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Guest50982new to linux. is this better than windows?00:00
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legg /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER legg pluhbzikrlkz00:04
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HappyHippiewill my USB TV Capture Tuner Card work in a linux Virtual Machine running Windows 10??00:07
Nenis43Outstanding customer service from Amazon. They are refunding me 100% on my opened computer.00:08
ikoniaNenis43: not really something this channel is interested in00:08
ikoniaNenis43: it's for ubuntu support discussion00:08
Nenis43ikonia: Yes, but I like to spread the word about positive CS.00:09
ikoniaNenis43: we don't want to hear it here please.00:09
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.00:12
zaphod_bDoes anybody know how to set a bash alias to list all my files when I cd into a directory?00:16
Dylan____Hey guys00:17
lnxmenzaphod_b: try to write bash script that takes an argument as path to folder00:18
lnxmenthen cd to this folder and ls -al00:18
zaphod_blnxmen ok cool thank you!00:18
nicomachuszaphod_b: no... just go to ~/.bash_aliases and add the line ' alias cd="ls -la" '00:19
nicomachuscd="cd ls -la"00:20
zaphod_bnicomachus: would that work though?00:20
zaphod_bahh the second makes more sense00:20
zaphod_bcool cool00:20
EriC^^zaphod_b: alias cdls='cd; ls -lh'00:20
zaphod_bYeah my original thought was to set alias cdls='cd && ls- la'00:20
nicomachusEriC^^'s is better, zaphod_b00:20
EriC^^actually it won't stay cd 'd i just tried it00:21
EriC^^function cdls() { cd $1; ls -l; }00:21
EriC^^zaphod_b: ^00:22
lnxmenEriC^^: exactly00:22
zaphod_bthat works exactly how I would have liked it to00:23
zaphod_bThanks everyone00:23
sw0rdfishis there need for a firewall when using ubuntu00:23
sw0rdfishor an anti-virus for that matter00:23
EriC^^zaphod_b: this is better function cdls() { cd "$1" && ls -l; }00:24
ikoniasw0rdfish: wasn't this just answred for you in detail in ##linux ?00:24
EriC^^it takes into consideration white spaces, and doesn't ls if it couldn't cd00:24
k1l_sw0rdfish: no, there isnt00:24
zaphod_bEriC^^: ohh awesome thanks. I had already edited the ; to && but taking into account whitespace is a good idea00:25
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voyager_hi guys00:27
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sw0rdfishikonia not firewall question00:29
sw0rdfishanti-virus question yes, but hey for either of those two, ubuntu experts might have something else to say00:29
daftykinssw0rdfish: no and no00:30
daftykins(if behind a NAT firewall router already)00:30
sw0rdfishthen I shall proceed to install kubuntu for my dad's friend without any security software I guess.00:31
daftykinsconverting others, ooh mistakes will come :)00:31
k1l_educate them to keep their system safe.00:31
HappyHippiewill my USB TV Capture Tuner Card work in a linux Virtual Machine running Windows 10??00:34
tomreynHappyHippie: if that virtualization supports usb device passthrough then i don't see why not, assuming it works on windows 10 natively.00:35
daftykinsHappyHippie: it's not clear what you claim the host or guest OS will be00:36
sw0rdfishindeed ^00:36
tomreyni intereptreted it as ubuntu linux host, windows 10 guest OS00:36
daftykinsthat's nice, but lets focus on what's certain ;)00:36
sw0rdfishI suppose kubuntu 14.04.3 is most recommended.00:37
daftykinsyou might as well wait for the next LTS now ;)00:37
daftykinsdepends on the spec of the target system00:37
tomreyn"most recommended" by whom?00:37
sw0rdfishdaftykins its a bit old like maybe 3-5 years old and its got 2GB of ram with an intel celeron something cpu00:40
sw0rdfishtomreyn by the majority00:40
daftykinsi think KDE would be too much for that00:40
tomreynof? based on statistics generated how and by whom?00:40
sw0rdfishin fact I'm thinking I might have to turn off the fancy kde effects so that it works smoothly on the laptop00:41
k1l_sw0rdfish: LTS is fine, since you dont have to upgrade every 6months. but the desktop to choose is in most times a matter of taste. besides having slow hardware00:41
k1l_sw0rdfish: look at xubuntu or better Lubuntu if its about lightweight00:42
sw0rdfishk1l_ slow/old hardware plus its for a senior citizen whom I want to be able to handle the system with the GUI00:42
sw0rdfishtbh I'm trying to avoid installing windows 7 for him, want him to try with linux00:43
sw0rdfishwithout virus/trojan headaches00:43
ikoniasw0rdfish: this was all explained in ##linux00:43
sw0rdfishno it wasn't, only thing that was settled in ##linux was that I don't need an anti-virus for linux and that firefox + adblocker should be enough.00:44
daftykinsthere aren't any such headaches if you set it up properly ;)00:45
sw0rdfishdaftykins, if I turn off some fancy kde graphical effects, can the 2GB laptop handle it smoothly do you think?00:45
daftykinsKDE is a mistake imo00:45
k1l_and tell the user not to install stuff from website or other untrusted repos if he doesnt know that code.00:45
sw0rdfish95% of the times he only uses skype and facebook00:46
k1l_kde is heavy. if you are worried about perfomrance then see my last advice on that00:46
Dylan____When i boot into ubuntu i get this blackscreen then followed by what looks like a foot like the gnome thing dots00:46
HappyHippieregarding VM .....can you resize the screen on virtual machine? also can i make virtual machine always on top?00:46
sw0rdfishok then, I'll install xubuntu for him, already have the .iso file for it too :)00:46
Dylan____Should be able to happyhippie00:47
Dylan____Though gotta install virtualbox guest additions00:47
Dylan____And reboot00:47
Dylan____Should have a screen like the size of a monitor00:47
Dylan____Sw0fdfish do you know how to burn it etc?00:47
daftykinsHappyHippie: we're still waiting on you asking the first question more clearly.00:47
sw0rdfishDylan____ yes I do.00:48
daftykinsDylan____: did nomodeset help?00:48
sw0rdfishthanks for asking Dylan____ :)00:48
Dylan____Dafty had to reinstall the whole ubuntu os00:49
Dylan____It was too much honestly00:49
HappyHippiedaftykins, i want to run windows 10 in a linux virtual machine00:49
Dylan____Like i stuffed something up00:49
daftykinsDylan____: that's not a "yes i tried nomodeset" or "no i did not" :)00:49
Dylan____I did00:49
k1l_HappyHippie: the linux is too much in that sentence.00:49
Dylan____And it worked when it booted it and things00:49
Dylan____Then when i would boot it without nomodeset i got the low graphics system stuff noveau errors00:49
daftykinsHappyHippie: just VM, or Windows VM... it's not a Linux VM00:50
Dylan____So i just reinstalled ubuntu00:50
Dylan____Happyhippie you will need windows 10 iso from microsofts website00:50
daftykinsDylan____: so you need to install with a propietary nvidia driver to make use on this one, by the sounds of it00:50
daftykinsDylan____: that's not the question.00:50
Dylan____Listen last night i was helped alright i got to the point where it was too complicTed and reinstalled ubuntu00:51
Dylan____Because when i boot automatically the drivers set to xorg00:51
Dylan____For some reason?00:51
Dylan____Brb mac charger00:51
daftykinswhich is the whole point behind booting with nomodeset, to avoid that - then install the proper nvidia driver00:51
daftykinsDylan____: own up to what you don't understand, don't just keep inanely repeating the same statements00:52
Dylan____Can you not try and criticise me off what i cant do ?00:52
Dylan____Im not experieced with ubuntu00:52
daftykinsi think you're taking this too personally and totally flying off the handle00:52
daftykinscalm down.00:52
Dylan____Never had been and only got into using it this year00:52
Dylan____Im been a windows person since i was born00:53
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k1l_no need to get personal in here.00:53
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:53
k1l_that is a typical solution for issues with drivers and not beeing able to boot00:54
Dylan____Listen im not going to tell you again i have already reinstalled ubuntu on my own mac alright00:54
daftykinsyeah we already had that convo, k1l_ :)00:54
Dylan____I cant take back what im done00:54
daftykinsugh, mac00:54
OerHekshe disabled that, and now complaints, not sure what Dylan____  issue is00:54
Dylan____Yeah exactly00:54
Dylan____I got no issue00:54
Dylan____Im saying yestaday i screwed up00:54
daftykinsso go back...00:54
OerHeksoh, offtopic talk00:54
Dylan____I had the black screen had to tap shift get into root terminal mount the filesystem00:54
Dylan____Then i deleted nvidia-common or something00:55
Dylan____And i stuffed up there00:55
k1l_Dylan____: listen! if you cant state clear what the issue is and people are asking you for more and clear infos you should tone down your attitude asap.00:55
sw0rdfishis there a program that can be used to open your hotmail/live email account without using a web browser?00:55
sw0rdfishI think there is one for gmail, though.00:55
Dylan____You trying to get lippy with me?00:55
Ben64sw0rdfish: thunderbird, evolution maybe00:56
tomreynsw0rdfish: this is usually referred to as an "e-mail client"00:56
tomreynyour parents used to use such software before everything had to work on your web browser00:56
Dylan____Back to what i needed before00:57
faLUCEhello. I created user "demo" with  "adduser demo". Then, after following a bad manual, I typed "gpasswd -a demo sudo"  ... After that, I can't write to my home directory anymore... how can I fix?00:57
Dylan____Is there a lightweight flash player?00:57
faLUCEI messed up something but dunno what exactly00:57
Dylan____As in like browser00:57
nestor_go back00:57
nestor_no funciono :(00:57
k1l_flash is not lightweight. and since adobe stopped linux support for flash your best bet is to use chrome with build in pepperflash00:58
Dylan____Ahh ok00:58
Dylan____I have mozilla firefox00:58
daftykinsDylan____: i and likely other volunteers are now going to ignore you for the fact that you are acting like a British lager-lout out for a fight on a Friday night, dial back the silly attitude00:58
sw0rdfishthere still is MS Outlook tomreyn00:58
Dylan____Excuse me but im australian00:58
Dylan____And second of all im not looking for a fight on the net00:58
sw0rdfishall hail the aussies!00:59
Dylan____Im here to get help and support00:59
daftykinsDylan____: then cut the drama00:59
tomreynsw0rdfish: i can't find that in ubuntu software repositories for some reason00:59
Dylan____And if your going to support me like that then i best say i probably leave this chat00:59
Dylan____And get help on the fourms instead00:59
sw0rdfishtomreyn it only works on windows00:59
Ben64faLUCE: nothing you showed would prevent you from writing to your home directory00:59
tomreynfaLUCE: the gpasswd command you ran did not create the situation you are discussing00:59
tomreynsw0rdfish: oh then i guess that's off-topic here01:00
faLUCEtomreyn: what could create it? or, better, what can I do to fix it?01:00
Ben64faLUCE: need to know what you did first01:00
sw0rdfishtomreyn, true.01:00
k1l_sw0rdfish: you mean: thunderbird?01:00
faLUCEBen64: I really did not do anything else than installing packages with apt-get (apache, mysql and something other)01:01
tomreynfaLUCE: there are too many ways you could have broken things, it's not possible to give advice unless we know what you did or what your current configzurations are.01:01
ikoniafaLUCE: you'll do well to focus on one channel01:01
ikoniafaLUCE: you're asking this in multiple places and geting a lot of info thrown at you01:02
ikoniapick one and work it through with them01:02
sw0rdfishk1l_ sir yes sir, thunderbird looks good, Kontact on KDE has more options it looks (from the screenshots) but for what my dad's friend needs thunderbird is more than enough cuz all he needs is the inbox :D01:03
faLUCEikonia: let's try with chmod and chown01:03
k1l_sw0rdfish: i dont think any program got more options than thunderbird.01:03
sw0rdfishk1l_, I see.01:05
Dylan____sw0rdfish: evolution?01:05
Dylan____Sw0rdfish try those sylpheed01:06
Dylan____Thunderbirds probably the most used01:06
Dylan____Those are just some examples01:07
daftykinsbear in mind Thunderbird is getting abandoned soon enough01:07
daftykinsmail clients are so 90s :D01:07
Dylan____Never heard that01:07
Dylan____How come?01:07
tomreynit's very unlikely to be abandoned01:07
tomreynsurely ubuntu packages will continue to exist. just the upstream maintainer may change.01:08
Dylan____Hmm ok01:08
tomreynand maybe the product title, too.01:08
Dylan____Kinda sad if mozilla is going to abadon thunderbird01:09
daftykinsno, Mozilla are handing the project over to someone else01:10
daftykinspackaging isn't relevant to that01:10
Dylan____Daftykins about nvidia drivers can i choose whatever one i want when im logged in then when i say shutdown will that use that driver?01:11
Dylan____Cause im always had the xorg opensource driver the default for some reason01:11
sw0rdfishthanks Dylan____01:12
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daftykinslike i said earlier when you got really defensive, you install the proprietary nvidia one to use that one01:12
Dylan____But by default there already installed01:13
Dylan____No problems sw0rdfish01:13
Dylan____Hmm ok01:13
Dylan____Cause i see my nvidia drivers listed but i havnt installed them01:13
daftykinsno, the open source driver nouveau is.01:13
k1l_if you dont install prop. drivers they cant be used by default01:13
Dylan____But i dont know if im installed them01:14
daftykinsplease try not to spam the channel with many enter key presses.01:14
k1l_Dylan____: where do you see that its using the prop. nvidia driver?01:14
daftykinsit's pretty obvious whether you have or not, because you would have run a command or selected to install something called nvidia...01:14
Dylan____All i know is when i go to the additonal drivers tab it comes up with the 5 nvidia drivers that can be used but have no idea if its installed or not01:14
daftykinsno they are not, those are offers01:15
k1l_Dylan____: that is only listing the drivers from the repo. if you dont check them there they are not installed.01:15
Dylan____Alright can you help me install the drivers please01:15
k1l_click on one driver in that listing01:15
Dylan____Currently its using the xorg server01:16
k1l_that is what we told you.01:16
daftykinsnouveau driver, as mentioned above.01:16
daftykinsessentially the last 10 minutes have been a huge circle where we told you what was what immediately01:17
Dylan____Yes but this is all new to me01:17
daftykinssorry, 35 mins :P01:17
daftykinsyeah but instead of asking what you think is the situation, you should've started with "i'm looking at the list in the additional drivers window..."01:17
Dylan____So those additonal drivers arnt installed yet right?01:17
daftykinsi'm not going to repeat myself.01:17
k1l_Dylan____: so i really suggest you admit yourself that you are a beginner now, again. since the "i use windows since 100 years" is not helping much now.01:18
Kakgood evening01:18
k1l_Dylan____: we answered you that already. its just a listing about what drivers are offered in the ubuntu repos. so mark the nvidia driver you want to use. then click ok(or acccept or such) and it will install that driver01:19
Dylan____im done honestly if you are not willing to support me with infomation with what im asking well like i said this is a channel that has people not willing to give there help to people im going to leave the chat now and go on the fourms ...01:19
k1l_Dylan____: stop making drama!01:20
Ben64some people don't want to read, you guys tried01:20
daftykinsfirst facepalm of the year.01:20
daftykinsHNY btw guys \o01:21
ruachhi, who has a link to installing ubuntu on mac wiki please01:22
k1l_enough internet for today. i am going to sleep :)01:22
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages01:23
ruachthanks for the headstart on the install, much appreciate it01:24
KimmoNOWhy has not Exim in Ubuntu 12.04 not been updated since december 2012? I thought security vulnerabilities would be patched? Or am I missing something?01:25
daftykinshow are you checking?01:25
daftykinsi'd be willing to bet on a repo fail01:25
KimmoNOHere: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/exim401:26
daftykinsright but on your actual 12.04 install, how are you checking?01:26
daftykinsmaybe a specific major version has been moved on from since 201201:27
daftykinsif you want newer, time to upgrade that LTS.01:27
KimmoNOexim -bV and looking at build date. Also checked the executable.01:27
KimmoNOdaftykins: Yes, clearly. But I was sure that security vulnerabilities would be patched.01:28
tomreynKimmoNO: the application may report the same version as the original source code of this application did when release. use "dpkg -l exim4" to review the actual ubuntu patch level.01:29
daftykins!info exim precise01:29
ubottuPackage exim does not exist in precise01:29
daftykins!info exim4 precise01:29
ubottuexim4 (source: exim4): metapackage to ease Exim MTA (v4) installation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.76-3ubuntu3.2 (precise), package size 7 kB, installed size 44 kB01:29
sw0rdfishI should format a new installation in ext4 right?01:30
daftykinssw0rdfish: yes but you wouldn't have been asked that01:30
tomreynKimmoNO: 3ubuntu3.2 here points to the ubuntu patch level, those are bug fixes and - more likely - security patches made by debian and ubuntu folks to ensure these packages remain secure, even though they are based on an old release.01:31
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tomreynKimmoNO: https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/exim4 points at the source code of the official ("upstream") Exim release, it does not show you the patches which were applied to the Ubuntu packages.01:32
sw0rdfishdaftykins I chose to do manual partitioning, only because for some reason I thought of separating / and /home... but this is for a senior citizen with not much to do except skype, facebook, thunderbird, chrome or chromium usage01:33
daftykinsonly 16 months left for precise now though :)01:33
sw0rdfishso maybe I should just let it auto install things and choose the option to install the system with LVM01:33
daftykinssw0rdfish: yeah don't need to know the target user every time ;)01:33
daftykinswhat size disk?01:33
KimmoNOdaftykins: Yes, I also need something better than TLS 1.0 :p01:33
daftykinsi would avoid LVM and do a 20GB / , swap and rest /01:33
tomreynKimmoNO: sorry, it actually does, in the "precise-security" branch, which indeed has no commits since 2012.01:34
sw0rdfishnot sure what you mean there daftykins buddy. soooo, 20GB for / and like 3GB for swap and the rest for /home ?01:35
* daftykins facepalms01:35
daftykinsyeah i meant /home on the end there.01:35
sw0rdfishoh an idea just came to me as you mentioned swap, daftykins, can't I make enough swap like 5GB or whatever so that KDE can run smoothly on a 2GB(RAM) laptop ?01:37
daftykinsthat's not even vaguely what swap is.01:37
sw0rdfishif I recall correctly, swap is used by the system when the actual RAM usage reaches 100%?01:37
daftykinsyep, or to switch out programs that don't need frequent access01:38
daftykinsbut because that's on a rubbish mechanical HDD in the system you're dealing with, it can't polish a turd01:38
daftykins(i.e. make that thing any better)01:38
sw0rdfishso it can't be useful for the situation I described, like if KDE reaches 1.5GB of RAM usage other programs like thunderbird, chromium could maybe use swap?01:39
daftykinssw0rdfish: if you ever used a celeron based computer that's run out of RAM and is dipping into swap on a mechanical disk, you would suddenly develop an urge to kill01:40
daftykinsit's a horrific experience01:40
sw0rdfishwow, haha01:40
sw0rdfishoooooKAY then...01:40
tomreynKimmoNO: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2014/CVE-2014-2957.html01:41
ubottuThe dmarc_process function in dmarc.c in Exim before 4.82.1, when EXPERIMENTAL_DMARC is enabled, allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code via the From header in an email, which is passed to the expand_string function. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-2957)01:41
sw0rdfishdaftykins you do know they still sell intel celeron based laptops01:42
tomreynKimmoNO: the other CVE patch is missing though http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2014/CVE-2014-2972.html01:42
ubottuexpand.c in Exim before 4.83 expands mathematical comparisons twice, which allows local users to gain privileges and execute arbitrary commands via a crafted lookup value. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2014-2972)01:42
KimmoNOYes, that is what I found too.01:42
daftykinssw0rdfish: a celeron from today has a different use-case than the first ever that came out, so you can't apply a statement from one to the other without details01:42
daftykinssw0rdfish: this is also completely off topic and tiresome now :/01:43
