OvenWerk1It will be a while before y'all wake up I would guess... booted the full dvd to look at whisker.01:47
OvenWerk1that is the worst way for it to be. That is the way it is shows whisker at it's worst.01:47
OvenWerk1zequence: I can probably take ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-1.rc and drop it in /etc/xdg/xdg-ubuntustudio/whiskermenu/defaults.rc02:20
OvenWerk1 to effect a change.02:21
OvenWerk1I see you have that directoru file there... but it is not installed. needs to be moved into etc as above to take effect.02:24
OvenWerk1hmm, the one you have looks the same as what we have it needs to be fixed.02:27
OvenWerk1I have some ideas. zequence: I think I am going to set up three (maybe four) panels one right under the other. The top one will be the same as now but fixed.02:29
OvenWerk1the next will be what we had before, then the old menu but with four menus... main plus Audio, Video and Graphics02:30
OvenWerk1Then maybe whisker and the three subs.02:30
OvenWerk1That way people can see the three or four ways and suggest what is easiest to use.02:31
OvenWerk1More stuff, looking at the source on https://github.com/gottcode/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin, It appears there is a custom-menu-file=* option that could be used. But I am not seeing any way of telling whisker to use more than one.02:51
OvenWerk1In the end, I think we want nothing fancy anyway. as it would be hard to transfer fancy stuff to another DE... beyond lxde/kde anyway.02:53
OvenWerk1Actually zequence it looks really good so far. Make two changes to the whisker menu:02:54
OvenWerk1I think you already have: load-hierarchy=true02:55
OvenWerk1I think the favourites should reflect the top four apps in our old menu: browser, file manager, editor and terminal. Though to be honest I never use editor, I would be willing to drop that. settings has it's own button in whisker anyway.02:58
OvenWerk1editor generally gets launched via context.02:58
OvenWerk1We end up with a mail application and a few games :)02:59
OvenWerk1I miss having the expanding menu to the size that fits all apps. Whisker doesn't have a scroll by mousing past the bottom action :( or an open submenu by hovering... but at least it does correctly display them \o/03:02
OvenWerk1having the second panel gone seems to be a good idea.03:16
OvenWerk1Ok, reboot and try some stuff. zequence I will have an upload ready later on for settings.03:25
OvenWerk1we still don't ship jack.tools?03:37
OvenWerk1Sorry jack-tools04:23
OvenWerk1We do now.04:25
OvenWerk1Why do the thunar po files not come with thunar?04:27
OvenWerk1Might help if I was working on x not w :P04:59
OvenWerk1Have to get x first05:01
OvenWerk1zequence: I installed things. I went much better than it has in the past.05:56
zequenceOvenWerk1: I think you are attacking the problem from the wrong angle. You are working from the perspective that we are to keep our own desktop base, but we don't really have one since no one is maintaining it.07:11
zequenceSo, what we should do is make the Xubuntu stuff work, then find the best way to do that without including all their specifics in our seeds07:12
zequenceAnd, also all the other DEs07:12
zequenceIf you want our own DE, I would suggest you start workin on one, from scratch07:12
zequenceBut, then I would say you are responsible for maintaining it07:12
NoklaMIs there daily build out is yesterdays fine?08:04
zequenceNoklaM: Yes, they should work though I don't think anything has changed since the build before08:41
NoklaMah cool08:42
zequenceOvenWerk1: Ok, I see. Yeah, I misplaced the whiskers configs.08:45
zequenceI'll put those in the right place.08:46
zequenceAlso the terminal settings. A bit of a mess there.08:49
NoklaMgtg, doctors time08:51
zequenceI'm commenting xubuntu-artwork from seeds, since it conflicts with our stuff09:07
NoklaMargh, had to call my doctor's apointment09:14
zequenceConnection really sucks here. Going to relocate.09:27
NoklaMI need a new pc for testing09:55
NoklaMWill studio run on a Sempron 190 and 4gigs of RAM? or am I just chancing it09:56
zequence4GB is more than enough09:56
NoklaMah wicked09:56
NoklaMJust got to get a case and a PSU together 09:57
zequenceIf the computer is not more than 10 years old, it should be able to run any Ubuntu flavor09:57
NoklaMbeautiful 09:57
NoklaMI'll make it a dedicated testing machine09:58
