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soeeare those valid also for kubuntu: http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/ ?07:37
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lordievaderGood morning.09:40
clivejoyofel: ping me when you get a chance10:04
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Graf_WesterholtHi bshah12:17
bshahclivejo: you know what is branching policy for frameworks repo/12:20
bshahI've fix for kdelibs4support (git) not building.. which branch I should put its ffix?12:20
bshah[I am talking about packaging]12:20
clivejohi bshah12:29
clivejowhat is the fix for?  KCI, archive version?12:30
bshahkci/mobile CI12:30
bshahnew build dep to kded512:30
clivejokubuntu_unstable I think12:30
bshahand master branch is for?12:31
clivejoits debian's git 12:31
bshahso its fine to just make change in kubuntu_unstable?12:32
clivejoif the adjustables are to fix a KCI build12:33
bshahI will go ahead with it then12:34
clivejogo you have debian git access?12:34
clivejois this the packaging you are talking about?12:35
clivejobshah: I mean debian commit access12:37
bshahyeah, I have it12:37
clivejowhat build-dep are we missing?12:38
clivejo!info kded5-dev12:39
ubottukded5-dev (source: kded): Extensible daemon for providing session services. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.15.0-0ubuntu1 (wily), package size 4 kB, installed size 25 kB12:39
clivejodoes it build in pbuilder with that added?12:40
bshahI haven't tested it but that will be fix for sure..12:41
yofelclivejo: pong, regarding apps: go ahead, but note that I already uploaded kdelibs to plasma as it was needed there (just recheck that the script doesn't mess up)12:42
yofelyou'll probably need the new frameworks for the apps as well12:42
yofelso copy over whatever you need12:42
clivejohi yofel12:43
bshahactually, if someone with packaging experience can add build dep it will be very cool.. I am not sure of correct way12:43
clivejoBTW are the KCI debian commit hooks turned off?12:43
clivejoChanges to packaging dont seem to be triggering rebuilds12:43
yofelthe neon sync hook crashes, maybe that's the reason12:44
clivejosomething about fi12:44
clivejoI see it popping up a lot12:44
clivejoso grab a refresh kubuntu_automation?12:45
bshahdo I need to update changelog for new build dep in kubuntu_unstable?12:46
yofelI don't think anything changed in KA12:47
yofelif someone needs to be updated for apps, you have to do it12:47
yofelactually, I'm certain there are updates needed12:47
yofelthere's some special casing for kdepim and kdelibs12:48
yofel(the kdepim stuff is obsolete I think)12:48
clivejothere are a lot moved to manual12:48
yofel(but still active)12:48
clivejoso far until the script crashed -> https://paste.kde.org/po2hf3yzu12:49
yofelstacktrace please12:51
yofelthat should never happen12:51
clivejook Ive added ktnef to packaging-exceptions12:51
clivejoyeah, it crashed last night on ktnef12:51
yofelstill should never happen12:51
clivejoI run a upload-staging12:51
clivejogot as far as ktnef and it crashed12:52
yofelif it cannot do something on a package, said package should always be moved to manual with an appropriate message12:52
clivejoI dont have the trace12:52
yofelplease keep that the next time12:52
clivejowill do12:52
yofelnow that the script doesn't do push the changes anymore, this isn't as important as before12:52
yofelbut it still should not crash12:52
clivejois it best to clear out my working directory?12:53
clivejobefore starting another upload-staging12:53
yofelthe script has no concept of continuing12:53
bshahyofel: clivejo: is it correct way to do this? http://ix.io/n6P12:54
yofelbshah: do not change the version12:54
yofelotherwise yes12:55
clivejois that definitely the kubuntu_unstable branch?12:56
clivejoyofel: those in manual it was complaining about merge issues12:57
clivejoshould we try fixing those before I rerun staging?12:57
yofelI don't think before or after makes a difference, so do what you prefer12:58
yofeldid you update the app list?12:58
yofelplease do that, or at least check that there's no change12:59
clivejoso far I just added ktnef to list of packages with epochs12:59
clivejoI use package-name-list script to update it?13:01
yofelyes, see readme13:02
clivejowhich readme? :P13:03
clivejothis one https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/+git/kubuntu-automation/tree/README13:03
yofelyes, that's the one I mean when I say readme13:04
yofelwe don't have any other readme13:04
clivejodoesnt say much about updating package lists13:05
yofelit doesn't need to say more13:05
yofelreally, that file is meant to show the workflow, not explain much about it13:06
yofelif you think that it's too short, then maybe move that to a README.workflow and add a new README that actually explains things13:06
clivejo:p Im messing13:07
