrupted and couldn't be recovered.22:47
TJ-nicomachus: it's statically linked (so binaries are stand-alone)22:47
TJ-nicomachus: and of course you had created a dump of the LUKS header on some removable media :D22:48
nicomachusTJ-: Of course!22:48
ubuntu452mcphail: If I did that, would I get that resolution on all TTYs?22:48
nicomachus(after that all happened....)22:48
TJ-nicomachus: stable-door, horse-bolted, !22:48
mcphailubuntu452: it should give you the opportunity to set that resolution22:49
* nicomachus learns from mistakes, but unfortunately often fails to learn things *before* the mistakes happen22:49
ubuntu452So, unrelated to what we've discussed so far regarding the intel drivers, how do I improve the resolution of the TTYs in an ubuntu machine?22:49
daftykinsthey wouldn't be mistakes if you didn't :>22:49
daftykinsubuntu452: they're part of the same thing actually, so just focus on checking those things tomorrow22:50
noobstrapHello. Installed radeon drivers and ubuntu isn't booting. What logs should I check?22:50
ubuntu452daftykins: nvm... Just checked this machine's TTY resolution and it's behaving as expected22:50
daftykinsnoobstrap: which specifically, 'fglrx' ?22:50
ubuntu452daftykins: Yeah I'll have a look, thanks guys!22:51
daftykinssee you can't call them radeon, since 'radeon' is also a driver ;)22:51
daftykinshow did you install?22:51
daftykinswhich ubuntu are we even talking about? which card too?22:51
noobstrapfrom the additional hardware menu22:51
noobstrapI managed to uninstall the drivers and ubuntu is working again but im interested in making the mwork22:52
daftykinsgonna need the above info then22:52
noobstrapI'd like to troubleshoot but i don't know which logs to check22:52
mcphailubuntu452: I think you can still pass vga modes these days, as well: https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/svga.txt22:53
noobstrapI'm on ubuntu 15.0422:53
daftykinsright and the card?22:53
noobstrapradeon 687022:53
daftykinsdid you also get offered fglrx-updates to try?22:53
noobstrapyes i've tried them both22:54
noobstrapI used to solve this issue in the past by installing the linux headers22:54
noobstrapbut it didn't work this time22:54
daftykinswhen it fails, do TTYs work? or do you get everything blank?22:55
noobstrapit freezes int he ubuntu loading screen and cant swith tty22:55
noobstrapcan only turn off by powerbutton22:55
daftykinsmmm not much luck trying to get any logs out of that then - tried booting with 'quiet splash' removed?22:56
ubuntu452mcphail: Those look horrible, although it appears to have an 'autodetect' feature... Not brave enough to try that (don't feel like frying the monitor)22:57
noobstrapdon't know where i fucked up, I'm prob gonna fresh install the latest LTS version22:59
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:59
daftykinsbear in mind AMD just put your card into legacy status22:59
CountryfiedLinuxDoes the Ubuntu installer install any closed source drivers by default?22:59
CountryfiedLinuxfor graphics23:00
bekksCountryfiedLinux: no.23:00
CountryfiedLinuxok cool bekks thanks.23:00
noobstrapThanks daftykins, sorry for the language ^_^23:01
daftykinsnoobstrap: you could pastebin the output of installing one of the packags, so we can see if the module is built correctly23:05
utiodoes anyone know what software i can use to help build css based GTK3 theme ?23:10
utioI really want to edit the Arc theme which is in .css , but I dont know what the CSS fields are to change the value !!23:10
cuddylierWhat is the maximum throughput of a 6Gb/s LSI raid card if I have a systme with PCIe slots?23:11
noobstrapok here's the fglrx install output http://pastebin.com/mUpXmXqw23:14
BigMaoHi there, I'm having a lot of trouble getting larger X11 fonts to work in Ubuntu 14.04.  I want to do this by setting the DPI in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.  Can somebody tell me how to do this?23:17
BigMaoThe text scaling factor does not work when the program uses X11 fonts.23:20
dgistandowhats the point?23:23
sector_0hey guys23:24
sector_0any idea why my wireless keyboard and mouse combo doesn't work correctly?23:24
