ubuntu-studiozequence, It seems some of the install things have been corrected.05:39
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Len1604I am no longer asked to resize the partition if I haven't changed the size and I can reformat during install now.05:40
Len1604I have to install so I can logout and in to try different default config options.05:41
Len1604Create new users etc.05:41
Len1604This is the best way to try out different things.05:42
Len1604install seems much quicker too05:50
* Len1604 reboots05:50
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VuokkoDoes live DVD environment have dvgrab?19:32
sirriffsalotI prefer using PCman instead of thunar, is there a way of removing thunar separately without having to remove crucial things such as ubuntu-desktop?19:41
OvenWerksVuokko: It looks like it. kdelive depends on it.20:01
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: thunar is used for the desktop background.20:02
sirriffsalotOvenWerks, ok?20:02
OvenWerksThat means it is pretty much embedded into xfce I think.20:03
OvenWerksyou can set the default file manager to be something else though.20:03
sirriffsalotRight.. that would explain it20:03
sirriffsalotI know, I'm just somewhat annoyed at having double programs lying all over the place, hehe. Guess I20:04
sirriffsalotguess I20:04
OvenWerksWe used to do that with nautilus.20:04
sirriffsalotI'll have to *20:04
sirriffsalotNever liked nautilus, but yeah I'll do that for PC I guess :) Cheers20:04
OvenWerkswhat does PCman have?20:04
sirriffsalotNothing special really, I just like the way they organize their stuff and look20:05
sirriffsalotOvenWerks, how do you feel on Dolphin, I quite like that file manager too20:13
sirriffsalotBegan tweaking my mini-studio laptop... I'm flipping through all of these terminal-fonts and can't imagine people using even half of them :D20:25
sirriffsalotAnd these fonts that change our alphabet entirely, why do people design these elaborate stars-alphabets anyhow?20:29
sirriffsalot"geeks be makin' codes no one wants to intercept anyhow" type of thing?20:29
OvenWerksI thought Dolphin was an older fork of nautilus.20:33
OvenWerksNope, can't be.20:34
OvenWerksThat must be what my wife uses then. I like the preview part, but not how it reacts to clicks on files :)20:35
sirriffsalotThat annoys me too, hence I don't use it hehe21:12
sirriffsalotProbably alterable though21:12

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