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redtuxgot one minor bug i would like to fix in gnome ubuntu 14.043 i have no sound and i've tried to fix it best as i could but thought i should get the exact script running06:18
redtuxi come with a lot of respect06:19
redtuxthanks for takin the time06:19
redtuxi shouldve mentioned that i did a hard install on chromebook c300 set up a grub menu and wiped chrome06:21
kishan9778guys,any plans on 16.04 alpha 1? are we participating in it?13:31
JohnnyBRhello i need help with a problem on ubuntu gnome18:25
JohnnyBRcan anyone help me out?18:25
KNNNIHow do you recommend I create a bootable USB for Ubuntu GNOME?22:02
adueppenKNNNI: what OS are you currently on?22:15
KNNNII think I figured it out.22:16
KNNNII'm on Ubuntu MATE now. I am going to use the Startup Disk Creator.22:17
KNNNII am DLing the ISO for Ubuntu GNOME now.22:17
KNNNIWhen I make a startup disk22:39
KNNNIdoes it delete everything on the USB stick?22:39
adueppenKNNNI: yes it does23:06
KNNNIIt has to be that way?23:07
KNNNISo the USB stick becomes dedicated to the booting of one distro?23:08

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