clivejothats the diff13:07
clivejoshould it be removing dolphin?13:07
yofelthat's not what I get13:08
bshahdone : http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/frameworks/kdelibs4support.git/commit/?h=kubuntu_unstable13:08
yofelwhat did you run?13:09
bshahif I messed up something, let me know13:09
clivejoyofel: package-name-list -d xenial -r applications -v 15.12.013:09
yofelthat looks right, but my diff is different o.O13:10
yofelthis is what you should get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14368658/13:11
yofeldoes git diff say the same for you?13:11
clivejooh that command didnt finsh13:12
clivejoits hung13:12
yofelthe script does weird stuff at the end actually...13:12
clivejothe konsole window has hung!13:12
clivejoctl -c and not cant type anything13:13
yofeland running git diff on a file that you just wrote to without closing to will probably give random results13:13
yofeldoes something happen if you press enter?13:13
clivejohad to kill konsole13:13
yofelweird, here it just hid the keyboard import13:13
yofelbut yeah, that script is buggy13:13
clivejook git diff is showing what you posted13:15
clivejowill I commit and push that?13:15
clivejoor did you do it?13:15
yofelyou do it13:16
clivejook pushed13:18
clivejohas that been done for plasma and frameworks?13:18
clivejoIm re-running the staging-upload script13:19
yofelI'm pretty sure I told you guys multiple times to do that for both13:19
yofelso I believe yes13:19
clivejoakonadi - 13:21
clivejogit does not match archive13:21
clivejomissing lines: akonadi (4:15.08.2-0ubuntu3) xenial; urgency=medium13:21
clivejoRebuild against Qt
clivejois this something we just have to fix ourselves?13:24
clivejocan I work on that whilst staging script is doing its magic?13:24
yofeloh, launchpad actually has some basic git push hook support13:26
yofelso we might actually be able to keep the CI running if we moved to launchpad13:26
clivejocould we use that to sync back to debian git?13:26
yofeldunno, I would stop using debian git 13:26
yofelseeing how ovidiu was completely unable to get any work done, we need to cut down our service dependencies a lot13:27
yofelthat includes not requiring pkg-kde membership to do work13:28
yofelas well as not requiring kubuntu membership for the CI13:28
clivejobut dont we get a lot of support from the debian guys and vice versa?13:28
yofelnot really, debian only cares about debian. maxy was nice enough in the past to use some of our work and add some compatibility stuff to make merging easier13:29
yofelbut now with the CI branches, they really only care about kubuntu_unstable13:29
yofelthe release branches are specific to us13:30
yofeland as long as both of us use git, accessing our branches would just require adding another remote13:30
yofeland considering how much discussion has been going on in the debian team about how people create kubuntu branches in repositories that they shouldn't touch13:31
yofelI think they would be rather glad that we move away13:31
yofelfor the CI branches I'm not sure what we should do, that should probably be discussed with the neon folks. Maybe they can just take over the branch maintenance for those13:32
yofelor not, if we keep our own CI system running13:33
* yofel wonders if we'll get git merge requests on LP this year13:38
clivejofor me, I dont like the idea of working away from debian team13:39
yofellet me ask you something: how many commits have you made on debian branches last year? How many commits on our branches do you know were done by debian people?13:41
clivejonone that I know of, because I dont want to mess up their work13:42
bshahokay so kdelibs4support fixed13:42
clivejobut I have refered to maxy's work to figure out a few problems13:42
yofelso again: How useful is it to have our branches on alioth?13:42
yofelyou can still do that13:42
yofeljust add a remote for the debian repo in your local clone13:42
yofelthat's the great thing about git13:43
yofelI certainly don't want to go back to bzr, which was one of the main reasons why we moved to debian13:43
clivejoand if I ever get good at packaging I can maybe start to help in debian 13:43
yofelsure, you're welcome to do that and you can learn a lot from them.13:44
yofelI'm not saying to cut the team ties13:44
yofelbut the git repositories are a technical thing, and I think that's better to have back in our own namespace13:45
clivejobut I do agree in ovidiu-florin case a LP git would be a lot easy to get up and going for new packagers13:45
yofelI actually forgot something there13:46
yofelhe could've done his work just fine with git. He would've just had to push his branches under his private namespace on LP, and someone would've had to merge all the branches and push the changes13:47
yofelthat's what all new people would still have to do in the very beginning13:48
