ogra_it seems that i'm always getting a duplicated mouse button event on my phone when receiving a touch event ...13:43
ogra_i.e. opening http://jsfiddle.net/kelunik/pkjze6e6/42/ and doing a long tap on the red square generates two "long press" alerts on my MX4 while it should only be one ... dropping the "node.addEventListener("mousedown", start);" line makes it disappear13:44
ogra_do we not disable mouse events on the phones until a mouse is attached ?13:45
anpok_but thats not limited to mx4, is it?14:32
anpok_ogra_: i thought that mouse and touch input is separate..14:42
ogra_i havent tried it on aany other phone yet15:07
ogra_if i try the same on a PC i indeed only get the mouse event though ...15:08
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