weiyangHi, all, I tried to use tweak tool to exchange ctrl and cap on ubuntu 15.10, but seems not work.01:43
azure32 /part ubuntu01:43
Onions420What a troll01:44
sw0rdfishdaftykins well holy moly I'm sorry for making you tired bro ... wouldn't want that now.01:44
Onions420sw0rdfish: How experienced of a user are you?01:45
daftykinsthat's not what tiresome means :)01:46
xJeremyCxhey guys01:46
xJeremyCxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/14364895/ <- is my fdisk output01:46
xJeremyCxwhy does it has 2 partitions  of the same size?01:47
daftykinssudo parted -l ; would be nicer01:47
daftykinsnope 4 is an extended partition, logical drives exist within that. likely this is something like a Sony or Acer where the disk came split into C: and D: in Windows to begin with01:48
sw0rdfishOnions420 not much hardcore experience here01:49
xJeremyCxmy laptop came with 2 partitions. one for windows. I splited another partition for ubuntu01:50
xJeremyCxI'd like to know which one is my primary partition(the one with windows)01:51
kenweillsudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified01:51
kenweillGraphics:  Card-1: Intel 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller01:51
kenweill           Card-2: NVIDIA GF119M [GeForce 610M]01:51
kenweill           X.Org 1.17.1 drivers intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) Resolution 1366x768@60.0hz01:51
kenweill           GLX Renderer Mesa DRI Intel Ivybridge Mobile GLX Version 3.0 Mesa 10.5.901:51
rwwxJeremyCx: 1 is a vendor recovery partition, 2 is your windows boot partition, 3 is probably your main windows partition. 4 is a container for 5, 6, and 7. 5 is a second windows partition, 6 is your linux data partition, 7 is your linux swap partition01:52
daftykinsxJeremyCx: it's pretty obvious if you read the sizes and file systems01:52
rwwi'd imagine 1, 2, and 3 came with your computer.01:52
daftykinsand a 4 which is no more, i'd wager :)01:53
rwwwouldn't surprise me, vendors tend to do that these days ;(01:53
daftykinsit's good, data storage away from Windows :D anyway /ot with me01:53
xJeremyCxit is possible to fix bad sectors in the windows partition?01:53
daftykinsno, that's a failed disk drive.01:54
daftykinsyou need to replace it01:54
Onions420sw0rdfish: I feel you man01:54
daftykinsshow us the SMART info? "sudo apt-get install smartmontools pastebinit && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit"01:54
xJeremyCxhow much is a 500GB hdd nowdays?01:54
rwwxJeremyCx: laptop or desktop sized?01:54
xJeremyCxit's from 201101:54
daftykinsi don't know where in the world you are for an appropriate currency.01:54
Onions420xJeremyCx: I'd say around 30 USD01:54
daftykinsyou wouldn't replace it like for like01:54
xJeremyCxthanks, Onions42001:55
daftykinsxJeremyCx: run the above :)01:55
xJeremyCxhere you go01:56
daftykinsxJeremyCx: mmm it's not so bad right now, but you should backup your data and prepare for the worst.01:56
daftykinsit could snowball01:57
daftykinsif you keep using it, you may even cease to be able to boot one OS or the other in time01:57
Onions420You should always have a backup if you have important stuff01:58
xJeremyCxwindows was extremely laggy, and the event app keeps logging that there are bad blocks01:58
xJeremyCxI ran "badblocks -sv /dev/sda" and there were 13 errors :\01:58
xJeremyCxthere is no way to fix it?01:58
Onions420xJeremyCx: I'm going to be a little generic here, have you defragged your hdd?01:58
Onions420xJeremyCx: Disk check?01:59
xJeremyCxI ran chkdsk on windows, it said there was no error01:59
ice9how to reflect changes by xbindkey like sound volume and screen brightness in the unity settings slider?01:59
daftykinsyou can't fix a failing drive, like i said already01:59
ruachis there an iso download for mac under ubuntu/downloads?01:59
Onions420xJeremyCx: Yeah daftykins is right if the drive is failing there's nothing to do but replace it02:00
xJeremyCxoh shet ._.02:00
tomreynruach: what is an "iso download for mac"?02:00
sw0rdfishshould the type of new partitions for / and /home be Primary or Logical02:00
Onions420ruach: You want a copy of mac OS X?02:00
tomreynxJeremyCx: if you can afford it, do yourself a favor and replace your hdd by an ssd02:02
tomreynxJeremyCx: it will feel like a whole new computer (almost)02:03
daftykinsOnions420: it's not appropriate to be throwing around software illegally in any channel on freenode.02:03
sw0rdfishgoign with logical cuz this isn't windows :)02:03
xJeremyCxssd is quite expensive, and I don't know if it can fit into my laptop or not02:03
xJeremyCxdo they have the same size?02:03
tomreynxJeremyCx: there are both HDDs and SSDs which fit into laptops, yes02:03
daftykins##hardware can help you with more since that's off topic here.02:03
Onions420daftykins: I just asked, never offered any links. I know the rules man, and I have some morality02:04
Berzerkerhey couple questions for anyone who can help, first, my GRUB seems to be ignoring any timeout settings, pastebin of default/grub here http://pastebin.com/LWmbH0Sz02:04
daftykinsOnions420: perhaps consider PM in future then :)02:04
ruachtomreyn: what about .img is that for a mac ?02:04
tomreynruach: ".img" usually refers to a file name extension. it is not a well defined format.02:04
xJeremyCxthanks for your suggestions02:05
xJeremyCxyou guys helped me a lot ;)02:05
daftykinsthere are channels for mac talk, you can take that topic to them :)02:05
=== elcapitano is now known as foonz1
sw0rdfishBashing-om ?02:06
daftykinssw0rdfish: / would be primary and swap and /home could be logical, but it doesn't matter really02:07
daftykinssw0rdfish: also it's not Windows, but MBR partition table talk which is standard across both OSs.02:07
daftykinson an MBR formatted disk, primary, extended and logical drive partitions are standard02:08
toggafasimdhwhy am i banned from freenode?02:08
daftykinstoggafasimdh: couldn't care less, go ask #freenode02:08
compdocwe dont like you02:08
toggafasimdhno i mean from the entire network02:08
Berzerkertoggafasimdh: you're connected right now, you're not banned02:08
daftykinstoggafasimdh: yes, go ask THEM.02:09
toggafasimdhBerzerker: are you sure you're not banned?02:09
Berzerkerdaftykins: any ideas? checked for recordfail in grubenv and nothing there either02:09
toggafasimdhisn't this where all the banned people go?02:09
daftykinstoggafasimdh: don't be stupid, read the topic.02:09
Bashing-omsw0rdfish: 'logical' parition are in the "container" extended . one may have 4 primary partitions  in MBR scheme . One of those primary partiions may be a logical one containing the  logical partitions .02:09
daftykinsBerzerker: sorry, bed time for me02:09
sw0rdfishI see.02:11
BerzerkerBashing-om: any ideas?02:11
ruachhow do i find the mac talk ? i go xchat ->network list  ->to where for help with the ubuntu install?02:11
daftykins!alis | ruach02:11
ubotturuach: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http02:11
daftykinsno i just meant to talk about mac things it'd be a mac channel, ubuntu support is still here02:12
chokiHi can someone help me pls? Im trying to install latest emacs 24.5 but  I always get the error about "unmet dependencies" http://ix.io/n6A02:12
Bashing-omBerzerker: I will look and see what I can see .02:13
ubottualis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http02:14
daftykinsno you don't type the same trigger again...02:14
HappyHippiehi.. what is better to use.. vm ware? Or virtual box???02:14
daftykinsHappyHippie: virtualbox is open source, vmware is not02:14
daftykinsuse what you want.02:14
daftykinsHappyHippie: your plan of having a Windows VM atop Linux to use a TV card is insane, however.02:15
HappyHippiewhy so daftykins , dont you think it will work??02:16
daftykinsit's a ridiculous plan02:16
daftykinstwo OSs to use a piece of hardware - it screams no.02:17
Berzerkerdaftykins: so what happend to going to bed?02:17
Bashing-omBerzerker: " #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true02:17
HappyHippiewill linux and windows 10 vbox share hardware.. ie soundcard?02:17
daftykinsBerzerker: it's all a conspiracy, i'm really just avoiding helping you specifically02:17
BerzerkerBashing-om: I tried it with all configurations of that line uncommented, removed and set to false, and none of them worked02:18
Berzerkerdaftykins: certainly seems like it02:18
daftykinswow you didn't notice that was a joke did you?02:18
BerzerkerI did, just pointing out what I'm thinking02:18
Bashing-omBerzerker: " #GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true " se tot false, and " GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT=10 ' system default is 30 = why change it ?02:18
BerzerkerBashing-om: it not being 30 is not my issue, it doesn't have any timeout at all02:19
BerzerkerBashing-om: sits at GRUB until I select an OS02:19
Bashing-omBerzerker: Single ubuntu operating system installed ?02:19
Berzerkerand windows02:19
daftykinsi don't know whether to ignore you or cringe :(02:20
Kalovhow do i format a HDD connected to my ubuntu computer?02:20
daftykinsrun gparted02:20
Berzerkerdaftykins: I mean, if you're upset that I didn't think your joke was hilarious, then *shrug*02:21
daftykinsnah i just think you're an idiot for crying i wasn't helping02:22
Berzerkerlol k02:22
sw0rdfishKalov, yes, gparted is good for that. You should be able to find nice and easy to follow guides via google. :)02:22
cfhowlett!format | Kalov02:23
ubottuKalov: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:23
Bashing-omBerzerker: Standard to offer the choice of which operating sysyem to boot. I would not recommend a setting of '0' . That might be trouble to deal with in times of trouble .02:23
BerzerkerBashing-om: it's not 0...02:24
Berzerkerit's 1002:24
Berzerkermore than enough time for me to hit a key and switch something02:24
Bashing-omBerzerker: And ... you do not have a countdown to boot the default system from the 10 seconds ?02:26
BerzerkerBashing-om: correct02:27
Berzerkerno countdown, sits forever02:27
Bashing-omBerzerker: lemme hunt .. I am aware that is a setting  to enable the countdown .02:28
squintyfwiw, i have experienced this after a dirty shut down   ie  power outage or lockup etc.  after rebooting and a clean shutdown, grub will boot as normal.02:29
texlaUbuntu 14.04  I installed an apps in unity a launcher shows on screen but able to lock it open for future use02:31
xJeremyCxhey guys, is there any software which allows me to transfer files over lan from ubuntu to a windows desktop?02:34
Bashing-omBerzerker: "/etc/default/grub and add the variable GRUB_RECORDFAIL_TIMEOUT. >> For >=1, menu will display for the specified number of seconds. " looks to me that this setting disables the countdown .02:34
cfhowlett!samba | xJeremyCx02:34
ubottuxJeremyCx: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html02:34
BerzerkerBashing-om: the setting adds a timeout if the system records a boot failure, by default it's not there so it doesn't put in a timeout. that's not causing the issue02:35
ruachsamba have info on pairing ubuntu across to windows, wirelessly?02:41
cfhowlett!samba | ruach02:49
ubotturuach: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/samba.html02:49
nicomachushow can I figure out what is running on a particular..socket?02:52
nicomachuswhen starting mpd I get the error: socket: Failed to bind to '[::]:6600': Address already in use02:53
ruachmay i please have advice on moving to a room i found with alis?02:54
=== Guest74310 is now known as bewbs
nicomachusruach: /join #newroomname02:54
ruachyoure all much helpful, its been entertaining ; )02:55
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=== redrock is now known as saliujd
TomsDinnerHi, is it illegal to convince people to microwave they're apple products?03:05
nicomachus!guidelines > TomsDinner03:07
ubottuTomsDinner, please see my private message03:07
cfhowlettTomsDinner, idiotic questions quickly lead to idiots getting kicked out of here.  check your guidelines03:07
TomsDinnerOkay thanks, but how was that an idiotic question?03:08
cfhowlett.... and  you are added to /ignore ....03:09
TomsDinnerK thanks, I hope ubuntu dies03:09
=== nosireebob is now known as furrybob
tambuI'm having a slowdown with systemd on bootup. according to systemd it takes 2mins+ for ifup-wait-all-auto.service to start up. The part I don't get is that my network/interfaces file is all static there is no DHCP.. so how can it be hung up like this?03:17
joeb3_tambu, make sure your hostname is listed in /etc/hosts03:23
tambuhrm it's not.. but I just found that if I blank out the eth1.2 interface config in my network/interfaces the hang goes away..03:24
C0nfusekiThining: Hey there... I recently saw a video regarding booting Linux hard-drive in another computer. And I want to know if anyone here has had experience with changing the filesystem's UUID in /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/grub.cfg ?  my /boot/grub/grub.cfg tells me that "DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE It is automatically generated by grub-mkconfig using templates from /etc/grub.d and settings from /etc/default/grub"... So I'm looking for ideas on how03:26
C0nfuseki to get the UUID from the device on the other computer and configure my settings so I can 'plug and play' between my machines if I wanted.03:26
tomreynC0nfuseki: these UUIDs refer to the file systems. you do not need to change them to move a full disk from one computer to the other.03:28
tomreynthey are also not bound to specific hardware.03:28
C0nfusekihmmm. okay; well, a youtube video seems to depict otherwise: www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_lhqg_p21k03:29
C0nfusekithe guy takes his hardrive out and plugs it into another computer and it doesn't run. Was just checking how I should configure If i wanted to change.03:30
tomreynthis wouldn't be the first incident of someone on the internet being wrong. ;)03:31
tomreynbut i'm not saying he is, i'm not going to watch a 23m video to tell whether or not he is03:31
C0nfusekino worries. that's fair enough.03:31
tomreynit really depends on how you plan to be using the driver you want to swap03:31
tomreynyou didn't go into detail on this, yet03:32
tomreynis this drive you mean to swap going to be the only one to be used on both computers?03:32
tomreynare you going to boot off it?03:33
C0nfusekiyes. I would like to boot on another computer.03:33
C0nfusekithe same diskdrive.03:33
tomreynwill it just be an additional drive while you keep the 'main driver' in those computers at all time? things like these would be good to know.03:33
tambujoeb3_ unfortunately adding the hostname didn't resolve the issue with the boot hang03:33
C0nfusekino. it would be a replacement.03:34
tomreynif it'S the only disk drive on either comßputer then i would expect it to boot out of the box.03:34
C0nfusekion a fresh OS install. yes.03:34
C0nfusekii am was merely asking if anyone had to change their UUID to allow this; and if so, how they managed to do this. It appears that once a UUID is found, the kernel stubbornly tries to find it on boot.03:36
C0nfuseki*look for (i meant)03:36
C0nfusekiThank you for your input, tomreyn.03:37
Ben64uuid has nothing to do with moving a drive into another system03:37
=== samuel is now known as Guest98542
tomreynC0nfuseki: so, you're asking about (1) how to edit grub configuration to boot a device with a different UUID than the ones found / generated during OS installation and (2) how to change UUIDs?03:38
C0nfusekiokay. thank you, anyway. :)03:38
tomreynhi Guest9854203:38
tomreyn!es | Guest9854203:39
ubottuGuest98542: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:39
deostroll1and I've also got another completely unrelated (to pitvi) issue - http://askubuntu.com/questions/701356/unable-to-change-the-graphics-driver03:39
C0nfuseki@tomreyn pretty much wanting to prevent a "unable to find root device" after boot.03:39
tomreynC0nfuseki: with the use case you discussed so far I do not expect this to occur. If it does, please come back here and discuss your configuration in detail and get more support.03:41
C0nfusekibut people have suggested it might be another issue... I'm happy to drop the matter.03:41
C0nfusekithank you.03:41
tomreynyou're welcome03:41
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LopeI want to configure asterisk to receive calls from my DID number, and forward them to my softphone. I'd like to use IAX2. Can you recommend steps or a guide for doing this on ubuntu 14.04?03:43
=== Guest51143 is now known as Rodrigo
=== Rodrigo is now known as Guest3966
tomreyndeostroll1: there is a utility called powertop from Intel which you can install and run. It can hint on which application or process draws a lot of power, so you can get an idea of what you need to optimize to extend battery life. don't follow the suggestions the tool makes without reading up opn them closely, though, since as always when you optimize power consumption this can (in the worst case) result in permanent damage to your hardware.03:46
=== NewReKTYears is now known as imrekt
tomreynLope: I copuldn't (maybe someone else here can), but have you tried asking in an asterisk specific channel?03:47
alfianhalo semua03:52
alfianapa kabar03:52
OerHekshi alfian, english only please03:52
alfianoh sure sorry03:53
alfianwhat're we talking about?03:53
OerHeksthe usual ubuntu issues, as you entered ubuntu support.03:54
Guest3966anybody knows where should I look in the source files to add some key shortcuts to a gnome program?03:56
=== Guest3966 is now known as HermitOnAForest
HermitOnAForestfound https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Gedit/DevGettingStarted and https://wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Gedit/RoadMap03:59
OerHeksWhy the sourcecode for making keys ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts04:01
OerHeksYou only need to know howto run/call the command in bash04:02
HermitOnAForesthi OerHeks04:03
HermitOnAForestthanks for your help04:03
HermitOnAForestI'd like to add shortcuts mostly to navigate between tabs04:03
HermitOnAForestfor instance ctrl+pgup and ctrl+pgdn to move between adjacent tabs04:05
=== spawn is now known as Guest22564
HermitOnAForestcan I move between tabs from bash after the program is running?04:05
Ben64HermitOnAForest: what program are you trying to move tabs in04:05
OerHeksIn tabs like a browser?04:05
HermitOnAForestBen64 gedit04:06
Ben64HermitOnAForest: already exists, ctrl+alt+page up04:06
HermitOnAForestgedit 3.10.404:06
alfiancan i run kde in ubuntu?04:06
Ben64alfian: yes04:06
HermitOnAForestwow great!04:06
alfiani'm newbie04:06
OerHeksalt1 + alt2 + alt3 etc04:07
alfianhow can i do it?04:07
HermitOnAForestthank you Ben64. I'll learn how to change the source code some other day!04:07
HermitOnAForestOerHeks, great!04:07
OerHeksfound in the gedit >top panel > documents04:07
Ben64alfian: you can install kubuntu-desktop or plasma-desktop or kde-plasma-desktop04:08
HermitOnAForestwhy don't people use the same shortcuts most often?04:08
alfianohh... sure? i try it first04:08
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest74444
HermitOnAForestlike, is there a project to universalize shortcuts or something?04:09
OerHeksYes, there are rules, free and used shortcuts, see that 1st url04:09
HermitOnAForestoh yes, OerHeks, shame on me04:09
OerHeksCommon application shortcuts, System shortcuts, Application-specific shortcuts ..04:10
HermitOnAForestnicomachus LOL04:11
HermitOnAForestyes, OerHeks, I only hope the consensus grow with time, but as nicomachus reminds us, maybe that's not possible04:12
HermitOnAForestalthough there are other shortcuts, what if I wanted to change, just to become the same as in other programs, or do anything similar to change a small detail that annoys me, etc? Is there any tutorial on this sort of thing? Maybe if more users learn how to change small things in their programs, the potential of Linux would faster become a reality04:16
Bashing-omHermitOnAForest: I can not vouch as I have not done it .. but this may prove interesting to you : http://butlerpc.net/blog/2011/01/using-xbindkeys-on-ubuntu-linux-to-remap-key-commands/ .04:25
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[[Mew2]]how do i ftp into ubuntu04:46
[[Mew2]]whats the name of the app i need on the server04:46
Ben64you should use sftp instead of ftp, much more secure, and all you need is an ssh server running04:47
[[Mew2]]im connected via terminal ssh atm, i want to winscp into it tho04:48
Ben64yes, winscp does sftp04:48
[[Mew2]]is the sftp server running by default or how do i check it?04:48
=== furrybob is now known as sireebob
[[Mew2]]never mind im in04:51
tomreyn[[Mew2]]: please try not to take this personal: you really should not consider running a hosting business with your current level of technical expertise, yet.04:52
[[Mew2]]wow tomreyn do i even know you? stalking me much?04:53
tomreynactualyl that's off-topic here, sorry. feel free to PM if you'd like to discuss it more.04:53
[[Mew2]]i think this is first time i ever seen you04:53
