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robin-herohey, is it normal that I can't download the daily releases at rc-proposed channel since 2-3 days?10:39
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ogra_robin-hero, "can't download " ? you mean by hand ?12:34
* ogra_ definitely had updates the last days .. not today though since we dont build phone images on weekends12:35
robin-heroogra_, in the Updates I got the following error: Installation failed, Sorry, the system update failed.12:53
ogra_oh, wow12:53
ogra_nothing like that here on my MX412:53
ogra_(i havent updated the bq in two days)12:54
robin-herothis is a Nexus412:54
ogra_ah, havent touched one in ages12:54
robin-heror199 is the last release I can use, 200 and 201 are both wrong12:55
robin-heroI get the following error If I want to flash it via the command line:13:03
robin-hero2016/01/02 14:03:07 error pushing: failed to copy '/home/robinhero/.cache/ubuntuimages/gpg/image-signing.tar.xz' to '/cache/recovery/': Is a directory13:03
robin-heroHmm, if I use the --bootsrap option it works...13:11
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erplHi everybody, I stumpled across an error while building an image for the Nexus 4 following the Porting Guide. Is there anybody willing to give some advice?14:22
simoxhello world14:32
simoxi just bought this new phone.. someone can tell me which is the best man to become it's administrator?14:36
erplSorry, I'm new to irc and messed up with my client. I don't want to seem rude, because I might not answer correctly — might that I missed a few minutes.14:37
k1lerpl: no answer so far14:37
k1land i think most devs are on holliday.14:37
simoxok...i will try another time thanks.14:38
erplYah, that seems plausible.14:38
erplIs this the right spot to meet devs or should I go to another room?14:39
k1lthis is right.14:40
k1lbut there are already nexus4 ports officially from ubuntu.14:40
erplk1l: Thx again.14:40
simoxi think you should find them here for ubuntu phone..14:40
k1lso the ubuntu devs will have more info. but most of them seem to be on holliday.14:40
erplk1l: I just followed the Porting Guide to set up the build environment and build the Nexus 4 image first before trying to port for another device. But that already failed...14:42
k1lerpl: ah ok14:42
simoxdevices must be very similar..14:42
anpok_simox: what phone?14:44
anpok_erpl: what failure?14:45
erplubuntu/libhybris/compat/media/media_recorder_client.cpp:265:22: error: 'struct android::MediaRecorderBase' has no member named 'pause'14:46
erplI already asked my favourite search engine, but it did not return anythin useful (yet).14:47
erplOk, I found one simple fix, so that it compiles on ask ubuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/708991/error-struct-androidmediarecorderbase-has-no-member-named-pause.14:48
erplThough that seems not satisfying to me.14:49
anpok_erpl: hm try reporting a bug to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libhybris14:53
anpok_https://bugs.launchpad.net/libhybris or rather here14:54
erplanpok_: If that's the right way to go, yes.14:54
anpok_hmm ok the code is not there..14:56
erplanpok_: I don't know which branch the Porting Guide uses. If it is master I might do better to choose a stable branch for "my first steps"?14:58
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discgolferpl: I have had the exact same problem trying to build also.19:00
phablethi there20:07
phabletI have some lengthy mkv files downloaded. Is there any way to watch them on my ubuntu phone?20:08
phabletJust 'opening' them takes me to the gallery app, which freezes the whole system.20:08
phabletI haven't been able to find a video player in the store20:09
dobeyyou play them from within the gallery app or the videos scope20:09
dobeythe system should definitely not freeze. it sounds like you've maybe encountered a bug in the thumbnailer20:10
phabletthe gallery app freezes up when I try to do that. The files are about 500mb with embedded .ass subtitles20:10
dobeythen it's a bug and needs to be fixed20:11
dobeyplease file a bug at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gallery-app20:11
phabletis there a way to open them in the mediaplayer-app directly from the cli? when I try to open the app that way it complains that it cant find Mir running20:12
phabletI will20:12
dobeythere is, but i don't recall the invocation20:13
phabletwill investigate ty20:13
phablethi again20:35
