imnicholHey, anything I can do to help with this spamming issue on help.ubuntu.com?16:57
pleia2imnichol: thanks for reporting it, I hadn't seen it18:25
pleia2I'll submit a ticket with IS to see if there's anything they can do to clean it up18:26
pleia2ok, submitted ticket 27950 and responded on list18:34
pleia2there are thousands of pages x_x18:34
imnicholYeah :(18:39
imnicholSome of the accounts actually map to launchpad accts too18:39
pleia2can see here http://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecentChanges18:39
pleia2I get notifications of changes, it started on the 23rd18:39
imnicholMust have a few thousand emails huh18:40
imnicholI suspect that the date that it started is not an accident18:40
pleia2~4,400 emails18:41
pleia2they go into a folder, I didn't notice18:41
pleia2I usually browse through the folder every couple of weeks to make sure there aren't wiki wars or something going on18:41
imnicholI wonder if IS can just ip ban the offenders18:42
pleia2that's my hope, not sure what to do about new accounts being created though18:43
imnicholOr their netblock18:43
imnicholCould require that accounts be manually approved by an admin if they're created from that netblock18:43
imnicholDont know if moinmoin has that capability18:43
pleia2yeah, they have logs so they can figure out what makes the most sense18:43
imnicholWell, if the solution requires any manual work, I'm available18:44
pleia2thanks for that :)18:44
imnicholMy IRL job has a log review component18:44
imnicholSo I'm used to mindless painful stuff like that :D18:45
pleia2me too, what do you do?18:45
* pleia2 nods18:46
imnicholIIRC you're an admin right?18:46
imnicholI think I've done a few weekly news things about you ;)18:46
pleia2sysadmin on the openstack project, so all that work is open source too18:46
imnicholYeah that's it.  That's really cool18:47
pleia2makes it good for writing about :D18:47
imnicholI'm super jelly18:47
pleia2I enjoy it a lot18:47
imnicholI imagine.  I'll keep my security stuff though18:48
imnicholI'm more of a "break stuff" than "build stuff" kind of person18:49

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