cmaloneyrick_h_: Which did you decide to run?00:04
cmaloneyIt's looking very Squarespacey00:06
rick_h_cmaloney: yea squarespace00:12
cmaloneyLooks nice00:13
rick_h_cmaloney: yea more to do but the multiple blog-ness and editor seems cool00:22
flipsidecreationgood morning16:33
brouschMy friend who works at Ford on self-driving vehicles told me they give you an Ubuntu laptop as your development computer16:35
flipsidecreationthat is pretty cool16:43
_stink_$ drive_car --to grocery_store17:00
cmaloneyPython ins moving to Github17:03
cmaloneybrousch:  That's pretty cool17:03
flipsidecreationthat is awesome17:18

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