Sebastienomg, im still banned?00:00
ikoniaas you told me not to bother00:01
ikoniaI did put a note in the logs to welcome you back if you came back00:01
ikoniaI hoped you would, as I appreciate it's easy to get annoyed when you're frustrated00:01
Sebastieni come here to complain about someone rude to me, and i get banned...00:01
ikoniathat wasn't what happened00:01
ikoniaand I asked you to stay so I could explain it00:01
ikoniabut I understand you where upset00:01
Sebastienone moment00:02
ikoniano problem00:02
Sebastienso what's up00:11
Sebastienwhy am i still banned?00:11
ikoniano problem,00:11
ikoniaso you where ban forwarded here (not banned as the intention is not to keep you out)00:11
Sebastieni was fucking pissed, i went for a 420 break, its better now00:11
ikoniatone down the language please00:11
ikoniait's not called for, or acceptable00:12
ikoniabasically, 2 users came in here both claiming they where being pm abused00:12
ikoniaI needed a minute to resolve it with you both00:12
ikoniayou refused to stay in the channel and to be honest where a little dismissive that it needed looking into00:12
ikoniaeg: I've reported it - ban him00:13
ikoniaso I forwarded you back in here to actually resolve it and find out who was being abusive00:13
ikoniabut you where angry and exploded,00:13
ikoniaI tried to contact you privately but you said you where done with the project and to forget it,00:13
ikoniaso I did just that until you rejoined00:13
ikonia(which I hoped you would a little clamer)00:13
ikoniathat's all, nothing sinister00:14
Sebastienmy intentions were just to tell you. you have no business whatsoever with what happens in pm. but being informed about rude people is sometimes fun, i know im rude too sometimes, and if triggered i will blow up f bombs and explosions like isi ain't got nothin' on me yo.00:14
Sebastienit happens00:14
Sebastienbut i came here, and got banned from main00:14
Sebastienim really pissed about that00:14
ikoniaSebastien: it was useful to know there is a problem user, people should not be getting abused in pm from the ubuntu channel00:14
ikoniathere is zero issue reporting it, so please don't think that00:14
Sebastienit was not abuse, don't say abuse, abuse would be sending someone 5000+ color codes super quick to make them crash.00:15
Sebastienthis was pure rudeness00:15
ikoniathe language was abusive00:15
ikoniathats why I said abusive00:15
ikoniaeither way, it's not something we want people to get from using the channel00:16
ikoniaso reporting it is very much appreciated00:16
Sebastienhe even came back after00:16
SebastienSession Start: Fri Jan 01 14:36:47 201600:16
SebastienSession Ident: tkogitz00:16
Sebastien[14:40:40] <steamMAD> Asshole00:16
SebastienSession Close: Fri Jan 01 14:40:48 201600:16
ikoniaI'm sure00:16
Sebastienlike wth00:16
ikoniaand if you'd stayed in the channel for a few minutes, we'd have discovered he was the problem and removed him00:16
ikoniahowever as you did pretty much a "hit and run" and refused to discuss it, it was hard for us to do anything about it00:17
ikonia(by us I mean me)00:17
ikoniaif you give me a moment, you'll be welcome to use the channels again00:18
ikoniajust try to keep calm, I certainly didn't deserve the insults I got thrown at me for trying to help you, but I DO appreciate you where upset00:18
ikoniajust please don't get upset as easy,00:18
ikoniaok, the ban should be gone00:19
ikoniaif you want to give it a try00:19
Dylan____How long is a ubuntu ban ?01:34
Dylan____Like from the #ubuntu channel01:34
Dylan____Cause i was abused by the channel over there01:35
Dylan____Stating that i was not getting things right and stuff01:35
Dylan____And im pretty annoyed how i wasnt answered by anyone ofer there01:35
ubottuThe operation succeeded.01:38
rwwk1l_: around ^?01:38
rwwmight want to come back tomorrow when k1l is here and discuss it with him. since it was just set, i'm not comfortable removing it right now01:40
rwwlooks like he went to bed01:40
Dylan____Oh ok02:50
Dylan____Thanks anyways02:51
phunyguyDylan____: if there is nothing else we can help you with, please part the channel and come back later.02:55
Dylan____Any news if i can get unbanned yet?03:57
Dylan____Cause i need serious help03:57
bazhangDylan____, that was less than one hour03:59
Dylan____Well i think im going to have to wait 24 hours till i get hell i guess04:02
bazhangtry askubuntu.com04:03
phunyguyDylan____: there is also a user support mailing list.04:03
bazhangI hope you meant help04:03
phunyguyDylan____: with that said, #ubuntu-offtopic isn't a support channel either.04:04
Dylan____Listen i understand where your coming from04:05
Dylan____But the problem is that this is a problem i dont know how to solve and everytime it occurs i get so frustrated that i reinstall ubuntu all over again04:05
bazhangDylan____, thats a shame, perhaps those other avenues of support are more suitable to your temeperament04:09
bazhangand temperament04:10
Dylan____So your saying im a downie then04:16
bazhangDylan____, please use those other avenues, come back at a later time, its just now the new years weekend celebration so it wont be a come back every hour situation04:18
