Kilosmorning all and sundry06:33
inetprogood evening oom Kilos11:18
inetpro-oh and hi everyone else11:18
inetproKilos: raining there yet?11:18
inetproI see dark clouds on your side11:18
inetprowe got 8mm last night11:19
Kilosnope inetpro south of the mountain11:26
Kiloswe got 4 mm11:26
Kilosi think town got and looks like kalafong is either raining or soon will11:27
inetprolet's hope it comes this side still11:27
Kilossounds good though11:28
Kilosi like sleeping when its storming11:28
Kilosvery hot though, feels like hotter than yesterday11:28
Kiloshere its dripping now11:29
Kilosi put buckets where the roof runs off so i catch the rain water for plants11:30
Kilosklaar verby11:41
Kilosby harties nou11:41
Kilosinetpro klink of dit terug kom15:28
Kiloslaaste druppels het die reen meter nie eers geraak nie15:28
inetproniks re├źn 16:08
Kilosweather liar say 60% chance of severe thunderstorms tonight16:57
inetproKilos: tonight? 18:22
Kilosja so they say18:22
Kiloswiait for wind18:22
inetprohmm... too clear and quiet now 18:24
Kilosi seem to be getting better and better at making typos18:24
Kilosyes i looked as well so if wind starts howling there is a chance18:24
Kilosotherwise another lie18:25
inetproKilos: do I hear thunder? 18:49
inetproquite a rumbling one as well... I like! 18:50
Kilosyes from harties side18:52
Kilosjust need west wind now18:52
inetprono this one is nice and close-by here as well 18:55
inetproa nice summer thunderstorm 18:56
inetproKilos: Check out Lifesaving SA (@lifesaving_sa): https://twitter.com/lifesaving_sa18:59
inetprosomething close to your heart 19:00
Kiloshaha i actually watched a program on tv today about durbs lifesavers19:01
inetprosjoe, some big storm building up now very quickly all around us19:01
Kilosthey use jet skis and paddle skis19:01
Kiloswe had to swim pulling a belt and rope19:01
inetprothere it's falling from the skies now 19:01
Kilosyay good luck for lots19:01
inetprofalling big time 19:03
inetproKilos: How many litres is a municipal dustbin? 19:08
Kilosnow your lawn will grow19:08
inetprothose black ones 19:08
Kilosmaybe 10019:08
inetprofull of water in less than a minute 19:09
Kilosrun off from roof19:09
inetproyup 19:09
inetproput it there when you talked about putting buckets 19:10
Kiloswell listened19:11
inetproquite amazing... didn't expect it to fill this quick 19:11
Kilosa roof makes a great cachement area19:12
inetprook, this is not quite as big as the municipal ones 19:13
inetpro50kg food for the chickens fills it nicely, so must be around 50l19:14
Kiloseven 20 litres in that time is wonderful19:14
Kilosah i know which one you have19:15
Kilosstill nothing fallen here19:15
inetprobought it myself for storing chicken food 19:15
Kilosthey handy for many things19:16
inetprovery 19:16
Kilosi use 2 for re wriggler worms19:16
Kilosred wriggler19:16
inetprothat's clever 19:16
Kilosfor making organic compost19:16
Kilosbut ive been slack in checking then last couple of months19:17
Kiloshope worms are still alive19:17
* inetpro should learn from you how to do that 19:17
Kilosor at least left some eggs behind19:17
Kilosits simple19:17
Kilosill write out a how to if you remind me tomorrow19:18
Kilosneed to sleep now19:19
Kilosill take pics19:19
inetprohope you get some rain as well... stopped here now but thundering still in the distance 19:20
Kilosty hope so as well19:20
Kilosnight all . sleep tight19:20
inetprowait 19:21
inetproquickly going to check how much rain 19:21
Kilos30mm? or more19:21
inetpro20 mm19:23
inetpronot bad at all 19:23
Kilosyip 19:24
Kiloshopefully it carries on tomorrow19:24
Kilossleep tight sir19:24
smilebye :p20:17
inetprogood night smile20:18
smileyou too inetpro :)20:18

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