zequenceI would say it's hard to survive on less than 2GB, though with modern applications, like web browser, you will quickly use up that as well.09:58
zequenceSo, 4GB is plenty09:59
NoklaMThe cpu might be a slight bottle neck09:59
NoklaMno idea can i unlock the 3rd core on it09:59
zequenceWhat do you mean, unlock?09:59
NoklaMit has 3rd core that's locked on it, it's a downgraded Athlone x310:00
zequenceIF the CPU is slow, just takes longer time to process stuff10:00
zequenceAh, don't know how that works10:00
NoklaMBasicly Intel and AMD produce a batch of cpu's and then lock some features on some and sell them for less(economical reasons)10:01
zequenceThe biggest problem may be the graphics card. It needs to have graphics acceleration support10:01
NoklaMoops that could be a problem10:01
NoklaMno gpu in  the house, and I'm using an outdated 4870HD10:01
zequenceThat's why I say if it is older than 10 years.10:01
zequenceThat's a Radeon card, right?10:02
zequenceI'm pretty sure it'll work. If it's not more than 10 years old.10:02
NoklaMProblem is I'm using it on the main pc10:02
NoklaMgot to find a cheap substitute10:02
zequenceAh, right. But, what do you have in the PC?10:02
zequenceA builtin of some type?10:02
NoklaMIt's a integrated10:02
zequenceJust run the live ISO, and you'll notice pretty quickly of things work or not10:03
NoklaMYup will do that, once I get a case and psu10:03
NoklaMClosest pc shop is 140km away10:03
NoklaMDublin actually10:03
zequenceThere's always mail order :)10:04
NoklaMNow got a question tho, would it make sense to test mass storage on Studio?10:04
zequenceWhat kind of mass storage?10:05
NoklaM2x2Tb drives10:05
zequenceYou mean, setting up your own raid, something like that?10:05
NoklaMyes raid mirrored10:05
zequenceWell, it works the same on all flavors. Not sure if there are gui tools. Don't use them myself10:06
zequenceI'm talking about software raid, just to be clear10:06
NoklaMSoftware yes10:06
NoklaMI think Film producers use a lot of storage10:06
NoklaMsince the movies they do can be big in size10:07
zequenceYeah, both audio and video may require a lot of space, and you don't want to loose any files10:07
* NoklaM is excited about a new rig10:08
zequenceSounds like a good idea to have a look at that10:08
zequenceIf you want, you can do some research, and once you find the simplest way to set that up, document it, and we'll add support for it by including whatever we aren't already including10:09
zequenceAlso, we should have a bit of documentation for it, or at least link to existing documentation.10:09
zequenceI think the average user wouldn't want to be using the terminal for setting up a RAID10:10
zequenceBut, if there is nothing else, then I suppose that is what you will have to do10:10
NoklaM<-- average user xD10:11
NoklaMI'll see how it goes10:11
NoklaMBut defo gona check the raid options10:11
NoklaMsince I might need a lot of storage myself10:12
zequenceI'm using RAID on my server, and owncloud to sync my studio recordings with the server10:13
zequenceBut, would be better to have RAID in the studio as well.10:13
NoklaMFuture proof10:13
zequenceThink serious movie people would use external servers for data storage though, but still, seems like something smart to have for smaller setups.10:14
NoklaMa double back up can't hurt10:15
zequenceOk, new -default-settings and -meta uploaded. Hopefully this time the meta binaries will be published.10:15
NoklaMsudo apt-get update?10:15
zequenceTakes a bit of time before they are installable10:15
zequenceI just uploaded the source to the archive, where the binaries will be built and then published10:16
zequenceTakes a bit of time for those to end up on different mirrors as well10:16
NoklaMah I see, is all automated now10:16
NoklaMfor some reason the calendar is caled orage in my build10:18
zequenceNo binaries are ever built locally on someones machine. They all need to be built with the same clean setup at Canonical's server famr.10:18
zequenceIt is the XFCE calendar, yes10:18
NoklaMah thought someone forgot to translate that10:18
zequenceHmm, actually the previous meta was just published. Must be one of the archive admins who did that manually.10:19
zequenceNoklaM: I wouldn't do a sudo apt-get update right now, cause that would install some packages that you don't want10:20
NoklaMok :)10:20
zequenceThis is the latest upload. Building currently. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntustudio-meta/0.14410:20
