Ben64happy new year daftykins :D01:21
daftykinshmm i wonder if k1l would come in here01:21
nicomachusI think he hangs out in -offtopic and -ops01:22
Ben64bbl, gonna make first dinner of 201601:22
daftykinsi cheated and got curry01:23
daftykinstough crowd.02:22
daftykinsbed for me, nn folks \o02:22
cfhowlettwow.  I always miss the fun talks!02:22
nicomachusI feel like I'm falling down a rabbit hole troubleshooting mpd when it's something small and minor.04:14
Bashing-omNothing else to do, I am going to bed . G nite .04:44
lordievaderGood morning.09:41
BluesKajHowdy all14:14
lotuspsychjehey pauljw18:54
pauljwhi lotuspsychje18:55
lotuspsychjepauljw: the best of wishes mate18:55
pauljweveryone...  :)18:55
TJ-morning :)18:55
pauljwthanks, same to you.  hope everyone had a happy new years!18:55
pauljwhi TJ-18:55
Ben64jesus christ, why are people not wanting to answer simple questions22:35
* Ben64 kicks over the trash can22:35
daftykinsthat user is a complete entitled asshole22:36
daftykinsi had to ignore to maintain sanity for the others :/22:36
Ben64wait which one22:36
daftykinshaha true, we get so many ;)22:36
nicomachussomeone called him out last night on why he was running a server if he didn't know basic stuff. he kinda went off.22:36
nicomachusno one was around and I didn't see it until about 30 mins later.22:37
Ben64<bob3247> who says i fiddled with them kll22:37
nicomachusamanojaku on 15.04?22:38
KNNNIWhen I make a startup disk22:39
KNNNIdoes it delete everything on the USB stick?22:40
daftykinsclaimed 14.04, probably got the vivid HWE kernel22:40
daftykinsKNNNI: this isn't a support channel, it's the discussion channel22:40
JanCand the answer is: depends  :P22:40
daftykinsoh great dylan is back, glad i have an ignore present there :P22:43
Ben64i was hoping he'd stay on the forums22:44
nicomachusdidn't he leave in a huff and say he was going to the forums?22:44
Ben64Jan 01 2016 17:19:59 <Dylan____>im done honestly if you are not willing to support me with infomation with what im asking well like i said this is a channel that has people not willing to give there help to people im going to leave the chat now and go on the fourms ...22:44
Ben64~2.5 hours later~22:45
Ben64(in #ubuntu-offtopic) Jan 01 2016 19:49:34 <Dylan____>Argh i need help i have no acess to support22:45
nicomachuspoor guy.22:46
daftykinsnah, that one is an annoying angry aussie22:46
daftykinsamanojaku could do with some up to date advice on AMD driver installation for his/her system if anyone's clued up22:47
daftykinsi've not dealt with their drivers for years22:47
rww"use radeon and run away from fglrx like it's an axe murderer"22:47
Ben64last amd card i had was radeon 900022:47
TJ-they really dropped the ball on their drivers after the ATI take-over22:48
rwwi use amd cards. fglrx is a mess, always has been22:48
Ben64after i found out it was no fun on linux22:48
Ben64although... my laptop used amd and i haven't even had to mess with it at all, it "just works"22:48
rwwradeon's getting better over time, and is currently passable22:48
rww(or excellent, if you don't game)22:48
nicomachusfglrx killed my father. (I also use the OS radeon driver)22:48
daftykinsBen64: solely APU, that one?22:49
rwwbasically, 1) radeon is what they have out of the box so it shouldn't need support to install. 2) fglrx is not something i'd recommend supporting personally. 3) fglrx from AMD's site is unsupported and they're on their own22:49
Ben64booting now, gonna check driver22:49
Ben64i know when i installed 14.04 here it automagically installed nvidia for me22:49
rwwoh, true, Ubuntu has that stupid box for installing non-free stuff in the installer22:50
rwwdunno what that does, i never used it22:50
Ben64using radeon on laptop22:50
EriC^^good evening all23:01
nicomachusquestion: reply:? notarobot, eh?23:36
OerHeksheh, wrong channel23:38
OerHeksbut he found that out23:38
OerHeks.. or is programmed that way :-D23:38
nicomachushe didn't go to ##hardware. I was hoping he/it would show up there with a different querty that redirected to another channel or something.23:39

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