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daftykinsi wonder why it is that americans say "sahdah" instead of solder00:09
penguin42american accents vary a heck of a lot00:09
zmoylan-pithey also say lootenant instead of lefftenant ...00:10
daftykinsi've heard that one pretty consistently across things :)00:10
daftykinsonly 16 months left for precise now though :)01:32
daftykinsoop wrong chan01:33
daftykinsHNY to you mr.mapps02:03
mappsand you mate;]02:08
mappswhatcha do last night?02:08
daftykinsi do have an annual house party to go to, but i gave up this year, stayed in and watched 'The Martian' which was ace02:08
penguin42The Martian is a great film02:09
mappsah cool02:10
mappson my list02:10
mappsalong with the visit/legend02:10
mappsand burned02:11
mappssounded good02:11
mappswhat series to watch next02:58
mapps7 eps of flash left02:58
mappsall gone?03:41
mappsa cruise sounds tempting..but i dont like the idea of not having internet access03:45
mappsor if you do..slow and costly03:45
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mappscant sleep05:06
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knightwiseMorning mapps07:35
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brobostigonmoring boys and girls.10:20
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mappslol as usual no food in morrisons at weekends17:58
mappsmeat aisle=empty17:58
daftykinsi had to around 3 places to find some lunch today, ships must be all delayed again due to the crazy winds17:59
daftykins*go around17:59
penguin42waitrose had Lindt choc bears at 35p each18:00
mappsno waitrose here18:02
mappsalthough eroski sells some waitrose products which i thought was odd18:02
daftykinspretty common here18:02
daftykinshas anyone had any experience with a decent and cheap desk lamp off amazon?19:26
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daftykinslots of LED stuff around nowadays - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Aglaia-Dimmable-Eye-care-Touch-Sensitive-Controller/dp/B016BEEH3O/19:34
daftykinsBob's having issues20:35
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daftykinsBob_8732: fix your connection!22:21

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