_cbjoin #javascript04:54
tomreynsee my private message, thanks.04:54
[[Mew2]]no thanks04:54
[[Mew2]]you can keep your comments to your self04:55
=== de-facto_ is now known as de-facto
[[Mew2]]in fact your going on ignore tomreyn, thanks bye04:57
tomreynhmm i guess i should have tried to phrase this in a more positive way.05:00
mabuswhat's the preferred way to graphically access an ubuntu desktop nowadays? vnc? something built into x? something else?05:04
li_configure: error: C++ compiler cannot create executables05:05
rwwli_: install the build-essential metapackage05:06
li_yes I have installed it05:07
li_but it's still doesn't work05:08
SchrodingersScat!vnc | mabus05:10
ubottumabus: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX05:10
HermitOnAForestthanks Bashing-om, only now I saw it05:12
[[Mew2]]drwx------ 2 root root  4096 Jan  2 04:32 keys05:13
[[Mew2]]if i chmod 777 this, how do i get it back to its current state?05:13
HermitOnAForestAlthough something tells me that modify the source code should be a cleaner solution than using an intermediate software05:13
SchrodingersScat[[Mew2]]: chmod 70005:14
[[Mew2]]thanks SchrodingersScat05:14
=== m1dnight1 is now known as m1dnight_
RobbieHello everyone!05:18
tomreynhi Robbie05:18
li_how can i updata my gcc05:20
[[Mew2]]-rw------- 1 root root 1704 Jan  2 04:30 client1.key05:21
[[Mew2]]whats the chmod number for this?05:21
RobbieHello Im back05:21
rww[[Mew2]]: r=4, w=2, x=1. first number is for user, second number is for group, third number is for other05:21
rww[[Mew2]]: so you have rw for user, so that's 4+2=6, and nothing for the other two, so 0. so 600.05:21
[[Mew2]]thanks rwp05:23
[[Mew2]]rww sorry*05:23
=== es is now known as euccastro
HermitOnAForesthi Veilireave05:29
VeilireaveI had a question involving installing a multi boot system :)05:30
HermitOnAForestwhat are the systems involved?05:30
HermitOnAForestLike, Ubuntu and Windows?05:30
VeilireaveWindows 10 and Ubuntu 14.04 server.. Which os should do the partitioning05:31
rwwinstall Windows 10, either creating a partition and leaving empty room, or resizing the partition down from within Windows, then install Ubuntu05:32
HermitOnAForestWell, most of the times I did a multi boot system, it stoped working sooner or later. So, are you sure you want to divide a Ubuntu Server with a Windows on the same machine?05:32
VeilireaveI recently had 2 separate drives one Windows 10 and a new Ubuntu 14.04 install.. The new Ubuntu messed up the boot loader on Windows 10.. Which was encrypted and it now messed up05:32
VeilireaveAlso iv had a beer or two so...05:33
HermitOnAForestwell, sure about Ubuntu Server, no Desktop?05:34
LurchyMy instance of ubuntu server GUi doesnt seem to see this 500 gb drive I installed05:34
VeilireaveIdk I once had Windows xp,7,osx10.8,ubuntudesktop 10.x that was ridicolouse05:34
Lurchywhy would ubu not see a drive?05:34
VeilireaveI don't like all the extra crap that comes with the desktop so I usually install server then the gnome basic thing05:34
HermitOnAForestI'm using Ubuntu 14.04 Desktop, after using 12.04 for a couple of years. I think 14.04 Desktop great05:34
VeilireaveUnity3 or whtvr.. Boo05:35
HermitOnAForestright, yeah, I'd try rww suggestion05:35
HermitOnAForestand when using windows, I still prefer XP or 705:36
VeilireaveI was all about 7 until I gave 10 a good try05:36
HermitOnAForestI just hate how they keep changing things from place to place, and also changing their names, so nobody EVER get expert in any system!05:36
=== li_ is now known as li_00
VeilireaveMesh... My Windows 10 is botched it'll be a pain in the butt to make a new install usb without system to create it with05:37
HermitOnAForestBest option to me is to become good enough on Linux so I'll never need Windows again :)05:37
VeilireaveI wish I could ditch Windows but I still like games :(05:38
HermitOnAForestI played CounterStrike on my Ubuntu 12.0405:38
HermitOnAForestlooks like things are starting to change?05:39
HermitOnAForestif your windows is botched, then formatting is usually the best option05:39
VeilireaveAre there any tools on Ubuntu to make a Windows install usb05:40
VeilireaveI don't think so05:40
tomreynyou can install that other OS on removable media by now, and run it from there. so you can plug it in just when you really need it.05:41
VeilireaveMehh.. Drunk tired... Sleep... Thnks for help05:41
=== saliujd is now known as iWiN
Lurchyhey everyone05:56
Lurchycan  i move my ubuntu install over to a neww ssd drive i got?05:56
Lurchyis it easy?05:57
=== erwin is now known as easyOnMe
Lurchytake asnapshot of this IDE drive that has my ubuntu installation on it...then copy it onto this SSD drive05:58
Lurchyso I can boot up and work a lot faster05:58
tomreynLurchy: how old is your old installation?05:59
tomreynor rather, which ubuntu version created it05:59
Lurchyit was 1406:00
LurchyI just upgraded to 1506:00
tomreyn14.04 LTS?06:00
LurchyI believe so06:00
tomreynmaybe you could run "sudo parted -l", remove the serial numbers and paste it to a pastebin to look at?06:01
tomreynactually there are no serial numbers in that output06:01
tomreyn!pastebin | Lurchy06:02
ubottuLurchy: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:02
sandGorgonhi guys - what is the recommended  docker storage backend for ubuntu  ? I'm not able to figure out whether I should use devicemapper, aufs, etc ?06:02
LurchyI dont understand why you are requesting that06:03
Lurchycant I just copy the image over as I have doen in windows?06:03
Lurchyor is there something different I am not aware of06:03
tomreynLurchy, yes you could boot from a live usb key or a cdrom or some other hard drive and then just copy your existing hard disk contents to the new ssd.06:04
tomreynLurchy: however, this would only work if the SSD has the same or more capacity (or course), and may not allow you to benefit from later improvements to disk partitioning.06:05
tomreyn..as well as file system improvements06:06
tomreynthe reason i suggested you could provide the old disks' partitoning scheme is that it would allow to make a better recomemndation06:06
tomreynthis is not necessary to come up with the rather general statement i just provided, though.06:08
mick_can someone help me please06:31
mick_i am  not able to access my user account, i only have guest access06:33
Ben64mick_: you need to explain your problem in detail first06:33
mick_when i type in my user account password, i dont have access to that account. but when i switch to my guest account i am able to use internet and such, but a window opens up saying, when i log out, all my work that i was looking at for the session will be deleted and my computer willreturn to default when i shut it down06:38
tomreynthe latter is the nature of a / the guest account, so that's working as intended.06:39
tomreynnow for why you cannot login, that's worth a closer look.06:39
tomreynmick_: what are the error messages you get to see when you try to login and it fails? which changes have you made since it worked and when it stopped working? is there a chance you forgot or mistyped your password (caps lock)?06:40
mick_yes but as a temporary. my problem is, i do not have any icons to the left of the screen to work with in my user account06:41
tomreynso you actually can log in to your normal account, it's 'just' that the interface is not as expected then?06:41
mick_i am using the same password that i used when the OP WAS INSTALLED06:42
tomreyndid you mean to write "OS", not "OP"?06:43
mick_OH SORRY OS06:43
tomreynokay so something else must have changed since you last logged in successfully to your normal user account. do you have any idea what might have happened?06:46
tomreyn(sorry if i posted this twice)06:46
tomreynmick_: maybe you would like to reset your https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword06:47
mick_i do not have the disk, tried a reboot still unable to access the account. it shows up on the screen, but when i type in my password, nothing, no icons just the background appear06:48
mick_can i try ?06:48
tomreynwhich disk are you referring to?06:48
mick_the disk to install the operating system06:49
amicrawlermay be some bdy could shead some light on this06:49
amicrawlerFailed to load UI file; please check your installation06:49
amicrawlertrying to get sound on sheepshaver06:50
amicrawlerbeen working on in it for the last 4hrs  no luck06:51
tomreynmick_: you should not need installation media to reset your password. however, based on what you said last, you are able to login to your normal user account, so resetting your password will not help. you need to find out what is wrong with your window manager and fix this.06:51
Ben64mick_: log in to your user, then hit CTRL+ALT+T, does a terminal window open?06:52
amicrawleroh well i guess oss is not used any more06:55
tomreynamicrawler: i don't think this application is supported here. The error message you posted seems to refer the gstreamer-properties application which is part of...06:57
tomreyn!package gnome-media06:57
lrsHI, I managed to break my install while upgrading to 16.04. I only have a Debian live cd right now. Is this possible to fix in any way?06:57
Ben64lrs: #ubuntu+1 for 16.04 support06:58
tomreynamicrawler: ...which only exists in ubuntu wily.06:58
tomreynactually the last line is false, sorry.06:58
mick__hey guys ya that control+ alt + T did not work07:03
tomreynmick__: do you know which graphical desktop / window manager you are using? the default one of ubuntu, unity? or gnome, xfce, kde etc?07:04
tomreynalso, which ubuntu version are you on?07:05
mick__14.04 LTS07:05
tomreynthanks for answering one of two questions.07:06
tomreynif you press ctrl-alt-f1 you should get a text login, are you able to login fine there?07:06
mick__i wish i knew how to answer your first question07:07
tomreynokay, that's fine then. i will assuem you installed the default ubuntu and are using the default 'unity' desktop, not xubuntu, kubuntu or the like.07:07
tomreynon the text based loign, you need to type your username, which will be printed on screen as you type it, then your password - which will not be printed on screen at all (not even as stars or dots).07:08
lrsBen64 my question is probably more on how I can save my install and install a new kernel than updating I thibk07:13
tomreynlrs: if you already started the upgrade that's not relevant since you're no longer on a stable release. i can try to help on the other channel in case you could not get help there so far.07:16
lrsTomreyn,  ok check it out07:17
=== nikhil is now known as Guest12975
Joniimick__: if you're still here, ctrl+alt+f7 will get you back on graphical interface07:42
=== Guest12975 is now known as anj7
=== Flutterb1t is now known as Flutterbat
mikel123hello there08:40
mikel123i ed some help with blueman adapters08:41
HappyHippiei need help too08:44
oaulakhi have a question why my internet run slow on ubuntu and faster on windows, means i love linux but this annoying thing make me feel lost, is there any solution09:16
Ben64oaulakh: need more information09:17
kaosuIs disabling dnsmasq by commenting out the appropriate section of the NetworkManager.conf safe to do in terms of system stability? I also removed postfix from the system and create some overrides for services I am not using. The system itself is stable and works fine, but will these changes negatively affect any future upgrades to another LTS release?09:23
CysiolandCan I make it so that disk stays powered when I suspend?09:27
oaulakhi have a question why my internet run slow on ubuntu and faster on windows, means i love linux but this annoying thing make me feel lost, is there any solution09:28
phpmyadminhello guys09:32
phpmyadminI have this error when am trying to connect to phpmyadmin on ubuntu:  #2003 Cannot log in to the MySQL server09:33
ubottuUbuntu bug 2003 in junit (Ubuntu) "missing documentation files in junit-doc (not sure why junit-doc isn't a src package when its in the repository)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200309:33
kaosuoaulakh: Well, an issue like that could be caused by a wide variety of reasons, but have ran any speedtests to confirm your thoughts? In addition, it is quite possible that your connection speeds being reduced when using Ubuntu might be related to poor driver performance compared to the Windows counterpart.09:34
mxOhello, i am not able to select resolution of 2560 x 1440, can anyone help?09:34
oaulakhkaosu, so can i fix it?09:34
kaosuoaulakh: Are you using a wireless or wired connection? This can either reinforce of completely dismiss my theory about poor driver performance (mostly).09:35
oaulakhkaosu, wireless09:36
kaosuDo you happen to know the chipset your wireless card uses?09:36
oaulakhits something aethrous i dunno what, laptop is sony vpceh25en09:37
=== nya is now known as Guest39904
k1l_oaulakh: lspci or lsusb will list the device09:38
vincent42hi all, in ubuntu 14.04 , I'm trying to have a normal user mount  a usb disk from command line09:39
vincent42what is the proper way ? seems to be udiskctl but it require password from and admin user09:40
oaulakhk1l_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14367382/09:40
oaulakhkaosu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14367382/09:40
mxOso i have tried xrandr etc but not working09:40
thefallenonenew to irc09:41
kaosuoaulakh: The Atheros AR9285 chipset seems to have good GNU/Linux support, so I doubt it is a driver issue. Have you tried temporarily disabling all of your browser's extensions to see if the problem might be caused by too many (or poorly written) extensions?09:42
k1l_oaulakh: Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)     that is your wifi card09:42
baumydoes anyone know how to change the size of the login window in lightdm?09:42
baumyusing the lightdm-gtk-greeter, and not actually on ubuntu, but don't know a better place to ask09:42
phpmyadminI have this error when am trying to connect to phpmyadmin on ubuntu:  #2003 Cannot log in to the MySQL server09:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 2003 in junit (Ubuntu) "missing documentation files in junit-doc (not sure why junit-doc isn't a src package when its in the repository)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200309:43
oaulakhkaosu, my browser have no addons and any backgroud network processing i dunno why it's slow, i install clean ubuntu only for my education purpose but when you start surffing internet and see stuff slow i have to switch back to windows, it's not a good thing :(09:43
kaosuoaulakh: Have you installed any software like TOR or anything else similar?09:44
oaulakhkaosu, not yet09:45
kaosuoaulakh: Run a speedtest (or try downloading a large file for 1 minute just to get some speed averages) and see if it is actually some type of connection issue.09:46
mxOhttp://pastebin.com/3Va8dgyE output of xrandr if someone can help09:47
kaosuIf you're able to download a file as your full connection speed, then the issue is probably going to be some software issue that you will need to hunt down.09:48
oaulakhkaosu, i tell when i boot into winodows network and yourtutbe any onther surffing sites goes cool but when i boot in ubuntu you can not play vedio on youtube or anyother site on ubuntu, means if i want to watch lectures i have to boot back in windows, problemis in my os but i where to find and solve it09:48
CysiolandCan I make it so that disk stays powered when I suspend?09:49
kaosuoaulakh: Open a terminal and type "ping google.com" without the quotes. Link me to the output just for the sake of my own curiosity.09:51
kaosuYou can use CTRL+Z to stop the ping after like 5 attempts09:52
Cysiolandkaosu, CTRL+C more like, doesn't CTRL+Z freeze it?09:53
oaulakhkaosu, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14367444/09:53
kaosuCysioland: You're right. That was my mistake.09:54
oaulakhCysioland, yup09:54
k1l_Cysioland: that would be standby aka syspend2ram.09:54
k1l_Cysioland: it doesnt work for suspend2disk aka hibernation.09:55
Cysiolandk1l_, but it powers down disk, which is undesired, because I use hardware encryption09:55
Cysiolandk1l_, suspend to disk work OK, because then computer boots up the decryption software09:55
k1l_Cysioland: where is the issue with power down?09:55
Cysiolandk1l_, because when power to the disk gets cut off, disk gets encrypted, and when I resume from suspend, there's no way to boot PBA software, so it just shits out because suddenly disk doesn't respond to writes09:57
CysiolandSo I have to cold boot it, then PBA boots, I enter password and it proceeds further09:57
kaosuoaulakh: The output looks fine. Honestly, I am out of ideas to try and help. It sounds like this is either going to be some sort of problem with the driver for your wireless adapter or some obscure software-related issue. At this point, if it were me, I would load an Ubuntu LiveCD and see if the problem persisted.09:57
arunagot a really irritating problem, after installing ubuntu 15.10 and then gnome-shell my window corners look really ugly. All window corners has little white areas that is supposed to be transparent. How do I fix it. example: http://imgbay.mobi/di/Screenshotfrom20160102115442-m517l.png09:58
k1l_Cysioland: sorry, dont know09:58
Cysiolandk1l_, still better than on #ubuntu-pl, where they suggest me to ask Arch Linux people, because they often have crazy ideas09:59
k1l_Cysioland: but the sense behind disc encryption is, that it is encrypted when you leave the computer (logout/standby/suspend/shutdown.....).10:00
Cysiolandk1l_, it's encrypted when you cut power to the disk10:01
jester-aruna: more than a problem it look than a touch of class10:02
=== rolf is now known as Guest70142
arunajester-, any idea how to fix?10:03
jester-aruna: driver video ok?10:06
arunajester-, believe so10:07
=== Jack is now known as Guest26766
titanium17guys i keep trying to install nvidia 355 driver for my asus laptop running ubuntu gnome10:08
titanium17but it gets stuck on reboot every time10:08
titanium17and i have to purge all nvidia stuff so that i can log back in again10:08
jester-aruna: look in system setting-->additional driver10:09
titanium17is there any solution to this? been trying for 3 days now10:09
k1l_!nomodeset | titanium17 try if that helps10:09
ubottutitanium17 try if that helps: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:09
jester-titanium17: in addictional drivers is it tested?10:10
titanium17thanks guys, i will try it now10:12
titanium17jester-, i tried installing the one in additional drivers, it seems to fail to boot as well10:12
saeed_anybody can help me?10:12
cfhowlett!ask | saeed_10:13
ubottusaeed_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:13
jester-titanium17: which version of Ubuntu you're using10:13
titanium17ubuntu gnome the LTS version10:13
jester-titanium17: your pc has 2 graphic card?10:13
saeed_i revive this message during upgrade my Ubuntu10:14
titanium17no, its a laptop. currently it uses only the onboard graphics10:14
saeed_ libc-bin : Depends: libc6 (< 2.20) but 2.21-0ubuntu4 is installed10:15
arunajester-, I Installed the proprietary tested driver from nvidia10:15
jester-titanium17: if 2 card only tray to set nomodeset10:15
ikoniaaruna: from nvidia.com or from the ubuntu software center10:15
saeed_ libc-bin : Depends: libc6 (< 2.20) but 2.21-0ubuntu4 is installed10:15
cfhowlett!patience | saeed_,10:16
ubottusaeed_,: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:16
jester-!nomodeset | titanium1710:16
ubottutitanium17: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:16
arunaikonia, software centre10:16
ikoniaaruna: that should be the best option on paper then10:17
ikoniaaruna: what nvidia card do you have ?10:18
arunaGT 840 M or something10:18
arunaikonia, above10:18
ikoniaworth finding out exactly which model it is10:18
titanium17ok just installed nvidia 355 from the software center10:20
titanium17will try the nomodeset option now10:20
titanium17thanks jester-10:20
haskelif I create a new user on my ubuntu machine, and give people ssh access to that user account, all of the data in my other accounts should be safe right?10:24
ikoniahaskel: define "safe"10:25
Ben64should be, but don't give accounts to people you don't trust10:25
cfhowletthaskel, can that user access other accounts??10:25
EriC^^haskel: by default your home dir can be viewed by other people10:25
dafbwhat if your home dir is encrypted?10:26
EriC^^you have to chmod 770 ~ to change that10:26
EriC^^dafb: they can view it while it's decrypted and your logged on, i guess10:27
dafbchmod -r ~/ 000 just to be on the safe side...10:27
ikoniadafb: what ??10:27
haskelikonia, cfhowlett, EriC^^, so say I have one account admin with all my personal data, browsing history, passwords saved to browsers, etc. and then I create a new account X, if I logon to X and let people ssh into X, would they be able to access my personal data, browsing history, passwords saved to browsers, etc.?10:27
* dafb is laughing10:27
ikoniadafb: it's not funny, please don't do that sort of thing10:27