phabletis there a proper video player for ubuntu touch (mxplayer, vlc and the like?)20:35
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Mihai17xxyhi all21:55
Mihai17xxyI am tring to bilg ubuntu touch on my pc and  flash it to my fone , it can be done ?21:56
dobeysee the porting guide in the topic21:57
Mihai17xxyI have an Sony z 3 compact and an Meizu Pro 521:57
Mihai17xxyyes I am on that for 3 days but evry time I am close to the end the OS starts no more I am bilding it in VM , is that false ?22:00
dobeyi don't know22:01
dobeyyou mean your VM no longer boots, or your phone no longer boots?22:03
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Mihai17xxythe VM22:04
JanCmaybe you filled all diskspace in it?22:04
dobeyyou probably have the disk too small for it22:04
dobeythe android source tree is very large itself22:04
dobeyso very likely you have filled the disk in it22:05
Mihai17xxyit dosent give an low disk error for that ?22:05
dobeyi don't know. i don't have ubuntu on a vm, and i've never filled the disk of ubuntu in a vm22:06
Mihai17xxyI have made a new 1 with  /boot 10G  swap 10G and / 100G22:06
Mihai17xxyshould sufice no ?22:06
dobeyi don't know. i haven't ported ubuntu to any new devices myself, so i don't know what the total storage space required after building the tree is22:07
dobeyand i can't see your screen, so i can't tell you exactly what is going wrong and causing it to not boot any longer.22:08
dobeyand i must go now22:08
dobeygood luck22:08
Mihai17xxythx u too22:09
Mihai17xxygood night22:09
JanCMihai17xxy: you don't need that much for /boot (0.5 to 1 GB should be plenty, or just leave it on / instead)22:14
Mihai17xxyI had a problem / error that I had no boot22:14
JanC/boot is only for the bootloader & kernel22:15
Mihai17xxyafther the command (phablet-dev-bootstrap phablet) ended I am with 4.6G of files and in instructions it says ( This step will take a long time (several hours), as it is downloading around 15GB of Android sources.)22:17
Mihai17xxysomething is wrong no ?22:17
JanCI think it should be possible to resize the virtual disk you were using too, which should allow you to boot it again22:17
Mihai17xxyI olready made and started the new one , thats ok22:18
JanCand I never ported Ubuntu Touch to a new device either, so that part I can't really help with22:19
Mihai17xxysorry that I am so noob :) I tried for a long time alone on an asus zenfone 6 with no succes :D and I tolded myself that I asck now22:19
Mihai17xxysorry for the bad EN22:20
JanCno problem, many people here are not native English speakers  :)22:21
Mihai17xxyalsow I have this question that my CPU on fone is ARM -v8 and in compiling it tels me that is bilding ARM -v7a22:23
Mihai17xxyis that ok for me ?22:23
Mihai17xxyI am sorry for stresing u guis22:25
JanCfirst this: maybe if nobody answers tonight, ask again at a time when more developers are around (work day / business hours for the developers)  :)22:25
JanCARMv8 is 64-bit22:26
JanCARMv is 32-bit22:26
JanCARMv7 is 32-bit22:26
Mihai17xxythat is bad for my CPU no ? :f22:26
JanCI don't think 64-bits is very useful on a phone currently?22:26
JanCAFAIK ARMv8 CPUs can run ARMv7 software22:27
Mihai17xxyso I can use the 32 bit on the 64 architecture ?22:27
Mihai17xxyok , thx22:27
JanCjust like x86_64/amd64 can run x86 32-bits22:28
Mihai17xxyI started to compile the system and I am geting TONS of dependencies :( fom audio on start , working on them ( alsa and pulse22:29
JanCconsidering phones usually have limited RAM, I think 32-bits is better (as it uses less memory), but I'm not sure22:30
JanCand like I said, I never ported Ubuntu Touch to a different phone  :)22:31
Mihai17xxyI understeand :) but atleast u can give me some advices :D22:32
Mihai17xxyI have 4G ram on PRO5 and 64G ROM22:32
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maitimarcoHi, I'd like use ubuntu-touch on my device with no brand. I'm using xubuntu 14.04. I'm using this guide: https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/start/ubuntu-for-devices/porting-new-device/ ... I'm at make -j4 and at lunch i've used the first choice (arm generic) this is the error: http://pastebin.com/91FAe5ck23:25
rtmTo or similar documentation somewhere that explains how to use xMer on an Ubuntu Touch device?23:35
rtmOpps - sorry, that should have read: Is there a Howto or similar documentation that explains how to use xMer on an Ubuntu Touch device?23:36

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