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ahayzenmcintireevan, Hey, are you the one doing the FastScroll music-app task ?00:18
mcintireevanahayzen: Yup, that's me!00:29
ahayzenmcintireevan, awesome \o/ hope you understand the comments on the task ? ping me if you need any help with things00:29
mcintireevanahayzen: Yup, I understood them, thanks :) I'll get back to working on it a little later, gotta do some homework because winter break is almost over, but I'll be sure to ping you if I do run into any trouble00:30
ahayzenmcintireevan, cool no problem :-)00:31
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subins2000Hey, is there a list of students and the tasks completed ?06:26
xcubsubins2000: You can ask any mentor to do this https://github.com/nemesiscodex/codein-chrome-leaderboard and paste the contents somewhere06:37
subins2000Okay, can any mentor please do this : https://github.com/nemesiscodex/codein-chrome-leaderboard ?06:38
xcubBut I can just tell you now, #10 has 5 tasks done, and #1 has 2306:40
subins2000#2 ?06:41
subins2000Great :-)06:41
subins2000So, no chance for me06:41
subins2000It's just crazy doing GCI with school06:42
subins2000I hope Google shifts it to summer vacation, so that we have time to do it06:43
subins2000April, May would be nice06:43
xcubyup. Especially when you are stuck with a chromebook all day :)06:43
subins2000Hehe ;-)06:43
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Basar_QariBut my child already told the Mentor that we had conducted the workshop,way back before.If u can check,please check it.And it is my wards  mistake also that he didn't clearly mentioned but he did it when replying to them.Please forgive us.Its a request from a parent.And I am also telling sorry on behalf of him.You don't know,my ward is very upset and hasn't eat anything from afternoon.Please forgive.It would be your most kin13:21
Basar_QariPlease forgive my child for Plagiarism if he did,and please unfroze the Accoumt13:22
Basar_QariPlease help13:22
Basar_QariJose:Please Help13:23
Basar_QariPlease help,its a plead from a Parent13:28
mcintireevanahayzen: Sorry to pester, but if you're around, mind reviewing my task? :)17:02
ahayzenmcintireevan, yeah no problem :-) If you could create a merge proposal from your branch that would be useful as then we can see the diff and add comments to it :-)17:03
mcintireevanahayzen: Oh sorry, one sec!17:04
mcintireevanOkay, made a MR :)17:05
ahayzenmcintireevan, sweet thanks \o/17:06
Bill__Hi, I'm working on building the shorts app and running all the testsuites20:34
Bill__I got an error: Xlib.xauth: warning, no xauthority details available20:36
Bill__any ideas?20:36
Bill__for now i'm going to ignore the 'Xlib.xauth: warning, no xauthority details available' error. Probably just a warning20:40
Bill__RuntimeError: Unable to find package 'com.ubuntu.shorts' in the click manifest.20:41
Bill__I think i'm missing another package. I'm not sure which one20:41
mcintireevanBill__: At what step do you get the error?20:42
Bill__when using the Ubuntu SDK application20:46
Bill__Tests running... Xlib.xauth: warning, no xauthority details available ====================================================================== ERROR: shorts_app.tests.test_rssreader.TestMainWindow.test_edit_topic ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Binary content:   FailedTestScreenshot (image/png20:46
Bill__) Empty attachments:   /var/log/syslog20:47
mcintireevanBill__: Im getting the same click manifest error, let me look into it a bit20:52
Bill__Thank you20:54
Bill__I'll be away from keyboard for a while21:18
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