cfhowlett!behelpful | dafb10:28
ubottudafb: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.10:28
cfhowlettdafb, that ranks right up there advising rm -f.  the ops are more forgiving than I because I would kick you for such idiotic, malicious advice.10:28
EriC^^haskel: yeah, by default the permissions on the home dir are 755, so others can read and execute access to your home dir10:28
EriC^^haskel: type ls -ld ~<your user> , to see the permissions10:29
haskelEriC^^, on my current admin account, I get: drwxr-xr-x 8510:29
EriC^^yeah, the last 3 ( r-x ) are for others10:30
EriC^^if you want to change that, type chmod 750 ~<your user>10:30
=== [Mew2]- is now known as [Mew2]
dafbwhy are other accounts allowed to view your data in this day and age?10:30
haskeldafb, haha agreed10:31
dafbwhat purpose does it serve to the system?10:31
haskelEriC^^, got it, so if I create a new user that I don't want accessing my data, I should chmod 750 ~new_user10:31
EriC^^yeah, you can set the permissions a newly created user's home dir has in some .conf too10:32
Ben64haskel: no, the other way10:32
EriC^^oh, i misread10:32
EriC^^yeah, you set the home dir of the user you want to protect the data of10:32
Ben64haskel: set _your_ home directory to xx0 and only you and your group has access10:33
haskelBen64, how do I set the home directory to xx0? with chmod 750?10:34
k1l_dafb: readable home folders are made for easier file sharing between new users.10:35
HappyHippiewhat happens if i format a the drive of a linux instal and install another linux on a different partition? which boot loader will be loaded?10:36
ikoniathe one thats on the mbr10:37
HappyHippietbh im not sure10:37
dafbk1l_: but why would users want to share their info in this day and age; like who wants to give anyone with access to their computer their browser history...10:37
cfhowlettHappyHippie, by default, the most recently installed OS writes a new bootloader.  Hopefully it will play nice with the other OS.  Windows doesn't even try and just wipes those entries from boot options.10:37
ikoniawhen you install a distro it normally puts the boot loader on the mbr, so normally the last one thats left10:37
k1l_dafb: and most machines are one-user machines or the other users have physical access so they can evade that setting easily. so it was set the way it is for user convenience.10:37
HappyHippiethanks a million guys10:37
dafbk1l_: ty for the explanation still think that it should be decapricated, but i can be parinoid sometimes10:39
k1l_dafb: a 750 home is not making you any more safe in this day and age.10:39
HappyHippieso even though my new install is on a new drive.. the mbr of the latest install will fire?10:39
EriC^^HappyHippie: no, unless you're using uefi10:40
HappyHippiei dont understand i thought the last install is what booted?10:40
EriC^^you'll have to set the boot order in the bios if not10:40
HappyHippieis uefi microsoft 10?10:40
dafba home 750 that's fulldisk encrypted with an aes 512 bit key, that is fully shutdown when it is not in use is a little safer10:41
EriC^^HappyHippie: you have windows 10?10:41
dafbbut not by much10:41
HappyHippieyes eric10:41
EriC^^HappyHippie: it's probably uefi10:41
HappyHippieive got linux on a drive that i want to replace with another flavor....10:42
HappyHippieatm im dualbooting10:42
k1l_dafb: that is not what we were talking about. but i think we are fine to focus on support again10:42
EriC^^HappyHippie: ok, install linux and it should use or the current efi partition or create its own, and then add the entry to the efibootmgr10:42
EriC^^*use the10:42
HappyHippieso if i delete my old linux and install new linux on a different drive i will be able to boot the latest linux install?10:43
EriC^^you should probably fix the efibootmgr so that if you remove the new hdd, windows still boots10:44
EriC^^cause if the grub efi file is still present, if you remove the new hdd, you'll end up with a grub rescue>10:44
emx_i want to undelete files on a vfat formatted usb drive. i did a research and found that all (or most?) programs rescue specific file formats. is there a program that shows all deleted files on that partition (just norton undelete did)?10:45
EriC^^emx_: you can try testdisk to show deleted files10:45
emx_EriC^^, thanks10:46
EriC^^and photorec searches for specific file types you give it and recovers them10:46
EriC^^( it's part of the testdisk package )10:46
dafbemx_: the reason why it's file type based is because you're looking for file headers in your drive, don't make any new files or you may delete your data10:46
emx_EriC^^, i read about photorec. the thing is: i don't know all formats.10:46
EriC^^emx_: testdisk can show you delete files10:46
emx_dafb, i am creating an image of that partition which i will use for recovery purposes.10:46
EriC^^( press p over the partition after it searches for the list of them and it'll show you files, c or C recovers them )10:47
EriC^^fat32 is very easy to recover deleted files on, i dont know about vfat10:47
emx_EriC^^, well, i will see ^^10:48
emx_does anyone know the partition type of a flashdrive?10:59
Ben64it can be anything10:59
emx_thought so :-/10:59
=== mikelp1973 is now known as KingNothing
Ben64what are you trying to do10:59
emx_Ben64, undelete files. right now i am in the partition menu of testdisk11:00
emx_and i don't know what to choose11:00
Ben64what are the options11:00
emx_i assume it is either "intel" or "none" i have to choose.11:00
emx_btw: it is a flashdrive with one partition.11:00
dafbemx_: try one then the other...11:01
emx_the full list: intel, efi gpt, humax, mac, none, sun, xbox11:01
Ben64oh, that will be intel11:01
valentinashi, could someone help me to track down the source code files for the libpcre3 package?11:14
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
MonkeyDust!find libpcre11:15
ubottuFound: libpcre16-3, libpcre3, libpcre3-dbg, libpcre3-dev, libpcre32-311:15
HappyHippieWhat's worse... Unity? or Gnome3?11:15
MonkeyDustvalentinas  sudo apt-get source libcre311:15
MonkeyDustHappyHippie  try both, decide which hate more, yourself11:16
MonkeyDustwhich you*11:16
valentinasMonkeyDust: ah, that makes it so much easier. thanks11:17
anj7Hey I have a problem with my ubuntu laptop wifi connection, it continually disconnects to wifi even though the signals are shown full, I have to reconnect to the wifi in order to connect it. What's the problem and how can I fix it?11:23
=== francesco is now known as Guest80873
emx_Ben64, the partition table type was "none" because i made an image of the partition and not of the whole block device.11:23
tomreynanj7: what's your ubuntu version, and what's the output of this command (including parenthesis): (lsusb; lspci -k) | grep -Ei '(wireless|wlan)'11:27
anj7tomreyn: ubuntu 15.1011:28
anj7tomreyn: output = 02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter11:28
tomreynanj7: actually this command instead: (lsusb; lspci -knn) | grep -Ei '(wireless|wlan)'11:29
titanium17guys what is the recommended vpn client for ubuntu gnome?11:30
anj7tomreyn: output = 02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8723BE PCIe Wireless Network Adapter [10ec:b723]11:30
titanium17cisco's client doesnt seem to work well for me11:30
soraIs there a specific trusted place for downloading lightdm themes/greeters? Similar to gnome-look, etc. All i find are peoples private PPAs11:31
tomreynanj7: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/132007011:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1320070 in linux (Ubuntu Utopic) "Realtek Wifi card RTL8723BE drops connection with MSI enabled" [High,Fix released]11:31
MonkeyDust!vpn | titanium17 start here11:32
ubottutitanium17 start here: For more information on vpn please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/VPN11:32
tomreynanj7: there does not seem to be an easy solution for your ubuntu release, but this bug report discusses serveral workarounds you can give a shot11:35
anj7tomreyn: I which one is the correct fix?11:35
ilmaisinhi, has ubuntu 15.10 had problems with partition table getting lost11:35
anj7tomreyn: yea, should I try all?11:36
tomreynanj7: placing "options rtl8723be fwlps=N ips=N" in "/etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf" and rebooting is what i'd try first of all.11:37
anj7:) i was trying to do that11:38
tomreyn(rebooting is not strictly necessary here, but it can end up to be easier)11:38
anj7but i didn't find the file rtl8... :(11:38
tomreynanj7: you are supposed to create it11:38
anj7ohh ok11:39
BerentolerOkay, so I am trying to install Ubuntu on a mac.11:40
BerentolerI've read the wiki.11:40
BerentolerHowever, it keeps saying "Boot Legacy OS" in rEFInd.11:40
BerentolerShould it be trying to boot a legacy OS and not an EFI one?11:40
anj7tomreyn: done, should I restart my system now?11:42
tomreynanj7: it'S the easiest way to aply the change, yes11:43
anj7tomreyn: ok, then cya. Thank for the help11:43
tomreynyw, gl11:44
BerentolerOkay, apparently, the ubuntu livecd includes and incompatible EFI option.11:46
BerentolerHow do I remove the EFI option from the liveCD?11:46
valentinas!find aclocal11:46
ubottuPackage/file aclocal does not exist in wily11:46
DanijelHello, I can't login to ubuntu forums. Just created an Ubuntu one account and then I go to forums and click login with SSO. But after that I am still not logged in. Can someone hlep me? Thanks!11:53
bazhangDanijel, ask in #ubuntuforums11:54
cfhowlettDanijel, look on the forums pages for forum support.  nothing to do with this channel11:54
Danijelbazhnag, thanks!11:54
LonelyDanbohow do I uninstall flash in firefox? the plugins section just says it's disabled, but I can't play any videos on youtube.11:58
soeeany idea why VLC suddenly can't handle h264 videos when dragon player for example has no problems with them >11:58
LonelyDanboalso, how can I still play flash files without it interfering with video playback in my web browser?11:58
cfhowlettsoee, launch it from terminal an note error messages11:59
tomreynBerentoler: what makes you think that the live cd uses an incompatible EFI option (is this an exact quote of a text seen at boot time?)?11:59
lin_lin13hello,who is good at using  gns3?12:00
tomreynBerentoler: if the mac can switch to legacy bios boot mode that's usually preferred.12:00
soeecfhowlett: any suggestion:12:00
soee[00007fe8e0001268] vdpau_display vout display error: video mixer surface width capabilities query failure: VDP_STATUS_NO_IMPLEMENTATION12:00
cfhowlettsoee, ubuntu version?  also run sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade12:01
soeecfhowlett: i'm no Xenial, but this problem exist when i switch from nvidia gpu to intel on my hybrid laptop12:02
lin_lin13In the gns3 , I add a pc , when I first click it ,it will enter the consle, when I  shutdown the consle, I click the pc again ,it cannot enter the consle ,,   why ???12:02
soeei had this also on 15.1012:02
cfhowlett!xenial | soee,12:02
ubottusoee,: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+112:02
tomreynlin_lin13: hi, what's "gns3"?12:02
MonkeyDust!info gns312:03
ubottugns3 (source: gns3): Graphical Network Simulator. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.8.7-2 (wily), package size 3143 kB, installed size 22147 kB12:03
lin_lin13simulator for cisco12:03
valentinas_where do I get the aclocal from? tried installing automake and autotools-dev, but didn't help.12:04
cfhowlettsoee, vdpau is some kind of video driver error.  the fact that dragon player has no issue suggests the problem might be vlc specific.  ask #videolan12:04
soeecfhowlett: ah a bit of googling and it is fixed, vdpau should NOT be set for decoding12:04
soeeand it was set here, i have switch to vaapo12:05
arne_Ubuntu 15.10 MATE working pretty good on eeePC 1000HE. No wifi problems. Some odd freezes when going into new Application menu submenus though.12:06
tomreynlin_lin13: i couldn't help you there, then, since i never used it. have you tried https://www.gns3.com/qa/ and https://www.gns3.com/support/docs/ yet?12:06
akikvalentinas_: after installing automake, try "ls /usr/bin/aclocal*"12:09
akikvalentinas_: alternatives points aclocal to a certain version of aclocal12:10
MonkeyDustlin_lin13  type /j #gns312:12
=== peer69_ is now known as peer69
valentinas_akik: ran autoreconf -f -i and that helped. things like that sap the lifeforce out of me though. trying to set up pcre3 for debugging. 3 hours in so far.12:14
lin_lin13MonkeyDust, thanks12:16
Halp232323Hello, is this thing working<12:23
MonkeyDustHalp232323  we see you, ok12:23
Halp232323Thank you, quick question. Can I create an USB installer using a liveCD that had booted from the target USB thum drive<12:25
Halp232323ubuntu gnome installer had screwed GRUB2 up. I don!t have access to windows anymore.12:25
MonkeyDustHalp232323  you can boot from a live dvd and create a live usb ... or is that not what you mean12:26
tomreynHalp232323: i don't think it offers an option to copy to and boot from RAM, so the answer there would be "no"12:26
Halp232323something similar... I have only one USB thumb drive12:26
Halp232323then idk what to do. let me think for a second12:26
Halp232323thank you. Got a second thumb drive12:29
pc_magasI managed to install the grub2 on a USB stick in order to boot multiple distros from usb stick and I managed to boot the ubuntu 14.04.03LTS from it. Now I want to try to chainload the ubuntu .iso image do you have any idea?12:31
pc_magasHow I can manage this?12:31
tomreynHalp232323: actually it may work if you enter the "toram" option on the boot prompt. but i haven't tried12:31
Halp232323thank you for the tip12:32
mxOhelp, i cant choose 2560x1440 resolution for my display12:32
mxOgfx card: gtx 570 from nvidia12:32
mxOmonitor: samsung 1440p12:32
Ben64mxO: how is it connected12:34
TJ-mxO: you'll probably need to use Dual-DVI link, not HDMI12:35
tomreynpc_magas:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot12:36
SkyriderI added a PPA, and the info shows it has ap-hotspot in the package.12:37
SkyriderBut when I attempt to install it, it can't find it.12:37
pc_magastomreyn, I have studied this help page but does not gives me the answer on chainloading isos.12:40
tomreynpc_magas: neither the examples page it refers to?12:42
pc_magastomreyn, nope12:42
=== Jin-Baba is now known as JinBaba
SkyriderWhy isnt it working12:43
SkyriderE: Unable to locate package ap-hotspot12:43
bekksSkyrider: Did you run "sudo apt-get update"?12:43
EriC^^!info ap-hotspot12:43
ubottuPackage ap-hotspot does not exist in wily12:43
SkyriderI always do when adding a new ppa or altering the sources list.12:44
tomreynpc_magas: but those examples are exactly that?12:44
MonkeyDustSkyrider  then try contacting the ppa maintainer12:44
tomreynpc_magas: what appears to be missing then?12:44
pc_magastomreyn, what I want to do in not boot a specific option like Ubuntu live etc etc I want to lwt .iso's bootloadet to do all the disrty job12:45
pc_magastomreyn, what I want to do in not boot a specific option like Ubuntu live etc etc I want to lwt .iso's bootloader to do all the dirty job*12:45
pc_magasEg. When select the Ubuntu's Iso to use the iso's bootloader and show the initial menu.12:46
SkyriderShame its not available on 15.10, :(12:46
MonkeyDustwhat's lwt12:48
bazhangpc_magas, use grub to do that12:50
bazhangMonkeyDust, let12:50
pc_magasbazhang, I am using grub on my usb stick.12:50
bazhang!grub2 | pc_magas have a read12:51
ubottupc_magas have a read: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:51
pc_magasI Installed Gub oin USB stick12:51
bazhangpc_magas, that wont do it12:51
tomreynpc_magas: try this: find --set-root /truecrypt_rescue_image.iso; chainloader ($root)12:52
tomreyn; is a new line12:52
tomreynand edit the iso filename of course12:53
pc_magasso just a sec to boot from my usb stick12:53
pc_magasThanbks anyway12:54
mxOTJ-: why dual dvi? it works on windows12:54
mxOBen64: its connected through HDMI12:54
mxOside note: like mentioned above, it's working on windows12:54
mxOalso which driver should i choose for the 570? the ubuntu-driver section has many different, but when changing it pops back to the default one12:55
TJ-mxO: we've seen a few where the GPU's specs say that 2560x1440 is only supported on the dual DVI ouput; had one a couple of days ago. On HDMI the max was 1920x120012:55
mxOahaa, but was this a linux side problem?12:56
mxOTJ-: and it's working on windows (dualboot) so shouldnt it work on linux ?12:56
TJ-mxO: What I'm talking about was a GPU capabilities issue. Use "xrandr -q" to check what modes the monitor reports to the GPU that it supports12:56
voozeAnyone know where the first emojis are from (which font?) I just installed noto-emojis, but I want to remove the old ones thats "blocking" some of the new.12:56
mxOTJ-: do you know which is the correct driver btw? i am currently using 304.131 prop12:57
TJ-mxO: "ubuntu-drivers list" should tell you12:57
annon0100101010i've installed lubuntu in machine12:58
mxOnvidia-304-updatesintel-microcodenvidia-340-updatesnvidia-340nvidia-304nvidia-352-updatesnvidia-352 this is what comes out ; not sure what this means ? the accesibile drivers i guess ? but i cant change them12:58
annon0100101010but during installation i've chosen wrong keyboard layout12:58
TJ-mxO: right, so the 'latest' version would be -35212:58
annon0100101010its eb-uk but i want en-us12:59
mxOyeah, but i can change it ?12:59
mxOTJ-: ^12:59
TJ-mxO: So "sudo apt-get install nvidia-352" should replace -30412:59
annon0100101010the command 'setxkbmap -layout us' changes it just for that session13:00
=== dang is now known as Guest3326
mxOTJ-: i need remoot or something ?13:00
mxOannon0100101010: put it in bashrc or something ?13:00
mxOi have .xsessionrc for xmonad where i have all random things :-)13:00
ioriaannon0100101010, i put in ~/.profile13:00
k1lannon0100101010: set it in "systemsettings > languagesettings"13:01
TJ-annon0100101010: I think  "sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration"13:01
bekksannon0100101010: sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup13:01
TJ-annon0100101010: or as bekks just said ^^^^13:01
k1llxkeymap  should be the command13:01
bekksannon0100101010: Just dont put that other stuff into ~/.profile13:02
k1lmaybe need a locale-gen13:02
k1lsince its not just the keyboard setting that is set on install. its a bunch of other country and language settings, too13:03
annon0100101010i'm a beginner programmer...though my machine is windows10 ready, im enjoying all those linux stuff....specially it was quite irritating(at least for me) to work with ruby on windows13:04
annon0100101010thanks everyone13:05
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LonelyDanbodo I need to go back to windows? am I too retarded for linux? nothing works and I can't deal with this.13:06
Help23232Quick question> how do i know if a disk is a GPD disk<13:07
Help23232cant tell from the return of @sudo parted -l@13:07
TJ-Help23232: GPT?13:07
Ben64LonelyDanbo: maybe explain the problem and someone can help you13:07
LonelyDanboI disable flash for video playback and now youtube is like "your browser doesn't support fullscreen" plus all videos pretend like they haven't buffered enough when it's playing halfway between what it SHOWS as buffered, so even when the whole thing's loaded it's stuttering like hell.13:07
Help23232TJ/ this page mentions it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DiskSpace13:08
TJ-Help23232: parted -l reports it for each device: "Partition Table: gpt "13:08
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  is this useful https://www.youtube.com/html513:08
Help23232thank you. it reports it as MSDOS13:08
tomreynLonelyDanbo: try a different web browser. google services such as youtube usually work best with googles' web browser called chrome / chromium.13:09
LonelyDanbo... uhg.13:09
TJ-Help23232: msdos partitioning is sometimes also termed 'MBR' (Master Boot Record)13:09
LonelyDanboI don't know. I heard chromium was the... what... open source version? so... maybe.13:09
makkHelp23232, you can use parted: sudo parted, select /dev/sdx, print. leave parted with quit13:10
Help23232The old system. I see. thank you.13:10
TJ-LonelyDanbo: it could be a local video-driver issue if the driver isn't able to do hardware accelerated video13:10
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  chromium is the basis for chrome13:10
tomreynLonelyDanbo: i'm sure there is a way to get it to work in your favourite web browser as well, but that's not something i could help with.13:11
LonelyDanbooh god oh god no. why is this one thousand dollar computer such a horrible piece of crap? I even spent money trying to fix it and it didn't help.13:11
pc_magastomreyn, I tried with the Ubuntu Iso and I did non manage to chainload13:11
tomreynpc_magas: that's a pity. it should not need to be this complex but you could give that a try, too https://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/GRUB2/Chainloading#TrueCrypt13:12
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  http://www.diffen.com/difference/Chromium_vs_Google_Chrome13:12
