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ubuntu_if i install the daily-live build, does it get updated as future builds come out?00:31
ikoniaubuntu_: consider it a rolling release00:32
ubuntu_thanks ikonia - does it continue to "roll" past 16.04 to daily builds for the next version, 16.10, when available?00:35
CryptoSiD16.04 will be 16.10 when officialy released, so im pretty sure the answer if yes00:36
CryptoSiDbut i'll let the pros confirm00:36
k1l_if you run the updates it will become a 16.04 on release day00:37
k1l_the released ubuntu versions are not rolling releases. they stay at their version00:37
CryptoSiDit's already 16.04?00:38
CryptoSiDi prolly missundestand ubuntu_ question, just do as i havent talk:D00:39
k1l_16.04 will be released in april 2016. that is waht the number/name says00:39
ubuntu_so, the daily-live builds are specific for each version.  to move to the 16.10 beta daily-live would require a re-install when it's available?00:41
k1l_ubuntu_: there is no development16.10 as long as 16.04 is not released00:42
k1l_ubuntu_: so if 16.04 release is reached and you run the updates it will be a stable release then. if you want to be on the development release again you need to upgrade to the 16.10 development branch00:43
ubuntu_k1l_, thanks00:44
lrsI managed to break my install when upgrading to 16.04. Only have a Debian live cd right now. Is it possible to fix?06:59
lrsI also deleted all the old kernels in boot so I basically just have the latest which is crap07:00
CryptoSiDdepend on how its broke07:02
lrsI think my power cable jumped out. I went to sleep when it was updating07:03
lrsEither that or it just broke in some way07:04
lrsI wad thinking of booting a Linux kernel from the Debian cd and then continue with th e update?07:05
CryptoSiDim not pro enough to know if it would work, better download ubuntu 16.04 netinstall07:06
lrsDo you think that could repair it?07:06
CryptoSiDgood Q, id like to know tho:)07:07
CryptoSiDif you're patient enough im pretty sure some peoples here can help you with that07:07
CryptoSiDwhats happening when you're trying to boot07:07
lrsDerm_kms_helper: panic occured switching back to text console07:10
lrsKernel panic not synching07:11
CryptoSiDk sorry i can't help, im too noob!07:11
tomreyni'm here. so do you know in which stage of the upgrade it failed?07:18
tomreyni.e. whether it was beyond the 'point of no return' where it actually starts installing packages?07:18
lotuspsychjelrs: wich release did you upgrade from?07:18
lrsI went to sleep and the power cable probably jumped out. Either that or it or it broke.07:19
lotuspsychjetomreyn: same for you, wich release you upgrading from07:19
lrsI deleted all prev kernels in boot because I needed space. Only one there right now is 7407:19
tomreynlotuspsychje: i'm not looking for help, just trying to help lrs since he could apparently not get help here before07:20
lrsOne chance that I didn't update grub bur not sure07:20
tomreynlotuspsychje: thanks for the offer, though07:20
lotuspsychjelrs: from wich ubuntu version are you commin gmate07:20
lotuspsychjelrs: thats not good mate, you cant yet properly upgrade from trusty07:21
lotuspsychjelrs: clean install xenial instead07:21
lrsBasically I have live Debian cd07:22
lotuspsychjei upgraded from 15.10 and that going better07:22
lotuspsychjewith sudo do-release-upgrade -d07:22
lrsWas thinking of booting a kernel with that and repair the install somehow? Not suew07:22
lrsYes that's what I used07:22
lotuspsychjelrs: thats not good from trusty07:24
lotuspsychjelrs: as the upgrade thinks xenial exists... but were still in development version07:24
tomreynlrs: in the situation you're in i would  either do a new install or download the 14.04 installation / live image and boot off it, then chroot into the system and run the release upgrade there from a temrinal07:24