sector_0I plugged in the dongle, and put batteries in the mouse and keyboards, with correct polarity23:24
sector_0the keyboard work fine as far as I see, but the mouse doesn't work at all23:25
sector_0when I turn on the mouse, the light flashes couple times and never comes back on23:25
daftykinsnot associated perhaps23:25
sector_0daftykins, what you mean?23:26
OerHeksIf you cannot pair the mouse, sounds like broken, bring it back where you bought it.23:29
daftykinssector_0: the receiver must be associated with both parts, what make are they?23:29
sector_0daftykins, OerHeks it's an old model so that's why I'm not too convinced it's a hardware issue23:30
sector_0I think it might be a driver issue23:30
sector_0the model is BL-IBM-KM50023:30
=== ^CJ^ is now known as ^cj^
sector_0it's a nipponamerica device23:30
daftykinswell as long as all 3 were used together in the past, they should already be associated23:30
OerHeksNo, i don't think it is a driver problem.23:31
daftykinsagreed, the likelihood 50% of a receiver is working is quite low23:31
TJ-is it a Bluetooth device, or using its own radio modulation/frequency?23:32
sector_0TJ-, well it's using 2.4GHz but it doesn't follow the bluetooth standard from what I gather, since my bluetooth dongle don't detect them23:33
retrojeffif /run/user/1000/dconf/user is owned by root the desktop will crash23:34
retrojeffand cause 100% cpu usage23:34
sector_0daftykins, well I recently bought it23:34
retrojeffstuff like mate-panel etc23:34
daftykinsah so they are not guaranteed to work together23:34
daftykinssector_0: no buttons on the receiver for sync i take it?23:35
retrojeffwho and what changes /run/user/1000/dconf/user to be owned by root23:35
TJ-sector_0: if the receiver can't pair with the mouse that points to something outside the OS, unless they are paired but the receiver needs a driver to handle the mouse, but not the keyboard.23:35
sector_0I mean the real reason I bought it was to replace my old keyboard, the mouse is secondary but it'll be nice to have it23:35
k1lretrojeff: missusage of sudo and root account?23:35
sector_0TJ-, well I'm not 100% sure it doesn't "pair"23:36
TJ-sector_0: their is usually an identifable LED sequence to identify the modes, check the manual23:36
TJ-sector_0: compare "the light flashes couple times and never comes back on" with what the manual says should be happening23:37
sector_0TJ-, the manual doesn't say anything about flash patterns23:42
daftykinssector_0: best advice, test it on a Windows machine23:46
daftykinsno point going to length working it out when you can just check23:46
sector_0daftykins, I only have access to a windows 8 computer and as is expected....there's no driver23:47
TJ-sector_0: from what I'm reading, the device presents as standard USB HID devices, so no special OS drivers are required  (the standard USB HID class driver is sufficient) so the issue is in the hardware23:47
sector_0oh well, at least the keyboard's working23:47
OerHekssector_0, so you bought it recently, it does not work on windows 8, and you think it is a ubuntu driver issue??23:53
daftykinsi'd put the batteries in backwards :> those things look cheap and nasty23:54
OerHekschange the keyboard batteries with the ones in the mouse ..23:54
sector_0OerHeks, in case you haven't realize windows 8 doesn't have drivers for a lot of things23:55
sector_0especially older hardware23:55
OerHeksunlikely for keyboards & mice..23:55
daftykinsthat's utter rubbish23:55
OerHeksthis is just a waste of time.23:55
Gallomimiadon't worry, windows 8 is open source so you can add any drivers you want. oh wait.... no that's something else23:55
daftykinsit is not a driver issue - check your foolish Windows comments at the door, thanks23:56
sector_0OerHeks, I know...just saying23:56
sector_0and besides like I said windows doesn't recognize it as a HID input device so your argument is technically invalid23:57
daftykinsregardless of what you think, not a Windows channel :)23:58
sector_0anyways scrap the whole discussion, like I said the mouse isn't important, it was just a cheap buy for a keyboard replacement23:58

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