NoklaMi actually did an update this morning10:21
NoklaMbut had an error about missing unreachable repos10:21
NoklaMdunno if it was a bug since i updated for the first time since installed the daily build10:22
zequenceThat would not be related. The ubuntustudio- packages were just published less than an hour ago10:22
zequenceMissing repos is something to do with your sources file /etc/apt/sources.list10:22
zequenceor, a PPA of some kind, which would be in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/10:23
NoklaMI'll check is it persisting with the next update(after it's safe to install)10:23
zequenceOnce ubuntustudio-desktop is version 1.144 it's ok to install.10:25
NoklaM£ to Euro conversion is killing me today10:29
NoklaMstill amazon.co.uk cheapest place to buy from Ireland o.O10:29
NoklaMif I delete a file locally that I've previously uplodoaded to launchpad will it delete it there as well or will it be fine?10:40
NoklaMbzr confuses me a lot10:40
zequenceNoklaM: bzr is a version control system, so each commit will be saved10:55
zequenceNoklaM: Whatever changes you make, and then commit, those are the changes that will be saved with that commit10:56
zequenceOnce you push your commit(s) to the branch in launchpad, others will be able to pull your commits10:56
NoklaMThe problem is everytime i commit on difrent file it commits on the 1st file i created and then the 2nd and now 3rd all of them at the same time10:56
zequenceIt's called pushing, and pulling, as opposed to uploading and downloading10:57
zequenceIf you change two files, then commit, the actual commit will include only the changes to those two files10:58
zequenceUsually you always check out the latest commit of a branch, but you can check out any commit done at any time10:58
zequenceSo, you can go backwards in history10:58
zequenceIt's like backups. But, it's incremental. With each commit (backup), only the zeroes and ones that diff will be saved.10:59
NoklaMYesterday i was working on inkscape test and it kept pushing commits to krita file i had earlier11:00
NoklaMDo i have to do bzr remove --keep file11:01
NoklaMor it reset severy time i do bzr add file11:01
zequencebzr add <file> does not commit. It only adds files for the next commit11:02
zequenceIF you change a file, bzr will know, so next time you commit, those changes will be committed11:02
zequenceIf you create a new file, you need to use 'bzr add <file>' in order to be able to commit that file11:03
zequence'bzr commit -m "<message>"' saves all changes so far.11:04
NoklaMbut for some reason it was sending my commits on krita file + inkscape file at the same time11:04
zequence'bzr push :parent' will push all commits to the launchpad branch, that didn't already exist there11:04
zequenceSo, if you made multiple commits, 'bzr push' will push all of them11:05
NoklaMIt was pushing both file although i had no changes to krita file and never commited on it11:06
NoklaMSo it confused me a lot11:06
zequenceThe only way it would commit changes to krita is if you made changes to it11:06
zequenceThat, or there was some corruption on your disk/RAM, or something, which I think can happen with bzr (though, highly unusual)11:07
zequenceby krita I mean the krita file11:07
NoklaMyes krita testcase file11:08
zequenceYou can review the changes for each commit11:08
zequenceLet's see..11:08
NoklaMi can't find the commit history on launchpad11:08
zequenceTo see the last commit number in the branch, do: bzr revno11:12
zequenceThen, to see what changed since last commit, do: bzr diff -r<number>11:12
zequencereplace <number> with the revno - 111:12
zequenceWhat you get is some diff text. It shows you which files have changed, and what in those files has changed11:13
zequence+ for added lines, - for deleted lines11:13
NoklaMI'm so gonna get writing right now and publish a guide to testing with bzr11:14
NoklaMso much to learn for a newbie like me11:14
NoklaMi need to have this written down somewhere11:14
NoklaMi was using that yesterday and i found it kinda confused me slightly in some parts11:16
NoklaMmaybe it's my reading comprehension11:16
zequenceI started something here too https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Bzr11:16
zequenceProblem is it's written for people who already are familiar with that kind of stuff11:17
NoklaMthat's true, very true11:17
NoklaMYesterday was my first day using version control11:17