LonelyDanboI think I'm going to give up on life and just sleep all the time. the computer's killing me anyway.13:12
LonelyDanboyoutube.com/html5 says The HTML5 player is currently used when possible.13:13
bekksLonelyDanbo: The horribly piece of crap isnt your computer. It is Adobe Flash.13:14
Help23232where is GRUB2 normally stored<13:14
bekksLonelyDanbo: So just use Chrome.13:14
bekksHelp23232: in /boot, /etc and in the MBR of either a harddisk or a partition.13:15
LonelyDanbowhy tell me to use the botnet?13:15
pc_magastomreyn, by twesting on qemu it sais that is cannot find command find.13:15
bekksLonelyDanbo: Because you still believe in FUD.13:15
Help23232thank you bekks13:15
LonelyDanboI dunno what FUD is13:15
bekksHelp23232: Whats your actual problem?13:15
showazLonelyDanbo:  youtube.com/testtube13:15
bekksLonelyDanbo: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.13:15
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  what botnet?13:15
Help23232had a dual boot win7/ubuntu 15.04 setup on an mbr disk13:16
Help23232tried to install ubuntu 15.1013:16
LonelyDanboWindows is the botnet. Chrome is the botnet. It's an incorrectly applied term for uh... like official spyware sorta.13:16
bekksLonelyDanbo: You are spreading nonsense.13:16
Help23232installer crashed, GRUB produces the following @error: file '/grub/i386-pc/normal.mod' not found Entering rescue mode... grub rescue>13:16
bekksHelp23232: Then you would need to boot a livecd, and fix grub.13:17
tomreynLonelyDanbo: Maybe you are the kind of person who would be happy to pay someone to have your computer managed for you: http://www.ubuntu.com/management/ubuntu-advantage#ubuntu-advantage-for-desktop13:17
bekksHelp23232: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/Installing#Fixing_a_Broken_System13:17
LonelyDanboI try, but it's never good enough. I built this computer. I did research for literally days {hours and hours} and I still got it WRONG. so horribly wrong that my game just locks up the whole computer.13:17
showazLonelyDanbo: rhel - enterprise botnet?13:17
Help23232bekks> that is what i am trying13:17
Help23232boot repair didn!t solve the issue13:18
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  what brings you here13:18
=== fontana is now known as Guest98674
Help23232thinking about what to do next13:18
TJ-Help23232: are you current at the GRUB rescue prompt?13:18
MonkeyDustLonelyDanbo  there's no such thing as 100% safety, anywhere, ever13:18
LonelyDanbomy streaming video being terribly lately. it worked fine before.13:18
Help23232no, I am on a live CD. haven!t got a second computer.13:19
bekksHelp23232: Did you read that exact article?13:19
LonelyDanboI know but I feel like... I really have to give up and let every company know everything about me because I'm not smart enough to maintain a Linux installation.13:19
bekksLonelyDanbo: Linux isnt causing your issues as far as you told us.13:20
Ben64LonelyDanbo: just... install chrome? and stop with the woe is me crap13:20
Help23232bekks> i dont know enough,  is copying the grub2 files possible using a liveCD when the previous linux installation had been formatted<13:21
bekksHelp23232: I asked you ar yes/no question. What is your answer?13:21
makkDoes Ubuntu provide somethink like debian/testing? To get some sort of rolling release?13:21
Help23232i have read this article but havent undestood all of it13:21
bekksHelp23232: So what exactly was unclear to you?13:22
TJ-makk: The current in-development version, currently 16.04 Xenial13:22
makkTJ-, this in-development version is save for daily use or is it real development with many bugs?13:23
bekksmakk: real development.13:23
bekksmakk: For daily use, use 14.04 LTS or 15.1013:24
Help23232these methods refer to a previous existing installation13:24
Help23232which i dont have any, because i had formatted the root partition13:24
TJ-Help23232: if you formatted something then reinstall13:25
Help23232but there is still a grub recovery. If i had formatted it, where is it coming from13:25
bekksHelp23232: Great, then start the installation again. You could have updated very easily too, but you nuked yout 15.0413:25
Help23232I have tried to install, but the installer crashes13:25
bekksHelp23232: Then start the installation again.13:25
frankchen_How to install gstreamer13:25
frankchen_in 15.1013:26
MonkeyDust!find gstreamer13:26
ubottuFound: gir1.2-gstreamer-0.10, gir1.2-gstreamer-1.0, gstreamer-tools, gstreamer0.10-alsa, gstreamer0.10-doc, gstreamer0.10-gconf, gstreamer0.10-nice, gstreamer0.10-plugins-base, gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-dbg, gstreamer0.10-plugins-base-doc (and 118 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gstreamer&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all13:26
bekksHelp23232: And tell us the very exact error messages you get from the installer.13:26
Help23232i have tried the installer for like 6 times13:26
TJ-Help23232: did you verify the hash of the installer's ISO image you downloaded13:26
Help23232the exact error message is an installer had crashed, we will send a bug report with the integrated bug reporting tool13:27
frankchen_how to install it in apt-get??13:27
Help23232TJ no i havent. I dont know how to do that13:27
TJ-!sum | Help2323213:27
TJ-hmmm, forgot my factoid foo!13:27
TJ-!checksum | Help2323213:28
ubottuHelp23232: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:28
Help23232thank you.13:28
frankchen_TJ-: It's me . My wifi adapter finally works.Thank you13:29
tomreynthe next stepp will be difficult if you don't have another storage device to (re)write the iso to.13:29
SkyriderFor hostapd I need to fill in a driver (conf file).. where can I find this specific driver for my device?13:30
TJ-frankchen_: oh... the RT8720 device ID issue?13:30
twelveheadedHello, i'm trying out Ubuntu for the first time. I decided to move /tmp and /var/cache into ramdisk. However software-center crashes because of it. Is there a way to reset it so it can resume functioning?13:32
TJ-frankchen_: you're having to use the "echo ID > /sys/ ... " workaround still?13:32
frankchen_I use a driver to let it works13:32
frankchen_I edited some file too13:32
TJ-frankchen_: that's good. did you build the rt2800usb driver with the ID included as an alias?13:32
TJ-frankchen_: depending on how you did that, as soon as a kernel update is installed the driver will no longer be loaded13:33
TJ-frankchen_: and therefore the device will no longer be recognised again13:33
bajahi my wifi is not working im using ubuntu 14.0413:33
bajahow do i get drivers and install13:34
Help23232hmm so there is another problem. the LiveCD!s nautilus says I don!t have privileges to my previous Home folder13:35
frankchen_I use this driver and edit with the offical asus driver file13:35
Help23232is there a way access the folder13:36
LegendThinker_Having trouble with ubuntu 14.05 LTS. my wifi connection is dropping now and then while using ubuntu but working properly with other OS. Tried many many solutions given here and there over internet but none is solving this issue. Please Help...........13:37
TJ-frankchen_: Yes, as I thought. That's not the best way to fix it permanently. If you insist on building a replacement driver then the DKMS (Dynamic Kernel Module Supprt) is the best way since it works automatically to build the driver for newly updated kernels. Other than that a simple boot-time script loading the rt2800usb driver and writing the USB device ID to it would also work for all kernel versions13:37
frankchen_so what can i do for newer kernel to support it??13:39
frankchen_how do i  play a mp3 file in amarok IN KDE??13:39
TJ-frankchen_: I'd first prove the kernel's existing rt2800usb driver can control the device using the 'echo ID > /sys/..." method, and if so, I'd add those manual commands into the system's boot configuration13:42
LegendThinker_ Having trouble with ubuntu 14.05 LTS. my wifi connection is dropping now and then while using ubuntu but working properly with other OS. Tried many many solutions given here and there over internet but none is solving this issue. Please Help...........13:42
bazhang!info libmp3lame13:42
ubottuPackage libmp3lame does not exist in wily13:42
LegendThinker_should i downgrade to any lower version???13:42
lo0openArgh! The VPN tab is not visible in network-manager even though I have installed network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome. Any ideas on what might be wrong here?13:42
TJ-LegendThinker_: what wifi device is on the PC? "lspci -nn" will help identify it13:42
TJ-lo0open: is that after log-out/log-in ?13:43
lo0openTJ-: Yes, I even tried a complete reboot13:43
lo0openAs well as restarting it manually using init.d-scripts13:44
TJ-lo0open: you're using the Unity or Gnome desktops?13:44
TJ-lo0open: as it seems to be the GUI component missing, have you looked for clues in $HOME/.xsession-errors ?13:45
anticoregreetings. i have two bugs happening on conky. i'm on ubuntu 15.10. one is: when i start my computer and login to my account, conky starts with a border. i'm using window type override and transparent yes.13:46
anticorethe other one is: when i right click on the desktop, and then click to close the menu, conky starts opening windows over itself. the conky config i have is slightly transparent so you can see them piling up.13:46
anticorehow can i fix both of these things?13:46
TJ-lo0open: also, as the GUI component would probably not be shown if the NM-openvpn component isn't running, might be worth checking /var/log/syslog for indications of whether NM loaded it13:46
lo0openTJ-: .xession-errors contains the following http://paste.ubuntu.com/14368960/13:48
lo0openTJ-: Don't know if it's related to the problem or not though...13:48
lo0openTJ-: I'll check the log as suggested13:48
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
bajafrankchen_ i  have installed the drivers13:49
lo0openTJ-: It seems like the openvpn service starts as it should. The syslog file gives the output "Started OpenVPN service."13:51
Skyrider... why is it SO hard to create a AP on ubuntu -_-13:52
bajafrankchen_  still wireless is not working?13:53
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest24229
SkyriderI have a wireless adapter, that I want to use as hotspot.. ubuntu won't let me on desktop as there's no hotspot option.13:53
makkanticore, mabe you get help in the #conky irc channel13:53
anticoremakk: nobody answers :(13:53
SkyriderI did check the hardware on ubuntu, and it says AP/VLAN is supported.13:53
SkyriderSo it should, work.13:53
makkanticore, thats sad sorry for you13:54
=== Guest3326 is now known as xDang
frankchen_TJ-: no permission13:55
ccupSkyrider: do you have wi installed?13:56
Skyrideriw list?13:56
ccupthe interface modes are supported for an AP/VLAN13:56
ccupSkyrider: yes13:57
SkyriderI got the AP/VLAN from there13:57
SkyriderIt says supported interface modes... IBSS,  managed, AP, AP/VLAN, WDS, Monitor, mesh point13:58
ccupSkyrider: are you connected wireless right now?13:58
Skyridernot atm.13:58
makkSkyrider, maybe this link is helping http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/09/3-ways-create-wifi-hotspot-ubuntu/13:58
SkyriderWhen I create one however, only 2 modes are available.13:58
SkyriderFound that one 2 days ago13:58
SkyriderAnd something else.13:59
Help23232TJ are zou still ici<14:01
voozeAnyone know where the first emojis are from (which font?) I just installed noto-emojis, but I want to remove the old ones thats "blocking" some of the new.14:01
SkyriderAnd ap-hotspot is no good.14:02
SkyriderDoesn't work for me (cant install it, not found)14:02
TJ-lo0open: you also need to confirm the network-manager-openvpn plugin is loaded. You should see something similar to: "NetworkManager[1184]: <info>  VPN: loaded org.freedesktop.NetworkManager.openvpn"14:03
ccupSkyrider: do you have hostapd installed?14:05
lo0openTJ-: Yes I'm getting that message14:05
lo0openThe message that tells me that VPN was loadded14:05
TJ-lo0open: OK, so the missing GUI isn't due to that not loading. How are you determining that the openvpn connection editor is missing?14:06
ccupSkyrider: this link might help out: http://forum.doozan.com/read.php?2,630014:06
ccupgoes through the whole process14:07
lo0openTJ-: I open edit connections. Choose an existing WIFI connection -> Click Edit. Once there I can see that the VPN tab is missing.14:07
TJ-lo0open: you create a NEW VPN connection first, it's separate from the current connections14:08
TJ-lo0open: VPN connections are separate entities, alongside (not subsidary to) other connections14:09
lo0openTJ-: I don't have any VPN connection added, is this required for the VPN tab to appear?14:09
TJ-lo0open: as far as I recall there is no 'vpn' tab as part of an existing connection. There is a drop-down combo box to select a VPN connection to activate when a physical connection is activated14:10
lo0openTJ-: Alright, I'll try adding a VPN connection then14:12
lo0openTJ-: BTW thanks for the help!14:13
BluesKajHowdy all14:14
Jordan_yxSomeone is Chinese here?14:15
makklo0open, do you see any other option for vpn than pptp, if yoi create a vpn conection with the networkmanager?14:17
k1l!cn | Jordan_yx14:17
ubottuJordan_yx: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:17
Jordan_yxunbuntu tw ?14:18
jwtiyari cant burn .iso files in ubuntu by using aything14:18
jwtiyareven k3b and winusb14:18
MonkeyDustJordan_yx  tw is taiwan14:18
k1ljwtiyar: burn to what?14:19
jwtiyark1l, i want to burn windows.iso to usb or DVD14:19
jwtiyarevery i get error14:19
k1ljwtiyar: well, windows.isos are a bit differnet. most linux usb makers dont work with that14:19
makkmaybe the dd comand can help, but you have to lock it up14:20
jwtiyark1l, i tried every thing with usb didnt work so i tried with blank DVD also didnt work14:20
jwtiyari dont know whats wrong14:20
k1lno, dd doesnt work with windows isos to put on usb14:20
TJ-jwtiyar: it's not possible to 'burn' to USB. You can *copy* to it14:20
jwtiyark1l, makk dd for grub will work14:20
jwtiyarTJ-, how? by ISOMount app?14:21
lo0openmakk: I put this problem aside for a moment, will check later on how to add a VPN, thanks for the response, I'll keep you updated14:21
k1ljwtiyar: best is to get a windows and use the windows tools to make a windows-usb14:21
jwtiyark1l, this is a problem i dont have windows OS now :(14:22
jwtiyark1l, but this is little embarrassing to our Ubuntu :) if we cant do it14:22
k1ljwtiyar: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/289559/how-can-i-create-a-windows-bootable-usb-stick-with-ubuntu14:22
k1ljwtiyar: if that is not working and even the dvd is not working i bet the .iso is bad.14:23
jwtiyari tried this k1l14:23
theweirdn8how do u detect a usb via C++ on ubuntu?14:23
k1ljwtiyar: no, its a shame windows doesnt support anything beside windows.14:23
k1ljwtiyar: so check the isos md5sum or such.14:23
TJ-theweirdn8: huh?14:23
TJ-theweirdn8: link to libusb maybe?14:24
jwtiyark1l, its working because i tested ,iso by isomount app and shows everything no error14:24
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SkyriderI think I'll give up..14:24
Skyridergetting sick of this14:24
jwtiyark1l, md5 is ok i tested with k3b14:24
SkyriderI installed kde-nm-connection-editor, set up the info SSID, etc..14:24
Skyriderhttp://ubuntuhandbook.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/wifi-hotspot-connected.png <- but I'm NEVER getting that.14:24
SkyriderRegardless how many times I connect to the hidden wi-fi network I created14:25
TJ-Skyrider: are you trying to create an AP on an active wifi device that you're also using as a client on an existing wifi network?14:25
jwtiyark1l, something else i have some problem with understanding uefi anf mbr , can u give some info which one to use?14:26
SkyriderNope. The wifi itself is disconnected.14:26
SkyriderNot connected to any access point.14:26
TJ-Skyrider: I'd consult /var/log/syslog then, network-manager is very verbose in what is doing14:26
Skyridermeh.. why isn't it just simple.14:27
=== DS is now known as Guest17936
Guest17936Why ubuntu choose shutty systemd?14:27
k1ljwtiyar: uefi is the "new bios". on those machines the old bios boot is called legacy boot. ubuntu works with both. but you cant switch after you installed the OS14:27
Help2323232what is the preferred method for creating usb installation media? .I have tried the 'start disk creator' but even though the md5 was verified, the machine threw boot error for me14:28
k1lGuest17936: since no one helped on upstart and no one else wanted to use it.14:28
charlie_ubuntu love <314:28
SkyriderThere we go14:28
SkyriderTJ-: wlx00259c96f84c: Driver does not support AP mode14:28
jwtiyarmine is legacy k1l i think14:28
TJ-Skyrider: because what you're doing is not simple, despite a GUI trying to hide the complexity from you14:28
TJ-Skyrider: there you fo14:28
k1lHelp2323232: what exact errors?14:28
SkyriderWhich is weird, because the lw info says it does.14:28
SkyriderSo, quite.. weird..14:29
makkTJ-, what that means?14:29
Guest17936Morons. Redhat spoiled very strongly quality of the distribution kits, you want that also Ubuntu was such?14:29
TJ-Skyrider: what's the device chipset? which driver is it using? does it need an alternate firmware loading to support infrastructure/AP mode ?14:29
k1ljwtiyar: you choose that setting before the install. then you keep it that way.14:29
Skyrider1 sec, unplugging it.14:30
k1lGuest17936: do you have a specific support issue? this channel is not for ranting and calling names.14:30
=== head8deb1an is now known as head8debian
TJ-!ot for non-support issues | Guest1793614:30
ubottuTJ-: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:30
jwtiyark1l`, i asked because there is different tutorials about both i dont know which one to use14:30
SkyriderLets see... cisco linksys WUSB600N v214:31
SkyriderAs for the driver TJ- ... rt2800usb14:33
makkSkyrider, did you saw http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158065714:36
makkthey say that RT2870USB is only for version 114:36
makkbut this is an old post maybe its different by now14:38
Skyriderubuntu detects the adapter fine though.14:38
terimbolGoing to reboot it now14:39
terimbolSomeone cross their fingers for me14:39
terimbolSomeone pray that apple doesn't read what I just read14:39
terimbolAnd typed14:39
terimbolI should not be doing this with so little sleep14:39
reltih-_-flodajust dont write hunter214:40
SkyriderSo I'm screwed now?14:40
TJ-Skyrider: It looks like the infrastructure support for that driver will work for *some* devices, but not all. Which exact USB device ID is it "lsusb" ?14:41
Skyrider1 sec, re-adding ap.14:41
SkyriderBus 001 Device 007: ID 1737:0079 Linksys WUSB600N v2 Dual-Band Wireless-N Network Adapter [Ralink RT3572]14:41
makkSkyrider, iam not sure maybe blacklist the rt2800usb module and try to get the RT3572USB loaded, if this even exist14:42
TJ-Skyrider: so 1737:0079 ... lets see what the driver does with that14:42
TJ-Skyrider: you have the correct driver; there is no other: "modules.alias:alias usb:v1737p0079d*dc*dsc*dp*ic*isc*ip*in* rt2800usb"14:43
sw0rdfishhi, should I install chrome via the cli by adding the google repos or just the installer from their website?14:43
SkyriderBut isnt that 'rt2800'?14:43
k1lsw0rdfish: the installer will add a ppa already.14:44
k1lsw0rdfish: well, "installer". its a .deb package14:44
makkTJ-, how do you know that there is no other driver?14:44
SkyriderTJ- v1737?14:44
sw0rdfishthanks k1l14:46
jwtiyarfor 64  i have to just this 386 to x64 ? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14369475/14:48
TJ-Skyrider: which kernel version are you using "uname -r" ?14:49
terentolerWatch me dick up this install by upgrading it14:50
terentolerThat's exactly how I would do that14:50
TJ-Skyrider: I'm looking at the kernel source. The only clue I can see, where the device is advertising infrastructure support, is to disable hardware encryption using the module's nohwcrypt parm14:51
SkyriderI have no clue what that means.14:52
TJ-Skyrider: "modinfo -F parm rt2800usb"14:52
Skyridernohwcrypt:Disable hardware encryption. (bool)14:52
TJ-Skyrider: if you add a file to the system's module configuration, with "echo 'options rt2800usb nohwcrypt=1' | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/rt2800usb.conf" and then unload/reload the module, that'll use the setting14:54
frankchen_Skyrider: Hello14:55
frankchen_Are you using Rt2800,too??14:56
SkyriderWUSB600N v214:56
Skyrideroptions rt2800usb nohwcrypt=1 - which module do I reload?14:56
makkrt2800usb i guess14:57
SkyriderI mean, which command :p14:57
makkmodprobe module_name i think14:58
SkyriderYa, guess I found it..14:58
Skyriderso.. now what? :p14:58
TJ-Skyrider: you can simply remove/replug the device to have the driver unload/reload14:59
TJ-Skyrider: test the device in infrastructure mode; see if it has made a difference14:59
Skyriderif I connect to the hidden wifi network, I can see the SSID from my phone now15:00
