ubottuLoshki called the ops in #ubuntu (Koyaanis is trolling)01:23
moonmanwhy are black people blaming things on their skin color when in fact more black people, per capita, live better and more lavish lives than white people?05:35
ubottusomsip called the ops in #ubuntu (o|dhds0i[h\sd (spamming))09:09
ubottuThanks for letting us know you are here, someone will be along presently14:57
ubottuVoyage called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()14:57
MyrttiVoyage: yes?14:59
VoyageMyrtti,  I am banned in #ubuntu15:00
Voyagereason I understand for it is a thinking clash between me and the banner15:00
VoyageI vote not to communicate or be communicated by that individual. Is that ok with ubuntu channel policy?15:00
Myrttiyou can choose to ignore anyone you want, but if you're doing that with an op, you're in for a bad time.15:02
VoyageMyrtti,  yup. suffering already but do I have a choice to ignore 'one' op?15:02
Myrttiof course you do.15:04
VoyageMyrtti,  thanks.15:05
VoyageMyrtti,  cn you unban me?15:05
MyrttiI can, but keep in mind that bans that are reapplied are a lot harder to appeal for15:06
Myrttiso I'll give you a piece of advice: concentrate on your problem rather than what has happened between you and an op. That's the fastest ticket to get back on the banlist, for you, today15:07
VoyageI do suggest and hope for explicit warnings given before banning anyone out of personal rage or discretion15:07
Myrttitry joining now15:07
Voyagethanks, I am unbanned.15:08
Voyage1 question and 1 comment before leaving15:08
Voyagequestion: how fast can I repeat my question? 5 , 10 minuts? if its not answered15:08
Myrttihalf an hour maybe15:11
Myrttithe population doesn't cycle through fast enough to warrant repeating more often15:12
Myrttiespecially on a holiday15:12
Voyagecomment: It is hereby to inform, for record, ikonia  is in my ignore list; (s)he should assume that his/her messages will not be received by me from here. I choose to get no help from him/her either.15:12
VoyageMyrtti,  ok, noted. Thanks a lot for being nice.15:12
VoyageMyrtti,  if theres nothing you want to add, should I part?15:13
Myrttiyes please15:13
MyrttiHappy Holidays15:13
Voyagehappy holidays and a new year15:13
aviswould someone please ask IdleOne in #ubuntu-offtopic to act more reasonably because it is past noon on Christmas day and the only reason i am silenced is because he would not accept i was the owner of ubuntu.  i further can't speak on #ubuntu-offtopic18:17
avisor anyone else that is there thats a moderator18:18
avisi'm not even a troublemaker in #ubuntu-offtopic18:27
ikoniawhats up ?18:32
ikoniayou are the owner of ubuntu ?18:32
phunysantaavis: the mute is not going to be removed at this time.  If there is no other business, kindly part the channel.  Thank you.18:53
phunysantaI am going to take your silence as business being dealt with.  Please feel free to come back when you are prepared to deal with this issue in an honest manner.   Happy 25th of December.19:00
LJSeinfeldgetting spammed by user "enjoyislam" ... a lot...19:27
ikonialets have a look19:27
ikoniahe's left freenode19:27
ikoniaI'll look into it though, thank you for letting us know19:27
avishonest manner ?  i was never dishonest.  yes i am the owner of ubuntu and like much of you waiting for people to wait on me.  and further i'm told to come back when i'm waiting to be honest when i didn't lie ?20:57
avisthank you for resolution of my #ubuntu-offtopic issue.  merry christmas as well20:57
ikoniahello Voyage21:30
VoyageAnyone else than ikonia ?21:30
ikoniawhats up ?21:30
VoyageSomeday I am going to meet this MattDarcy personally. Sooner or later. That will be a hard day.21:33
ikoniarandom threats all round21:34
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops voyage random threats - placed ban forward in #ubuntu to -ops this guy needs to change his attitude or not use the channel21:34
ubottuThe operation succeeded.21:34
phunysantaMyrtti: I am still super confused by it as well.21:34
* valorie passes around eggnog to all the fine ops21:39
Myrttiit's all very confusing21:39
Myrttinone for me, thanks. I'll just stick to my mulled apple juice21:39
ikoniathe "I own ubuntu" stuff ?21:39
valorieah, I've got some nice rum for that, Myrtti21:40
phunysantaI'll take one21:40
ikoniaI'm not sure what that sort of thing hopes to achieve ?21:40
MyrttiI'm the dedicated op/staff tonight, it seems21:40
ikoniaMyrtti: few other staffers seem around21:40
phunysantalucky you!21:40
valorieooo, i'll leave the bottle out then21:40
Myrtti(I'm sure there's others)21:40
ikoniayou're not alone21:40
phunysantalike a dummy I didn't get any booze yesterday, so I am stuck without today.21:41
* valorie goes off to celebrate with the husband's family21:41
ikoniabest wishes valorie21:41
valorieI got no single malt, but the bottle of rum is good21:41
valorieand to you, ikonia21:42
ubottudaftykins called the ops in #ubuntu ()21:48

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