zequenceThere's a problem with the wiki formatting. There's a big gap between the text and the first code example.11:18
NoklaMi used git for like 5 seconds, and astana or whatever it's called for 5 minutes11:18
zequenceTakes a bit of time to get the logic down.11:18
zequenceAh, here's how to review changes more in detail http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/user-guide/reviewing_changes.html11:19
zequenceEverything since revision 1000: bzr diff -r 100011:19
zequenceOnly changes between two revisions: bzr diff -r1000..100111:19
NoklaMI'm not a programmer(although I'd love to be one) some of those concepts are very very confusing11:20
NoklaMand i bet 5/10 people who will join the testing team will run in to similar problems11:21
zequenceI'm sure you are right11:21
zequenceNoklaM: YOu should check with flocculant if there are some resources for that already11:21
zequenceNoklaM: Where's the code in launchpad, btw?11:21
NoklaMIt's merged with the ubuntu-testing branch i think11:22
NoklaMflocculant reviewed it and merged it me thinks11:22
zequenceWell, you had your own branch, right?11:22
NoklaMI don't think i used my own branch rather then submitting to the bug cases11:23
zequenceWhat branch did you push to?11:23
NoklaMwith number being the testcase i was working on11:24
zequenceOk, well I'm here now https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk11:25
zequenceSeems like you have made two commits11:25
zequence355 and 356, right?11:26
NoklaM362 is the latest11:26
NoklaMon my system11:26
zequenceYeah, but those are commits you have done since, right?11:27
NoklaMNope those are before i pushed11:27
zequenceOk, well, there are two merges anyway11:28
zequenceEach merge is a commit in itself11:28
zequenceAh, yes. The two merges are about 6h apart11:28
zequence355 and 35611:28
NoklaMsorry i can barely think with this noise, my neighbours alarm went off an hour ago11:30
NoklaMall i can hear is "eueu"11:30
zequenceNoklaM: You can see those two revisions on this page https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-manual-tests/trunk11:30
zequenceThat's the branch where all the merges go11:30
zequenceSo, whatever revision numbers you have aren't going to be the same in that branch.11:31
NoklaMah yes i see them11:31
zequenceIf you click the numbers, you will see all the changes for that revision11:31
NoklaMi see those11:32
NoklaMah they're after my 362 commit was pushed11:33
zequenceYou can also check out the two branches you created from which the merges were done, to see their specific commits, like this one https://code.launchpad.net/~noklam/ubuntu-manual-tests/bug11:34
zequenceAll of those changes I suspect ended up as a single commit when flocculant did the merge11:34
zequence..in the ubuntu-manual-test trunk branch, that is11:35
NoklaMyea i can't find those in my personal launchpad11:35
NoklaMprobably have to create a branch or something11:35
NoklaMlooking back, i have no idea how 21 lines of html took me 1hour each11:36
NoklaMI did 2 test cases yesterday each took me 1h between testing and writing :P11:38
NoklaMbrb gonna grab a cuppa11:38
NoklaMgonna get to do some test cases, just got to find programs I have clue about11:42
zequencermadison says the latest metas are published now, but could be they are not in all mirrors yet11:56
NoklaMI'll wait another 5-10 and download11:57
NoklaMalso do i need special codecs for .ogv on linux?11:57
NoklaMIt's seems i can't watch what i record on recordmydesktop11:57
NoklaMunless I put in video edditing software11:57
zequenceDon't know much about codecs. If you want the non-free stuff, you do: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras11:58
zequenceTo update using the terminal, btw, do: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:59
NoklaMSome index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.12:00
zequenceWhich were they?12:00
NoklaMI'll paste the whole thing to pastebin12:00
zequenceBunch of lines that has "True" in them, where you would have the release codename12:03
zequenceThis is a fresh install, and you didn't mess with the apt sources file?12:04
NoklaMnope installed yesterday12:04
NoklaMone updat etrhough synaptic this morning that was it12:04
zequenceDoesn't look right to me, anyhow. If you like, see what's in /etc/apt/sources.list, and if there are any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/12:06
zequenceI'll be doing my first install tomorrow, or the earliest this evening, so I can't double check.12:06