lotuspsychjelrs: so take the advise, clean install xenial07:24
lotuspsychjetomreyn: its not reccomended to upgrade from trusty yet07:25
lrsOk. So there's no way to use Debian?07:25
tomreynlotuspsychje: to 14.10 then, and until 15.0407:25
lrsGonna need another computer for that07:25
lotuspsychjetomreyn: 14.10 is eol, why take the risk07:25
* lrs is on phone07:26
lrsI had like 450 updays on this install07:26
tomreynlotuspsychje: sorry i meant to say he should try to get to 15.10, which i assume requires upgrading to 14.10, 15.04, 1510 in that order07:27
tomreynbut i agree a clean installation is the best way07:28
lotuspsychjetomreyn: yeah its a long way around like that, clean install would be more nice07:28
tomreyni think he could also do a clean installation of 14.04 though07:28
tomreynsince it failed during the upgrade, there is no chance that any application configurations are incompatible.07:28
tomreyn(those in his home directory)07:29
lrsWell my idea is to repair the install07:29
lrsUSB of 14 04 or 16 0407:29
lotuspsychjerepair trusty or xenial?07:29
lrsNot sure which I'm on that's why I said I wonder if grub broken07:30
lrsBecause it shows old kernels I deleted07:30
tomreynlrs: what you can try is to boot the debian cd and chroot into the system and try to repair it from there. but since it's in an unknown and unsupported state this may not be so easy.07:30
tomreynwhile debian and ubuntu are still relatives, they are no longer as close as they used to be, though. so this may or may not work for you.07:32
lrsThere is a busybox thing07:32
lrsRescue mode and then it says07:35
lrsDevice to use as root system07:35
lrsI pick do not use root system07:35
lrsExecute she'll in installer environment07:36
lrsAnd I have a busybox :s07:36
tomreynso, if i interpret this correctly, grub is working, but your root file system is not found or configured07:36
lrsNo right now I'm on the Debian live cd. But! I haven't updated grub...07:37
lrsSo that may be the problwm07:37
tomreynherE's how to chroot, but this only explains how to reinstall grub, which you may not need to do now. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#via_ChRoot07:37
tomreyninstead of installing grub there you could try to hose your system more instead.07:37
tomreynwhoops i meant to say you could try to identify and fix the part that is broken instead07:38
lrsYou mean edit grub? From grub?07:39
lrsI think I Debian live cd doesn't work for this07:39
tomreyni mean: you should do a clean install.07:39
tomreynanything else is most likely going to end in a fruitless and rather disappointing / demotivating hacking session without making things any better07:40
lrsI can edit grub command. So if it installed the new Linux kernel UT might work07:40
lrsSo the kernel is probably 4.4 something07:42
lrssaHI back07:53
lordievaderGood morning.09:41
lrrrrrrsssIt was me that had problems earlier10:41
lrrrrrrsssI have a usb with 16.04, but it doesnt give m e a repair option really10:41
lrrrrrrsssIf i do a fresh install, what happens? And what happens if i get a 14.04 usb? and which one 14.04.1, 2,3 ?10:42
ikoniawhat do you mean "what happens"10:44
lrrrrrrsssOk. So what happened was I had 14.04, tried to update to 16.0410:45
lrrrrrrsssCable went or something happened, broke my whole install10:45
lrrrrrrsssNow im trying to repair it10:45
ikoniaok ?10:45
lrrrrrrsssShould I use the usb with 14.04 or 16.04? 16.04 is in right now10:45
ikoniait doesn't matter10:46
ikoniato be honest - I'd suggest you just clean install10:46
ikonia16.04 is moving a lot10:46
k1l_since its a alpha and in development. you dont have important data on it and can make a new install, right?10:46
lrrrrrrsssBut how do I save all my settings and file and stuff? Ive had this previous install for 450 days10:46
ikoniaso you'd probably finding it easier to re-install to $current10:46