yofelbut we typically grant packagers membership pretty quickly, and debian is rather reluctant to add people to their team13:48
yofelwhich is the problem13:48
clivejoI can see their reluctance! Its a bit scarey for newbie13:49
yofelit's better these days. Back when pino was around a lot, every interaction with him made me not want to talk in the channel for a while (he's a great guy in person, just very harsh on IRC)13:51
yofelprobably still the reason why I don't care about debian much13:51
clivejoyou are quite scary yourself!13:52
clivejounless I watched you on a hangout13:53
clivejoand realised your german :P13:53
yofelI try not to be, but I'm not that great with words either, so I try to keep things short without much... 13:54
yofelsoftening? I guess?13:54
clivejomy typing is bad today13:54
clivejoIve hit a snag with these manual packages13:55
clivejoI have a folder manual/kde4libs13:55
clivejobut nothing in it13:55
yofelthat I haven't enjoyed working on kubuntu for a while now doesn't help either. If anything I still enjoy talking to you on IRC and answering questions.13:55
clivejoawwww it should be fun yofel13:55
clivejoI guess its stressful at the top :)13:56
yofelyes it should, considering that I'm spending my free time on it. Fact is, most of the time it's not.13:56
clivejobeing release manager and all13:56
yofelif the folder is completely empty, then something went totally wrong (e.g. the tarball download from depot failed)13:57
yofelat least I think that's the first step13:57
clivejoyeah, usually it has a git folder13:58
yofelwhen I started here, things were a lot easier. We had maybe 30 sources that we packaged completely by hand, but we got things done. Then things started getting splitted up, but after Felix wrote the first edition of KA, we managed.13:59
clivejothere is a commit made 48hours ago13:59
yofelToday we have a mentally compley process spanning 3 different releases, several PPAs to work on those and a very complex git workflow where touching one thing usually means breaking 3 other places14:00
yofelthat's not my definition of "fun"14:00
clivejowhat drives you?14:01
yofelaah, right. kdelibs. Just copy the package from the plasma PPA14:01
yofelI already did that 2 days ago (plasma needed it)14:01
clivejoI dont understand#14:01
yofelwell, you don't need to do anything for kdelibs14:03
clivejowhen why is it there?!?14:03
yofelbecause it belongs to applications14:03
yofelit's just that I already updated it14:03
clivejothen why is it in plasma?14:03
yofelbecause plasma depends on kdelibs14:04
clivejogot ya14:04
clivejohow do I copy it?14:04
clivejoLP web interface?14:04
yofelfor one package just use that, yes14:04
yofelotherwise, ubuntu-archive-tools has a script to do single package copies, and kubuntu-dev-tools has one for mass copies14:05
clivejorebuild or just copy existing bins?14:06
yofelif I have to answer the driving question: I still enjoy hanging around with you guys, and I do still enjoy working on the scripts and occasional fixes. But I have 0 motivation to work on the packaging lately14:07
yofelcopy existing should be fine14:07
yofelit really just depends on archive packages, nothing from the PPAs14:07
clivejook request is processing14:07
clivejokde-baseapps is empty too14:08
yofelif I work on packaging, it's usually a "damnit, I'm the only one around that knows how to do this" situation14:08
clivejoshouldnt be so clever then :P14:09
yofelyou'll have to wait for the script to tell you what went wrong then14:09
yofeldoesn't change the fact that you'll have to do everything by hand though14:09
clivejothe script is way past that point14:09
clivejodoes the script keep a log?14:10
yofelit does tell you in the summary at the end again14:10
clivejoits currently on kopete14:10
yofelactually, do you want to implement that? that would be rather useful ^^14:10
clivejoit would indeed be useful14:10
yofelpeople tend to just close the shell once the script finishes...14:10
clivejocould it be put in each folder?14:10
yofelofc. you would just write the log file in the execption handling block14:11
yofelbut I would still add a main log file with a copy of the summary at the end14:12
clivejomaybe a trollo item?14:12
yofelfeel free to add one14:12
BluesKajHowdy all14:14
clivejohi BluesKaj14:15
BluesKajhey clivejo14:15
clivejoat kstars so about 3/4 way through I think14:18
clivejoand the following manual ones that need fixed14:19
clivejokde-baseapps  kde-l10n  kdenetwork-filesharing  kdepim  kdepimlibs  kdepim-runtime14:19
* clivejo doesnt like the pim packages14:20
clivejog2g for a bit14:20
BluesKajI don't use the main pim packages like kmail and kontact14:22
clivejothey still part of KDE Apps!14:30
BluesKajclivejo:  yes but I can remove them without losing the whole desktop like removing akonadi does15:07
ari-tczewhello all15:19