NoklaMThe Irish mirror for ubuntu is the only thing in apt sources.list12:07
NoklaMwell bunch of em12:07
NoklaMno filed in list.d12:08
zequenceMaybe those are always there, and I never thought about it. But, as long as the xenial repos work, you'll be alright12:09
zequenceOk, time to do other things for a while. Catch you later NoklaM 12:10
NoklaMsee you zequence :)12:10
OvenWerk1zequence: I think I said something that was misunderstood. Not trying to do a new desktop at all.14:02
OvenWerk1What is there now is actually very good.14:02
OvenWerk1I was mostly just giving my thoughts on the run while testing.14:03
OvenWerk1I do want to try something in settings for people to look at... not as a finalized thing. as it will be wrong the way I do it, but for people to compare. The change does not affect the desktop packages at all only our settings.14:05
OvenWerk1Probably most of it will come out after people look at it. (some of it will come out for sure)14:06
OvenWerk1zequence: note that my directory to put whiskermenu in was wrong. I found this out by doing in an install.14:19
OvenWerk1zequence: please upload https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio-default-settings/ubuntustudio-default-settings14:30
flocculantevening 20:44
NoklaMHow's it going?20:44
flocculantjust winding down now :)20:44
NoklaMAh nice, I just woke up xD was so tired that i decided that an afternoon nap is a must20:45
NoklaMWas on in the morning was doing a test case(forgot to save or bzr add :() but slept the whole aftrenoon20:46
flocculantI saw the backlog20:47
NoklaMAlso I can't update the daily build20:48
flocculantI saw a mail saying it had failed to build20:49
OvenWerksyes.. but why doesn't make sense.20:49
OvenWerksit says: The following packages have unmet dependencies: osspd : Conflicts: oss-compat20:49
NoklaMShould I still do my testcase or wait for the daily build (captureMyDesktop)20:51
flocculantNoklaM: just use old one - there'll be no change 20:52
NoklaMGot to practise what i did yesterday20:52
NoklaMAnd I'm close to the top in karma points20:52
NoklaMjust 30 more and I'm in tpo 520:53
NoklaMalso just noticed that gedit has a massive margin box filled with a grey color in the background that's sticking out about 30px, should it behave that way?20:54
flocculantthat's a bug - fix is in -proposed20:55
OvenWerksThere seem to have been no changes to these two packages for a year. They are supposed to work together.20:55
OvenWerksflocculant: is the window decoration fixed as well?20:55
flocculantOvenWerks: what was up with it? 20:55
OvenWerkscompare to any other title bar on the ISO.20:56
flocculantOvenWerks: gedit? I don't have that20:56
OvenWerksgedit does not use the WM title bar and istead creates it's own with a different theme.20:56
NoklaMthat seems fine20:57
flocculanthttp://i.imgur.com/ExufiSd.png fileroller back to what's expected 20:57
OvenWerksYa, that looks better.20:58
zequenceOvenWerks: I don't understand the idea you have for customizing menu stuff in -default-settings20:58
OvenWerksI expect to take most of it out, I wanted people to be able to see some ideas to choose from.20:59
zequenceOvenWerks: It's better you do that from a PPA20:59
zequenceAnd, what do you mean most? We shouldn't be putting anything there which is not Xubuntu synced, besides some theming since we are moving away from that21:00
OvenWerksI do want people to see it21:01
zequenceYou have the -menu package for doing menu customizaton21:01
OvenWerkspannel setting are in -setting.21:01
zequenceIf it's not multimedia specific, don't put it there21:01
zequenceWe can't both base on Xubuntu and not at the same time21:02
OvenWerksSo then why have anything in /etc/xdg at all?21:02
zequenceThe idea is we don't even have our own panel settings21:02
OvenWerksWhy even have xdg-ubuntustudio?21:03
zequenceWe won't be21:03
zequenceSince we are going desktop agnostic21:03
OvenWerksSo we should take that out then.21:03
zequenceNot until we have found a way to do it right21:04
OvenWerksDo what right?21:04
zequenceWhat we have been talking about the last year, or more21:04
zequenceWe base on other DE's, and we stop having our own21:04
OvenWerksIf we are not going to add anything, then xdg-ubuntustudio can come out. There is nothing about doing it right or wrong.21:05
zequenceRight now, we have our own theming. That is still there21:05
OvenWerksOur metas already run right on top of a xubuntu install.21:05
