wajdleehi guys how can we get Ubuntu DVD in Cameroon 18:52
Kiloswajdlee download it19:13
wajdleedear I have it, I am from Syria, but I have a friend in Cameroon and told her about it , and I am searching if there are computer centers where she can get Ubuntu DVD their 19:26
tsimonq2wajdlee: chances are, no19:27
tsimonq2wajdlee: have her look at this: https://system76.com/19:27
wajdleethanks 19:29
elachechewajdlee hey!19:47
elachecheWe have a project called #ubuntu-africa, it's to group all Africain LoCos in one palace.. You can join and ask there.. BTW, Kilos is the initiator of that!19:48

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