adueppenI might get to the meeting a bit late depending on when I have dinner00:11
tsimonq2ok :)00:25
tsimonq2mikeputnam1: you around?00:58
tsimonq2IvanR_: you around?00:59
tsimonq2adueppen: o/00:59
adueppentsimonq2: ;00:59
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tsimonq2sooo is anyone around besides adueppen?01:02
adueppentsimonq2: ping everyone01:02
tsimonq2adueppen: I already did :P01:02
adueppenoh didn't see that there01:02
tsimonq2adueppen: I already know h00k is enjoying time away01:02
tsimonq2adueppen: so anything notable you have found while using Ubuntu these past to weeks?01:03
adueppenwell I'm having dinner in about 5 minutes so I won't be able to say much01:03
tsimonq2ok :)01:04
tsimonq2I really think that not many people are gonna come here, so I am just gonna end the meeting :P01:04
meetingologyMeeting ended Sat Jan  2 01:04:34 2016 UTC.01:04
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-us-wi/2016/ubuntu-us-wi.2016-01-02-01.00.moin.txt01:04
adueppentsimonq2: still, I did find out that you are on pretty much every single ubuntu IRC channel01:04
mikeputnam1wasn't at a keyboard at 7pm02:14
mikeputnam1playing Guns of Icarus on steam now02:14
mikeputnam1<3 linux02:14
adueppenmikeputnam1: it's fine, I nearly wasn't either02:15
adueppenwait mikeputnam1 what's your steam name?02:17
adueppenso I can add you as a friend02:17
mikeputnam1in guns of icarus, i'm sgtdsgtd  (name collision)02:18
adueppenmikeputnam1: the one with the ostrich as the profile picture?02:19
=== mikeputnam1 is now known as mikeputnam

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