zequenceIf we are too keep some things, we will probably need our own session21:06
zequenceThere are some problems that need to be worked out21:06
OvenWerksbackdrop and icon for the menu only.21:06
OvenWerksWe already use the same theme.21:07
OvenWerks(or close enough)21:07
zequenceWell, if you have good solutions, please present them in the mail list, or in a package in a PPA, or whatever. Or, I will, within the week.21:08
zequenceI will be using a PPA when doing testing21:08
OvenWerksSolutions to what?21:08
zequenceGoing desktop agnostic21:08
zequenceThe whole shebang21:08
zequenceubiquity plugin, the works21:09
OvenWerksEither we use xubuntu with our metas or we don't.21:09
OvenWerksI have installed our metas on top of xubuntu with the only difference being backdrop and menu icon.21:09
zequenceWell, one question is if we want to keep our theming, and perhaps also use it for other DEs21:11
OvenWerksonce we use xdg-ubuntustudio at all, we may as well make whatever look changes make sense.21:11
NoklaMSorry to interupt, but does anyone have the testcases launchpad web adress so i can get a bug number21:11
OvenWerkseach is DE specific.21:11
zequenceYes, I know21:12
NoklaMlost all of my history on irc21:12
zequenceNoklaM: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2015/11/30/%23ubuntustudio-devel.html21:12
NoklaMso just double checking : bzr push noklam/ubutu-manual-tests/bug#118474521:13
OvenWerksTo go DE agnostic with theming that is our own means a desktop settings package for each DE. I would prefer to _provide_ the artwork and let the user enable it.21:13
zequenceOk, well, let21:14
flocculantNoklaM: for just record desktop that'd work21:14
zequencelet's start with that.21:14
NoklaMYup that's the one I've just now21:14
NoklaMso gonna push that and /pray that i didn't do something stupid again21:15
zequenceI'm heading for bed here. I don't want to upload the changes to -default-settings as they are now. If you want to use them for something, I would suggest starting work on a custom DE setup entirely.21:16
zequence..and also pledge to maintain it for at least the three years xenial will be supported21:17
NoklaMnope I can't push it, did : bzr push lp:noklam/ubuntu-manual-tests/bug#number , and it says there is no project noklam21:19
flocculantyou need a ~,  bzr push lp:~noklam/ubuntu-manual-tests/bug#number21:20
NoklaMah explains it tyvm again :)21:20
NoklaMand now i went to my personal launchpad and can't find it to assign it21:22
NoklaMi mean to send it for review21:23
flocculantNoklaM: I'm not sure what you're doing there - but you sent the old stuff again ;)21:24
NoklaMno way21:24
flocculantare you making sure the local branch is up to date when you start work on a new one? 21:24
NoklaMHow do i do that?21:25
NoklaMMust have missed that bit21:25
flocculantnot sure it's written down anywhere in the QA pages 21:25
flocculantrun bzr pull in the local copy 21:26
NoklaMbzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the missing command to see how.  21:26
NoklaMUse the merge command to reconcile them.21:26
NoklaMsorry for paste21:26
NoklaMi have no idea what that means21:27
flocculantNoklaM: rename your local copy to something else so you don't lose it21:27
flocculantthen grab the branch again so you know you've a clean copy with bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests21:27
flocculantthen copy the new test into it21:27
NoklaMthe whole folder?21:27
flocculantI don't know what you mean :)21:28
flocculantrename the copy of ubuntu-manual-tests to something else 21:28
NoklaMah ok21:28
flocculantthen grab it again21:28
flocculantwhen you push, please push to lp:~noklam/ubuntu-manual-tests/bug1184745 for that record one21:29
flocculantwhen you do the next one - make it a new one :)21:30
NoklaMEh now i forgot how to grab a whole directory21:30
flocculantbzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests21:30
NoklaMag ty21:30
flocculantand it will have diverged as you didn't have an up to date copy - all the things that you did yesterday were changed when I merged them with a new name :)21:31
flocculantyou think krita is called krita - it's not anymore, it's 1664_krita :)21:32
NoklaMok so did that branch thing then bzr add file, then bzr commit -m "blah blah" file and now I think i'm ready to push it21:35
NoklaMjust making sure i did all right up to now21:35
flocculantsounds right21:35