SkyriderI need to save this convo, thanks!15:00
makkTJ-, nice work, today i learned somthink cool. How did you know that?15:00
SkyriderWhy is this 'encrypt' enabled?15:01
Skyriderby default15:01
ctlaltdeltry turning it off15:01
SkyriderWifi connect to hotspot works, internet works using LAN..15:01
frankchen_cant amarok  play mp3??15:01
Skyriderdamn, no problems.15:01
makkTJ-, can you explain what options rt2800usb nohwcrypt=1' did?15:02
MonkeyDustfrankchen_  maybe yoy have to install the restricted extras15:03
frankchen_after installed it??15:03
TJ-Skyrider: OK, so that setting is permanent since you wrote it to a system config file.15:03
Skyrideruntil I reinstall of course15:03
YamakasYwill it be easy to upgrade from 14.04 lts to 16.04 lts ?15:03
TJ-makk: doesn't use the chipset's hardware encryption engine15:04
MonkeyDustfrankchen_  can you play mp3 with any other media player?15:04
TJ-Skyrider: well, yes, but that should be rare event unless you're good at breaking things :D15:04
SkyriderUsing a pi215:04
SkyriderSo ya.. I often break stuff on it :D15:04
frankchen_gnome player??15:05
TJ-Skyrider: best way to learn quickly :P15:05
makkTJ-, cool shit15:05
TJ-Skyrider: encryption offload is enabled by default since clients in the usual managed or ad-hoc modes cna benefit from it15:06
SkyriderWould have been easier if there was simple 'function' or 'option' for it though.15:06
MonkeyDustfrankchen_  try audacious or vlc15:06
SkyriderRather than adding it into command lines / config files.15:06
TJ-Skyrider: there was! You just needed to know about it15:06
TJ-Skyrider: config files ARE Linux!15:06
SkyriderIm referring on desktop though :D15:07
OneM_IndustriesHey, how would I test if linux can see the COM1 header on my motherboard?15:07
SkyriderAlso, how can I tell if this device supports 5ghz?15:07
TJ-OneM_Industries: that'd be a UART, which should be reported in the dmesg / kern.log output15:08
OneM_IndustriesAnd do it in a human readable format.15:08
SkyriderIPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlx00259c96f84c: link is not ready15:08
SkyriderI assume thats a no go15:08
Help2323232Hello,  I was trying to install Ubuntu/gnome 15.10 but it crashed. Where in the crash report can I find where did it go wrong<15:08
TJ-OneM_Industries: usually the southbridge emulates a 16550 UART chipset15:09
terentolerXenial is still pre-release, right?15:09
terentolerHow do I get the software updater to put me on Wily instead of Xenial?15:09
MonkeyDustterentoler  yes, development15:09
Skyridermmhhh.. 5gh uses ipv6?15:09
frankchen_and how do i uninstall gnome player>>15:09
TJ-Skyrider: errr, those are orthogonal issues (unrelated)15:09
MonkeyDustterentoler  how/where did you get xenial?15:09
terentolerMonkeyDust: software updater on 14.04 was telling me that.  I told it to instead upgrade me to "any version," and NOW it recommends 14.1015:10
terentolerSo I'll go to 14.1015:10
nvtI remember having a tool in terminal when writing for example vim /home/ and then ctrl + R, it gave me the list of best hist in the command history15:10
TJ-OneM_Industries: "dmesg | grep 16500" might report the interface15:10
nvtany idea what it was15:10
terentolerand then it'll upgrade me elsewhere, right?15:10
TJ-OneM_Industries: typo! "dmesg | grep 16550"15:10
MonkeyDustterentoler  keep 14.04 ... 14.10 is dead15:10
SkyriderTJ- cant seem to use 5ghz though :(15:10
Skyrideronly 2.4 works, need to know if this device supports it.15:10
terentolerMonkeyDust: I want 15.1015:11
OneM_IndustriesTJ-: Thank you, trying that now.15:11
TJ-Skyrider: you'd have to check the device chipset specs15:11
k1lterentoler: 14.10 is already shut down.15:11
Skyridertw ?15:11
k1lterentoler: then isntall 15.10 from the beginning.15:11
terentolerk1l: It's on a macbook that WON'T BOOT from 15.10, lol15:11
OneM_IndustriesIt does see it!15:11
MonkeyDustterentoler  don't struggle with 15.10 ... 16.04 lts will soon be released15:11
terentolerbecause 15.10 does not have a +mac version of the .iso15:11
Skyrider** iw, sorry.15:11
OneM_Industries[    1.331485] Serial: 8250/16550 driver, 32 ports, IRQ sharing enabled[    1.351953] 00:08: ttyS0 at I/O 0x3f8 (irq = 4, base_baud = 115200) is a 16550A15:11
Skyridernot sure where to look for on iw though.15:11
OneM_IndustriesNow, to figure out how to connect things to that...15:12
TJ-Skyrider: the Cisco specs claim it is dual-band15:12
terentoler15.10 has better support right now for the hardware.  I think I will just flash libreboot so that I can boot the 15.10 disk WITHOUT a mac version ISO15:12
terentolerSo I'll be back!15:12
SkyriderBut when I try to set it to 5ghz, it'll no longer connect.15:12
TJ-Skyrider: check the kern.log output to see what the device cfg80211 is doing. "tail -f /var/log/kern.log" to watch it live15:13
TJ-OneM_Industries: connect something like 'screen' or 'minicom' to /dev/ttyS015:14
OneM_IndustriesAh ha.15:14
SkyriderJan  2 16:14:08 mend-pi kernel: [ 6984.042518] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlx00259c96f84c: link is not ready15:14
OneM_IndustriesHow do I do that?15:14
Skyriderits trying to use ipv6?..15:14
TJ-Skyrider: all interfaces do that, nothing unusual15:14
TJ-Skyrider: what you're looking for is messages from the cfg8011 module that controls frequency selections15:15
TJ-cfg80211 module15:15
frankchen_android sdk in apt??15:15
Skyrideralrighty, tailing.. let me try again15:15
Skyriderbesides the ipv615:16
Skyridernf_conntrack: falling back to vmalloc. is the only new thing.15:16
TJ-Skyrider: how are you instruction the device to switch bands?15:16
Skyriderkde nm network editor15:17
Skyrideror something15:17
Skyrider**network manager15:17
SkyriderSeeing ap-hotspot aint working for me.15:18
TJ-Skyrider: so you're selected the "A Band" ... so instead of kern.log, check /var/log/syslog (that's where Network Manager logs everything it does)15:19
TJ-Skyrider: as a FYI to determine the band support, its in the "iwconfig" output: "IEEE 802.11abgn"15:20
Skyriderwlx00259c96f84c  IEEE 802.11abgn  ESSID:off/any15:21
SkyriderJan  2 16:22:26 mend-pi wpa_supplicant[961]: wlx00259c96f84c: Failed to start AP functionality15:22
=== med_ is now known as Guest67356
Skyriderand bunch of other warnings15:23
B0bsF1shis there a full log of dist-upgrade somewhere15:23
TJ-Skyrider: OK, so wpa_supplicant tells us it can't do it. That might suggest the firmware doesn't support it in the A band, since we know the driver does15:23
SkyriderShould I just remove the KDE network manager?15:23
SkyriderAnd use a 'little' hack instead: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2014/09/3-ways-create-wifi-hotspot-ubuntu/15:24
Skyrider3rd option15:24
B0bsF1shHow do I "fix" all my PPAs that were disabled when I upgraded to trusty? In /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ they have comments that they were disabled, but uncommenting and doing an apt-get upgrade, dist-upgrade, and explicit install <package> still doesn't find new versions, even though there have been several new versions released.15:26
Skyriderusing trusty ppa's?15:26
k1lB0bsF1sh: that is the wrong way15:26
k1lB0bsF1sh: first: apt-get update will read all the repos and get the latest packages lists.15:27
k1lB0bsF1sh: then there could be the case that the PPA doesnt have packages for the new release. so that will give you errors. so better check before what PPAs do work at all15:27
=== step21_ is now known as step21
TJ-Skyrider: the issue you're seeing now is in the firmware, or the driver. Changing the tool used to configure it won't help - everything uses wpa_supplicant to manage the links15:29
Skyrideraw :(15:29
SkyriderOdd though, dual = 2,4 and 5ghz, correct?15:29
B0bsF1shWell I'm being told my version is out of date and I need to upgrade, and others using Ubuntu are able to upgrade, so I don't think it's because there's just no update available15:29
TJ-Skyrider: can you pastebin all those messages from the log when you selected the A band ?15:29
SkyriderCould try15:30
k1lB0bsF1sh: you are now talking about a different issue?15:30
TJ-B0bsF1sh: those disabled PPA sources.list files may still refer to the previous release codename, not 'trusty'15:30
TJ-Skyrider: "pastebinit <( tail -n 500 /var/log/syslog )"15:31
k1lB0bsF1sh: TJ- the PPAs get disabled while the upgrade. you need to manually enable them again. but often there are no packages for the new release or you dont need them anymore since the new release got the wanted version anyway. so check the PPAs.15:32
SkyriderThat'll be a small problem :p15:32
SkyriderMy zoneminder is running as well, camera logs.15:32
Skyriderlet me shut that down and clean the log files.15:32
compdoczoneminder is great15:33
SkyriderHow to clean the log files?15:33
SkyriderTrying > but, no dice15:34
B0bsF1shTJ-: It's pointing to "master main" - not to a specific release name. looking at the install guide there's no mention of a different one for different ubuntu versions.15:34
Skyriderthere we go15:35
k1lB0bsF1sh: details matter. what ubuntu are you on? what PPA are we talking about? what is the exact error now?15:35
dczis there any android developer here ?15:38
MonkeyDustdcz  this is ubuntu support15:39
k1ldcz: #android15:40
SkyriderTJ- almost ready15:40
dczthey dont give a shit :D15:40
MonkeyDustdcz  no such language here.. you're in the wrong channrl15:41
=== away-bipul is now known as bipul
ztanewell, I was going to use that word about unity15:41
Skyriderpiestest is the obvious test name I used for the connection.15:42
ztaneupgraded this computer to 15.10, and now "search your computer" cannot find any programs.15:42
ztaneso I had to open nautilus and locate konsole in /usr/bin to open it, now how handy is that?15:43
ztaneanyone have any idea how to fix?15:43
k1lztane: what did you do before? like removing zeitgeist or other pointless things because someone made FUD about unity?15:43
Skyriderno clue, sorry :(15:43
SkyriderTJ- ping me when you have any idea what 'might' be wrong.. ^^.15:44
ztanek1l: nothing. upgraded.15:46
makkSkyrider, you need ipv6? did you try to disable ipv6?15:46
Skyriderdon't need it15:48
SkyriderNot sure how to disable it though..15:48
SkyriderI attempted to set ipv6 to ignore, but that didn't do the trick.15:48
ztaneI've disabled the "recent files" and "network search" as they were pointless15:49
=== sjihs is now known as chandan
Skyrideripv6 disabled through sysctl.conf15:50
MonkeyDustztane  if you uninstall zeitgeist, ubuntu will not even remember them15:50
TJ-Skyrider: sorry, was doing other things. I'll look now15:51
Skyrider(wlx00259c96f84c): Activation: failed for connection 'piestest' - (wlx00259c96f84c): device state change: failed -> disconnected (reason 'none') [120 30 0]15:51
tusharkumarHello all15:52
ztaneMonkeyDust: I haven't uninstalled anything. I have disabled remembering "recently used files"15:52
TJ-Skyrider: as before, the key is "wpa_supplicant[961]: wlx00259c96f84c: Failed to start AP functionality"15:52
ztanezeitgeist was runnign15:52
MonkeyDustztane  i saying that you *can* uninstall zeitgeist15:53
SkyriderTJ- https://community.linksys.com/t5/Wireless-Adapters/UBUNTU-WUSB600N-v2-WORKS/td-p/318026/page/415:53
SkyriderHe got it to work..15:53
MonkeyDustztane  http://hardenubuntu.com/disable-services/disable-zeitgeist/15:54
ztanethat is not my problem15:54
ztanemy problem is that dash does not find say "konsole"15:54
k1lztane: did you try to relogin?15:54
=== TheVoid_ is now known as TheVoid
ztaneand since it wasn't pinned, I needed to browse it with nautilus15:54
SkyriderSo if he got it to work, why can't i :(15:55
MonkeyDustztane  is konsole even installed? it's for kde... click on the A, below on your screen, to look for it15:55
ztaneah after relogin works again...15:55
ztaneI just had booted the computer15:55
ztanehmm, ofc alt-f2 could have worked as well15:57
frankchen_Why steam wont start in 15.10??15:59
TJ-Skyrider: the source-code of wpa_supplicant indicates that error occurs if the internal WPA driver has a problem16:00
SkyriderSo what do I do now.16:00
B0bsF1shk1l: I am on Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS. There is no error, it just says the package "is already the newest version." http://apt.sonarr.tv/ master main16:00
k1lB0bsF1sh: what package?16:01
TJ-Skyrider: 1st check which drivers it supports: "wpa_supplicant -h | grep -A 8  ^drivers: "16:01
B0bsF1shOh package name is nzbdrone16:02
k1lB0bsF1sh: "sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy nzbdrone" in a pastebin service please. link it here16:03
TJ-Skyrider: that forum post isn't talking about Infrastructure mode; only that the device worked on Ubuntu 12.0416:03
SkyriderSo 5ghz mode works on 12.0416:04
k1lB0bsF1sh: and since that 3rd party repo doesnt use ubuntu releases. there is no new version now. so the version of the program is the same as on the old ubuntu16:04
B0bsF1sherrrmmm. So, wonder why I'm told the version is so old and I need to update ... is there a different repo? etc. I'll try to find out.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/14370295/16:06
k1lB0bsF1sh: so what ubuntu version you were using before?16:06
B0bsF1shWhoah whoah wait a minute16:06
TJ-Skyrider: there's no mention there of 802.11a; just that the driver 'works' - that was all when that device was new and chipset support wasn't widely avaliable in the kernel16:07
B0bsF1shIt actually upgraded at some point in all these commands I've been running. I was on and now it says I'm on So it did upgrade. Maybe it was the dist-upgrade, but I missed any messages telling me that it did16:07
B0bsF1shI was on 12.04 LTS now on 14.04 LTS16:07
B0bsF1shk1l: So um, thanks for the help and info, I bumbled around enough that I got it going.16:08
k1lB0bsF1sh: no. you need to run apt-get update to get the latest packages list from the repos first.16:08
SkyriderSo because of tha kernel.. i am screwed :p16:08
Skyriderunless I downgrade?16:08
TJ-Skyrider: no, probably due to the firmware binary blob16:08
SkyriderI assume I cannot use 5ghz mode regardless./16:09
TJ-Skyrider: you've already proved the driver can do infrastructure mode16:09
SkyriderWell, you did.. in the end16:09
TJ-Skyrider: Never assume. Do you have a 5GHz access point operating nearby you can spot using "sudo iwlist <DEV> scan" whilst in 802.11a band?16:09
TJ-Skyrider: are you able to make your smartphone operate as an 802.11a AP?16:10
TJ-Skyrider: that would allow you to prove the device can see and connect on 802.11a, then you've reduced the problem to being AP mode on 802.11a for sure16:11
nopel0rdHello, how do I install libimobiledevice-1.2.0 in Ubuntu 14.04? I've unzipped it and managed to cd /home/muhdrive/Downloads/libimobiledevice-1.2.0. What do I do now? Which commands should I run now?16:11
TJ-nopel0rd: read the instructions that come with the sourcecode16:12
helloworld69hi guys16:12
helloworld69When I log into phpmyadmin I get this error: The phpMyAdmin configuration storage is not completely configured, some extended features have been deactivated16:13
homecan please anyone help me to install glibc in ubuntu 15.1016:13
OerHeksnopel0rd, build it? http://askubuntu.com/questions/598940/libimobiledevice-1-2-ios-8-support-for-ubuntu-14-04-trusty/60519816:13
SkyriderTJ- <dev>?16:14
OerHeksnopel0rd, 1.20 will be available in the next ubuntu version, https://launchpad.net/libimobiledevice16:14
TJ-home: it's already installed16:14
TJ-Skyrider: whatever the wifi device name is16:14
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Skyriderwlx00259c96f84c  Interface doesn't support scanning : Operation not supported16:15
=== Jin-Baba is now known as JinBaba
nopel0rdOerHeks: So, will it not work in Ubuntu 14.04?16:15
B0bsF1shDoes a single space in front of "deb" in an /etc/apt/sources.list.d file disable checking for updates?16:15
korst3nHello, there's a mysterious "-bash" process using 100% CPU. strace results in  "read(0, "", 1)                          = 0". any ideas on how to find the cause and the fix?16:15
OerHeksnopel0rd, dunno, did you build & try ?16:15
TJ-Skyrider: aha, because its probably still in Infrastructure mode. Need to switch it back to either Managed mode, or Ad-hoc16:15
homebut when I am trying to install MS ODBC DRIVER....it is saying it is not installed16:15
Skyriderouch :(16:15
nopel0rdOerHeks: I've typed ./autogen.sh, but, it throws -bash: ./autogen.sh: No such file or directory16:16
dontknowB0bsF1sh, you can use # to disable mirror16:17
SkyriderTJ- I can use my mobile for 5ghz.16:17
B0bsF1shdontknow: I'm wondering if the single space unintentionally disabled it (I wanted it enabled). In apt-get update it showed Ign instead of Hit for it16:17
Skyrideror not..16:18
Skyriderstupid CM1316:18
OerHeksnopel0rd, from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware >> in order to run the configure and autogen.sh files that come with many programs: sudo apt-get install automake16:18
helloworld69When I log into phpmyadmin I get this error: The phpMyAdmin configuration storage is not completely configured, some extended features have been deactivated16:20
TJ-Skyrider: Pro Tip: if you want to control the Wifi interface completely you can use the WPA supplication's command-line, with "sudo wpa_cli -i <DEV>" ... and then at its command-line type "help" for a list of commands16:20
homeplease anyone help me to install glibc in ubuntu 15.1016:22
nopel0rdOerHeks: Okya, I'll follow the instructions on it. Thanks.16:23
OerHekshome, what makes you think you have no glibc? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glibc16:23
makkhome, glibc should be installed allready, glibc is kind of a standart based library that is aleway istalled if iam not minformed16:24
SkyriderI have the option to make a 5ghz hotspot, yet I can't.16:24
TJ-Skyrider: what country are you in?16:24
SkyriderThis is on my mobile btw.16:24
Skyridernow it works16:25
Skyridernvm, lol16:25
makkhelloworld69, you should maybe ask in the ##php channel about phpmyadmin16:25
BlackFatehelloworld69, if you google that error, you will find tons of posts16:25
TJ-Skyrider: 802.11a has to detect local RADAR and other sources so as not to interfere with them; so sometimes the device will refuse to operate in some channels in the band16:25
homethen please help me to resolve this error when I am trying to install MS ODBC DRIVER16:26
SkyriderTJ- can you suggest a package for me to remote control (the main desktop) on ubuntu?16:26
home[Sat Jan 2 17:08:50 IST 2016] The glibc library was not found installed in the RPM database.16:26
SkyriderI prefer not to keep walking to my pi.16:26
OerHekshome, this is ubuntu support, we don't use rpm16:26
TJ-Skyrider: well, my preference is always using the command-line, so I'd recommend using SSH (openssh-server on the 'server' side)16:27
helloworld69I allready used all tons of options to solve it but none helps16:27
OerHekshome find support in  #fedora or #opensuse or #redhat?16:27
helloworld69I tryid to get into php room but I need to be invited16:27
OerHeksyou might need to register first, helloworld6916:28
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode16:28
olpirnHello. I'm having an Ubuntu issue and have found this channel. Can somebody please help?16:28
OerHekssome channels are not open like ubuntu, to stop spambots and trolls.16:28
makkhelloworld69, wich php channel you joined i had no problems zo join ##php16:29
OerHeksolpirn, just ask, wait and see16:29
homethen please help me to install MS ODBC DRIVER in ubuntu 15.1016:29
SkyriderTJ- I prefer ssh as well16:29
SkyriderBut these KDE manager is GUI16:29
OerHekshome, with RPM ?16:29
TJ-helloworld69: it's ##php  channel not #php16:29
olpirnThanks, OerHeks.16:30
nopel0rdOerHeks: Package gcj is not available, but is referred to by another package.This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source16:30
TJ-Skyrider: you don't need the GUI to control those though. there's 'nmcli'16:30
SkyriderYa, no idea how to use that16:30
homewhat ever method you think it is possible16:30
MonkeyDust!find odbc16:30
ubottuFound: erlang-odbc, libiodbc2, libiodbc2-dev, libodbc1, odbc-mdbtools, odbcinst, odbcinst1debian2, php5-odbc, tdsodbc, unixodbc (and 47 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=odbc&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all16:30
SkyriderThen again16:30
nopel0rdOerHeks: What do I do now? Should I install Java or something?16:31
TJ-home: what does "cat /etc/issue" report ?16:31
Skyriderwith nmcli -g I can see the wifi connection I set up16:31
SkyriderNo idea how to disable that though..16:31
TJ-Skyrider: "nmcli con [up|down] id <connection-name> "16:32
homeUbuntu 15.10 \n \l16:32
SkyriderHow do I make it connect again hidden with the wifi?16:32
TJ-Skyrider: if the connection name has spaces in it, then surround the <connection-name> with " .. " marks16:32
TJ-Skyrider: e.g "nmcli con down id wireless.lan.iam.tj && nmcli con up id wireless.lan.iam.tj"16:33
TJ-home: OK, so glibc is already installed16:33
OerHeksnopel0rd, no idea, gcj-4.9 and gcj5 are available in softwarecenter16:33
OerHeks!find gcj16:33