ari-tczewI've noticed there are 2 binary packages duplicated in the archive15:20
ari-tczewsource: kwallet => binary kwalletmanager15:20
ari-tczewsource: kwalletmanager => binary kwalletmanager15:21
ari-tczewhowever, binary in the source kwalletmanager doesn't break the old kwalletmanager (>> 4:4.12.2-0ubuntu1) in debian/control15:22
ari-tczewdoes someone from you consider fix that one?15:22
bshahbreeze kf5 depends on kdelibs5-dev? :O15:25
bshahhmm, right15:29
clivejoyofel: script crashed again15:35
clivejobut looks like a timeout for git#15:35
clivejoIll upload what its done and do the rest by hand15:36
clivejoyofel: would you pause KCI please?15:41
clivejoIll git-push-all while Im uploading the staging PPA15:42
clivejoI have to go for a few hours16:03
clivejoshould be back about 22:00UTC16:03
clivejoyofel: I forgot to bump the release to xenial while doing the apps15.12.0 push.  Ive just done it, will weegie update itself?  http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/16:04
clivejoright, Im gone, bye for now16:05
soeethere is some typo on status page http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/ - it says 15.12 for Wily but it contains 15.08.3 :)19:18
soeeis it any useful for us: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Debian-New-Tool-CME ?19:20
valoriewow, lovely to see so much green now21:51
valoriehappy 2016 everyone!21:51
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clivejohi valorie22:36
clivejodid you have a good one?22:36
clivejoyofel: ping22:36
valorieso fun! most fun party for years22:36
valoriealso, I didn't drink at all (except water) last night, which probably accounts for my good mood today!22:37
valoriethose who indulged last night had fun, but were a bit quiet this morning22:37
clivejovalorie: are you a kubuntu member on LP?22:37
clivejoever used kci before?22:38
valorieit's sort of wasted on non-techy me22:38
clivejowould you try it for me?22:38
valoriealthough if we get our packaging docs all spiffy I might learn!22:39
clivejoif you go here - http://kci.pangea.pub/22:39
valoriesure, if you tell me exactly what to do22:39
clivejolog in, top right with your launchpad details22:39
clivejowill take you to ubuntu one22:39
valorielogged in22:40
clivejothe go here22:40
clivejoand click on the build now button22:40
valorie"Cannot create build. Maybe you need to log in or have the 'build' permission.22:41
clivejoare you logged in?22:41
clivejoyou mustnt have permssions22:41
valorieso that must need packager status22:41
clivejothats what mine says22:41
valoriewhich I do not have22:41
clivejono problem, worth a try!22:42
clivejoanyone else here a member could pause it for a bit for me?22:42
* valorie wishes clivejo would just become a Kubuntu Member in spite of the problems22:42
valoriemake your wiki page, call a meeting, and have us vote on your acceptance22:43
clivejodont you have weird and painful Initiation Rites?22:44
valorieyes, making a wiki page like: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ValorieZimmerman22:44
valoriewow, so old22:45
valoriehahaha, myspace profile22:45
valorieclivejo: the painful one is Kubuntu Developer22:46
clivejoyou have a 5 years history!22:46
valoriewhere you are asked the most obscure crap possible22:46
clivejooh no22:46
valorieclivejo: I did add new stuff when running for KC22:46
clivejoby scarey yofel?22:46
valorieyofel is indeed scary22:47
valorieso much tucked into that brain!22:47
clivejoyou have just got two new testimonials!22:48
clivejoIm rubbish at writing about myself22:50
soeeclivejo: [20:20] <soee> is it any useful for us: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Debian-New-Tool-CME ?22:56
valorieclivejo: just start a list of stuff, and add to it as you remember things22:56
valorielaunchpad has a list somewhere of contributions22:57
clivejosoee: never seen it or used it22:57
clivejosoee: I made a boo boo23:08
clivejoI forgot to update the distribution to xenial while bumping the release to 15.12.023:10
clivejothey should apear here - http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.12.0_xenial.html23:13
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* clivejo pokes valorie23:19
clivejocheck your messages :P23:19
clivejoyofel !!!23:21
clivejopls pls pls paws KCI23:21
* yofel puts up a "Beware of scary person" sign and goes back into hiding23:23
* clivejo pushes23:24
clivejoyofel: push done23:32
clivejoI have six to do manually due to the script crashing at spectacle23:34
yofelplease note all stack traces down23:43
yofelthe script should never crash23:43
clivejoit was a git timeout23:44
clivejocould there be code added to recover nicely from that?23:44
clivejocertain number of retries and then gracefully display a nice error message?23:45
clivejoyofel: can you restart KCI please23:46
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