NoklaMi think it worked21:37
flocculantit did :)21:37
NoklaMYay! :D21:37
NoklaMnow please give 30 karma haha21:37
NoklaM33 :P21:38
flocculantThis test ill check ... 21:39
flocculantfix that and push it again to the same place :)21:39
NoklaMfixed :D21:41
NoklaMOdd that the spell checker didn't get that21:41
NoklaMwish there was a linux version of grammarly21:42
flocculantwhy would it - ill is a word :)21:42
NoklaMwas that worth 33 karma points?21:42
NoklaMhaha probaly not21:43
flocculantall done21:45
flocculantso you can now run bzr pull and it should grab the new one21:45
NoklaMBut rename/delete this one so it doesn't collide21:49
flocculantno - just bzr pull first 21:49
flocculantthen look in /Studio see what you've got there21:49
NoklaMah i see 1666_record*21:50
NoklaMso no need to remove every time21:50
flocculantassuming you do them one at a time ofc 21:51
flocculantand that someone has merged it :)21:51
flocculantanyway - time for me to wander off into the night :)21:51
NoklaMOk, have a good night :)21:51
NoklaMand thanks21:51
flocculantwelcome :)21:51
NoklaMOvenWerks, you working on a custom DE theme or visuals?21:52
sakrecoer_Greetings NoklaM !! welcome!! what i vibbrant backlog i the IRC today! makes me happy :) 21:59
NoklaMHey hey sakrecoer_  :)21:59
sakrecoer_thanks right back at ya! :)22:00
sakrecoer_i'm fairly new arround too..22:00
NoklaMso much to learn o.O really I've learned a lot since yesterday22:01
NoklaMi can uze bzr like a pro /joke22:01
sakrecoer_yeah dude! you rock!22:01
sakrecoer_i'm serious tho!22:02
NoklaMthanks /blush /blush22:02
sakrecoer_i'm probably one of the least technical in the team... 22:03
NoklaMI can't decide: Do I want to make things nice looking (css/html/general frontend) or do I want to make em functional with programming22:03
NoklaMI'm considering a career change22:04
NoklaMHonestly probably whatever I pick will be better than a Store clerk22:04
sakrecoer_maybe they go hand in hand? making things nice looking functional, to leave the store clerk?22:06
sakrecoer_again.. maybe better: _functional things that also look nice_22:06
NoklaMHehe that would be actually awesome, but my time is limited to a year of self study22:07
sakrecoer_i see. you have it invest it wisely then.22:07
sakrecoer_your time22:07
NoklaMYup, got a year before I'm 30 22:08
sakrecoer_:) i'm 3522:08
* sakrecoer_ is a happy robot22:08
NoklaMOh nice, not that far age wise22:09
sakrecoer_ye. i like life. :)22:10
NoklaMEh life, I won't start on that one22:10
NoklaMGives you lemons, straight in the eyes, without a warning and you got 10 seconds to react or they burst22:11
sakrecoer_so these test cases, how it work?22:11
NoklaMThere is like some programs that need testing, like a write up, Do they run and do they have basic functionality22:12
NoklaMFor the 16.04 release that is22:12
sakrecoer_yeah! cool! you seem to have pace! and i don't realy, but i want to help. say i want to test fontforge, how do i proceed?22:13
NoklaMoh my, let me find my notes :P22:13
sakrecoer_i have the dev install open and stuff :)22:13
NoklaMdo you have launchpad account22:13
sakrecoer_battery died :D22:17
NoklaMno worries :P22:17
NoklaMhappens, unless you have chromebook22:17
sakrecoer_ye! launchpad check :)22:17
NoklaMthat's what needs testing22:17
NoklaMbut now comes the bzr part22:18
NoklaMDo you have your identity set in bzr?22:18
NoklaMand ssh key for launchpad?22:18
sakrecoer_key check, bzr... unsure..22:19
NoklaMok... bzr is kinda funny22:19
NoklaMlet's try and guide you through it painlessly22:19
sakrecoer_man:ing myself to conclusions22:20
sakrecoer_yep... bzr check22:20
sakrecoer_ssh key check22:20
NoklaMdo the first two steps :)22:20
NoklaMonce you do that type:  bzr branch lp:ubuntu-manual-tests22:23
NoklaM./fingerscrosseditworks and i didn't mess up22:23
NoklaMthat should download the branch to your local hdd22:23
NoklaMalso https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/ContributingTestcases/Manual22:29
sakrecoer_./fingerscrosseditworks executed and ran fine!22:33
NoklaMnow you can navigate to ubuntu-manual-tests/testcases/packages/Studio/22:34
NoklaMCreate your files in that folder :)22:34
NoklaMAlso you can check the ones that are already there22:35
NoklaM+ read the style guide on the offical wiki i linked :D22:35
sakrecoer_great!! thanks!!22:35
NoklaMwhen you save your work you have to commit on it with changes done22:37
NoklaMit's done by bzr commit -m "Text of what you did goes here" filename22:37