avisi am now banned from #ubuntu-offtopic and cleared up all issues here why i was silenced there and even came back to this channel to clarify i was not idling unreasonable here, because those here just as i had, were very turtle slow to respond to my support request.  i am the owner of ubuntu and would like to be unbanned from #ubuntu-offtopic.  i have not done anything in there that would warrant a ban.04:52
rwwplease elaborate on "i am the owner of ubuntu"04:54
avisif i go to the county courthouse in harris county united states of America here in the state of Texas and requested the papers for ownership i would be given full entitlement to it.  i can state previous owners, and the people that give it to me last.04:56
rwwalrighty. please come back when you're not delusional and we'll discuss #ubuntu-offtopic04:56
avismay i ask who my claimant is ?04:57
avisi take things to court, with my shapiros that are bottom line best shapiros best in the country of America when someone claims to own something that i do.04:57
Dylan____I think this guys a troll just saying04:58
rwwDylan____: As three ops have said now, your ban will not be removed at this time. Please /part the channel.04:58
Dylan____K soz04:58
avisso who is the claimant to my company and under what grounds am i being considered delusional ?04:59
rwwavis: Alrighty, as for you. Come back when you're willing to behave in a sane and reasonable manner and not before.04:59
rwwHave a nice rest of your day.04:59
avisrww, there is nothing i have said that reflects unsane manner04:59
rwwI disagree.04:59
avisand any company owner would state legally that nothing was said unresonably here under grounds of ownership05:00
avisi'd like to hear your case05:00
rwwI don't care to play into your nonsense.05:00
rwwAnyone else want to tackle this one?05:00
rwwNo? Alrighty then. Your ban will not be removed at this time, avis. Please /part the channel.05:03
Flannelavis: This isn't the legal system.  We don't have to entertain your claim of ownership of Ubuntu.  Until you agree to stop discussing this matter in Ubuntu-related channels, you will remained banned, as the statements are considered unwelcome/offtopic/spam.05:03
rww@mark #ubuntu-ops avis apparently still "owns" Ubuntu. also, fun fact, i just discovered he has history under the nick k-rad too05:05
ubottuThe operation succeeded.05:05
k1l_Dylan____: hi09:34
ikoniawelcome back elky10:34
ikonia@clearban  6555610:36
ubottuRemoved 6555610:36
ikonia@clearban  6533810:36
ubottuRemoved 6533810:36
ikonia@cleanban  6555610:36
ikonia@clearban 6515510:41
ubottuRemoved 6515510:41
ikonia@clearban  6515610:41
ubottuRemoved 6515610:41
ikonia@clearban   6610210:42
ubottuRemoved 6610210:42
ikonia@clearban  6643510:42
ubottuRemoved 6643510:42
ikonia@clearban  6825310:42
ubottuRemoved 6825310:42
bazhang<LonelyDanbo> why tell me to use the botnet?13:16
k1lno knowledge and so all the bad linux and big companies are to blame13:16
bazhangdylan____ wanted you earlier13:17
bazhangwe said no to the unban13:17
k1lyes, saw that in the backlog and he idled in here. if one can get him to not make drama and actually read what people answer him, than he can be unbanned, imho14:00
phunyguyhi ilhami how can we help you?18:20
ilhamiwaiting to get unbanned. :)18:20
phunyguyilhami: and, where are you banned, what was the reason?18:21
ilhamiin #ubuntu18:21
phunyguyLet me check it out.18:21
ilhamithe reason was that someone brought a personal matter to the channel and I pointed that out and then k1l got mad and banned me.18:22
ilhamiand then he also banned me in #ubuntu-touch for no reason.18:22
phunyguySeems to me you have quite the history...18:22
ilhamime and ikonia are getting along better now than earlier18:23
phunyguyBear with me, still looking at some things.18:24
phunyguyilhami: not looking good, friend... I think you may have burned this bridge.18:26
ilhamiwhat is not looking good?18:29
phunyguyilhami: the ban will not be removed at this time.18:29
phunyguyThe type of behavior you insist on displaying in the channel is simply not welcome.,18:30
phunyguyand since the history of it goes back to 2013, I cannot justify a removal.18:30
phunyguySo, if there is nothing else we can help you with, please /part the channel now.  Thank you.18:32
ilhamiphunyguy, so tell me what I did wrong by pointing out personal matters should be taken in this channel.. it says in the topic clearly.18:33
ilhamihistory is history. That's in the past.18:34
phunyguyWell for one, lecturing ops in the channel about acceptable behavior.18:36
ilhamibut I told what was in the topic.. shouldn't the OPs be the first ones to stick to what it says in the topic?18:37
ilhamishouldn't they be the "good" examples?18:37
phunyguy2016-01-01T22:30:43 <ilhami> OerHeks, I just told you the truth.. Live with it18:38
phunyguy2016-01-01T22:32:05 <ilhami> slidinghorn, tbh I don't care who is an OP or not.. I am telling what is clearly stated in the topic. Personal matters should not be discussed in here..  "PM spam? Report in #ubuntu-ops and consider umode +R"18:38