ubottuFound: ant-gcj, ant-optional-gcj, ecj-gcj, gcj-4.9, gcj-4.9-jdk, gcj-4.9-jre, gcj-4.9-jre-headless, gcj-4.9-jre-lib, gcj-4.9-source, gcj-5 (and 61 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gcj&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all16:33
Skyriderconfusing, lol16:34
homeokay how should I install the MS ODBC driver16:34
nopel0rdOerHeks: There's so many gcj's. Which one should I choose to install?16:35
k1lhome: does it come with a readme or install?16:35
TJ-home: what do you mean by "MS" ?16:35
TJ-home: Do you mean a Microsoft Windows exectuable?16:36
k1lhome: so read it, then install the depencies then follow the steps16:36
MonkeyDustms = main stream   (joke)16:36
homeno no16:36
TJ-MonkeyDust: or MonkeySilly :p16:36
TJ-!info odbc-mdbtools | home16:38
ubottuhome: odbc-mdbtools (source: mdbtools): MDB tools ODBC driver. In component main, is optional. Version 0.7.1-4 (wily), package size 26 kB, installed size 141 kB16:38
homethank you very much16:39
olpirnI tried shutting down my system and it got stuck (black screen, no response, but computer still on). I forced it to shut down through the hardware. I've switched it on again, but it doesn't behave normally. Every few seconds it gets stuck for a few seconds, the mouse cursor keeps disappearing and reappearing, windows keep changing their appearance16:40
olpirn(as if fluctuating between two themes). There are some applications I can't start (like the system monitor and some of the system settings), and the system does not react to my keyboard shortcuts (such as ctrl-alt-T to open a terminal). I have no idea what's going on, but I think Unity is not setting itself up properly: ps shows /usr/lib/unity-sett16:40
olpirnings-daemon/unity-settings-daemon, each time with a new pid, and there are hundreds of instances of usd-locate-pointer. It seems to me that Unity keeps running some setup, never completing it and always rerunning it again and again. Does this make sense? And does anybody here know what might be causing this and how to solve it?16:40
MonkeyDustolpirn  so Unity is unstable16:42
MonkeyDustolpirn  which ubuntu version and where/how did you get it16:43
olpirnI'm using 15.10.16:43
k1lolpirn: try to rename the .config folder to .configbackup. then relogin. see if that solves it16:43
olpirnHave been using it since it came out.16:43
olpirnThanks for the idea, k1l - will try it and be back in a few minutes.16:45
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hasiduhadoes anyone have problems with nvidia drivers and xbacklight? when i run intel gpu, xbacklight works fine, but when i switch to nvidia gpu, i cant change / retrieve backlight using xbacklight..16:48
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CarolzinhaSGHi, someone recomwnd me the best ubuntu for beginners?16:53
Skyriderrsad, spammers.16:53
k1lCarolzinhaSG: start with original ubuntu.16:54
MonkeyDustCarolzinhaSG  get used to it, like you got used to windows or mac: by using it16:54
makkCarolzinhaSG, xubuntu is good it at looks a bit like windows16:54
SkyriderTJ- >?16:54
olpirnThanks again, k1l, I'm back.16:55
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Skyriderwlx00259c96f84c  Interface doesn't support scanning : Device or resource busy16:55
SkyriderIts not connected though.16:55
CarolzinhaSGI'm downloading the original ubunto, to test.16:55
TJ-Skyrider: might be worth re-inserting it for now, in case all the playing about has confused something16:56
SkyriderTJ- I removed the "hotspot"16:56
SkyriderI can scan now16:56
SkyriderWhat am I looking for? list is quite big16:56
SkyriderAh, Freq.16:56
TJ-Skyrider: Yes, check if you can get it to use the 802.11a 5GHz band, and do a scan that sees an 802.11a access point16:57
SkyriderFrequency:5.58 GHz16:57
SkyriderFound one16:57
olpirnBy removing my .config directory I managed to cause the problem to disappear immediately: the ongoing setup process ceased, and things started working normally (except I didn't have everything set up properly, but that's not that big a deal). However, the minute I logged out and logged back in, the same problem returned (in addition to me not havin16:57
olpirng any of my old settings).16:57
SkyriderOke, so it can scan for a 5ghz freq.16:57
k1lolpirn: yes, the old settings are stored in .configbackup now. but to rule out what is causing that issue we needed a clean setup.16:57
=== lexileo is now known as lexiMon
k1lolpirn: but i still dont know what you mean with "its still doing a setup process"16:58
SkyriderTJ-: Running sudo iwlist frequency shows me a list of channels.16:59
Skyriderboth 2.4 and 5.2+16:59
olpirnWhen running ps I see among the processes: /usr/lib/unity-settings-daemon/unity-settings-daemon. When I run ps again and again, I keep seeing it, always with a different PID. I think something causes it to run again and again.16:59
TJ-Skyrider: YAY!16:59
SkyriderSo why cant it use 5ghz through the kde network manager.16:59
TJ-Skyrider: so, you've narrowed it down to a problem when trying to operate infrastructure mode in the 802.11a band16:59
SkyriderSo it appears.17:00
olpirnWhen I remove .config this stops: from that moment on I see it with the same PID all the time, and my system behaves normally.17:00
makkolpirn, is journalctl -f reporting somethinkg over and over again?17:00
TJ-Skyrider: You can, if you configure a regular wireless client connection to an xisting 802.11a AP17:00
nopel0rdTJ: There's so many gcj's. Which one should I choose to install?17:00
k1lolpirn: are you sure your system is in a good state? hardisk, ram, etc?17:00
TJ-Skyrider: your issue is the 802.11a + infrastructure mode17:00
SkyriderIm lost.17:01
makkSkyrider, the best solution might be to get a nother wirlestick :-)17:01
SkyriderI get the second line though.17:01
olpirnk1l: lemme logout and login again so I can tell you.17:01
SkyriderI have another.. but..17:01
Skyridernot sure if that supports 517:01
olpirnOh wait, before I go: something else that has happened in this last login is that I don't have the top bar anymore!17:02
makkSkyrider, because it looks like that the hardware you are using dies not support the mode you trying to run in with the supported driver for ubuntu. But maybe a nother wirlessstick has less problems17:03
TJ-Skyrider: the driver can only do infrastructure mode if the firmware binary blob (no source code available for it) supports it. It looks like it doesn't. That is understandable due to the stiff legal requirments for preventing interference in 802.11a17:03
k1lolpirn: check the dmesg/syslog if that system is healthy at all17:03
olpirnk1l: How do I check that? Where do I find it?17:04
k1l"dmesg" is the command and syslog is in /var/log17:04
SkyriderWould you guys mind sharing the cmds to see the new USB network adapter I plugged in?17:05
olpirnI've tried dmesg. Got a long list of segfault's and a few other things. Anything in particular I should look for?17:05
k1lolpirn: "a long list of segfaults" that doesnt sound like a good shape.17:06
Skyridermakk Referring to the pi hardware or the stick itself.17:07
olpirnThey're caused by unity-settings-[sum number].17:08
k1lolpirn: please pastebin those logs17:08
Skyriderno one?17:08
k1lSkyrider: "lsusb" will list all usb ports17:08
makkSkyrider, sorry i'am lost in the conversation. It's just what i would do after such a long fixing period like u did, to try another wlan device.17:09
SkyriderBus 001 Device 007: ID 148f:5370 Ralink Technology, Corp. RT5370 Wireless Adapter17:09
SkyriderThat should be my second.17:09
Skyrider802.11n (2.4GHz)17:09
Skyriderno dual.17:09
makkTry to set it up in the way you would like to use it and look if it is working.17:10
makkIf you need dual than thats maybe not the best one^^17:10
TJ-Skyrider: which uses the very same driver, and firmware, so you'll be no better off17:10
Skyriderneed? not exactly.. want? ya.17:10
TJ-Skyrider: however, if that device will work with 802.11a + infrastructure mode, then you know the WUSB600N has a problem17:11
SkyriderTJ-: I'm lost.17:11
SkyriderMy dual works fine with 2.417:11
SkyriderJust 5ghz refuses to work17:11
olpirnOK, k1l.17:11
k1lolpirn: did you change things on libc?17:12
olpirnk1l: if I changed things on libc would I know it?17:13
k1lwell, you should know when you replace system programs17:13
olpirnSo I don't think I have.17:13
SkyriderSo ya.. I'm quite lost.17:13
makkSkyrider, if the usecase you need this is ok with 2.4GHz than you ok, but if not you might have to look for another device.17:14
TJ-Skyrider: right, as I said earlier, 802.11a requires DFS (RADAR detection) functionality. Apparently that device doesn't support it though it claims to17:14
k1lolpirn: any themes or fonts or curser themes?17:14
makkSkyrider, i guess there are devices out there who can handle what you need, you just have to look them up in the internet.17:15
olpirnI don't think I've done anything unusual.17:15
TJ-Skyrider: to do DFS wpa_supplicant needs to be using the "nl80211" driver, not the "wext" driver. So, check which it is using17:15
olpirnWas just "minding my own business".17:15
ioriaolpirn, have you made a back-up  of ~/.config ?  if yes, try to back-up  also ~/.compiz17:16
olpirnioria, you mean backing it up and removing the original .compiz?17:16
k1lolpirn: yes, just rename that folder.17:17
ioriaolpirn, no, just rename it17:17
k1lolpirn: after that relogin.17:17
ioriaolpirn, and try the Guest Account too17:17
k1lolpirn: if that doesnt help look in /var/crash what the crash reports in there talk about17:17
olpirnOK, thanks. Will be off for a few minutes trying it.17:18
ioriaolpirn, and be sure your hw supports unity        run    /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p17:20
S_JAre all the typefaces in Pinta free to use commerically?17:20
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TheEagerPadawanhi, what do you guys recommend to use to get a connection with a serial port17:24
ioria!info minicom17:24
ubottuminicom (source: minicom): friendly menu driven serial communication program. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.7-1 (wily), package size 220 kB, installed size 1020 kB17:24
TheEagerPadawanirc does it again ;)17:24
TheEagerPadawan+1 penguin for ioria17:25
Lurchymorning everyone17:32
Lurchycold here in california17:32
Lurchycan i move my ubuntu install over to a new ssd drive i got?17:33
Lurchytake a snapshot of this IDE drive that has my ubuntu installation on it...then copy it onto this SSD drive17:33
makkLurchy, maybe dd can do somethink like it17:34
Lurchywhat issues would I face?  would it work as easy as I have moved windows images in the past?17:34
MonkeyDustLurchy  clonezilla is popular17:34
k1lLurchy: i dd'ed my install from a hdd to a ssd. works.17:34
k1ljust make sure your partitions are aligned17:35
Lurchyyou have any issues?17:35
Lurchyok...can you elaborate?17:35
makkk1l, does the hd and the ssd has to be at the same size?17:35
daftykinsLurchy: i'd use clonezilla instead17:36
Lurchymy IDE is 500GB the SSD is only 64GB...and I want to make the 500GB one of two mirrored drives on a RAID17:36
k1lmakk: well, you can resize and move them afterwards. but best is if the ssd is not too small.17:36
k1lLurchy: well, that sounds like more than "just putting the old install onto a ssd"17:36
daftykinsLurchy: makes more sense to clean install to the SSD then, and remake the mechanical disk as /home17:37
BluesKajif the target partition is smaller then the source partition dd copy will fail17:37
k1li i think a raid ist just not right in that setup17:37
k1l*and i17:37
daftykinsRAID is only right if Lurchy means there will be 2 x 500GB mechanicals to either stripe or mirror17:37
Lurchywell...I want to make the ssd the boot and OS drive...and the dual 500GB the archives....17:38
daftykinsstripe (mode 0) would be a mistake there17:38
k1land even then its not a backup which most people confuse raid and backup17:38
olpirnI'm back, and my problem is solved. Thanks k1l and ioria - I wouldn't have been able to do it without you (at least not that fast).17:38
Lurchydual 500GB will mirror17:38
ioriaolpirn, good job, mate !17:39
Lurchywell crap17:39
makkolpirn, nice! What was the fix to the problem?17:39
daftykinsLurchy: so make a package list of what's installed now, save it - clean install to the new SSD, import the package list and install those, then set up the RAID storage and move /home17:39
LurchyI guess I need to reinstall onto the 64GB SSD17:39
daftykinsnot reinstall, *install*17:39
alepandohello Ubuntu Word... i'm testing Mate with VirtualBox in my debian17:39
Lurchydafty...how does one make a package list?   pen and paper?  or is there a util that I use?17:40
=== bipul is now known as away-bipul
LurchyI use belarc in windows......17:41
daftykinsLurchy: dpkg --get-selections > file17:41
daftykinsi think ^17:41
Lurchykk...sounds like a plan...perhaps it can help if i reinstall apache and php it will help me figure out zoneminder also17:43
olpirnIn case someone is interested: the problem was not .config or .compiz - I looked at the dmesg logs more closely and saw that not only unity-settings was sefaulting, but also the keyboard indicator. I then remembered I added a new keyboard layout recently (apparently after the last reboot). I restored the file /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev.xml (whi17:43
olpirnch, among other things, maintains a list of keyboard layouts) to a previous state, and that solved the problem. I guess something was wrong in the new version of the file (though I still don't know what it was, it all seemed perfect to me), which caused indicator-keyboard to crash (why crash? why couldn't it be a nice error message?), which caused17:43
olpirnthe whole unity-settings-daemon to crash (why crash? why couldn't it be a nice error message and running without the keyboard indicator), and I guess something kept causing it restarting again and again, causing the whole system to falter.17:43
olpirnEverything's back to normal now, and I'll try and see how I can add this new layout _without_ crashing the system.17:44
TJ-Skyrider: You can check on which frequencies (and DFS) are supported with "sudo  wpa_cli get_capability freq"17:44
olpirnThanks again!17:44
Lurchythx for info guys....17:45
TJ-Skyrider: Try configuring your AP mode to use a channel from the Mode[A] channels that does *NOT* require DFS17:45
makkolpirn, sounds strange :-)17:45
TJ-Lurchy: you can use "debfoster" to create a list that will preserve the install dependencies17:46
Lurchyok tj17:46
keliim new here17:47
makkClonezilla will not work for Lurchy?17:47
daftykinsmakk: no17:47
Lurchymakk.....appparently not17:47
daftykinskeli: support questions only, chat in #ubuntu-offtopic17:47
Lurchysince target ssd drive is smaller than source IDE drive17:47
makkLurchy, ah ok like i dought17:48
Lurchyif I understand correctly17:48
olpirnmakk, it is indeed strange.17:48
olpirnI think there's a lot to improve in there...17:48
TJ-Lurchy: you could shrink the file-system(s) on the HDD first, so they would fit on the SSD, then copy them over17:48
daftykinsthe guy wants to add RAID for /home anyway so it sounds like a clean approach would be handy to me17:49
makkoh home as raid, i dont got this than it will not work17:49
TJ-I thought it was 'archives' on the RAID array?17:51
daftykinswho knows what that means :>17:51
daftykins64GB certainly won't be enough for all17:51
Lurchywell....I plan on makign this a media server...among other things17:52
Lurchywant to keep media archives on another disk...since I have 150GB+ of MP3s and such17:53
daftykinsbest way is full install to the SSD then, with /home/username/$media_folder symlink'd to the mechanical storage17:54
daftykinswhere $media_folder is Pictures, Music, Video, etc.17:54
tgm4883Anyone else seeing cdimage and/or the ppa's being super slow to download from right now (currently getting 33kB/s)17:56
daftykinstgm4883: any difference from releases. ?17:59
tgm4883daftykins: nope, slow there as well17:59
daftykinstorrent? :)18:00
ioriatgm4883, idk if it's what you meant, but ff gives me 9 h to download the ubuntu iso18:00
tgm4883daftykins: there isn't a torrent for dailies and/or PPA18:00
daftykinsah, forgive my mind reading inability :P18:00
TJ-tgm4883: nothing being reported on the server status page18:01
ioriatgm4883, yep, 33 kb18:01
tgm4883ioria: yea that's roughly what I'm getting to18:01
tgm4883TJ-: where is the status page?18:01
TJ-tgm4883: http://status.admin.canonical.com/18:02
nicomachusI take it the guys at #canonical-sysadmin are still on holiday18:02
invisimeI have a brand new Mint install that's crashing intermittently. first the mouse sort of "sticks", then stops responding altogether, then the whole system locks up (no keyboard input accepted, Ctrl+Alt+Del and Ctrl+Alt+F# don't do anything). is there a log I should check to see what's wrong?18:03
nicomachus!mint | invisime18:03
ubottuinvisime: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org18:03
invisimeouch. directing me to another server, entirely?18:04
invisimeI was under the impression that the vast majority of mint was actually ubuntu.18:04
ioriatgm4883, no proble with lubuntu 890 kb18:05
daftykinsinvisime: wrong, i'm afraid - Mint has its' own problems.18:05
tgm4883invisime: that is where their support is. We don't control that18:05
MonkeyDustinvisime  it's a different distro, like ubuntu is different from debian18:05
makkDoes someone know what the ~/.cache/oneconf/ folder ist storing? I got a warning in journalctl -f18:07
stevejif you add the mint repository to debian 8.2 stable, and install the mint packages, you get lmde 218:07
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
makkWARNING:oneconf.hosts:Error in loading other_hosts file: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/makk/.cache/oneconf/b5dab7d4a52740acae2ce4007af8a5c8/other_hosts'18:08
olpirnBy the way, as I've just had a major issue that was all caused by the keyboard indicator and a change to /usr/share/X11/xkb/rules/evdev.xml - is this channel a good place to talk about issues with keyboard layouts, or are there better places for this?18:08
daftykinsstevej: off topic18:08
six86Hello. I hve problems creating a usb install stick. No matte what I try, I get "boot error" when trying to boot. I tried the startup disk creator on ubuntu 15.10. What I want to create is a 14.04 install stick. I also tried unetbootin, which took much much longer to create, but resulted in the same error...18:10
julien12six86, did you try to format the stick before ? I had the same problem18:11
boxmeincan I tell unity not to let me move windows in the workspace switcher so that the window decoration ends up between two workspaces18:11
ioriaolpirn, you can't  change layouts or what  ?18:12
boxmein(eg http://snag.gy/6DJBw.jpg and http://snag.gy/sgsRa.jpg )18:12
ioriasix86 can you give us the complete error ?18:13
SkyriderSorry for the less replies, wife's around.18:14
SkyriderI ran he command.18:14
Lurchywife?  you mean the "Boss"18:14
SkyriderIn a way, ya.. lol18:14
SkyriderMode[G] Channels: - Mode[A] Channels and Mode[B] Channels:18:14
LurchyI feel ya brother....I am hiding...told her I am "working"18:14
Skyrideron some 5GHZ channels it says NO_IR and others NO_IR) DFS18:15
olpirnioria, I sure can. But I've got some specific issues. For example, when changing the layout list in evdev.xml, the changes don't seem to take effect until I logout and login again. Is there a way to restart indicator-keyboard without having to logout and back in?18:15
Lurchymy wife...not yours18:15
TJ-Skyrider: try to use a channel that doesn't have "NO_IR DFS" after it18:16
Skyrideroke.. trying.. 3618:16
TJ-Skyrider: if it still fails doing that, it suggests that the problem isn't directly due to missing support for those functions18:17
TJ-Skyrider: but as we're talking about a very thin layer of code in the kernel that is passing requests to the chipset's firmware blob, we can't know for sure what is going on18:17
six86julien12: I tried two different sticks and formatted/partitoned them with gparted18:17
ioriaolpirn, well, i could be wrong, but that file it's not supposed  to be edited .... you do what you need from System Settings -> language Support   ( i know that not an answer to your q)18:18
TJ-Skyrider: I couldn't find any mention of 802.11a infrastructure-mode working, or not working, for the WUSB600N/rt2800usb18:18
six86ioria: It's just "Boot error" after the line that shows some Info: "SYSLINUX 6.03 EDD [...] Peter Alvin et al"18:19
Skyriderno ide18:19
TJ-tgm4883: I tested cdimages. ... was getting full speed on my link18:19
ioriasix86  you did the usb with startup disk creator ?18:20
six863 times on 2 Systems. And then one time with unetbootin.18:20
olpirnioria, one needs to change that file when installing new layouts (not just choosing existing ones to use).18:21
ioriaolpirn, ah... i see18:21
makksix86, i got this problem a time ago with archlinux and i hade to use dd command to get the iso on the usb18:21