NoklaMwhere filename = the actual name of the file you created22:37
NoklaMoh before you do that tho : bzr add fileyouworkingon22:39
NoklaMsorry forgot about that part22:39
sakrecoer_Thank you very much NoklaM !22:51
OvenWerksNoklaM: just some menuing ideas.22:52
NoklaMOvenWerks, I might be able to help if you need any22:52
OvenWerkshave you compared whisker to the panel menu?22:52
NoklaMWhiskers? 22:52
OvenWerkson the iso (and in xubuntu) they now use whiskermenu22:53
OvenWerksThere are some nice things about whiskermenu22:53
NoklaMI've only ever heard whiskers used in reference to a cat o.O22:53
OvenWerksHowever, it can be harder to use as well22:53
OvenWerksWhisker is a great menu for a lite desktop, but takes more mouse clicks to handle sub menus22:54
OvenWerksStudio uses a lot of submenus22:55
OvenWerksStudio is not lite, but set up to be productive22:55
NoklaMoh you mean the side arrows on the actual categories is that right?22:56
OvenWerksby having all the tools needed close at hand. Submenus allow the menu not to get so cluttered22:56
NoklaMThat's true22:57
NoklaMI was wondering, i seen it be done in few distros, a big whole screen transparent popup with all the app and categories on the side, search on top and all the apps in mid22:59
sakrecoer_i think xfce is great. but the ideal would be to be able to pull ubuntustudio from any flavour, and have an integrated sollution for the VAST amount of software it gives :)23:00
sakrecoer_integrated menu-sollution even23:00
OvenWerksNoklaM: take the audio menu for example, there is a midi submenu. With the old style menu the mouse just huvering can navigate to an item in the midi submenu. With whisker that is not possible23:00
NoklaMgrr it badly needs a show desktop options too, just spent a minute closing all the windows23:02
OvenWerksI wanted to try having the main menu, but also in the panel have the main workflow menus beside it. just to see if that was somthing that would grab people.23:02
OvenWerksAlso to have both kinds of menu side by side so that people can try them out at the same time and see which kind they find themselves reaching for.23:02
NoklaMIn all honesty, Studio is great, but... the visuals don't follow the awesome internals23:04
NoklaMwb OvenWerks 23:04
NoklaMIn all honesty, Studio is great, but... the visuals don't follow the awesome internals23:04
NoklaMI was expecting, before i even seen it, something more flashy23:06
sakrecoer_it seems to be a difficult task to keep things homogenic in a free environement :)23:06
sakrecoer_the landing graphics could be defenitly be streamlined. we realy should give a sweet look, its lts after all.23:07
sakrecoer_but beyond having an operational desktop that looks good packaged with it, look at each software we have: blender, ardour, gimp... its unhomogenifiable :D23:08
NoklaMTrying to make a mock but all my photoshop shortcuts are way difrent in gimp xD23:13
sakrecoer_hehe muscle memory :)23:14
sakrecoer_NoklaM: are you bart from the list?23:15
NoklaMAye :)23:15
sakrecoer_cool! my name is set23:16
NoklaMNice to meet you Set :023:16
sakrecoer_likewise! help is needed with the graphics, so your ideas are as wanted and welcome as you :)23:17
NoklaMany idea how do i resterize a layer in gimp?23:21
NoklaMgot it nvm23:22
sakrecoer_rasterize in what sense?23:23
NoklaMWas just discard text info and get it to become a normal layer :P23:23
sakrecoer_in the bzr branch of ubuntu-manualtest, if there is a file, it means someone has tested it right?23:29
NoklaMyou make a new one without the number and name it after the program you're testing :)23:33
NoklaMhttp://imgur.com/1rvSTvT <--- OvenWerks  that's something i was thinking off, that could solve a lot of problems23:36
NoklaMor create a lot more i dunno23:36
NoklaMdon't mind the bad quality it's my first go at gimp23:36
NoklaMIf anything unclear I'll explain23:37
NoklaMalso i had one icon :(23:38
OvenWerksNoklaM: I am looking at the link above... what am I seeing?23:57
NoklaMThat's the state of the menu after pressing the current logo on the left (my imagination tho)23:57
NoklaMA big search and icons in a A-Z format which can be customized to Most used and Favourited ones 1st23:58
NoklaMconcept basicly23:58
NoklaMScrolling could be done with a flicker of the mouse or just standard scroll 23:59
OvenWerkssearch for what?23:59

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