ikoniayou should have backed it up ?10:46
ikoniayou're using development pre-release OS on a machine that you have data you don't want to lose ?10:46
k1l_load a live usb and copy all the data you want to keep10:47
lrrrrrrsssYeah, Ive gotten to that10:47
lrrrrrrsssBut I feel like i can save this10:47
ikoniahow do you know that ?10:47
ikoniayou do'nt even know what you should boot to save it10:47
lrrrrrrsssWell, if I could install the kernel?10:48
lrrrrrrsssI mean isnt there a repair option in either 14.04? Or 16.0410:48
ikoniait's not an auto repair job10:48
lrrrrrrsssWell, see, if I hadnt been stupid amd removed all my precious kernels10:48
ikoniait requires you to fix things, it just gives you tools10:48
lrrrrrrsssI could have fall back to them10:48
lrrrrrrsssBecause I didnt, I am in the situation im in now10:48
ikonia??? how do yo uknow you even have a kernel problem10:48
ikoniawhats the actual problem with the machine if you try to boot it into 16.04 now10:49
lrrrrrrsssBecause it says kernel panic whe ni try to boot? I imagine that it crapped up the 74 kernel, and because I cant go back to previous ones Im stuck10:49
ikoniathat doesn't mean you have a kernal problem10:50
ikoniathat could be any of th packages the kernel needs to boot10:50
ikonia(of course you could have a kernel problem too)10:50
lrrrrrrsssBut doesnt ubuntu have any way of recognizing stuff?10:51
ikoniawhat do you mean ?10:52
lrrrrrrsssI mean I have a encrypted 110 gb filesystem with /10:52
lrrrrrrsssCant it just, see I have that hwen i install and repair the broken packages and get a fresh kernel10:52
ikoniaright ?10:52
ikoniait can't boot10:52
ikoniahow can it fix something when it can't even boot10:52
lrrrrrrsssWHy cant it boot it?10:52
ikoniayou have a kernel panic10:52
ikoniaI suggest you boot from a live media, backup any data you want to keep and just re-install10:53
ikoniaif this is an important/every day use machine, I suggest you use a stable release10:53
lrrrrrrsssikonis : What about updating grub?10:56
ikoniawhat about it ?10:56
lrrrrrrsssMaybe it is broken hmm.10:57
lrrrrrrsssOk, 16.04 said it didnt find any OS10:57
ikoniaI think you're just guessing at random things without any real trouble shooting10:58
ikoniayou'll find it quicker - boot from live media, backup your data, re-install with a stable version10:58
lrrrrrrsssikonia: Will 14.04 find it? Or will nothing find it?11:00
lrrrrrrsssAnd I got 14.04.3, but i probably installed 14.04. Not sure if that makes a difference11:00
ikoniafind what ?11:02
ikoniainstalled 14.04 ? you said you are working on 16.0411:03
lrrrrrrsssikonia: I had 14.04 for 450 days11:03
lrrrrrrsssNow when i tried to update to 16.04 it crapped up11:04
ikoniaso ?11:04
lrrrrrrsssSOmetimes when you install ubuntu you get to choose if you want to reinstall11:04
lrrrrrrsssWill it find it11:04
ikoniaok, so boot live media, back up your data and re-install a stable OS11:04
ikoniayou don't want to re-install11:04
k1llrrrrrrsss: 16.04 is a development release just entered alpha state. that was clear from the start. so i dont know what you try to blame now.11:04
ikoniayou want to boot live media, and back up your data11:04
ikonialrrrrrrsss: then when you boot to re-install make sure you format the partitions (check box) so you get a real clean install11:05
lrrrrrrsssWho said something about blaming?11:05
k1llrrrrrrsss: and interrupting the upgrade process to the development release is not helping either. so grab you latest backup (or make a new one with a live-usb) then make a clean re install.11:06
ikoniaI don't think the interuption was intentional11:07
lrrrrrrsssI went to sleep, and somehow i managed to kick out the power cable11:07
ikoniaeasy to snag a cable,11:07
lrrrrrrsssI think :S11:07
ikoniaeasy done11:07
BluesKajHowdy all14:14

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