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flexiondotorgwxl I see you're running the show fir Alpha 1 :-)11:24
phillwflexiondotorg: well he was... seems to have gone AWOL :P14:08
wxladueppen: did you need something besides wondering what i meant by master as it relates to bugs?17:47
adueppenwxl: well I ended up marking both of those 2 bugs as duplicates of another that was reported earlier and flavor-agnostic17:47
wxladueppen: that's good. the one that it's a duplicate of is the master. so that's what i meant17:48
adueppenwxl: oh wasn't quite sure with that17:49
wxladueppen: i try not to jargon people up, but even i fail sometimes :)17:49
adueppenwxl: some of it was that I didn't get around to looking it up. I do the same thing to my parents, so it's no big deal17:49
phillwhi flexiondotorg and everyone else... anyone know where we're up to?20:01
tsimonq2phillw: attempting to get Alpha 1 ready for Monday20:10
phillwwell, having it frozen and as an A1 is progress :)20:12
phillwflexiondotorg: just starting a 1st mate iso test... not sure how many other testers are available to help out.23:29
flexiondotorgphillw, Hi23:29
flexiondotorgI've done some testing today, but not completed the forms yet.23:29
flexiondotorgLooking good.23:29
flexiondotorgSome minor stuff but nothing release critical so far.23:30
phillwhiyas flexiondotorg just updating the iso. amd 64.... as I need to reset my VM, is a full install test of help?23:30
flexiondotorgI'm going to do some more testing tomorrow and complete the test cases.23:30
flexiondotorgFull install works.23:30
flexiondotorgoem install would be more instersting :-)23:31
flexiondotorgIn that I've not done one yet.23:31
flexiondotorgphillw, Many thank for helping out.23:31
phillwflexiondotorg: well, I'll let you know if the test case is ballesd up :P23:31
phillwI'll have to follow the test case by the letter..23:32
phillwflexiondotorg: I'm a good boi...23:36
phillwphillw@piglet:~/Desktop/ISOs$ sudo lvcreate -L 15G -n m-xenial64 phillwvol23:36
phillw  Logical volume "m-xenial64" created.23:36
phillwflexiondotorg: what is minimum RAM for MATE?23:40
flexiondotorgBut 1GB is better.23:41
phillwomnly want to do an install :)23:41
phillwxubuntu / ubuntu start to stutter at 512 as install.... ubiquity is a bitch, but this is oem.. so new area.23:42
phillwflexiondotorg: a question... if it is an OEM install, why I am going back to 'try before installing' ?23:45
phillwahh, that seems to be the way.....23:47
phillwI've read it now.... I cannot write CD's via a VM.. Sorry.23:48

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