phunyguystill trying to find the personal matters you are referring to.18:39
ilhamieeh it was someone mentioning something about he got a PM18:39
phunyguyIt appears to me that you just want to be loud and berate other users.18:39
ilhamilook up18:39
phunyguy...which is not welcome.18:39
ilhamiHe said he got a PM from a user in the channel... PMs are none of the official channels issue.18:39
phunyguyOk, there are a few things in play here.  1.) You have a history.  That shortens the leash.  2.) It is not up to you to enforce topic items.  That is what the chanops are for.18:41
ilhamiBut if you set a topic you should follow it. Otherwise you should edit it.18:42
phunyguyProbably not a good idea to step on toes.  But this changes nothing.  The ban will stay, and the discussion about it is really over.18:42
ilhamican the police do whatever they want? they don't have to abide by the law?18:42
ilhamiyes or no?18:42
phunyguyWait, you are getting upset at k1l removing a PM spammer?  Is that all?  Yeah you don't need to question that.  An operator is doing his job in the channel.  It is not up to you to lecture him on it.18:44
phunyguyso like I said, that behavior is not allowed.  This is not up for discussion.  Please /part the channel now before it turns back into a ban.18:45
ilhamiphunyguy, I am getting upset that it should be discussed in the public channel.18:46
ilhamiand that I can be banned because of pointing this out.18:47
phunyguyilhami: letme put it a different way.  Spamming users in PM is also against channel guidelines.  An operator banning that user is not "complaining about it in a public channel".  It is dealing with a problem user.18:47
phunyguyYou really should find something more constructive to get upset about.18:49
ilhamiThe user should have either PMed the OP or joined this channel. Do we agree?18:49
ilhamiIt is disruptive that it was mentioned in the public channel.18:49
phunyguywho complained in the channel besides you?18:49
phunyguyI don't have history that far back.18:50
ilhamiI complained about the user(not the OP) and then people were all over me.18:50
phunyguyDo you also agree that you bringing it up in a public channel is ALSO disruptive?18:50
ilhamiI was only mentioning it as a principle. :)18:51
ilhamiso are you unbanning me?18:51
phunyguyNo, not at this time, sorry.18:51
ilhamiOh ok.. I will take this with ikonia.18:51
phunyguyOk, please part the channel now.18:52
JanCsomeone is spamming everybody in #ubuntu in PM using changing nicknames but always from
JanCah, I see they got K-lined already  :)20:01
k1lDylan____: hi21:21
Dylan____Whats up22:15
Dylan____Can you unban me k1l?22:17
k1lDylan____: do you understand now what lead to that ban?22:19
k1lbecause "2016-01-02:02:34:28<       Dylan____ > And im pretty annoyed how i wasnt answered by anyone ofer there"  is not what actually happend there.22:20
Dylan____I understand22:22
k1lthere were several supporters trying to help you and it looked like you didnt even read the answers but were busy telling everyone how you are not a beginner and trying to tell them what they should do or not to do.22:24
Dylan____No because i didnt know what you were talking abou22:24
Dylan____And at the same time i couldnt reply cause i was busy22:24
k1lthat is not really helping  if you ask for support then. to keep the channel not been busy with that sort of drama i set the ban to let things cool down.22:25
Dylan____Well tell me how long does this last22:25
k1lbecause there are a lot of users who need that channel for support and that drama is just unfair to them.22:25
k1lDylan____: so if you can make sure you keep focused on the support and read the answers you receive so its not ending in drama again, i can unban you.22:26
Dylan____Im sorry about yestaday i was just really worked up22:28
k1lDylan____: ok, i will remove the ban now. please make sure to focus on the support and help others to help you since they are all volunteers.22:31
Dylan____Ok will do thanks22:32
k1lok, the ban is removed. please make sure you re-read the guidelines and help keep #ubuntu a good place to solve ubuntu issues. thanks22:32
k1lDylan____: if that is all please exit that channel. you are free to come back to talk to the team if you have another issue22:39
k1lrww: *!*@tor.piratenpartei-nrw.de was used 1month ago. so you still can connect with tor to freenode22:39
rwwonly when freenode's dnsbl has a hiccup, which is very very rarely last i checked22:40
rww(and if it happens again, they'll likely be using a different exit node anyway, considering how many of them there are)22:42
rww(for anyone else curious, there are currently about 1000 tor exit nodes)22:43
k1lso i guess dnsbl was not running on the begin of december. since there were 3 trolls using tor.22:44
rwwthird one being *!*@tor-exit4-readme.dfri.se ?22:45
rwwbut yeah, looks like it went down indeed22:46
rwwoh well, it's freenode, i'm happy with two-nines reliability :322:46
elkythat's fortunate.23:00
valoriehappy 2016, ops!23:08
k1lthanks, happy new year to you, too.23:08
valorieso far, so good23:09

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