TJ-six86: "boot error" is a Syslinux report (the boot-loader) and can be caused by certain bugs in the BIOS/firmware. Try holding down the Ctrl key as the system is booting to cause one of the inbuilt workarounds18:21
Skyriderweird stuff that it aint working.18:21
TJ-Skyrider: the error report in the kernel log is triggered directly via a call into the kernel, which calls into the device itself and passes back the error report18:22
sudomarizehow would i create an alias like "cat myfile.txt | somefunction"? where i can just call "newfunction myfile.txt"?18:22
Skyriderso I'm stuck with 2.418:22
TJ-sudomarize: create a function instead18:22
ioriaolpirn,  and now , what are you trying ?    (you can always use   sudo if=/file.iso   of=/dev/sdx)18:22
sudomarizeTJ-: how would i do that?18:22
ioriasix86  and now , what are you trying ?    (you can always use   sudo if=/file.iso   of=/dev/sdx)18:23
six86I resd something about not being able to use startup disk creator for older versions...18:23
nicomachushmm... this is a new one "spotify: error while loading shared libraries: libgcrypt.so.11: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:23
six86ioria: I will try dd18:23
ioriaolpirn,    sudo dd if=/file.iso   of=/dev/sdx18:23
makkolpirn, for the of= part dont use /dev/sdx1 or somethink use the hole device not apartion18:24
nicomachuslooks like spotify needs libgcrypt 11, but ubuntu only has 20.18:26
TJ-As well as creating aliases, you can create shell functions that are in the .bashrc or similar. E.g. "function newfunction() { cat "$1" | "$2"; }" and then be able to call it as "newfunction myfile.txt somefunction"18:26
=== ^cj^ is now known as ^CJ^
olpirnioria and makk: I don't understand - what is this dd and if and of and /file.sio and /dev/sdx?18:26
olpirn(Maybe it was meant for another user?)18:27
makkolpirn, yes it was meant for another user18:27
ioriaolpirn,    convert and copy a file18:27
makkolpirn, srry18:27
TJ-nicomachus: you could try symlinking "ln -s /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.20 /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgcrypt.so.11"18:27
ioriaolpirn,  yep, not for you :þ18:27
six86dd works! :-D18:28
six86Forget the fancy tools :D18:28
makkyou allready booted it?18:28
ioriasix86  good18:28
nicomachusthanks TJ-. Makes me curious what happened to break it... Trying to remember the last time I used Spotify on this machine.18:29
ioriaolpirn,  that's for you  : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Custom%20keyboard%20layout%20definitions18:29
TJ-nicomachus: 14.04 possible?18:29
TJ-!info libgcrypt trusty18:29
ubottuPackage libgcrypt does not exist in trusty18:29
nicomachusI'm *sure* i've used it since upgrading to 15.1018:29
TJ-!info libgcrypt11 trusty18:29
ubottulibgcrypt11 (source: libgcrypt11): LGPL Crypto library - runtime library. In component main, is important. Version 1.5.3-2ubuntu4.2 (trusty), package size 231 kB, installed size 607 kB18:29
TJ-!info libgcrypt11 vivid18:29
ubottuPackage libgcrypt11 does not exist in vivid18:29
nicomachusyep... vivid has 20. huh. guess I haven't used it in awhile...18:30
olpirnThanks, ioria, I've visited that page already. Unfortunately, there's no answer there. (Other than removing the cache files, which helps load new layouts, but not the new layout list.)18:31
tarvidis there an easy way to locate the mouse pointer on a high resultion screen?18:31
ioriaolpirn,  sorry about that18:32
SkyriderTJ- I give up on 5ghz support.18:33
SkyriderI however want to thank you for the support, I'm glad the hotspot is working.18:33
SkyriderSo I appreciate it.18:33
TJ-Skyrider: if you do find a way, please let me/us know18:34
SkyriderWill do, but I doubt I'll find a way atm.18:35
olpirnIt's OK, ioria, thanks. I also have much more specific questions. There seems to be a serious lack of information on the web regarding xkb :-(18:35
nicomachusTJ-: well, here's the answer to pretty much all of my questions, in case someone else wanders in looking for help with that issue: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2015/09/install-spotify-client-ubuntu-15-10/18:35
nicomachusI was on stable instead of testing, and stable only works in 14.04 atm18:36
olpirnIf anybody knows a forum or a channel or something where there are people who can answer questions about the inner workings of xkb, please do tell.18:36
sjoshi!info shareit18:37
ubottuPackage shareit does not exist in wily18:37
makkolpirn, maybe in #xorg someone can help18:37
TJ-nicomachus: ahhh!18:38
Dynamicwork!info wine-staging18:38
ubottuPackage wine-staging does not exist in wily18:38
Dynamicwork!info wine-staging trusty18:38
ubottuPackage wine-staging does not exist in trusty18:38
olpirnThanks, makk! If somebody somewhere can help it's most likely there :-)18:38
Dynamicwork!info wine-staging-amd64 precise18:39
ubottuPackage wine-staging-amd64 does not exist in precise18:39
makkolpirn, or in ##linux18:39
Dynamicwork!info wine-staging precise18:39
ubottuPackage wine-staging does not exist in precise18:39
lotuspsychje!msgthebot | Dynamicwork18:39
ubottuDynamicwork: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".18:39
ioriaolpirn,  well, xkb is part of xorg,  so ...18:39
olpirnioria: Yes, I'm sorry, I'm very new to this IRC thing. It will take me some time to figure it all out. But you guys have been very helpful - thanks!18:40
ioriaolpirn,  np, http://www.x.org/wiki/XKB/18:41
olpirnioria, Yes, I've seen that page as well. Lots of good information, too! Unfortunately, no answers to my (indeed very specific) questions... A knowledgeable person willing to help is worth much more than thousands of thousands of non-interactive words...18:42
makkolpirn, thats true, there for irc is nice18:43
ioriaolpirn, maybe i'm too curious.... what's you specific issue ?18:44
ioriaolpirn,  i mean, why you need to edit evdev.xml ?18:45
olpirnioria: I'm creating my own special keyboard layouts.18:45
ioriaolpirn,  ok18:46
makkolpirn, is there no better hobby around? :-)18:47
sudomarizeTJ-: awesome, thanks18:50
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ralph4100does anyone know of a good guide for storing passwords as environment variables? would like to move to that instead of storing them in various config files, but don't want to do it wrong as these are passwords, and can't seem to find anything helpful.18:53
olpirnmakk: It's not my only hobby, but I do like it. And I enjoy not only the process of creating them, but also using them afterwards. Being able to type the way I like really makes my life better - considering the number of hours I spend with a keyboard each day...18:54
olpirnI'll be off now. Thanks again, makk, ioria and k1l!18:54
makkolpirn, sound cool have fun cu18:54
ioriaolpirn,  np, good luck18:55
makkralph4100, you coud store your passwart as a hash variable, and build a function that hashes the input of an password and compare it to the stored hash18:57
ralph4100makk, well I mean to store passwords for various things ... like instead of putting a password in a muttrc, reference the var in bashrc18:58
bhI'm running into a bit of trouble configuring an Ipsec/LT2P vpn. Tips for debugging would be appreciated. At the moment I'm not seeing anything in syslog when I attempt to connect, ipsec verify returns a clean bill of health18:58
makkralph4100, oh ok than i missread your comment18:58
ralph4100makk, that way 1) my config files don't need to be secret, 2) all passwords in one place, can be easily changed18:58
makkralph4100, at least i would never store my password as envirement variables in clear text. Everyone has acces to the envirement variable if i not missleaded19:00
tgm4883ralph4100: you wouldn't make them enviroment variables. You would just source the password file when launching the application19:01
FinetundraCan someone tell me how I can write a .img to a floppy disk?19:06
bekksFinetundra: Using dd.19:07
lotuspsychjeFinetundra: unpack it and drag contents to the floppy19:07
bekkslotuspsychje: That will not leave you with anything usable.19:07
Finetundrabekks: could you explain?19:07
bekkslotuspsychje: an "img" file is just a full clone of the contents of a device. So you need to transfer it to the device.19:07
bekksFinetundra: dd if=/path/to/your.img of=/dev/yourfloppydevice bs=2M; sync; sync19:08
lotuspsychjebekks: i mean unpack with some program that handles iso, img etc19:08
SchrodingersScatbekks: why the double sync?19:08
bekkslotuspsychje: Neither iso not img are archive formats.19:09
bekksSchrodingersScat: For ensuring the IO buffer is written down to the device.19:09
barnyard_animalhey guys, new to linux, wondering how I install packages?  Is there no software center?  I could use command line but unsure if there's somewhere else I should be doing it19:10
SchrodingersScat!software | barnyard_animal19:10
ubottubarnyard_animal: A general introduction to the ways software can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also !Packages, !Equivalents19:10
SchrodingersScatbarnyard_animal: software center, synaptic, aptitude, apt-get, apt should all do about the same things, so it's your preference for which you choose.19:11
Finetundrabekks: if I have of=/dev/media/<username>/disk returns no such file or directory19:15
bekksFinetundra: Then you issued the wrong path.19:15
Finetundrabekks: if I set the file path to /media/<username>/disk I get told that it's a directory19:18
bekksFinetundra: Then use a valid path instead.19:18
bekksFinetundra: We dont know where you stored the img file.19:18
Finetundrathe first path should be to the .img file, yes? not the second one19:19
makkFinetundra, you know wherre your floppy device ist located in /dev?19:19
Finetundramakk: no19:19
makkFinetundra, yes the of part ist the device19:20
makkthe if part is the image19:20
makkFinetundra, you need to know where your floppy device is located to put the path to it in the of part19:20
Finetundramakk: where would it be normally?19:21
tomasqHello! Is here any Ubuntu developer?19:21
makkFinetundra, but i never did somethink with floppy disk so i have no idear how they are stored in /dev19:21
lotuspsychjetomasq: #ubuntu-devel19:21
MiningMarshfd is the name of floppies usually19:22
makkFinetundra, there you have it from MiningMarsh19:22
barnyard_animalWhere is the ubuntu software center on ubuntu mate desktop 1.10.2?19:24
barnyard_animalI installed synaptic but am following the tutorial and cannot find the software center19:24
makkbarnyard_animal, open a temrinal and type software-center19:24
makkbarnyard_animal, this should open it19:25
FinetundraMiningMarsh: how would I determine what the disk number is?19:25
Grimm_Hello can someone helpout? I tried to dual boot Ununtu 15.04 with Android x86. I had just 1 partition [/] on ubuntu so when I was asked during installation to create a new partition, I could not shrink sda1 (where Ubuntu was)19:26
makkFinetundra, if you type /dev/fd and than tab you should get some otions, hopefully only 119:26
barnyard_animalThanks makk, wasn't installed by default.19:27
MonkeyDustGrimm_  backup ubuntu to a safe place - boot live dvd or usb - delete partition with gparted - create new partitions - install what you want19:27
MiningMarshFinetundra: Do you have something on the disk already?19:27
MiningMarshif so, sudo blkid19:27
MiningMarshwill usually find it19:27
FinetundraMiningMarsh: there shouldn't be. I can try a fresh disk19:28
MiningMarshFinetundra: ls /dev/fd* and just look for whatever number is listed.19:29
lotuspsychjehey MonkeyDust19:29
makklol i have no floppy drive at all and i got number 0 to 3^19:29
MiningMarshFinetundra: oh wait a minute shit don't use fd19:30
MiningMarshI just double checked, apparently fd is an alias for /dev/pts/*19:31
MiningMarshFinetundra: yeah I have no idea what path the floppy drive is at, I apoligize.19:31
makkMiningMarsh, is ist save to just dry the /dev/fd/numbers with dd or yould this harm somethink?19:33
MonkeyDusthenvio  it works, we see you19:34
makkFinetundra, did it work?19:36
Grimm_I canged the sector to begin at 4096 from 2048 then changed it back and wrote changes to the partion table. Before writting changes a warning pop up said I might expirence data loss if I continue19:39
QuantosDid you experience data loss?19:40
Grimm_I continued but I did not install Android again I did ctrl+alt+delete19:40
Grimm_But it does not boot Ubuntu19:40
Finetundramakk: no19:40
MonkeyDustGrimm_  if you made a backup, you can do what you want, then data loss is no drama19:41
makkFinetundra, "lsmod | grep -i floppy" to se if a floppy module is loaded19:42
ioriaFinetundra, i downloaded a .img  file , and did   dd if=disk1.img of=/dev/fd019:42
Grimm_It lands me on the display when I used to press F12 before seeing19:42
ioriaFinetundra, with sudo, i mean19:44
ravsterhello all19:47
lotuspsychjeravster: welcome19:47
ravsterI'm on Wily, and trying to get nodejs v4, but http://packages.ubuntu.com/wily/nodejs is referring to nodejs v0.10.  Is there something I'm missing about nodejs versioning in ubuntu?19:48
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lotuspsychje!latest | ravster19:50
ubotturavster: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.19:50
MiningMarshravster: everything past node 0.10-14 is usually considered unstable19:50
lotuspsychjeravster: its reccomended to use package versions, specific for your ubuntu version19:50
MiningMarshon various distros19:50
MiningMarshI believe the version jump causes a lot of NPM package breakage19:50
JanCthat hhy66 is/was a spammer19:50
MiningMarshI know it did for me when I tried 4.1...19:51
ravsteroh ok.  thanks for the heads up19:51
lotuspsychjeJanC: maybe report to the ops channel?19:52
OerHekshjgy87, please don't spam here, thanks19:54
GoChargersHello!  Looking for help with remote connections.  I have Ubuntu set up as a media server, but I can't seem to access it remotely.  Wondering what sort of things I should look at.  Already checked ufw, it is disabled.19:55
OerHeksGoChargers, how would you connect, ssh? vnc?19:56
Turnip_GreenGuys any news on a fix for 15.10 and Catalyst drivers?19:56
lotuspsychjeTurnip_Green: wich card you havin?19:57
Turnip_GreenR9 27019:57
lotuspsychjeTurnip_Green: talk to the #gamingonlinux guys, their always up to date19:57
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Turnip_GreenCool thanks19:57
GoChargersOerHeks:  Previous install worked fine.  Used mythmote (on android), vsftpd (for fsync on android), occasional vnc with vino, and two smart tvs would find my plex server.  Now, only vsftpd works.19:58
OerHeksseems like the releasebug is solved, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WilyWerewolf/ReleaseNotes#Known_issues19:58
OerHeksGoChargers, so ... vnc + vino?19:59
GoChargersOerHeks:  just tried to start vino, and it says "The desktop sharing service is not enabled, so it should not be run"20:01
ioriaGoChargers,  try /usr/lib/vino/vino-server20:02
Finetundramakk: that yields floppy 55416 120:02
GoChargersioria:  That's how I launched vino.20:02
ioriaGoChargers,  ps -A | grep vino20:03
GoChargersioria:  no output for that command.  When launching vino, I get this:  ** (vino-server:5590): WARNING **: The desktop sharing service is not enabled, so it should not be run.20:03
Finetundraioria: doing it that way it does run but it says 0 bytes copied20:04
ioriaFinetundra, what .img is ?  is good ?20:04
lotuspsychjeGoChargers: cant you use openssh for the management? vnc is a danger to use20:05
Finetundraioria:  for the rhapsody beta OS from apple(circa 1997). As best I can tell, yes it's good, though I don't know how I'd check it20:06
MiningMarshFinetundra: what command did you run?20:06
ioriaGoChargers,  go in dash and type vino20:06
FinetundraMiningMarsh: I cd'd over to the directory with the .img and did "sudo dd if=<long disk name>.img of=/dev/fd0"20:07
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ioriaFinetundra, so you can format the floppy with Disks and try again dd20:07
MiningMarshFinetundra: yeah, like I said, I was wrong, /dev/fd0 is not in fact a floppy disk20:08
MiningMarshas far as I can tell20:08
MiningMarshon my system at least, it is a symlink to /dev/ptc20:08
ioriaMiningMarsh, no, it is20:08
ioriaMiningMarsh, i just did it20:08
MiningMarshioria: Oh okay. I went to double check and my /dev/fd was linked to /dev/pts/*20:08
MiningMarshioria: Good to know then.20:09
GoChargersioria, lotuspsychje:  vino is fixed now, turns out I just needed to go into vino-preferences.20:09
ioriaMiningMarsh,  not fd  /dev/fd020:09
MiningMarshFinetundra: try ddrescue maybe to see if it complains about bad sectors?20:09
GoChargersstill no luck with the media sharing though.20:09
MiningMarshioria: Yeah, I see.20:09
ioriaGoChargers,  gooooooodddddddddd20:09
MiningMarshioria: I thought fd0 was floppy, wasn't 100% sure20:09
ioriaMiningMarsh,  yeah20:10
ioriaFinetundra, it's also possible that your floppy (as many of mine) is old  and ruined ....20:10
daftykins^ i had to repeatedly read over 15x from the last floppy i used to remagnetise the thing (my assumption) before it'd get data off a disk again20:11
daftykinsthing being the drive20:11
atif089Hey guys, I understand this is an official Ubuntu channel and I'm here to ask a question that might be to specific for my needs and not relevant to most of the users here. Can anyone recommend me a right channel to seek advice for my Ubuntu based remote desktop setup?20:14
Finetundraioria: can they just go bad with age?20:15
ioriaFinetundra, i'm afraid , yes20:15
Finetundrawell crap20:15
daftykinsatif089: just ask the question, as long as it's really ubuntu it's fine.20:15
ioriaFinetundra, it's not a cd, it's mylar (like the old music cassette)20:16
ioriaFinetundra, that's why i told you to format it again20:16
Finetundraioria: using?20:16
ioriaFinetundra, Disks20:17
Finetundraioria: shold that be preinstalled?20:18
ioriaFinetundra, yes20:18
Finetundraioria: what would the terminal command be?20:18
daftykinscall me crazy but try just formatting the diskette and putting a text file on it before trying the intended data, whatever form it may be in20:19
daftykinsFinetundra: disks is a GUI program20:19
bekksFinetundra: Throw the floppy away, use a new one.20:19
ioriaFinetundra, what ubuntu are you on ?20:19
Finetundraioria: 14.0420:20
ioriaFinetundra, Unity ?20:20
Finetundraioria: XFCE20:20
ioriaFinetundra, http://askubuntu.com/questions/577002/how-do-i-open-disk-utility-in-xfce20:21
Finetundrathis may be more trouble than I thought20:22
atif089daftykins: Thanks.20:22
atif089I have a Windows laptop on which I want to install Ubuntu so that I can use it as my development laptop for developing Android apps. The reason I want to install Ubuntu is because I want to connect remotely from a desktop on same network. If all of this doesn't sound stupid, here are the few questions?20:22
atif089* Is Ubuntu a good choice or should I go with some other OS?20:22
atif089* Can multiple users connect on Ubuntu like RHEL5? I remember using NoMachine on RHEL5 where I could get 2 GUIs, 1 on the original PC and 1 on the remote PC?20:22
atif089* Is VNC also same as NoMachine?20:22
bekksFinetundra: Still on putting an img onto a floppy?20:22
atif089^^ sorry about white spaces, I typed in a different editor and it added extra line characters I think20:23
MiningMarshatif089: Yes on the first two questions.20:23
Finetundrabekks: yes. ioria has advised me to format the disk20:23
ioriaFinetundra,  or change it, if you can20:23
MiningMarshatif089: and apparently nomachine supports VNC sessions.20:23
bekksFinetundra: What for? using dd and putting a file on it destroys and overwrites every format.20:23
bekksFinetundra: Which dd command did you use?20:23
MiningMarshFinetundra: try ddrescue.20:24
MiningMarshI imaging the issue is probably a dead disk.20:24
bekksFinetundra: No need for ddrescue.20:24
deskwizardHi :)20:24
Finetundrabekks: sudo dd if=<long disk image name>.img of=/dev/fd020:24
bekksFinetundra: And what is the output of that command?20:24
deskwizardquick question for you knowledgeable people... on 14.04, the volume change popups... anywhere I can change the timeout for those ?20:25
atif089MiningMarsh: in laymans terms, I can connect to that computer and do my work without disturbing my wife's web browsing activity (except consuming all the CPU of course)20:25
MiningMarshatif089: Yeah, that shouldn't be an issue.20:25
deskwizardwell, all those kind of popups20:25
MiningMarshatif089: Any linux distro should support that no-problem.20:25
ioriaFinetundra,  if the format fails, could mean that the disk is bad ....20:25
bekksioria: Only if you used a full format using badblocks before.20:26
atif089MiningMarsh: perfect! Thanks for saving my $1000 on a new computer. I have an AMD desktop which truly sucks for Android Development. I was contemplating in getting a new i7 but I have an i5 laptop lying around. So I can use it now :-) AWesome!20:26
Finetundra0+0 records in  0+0 records out 0 bytes (0 b) copied 0.000359464 s, 0.0kb/s. bekks20:27
bekksFinetundra: Full, exact command, full exact output into a pastebin.20:27
bekksFinetundra: Not just random lines.20:27
Finetundrabekks: http://pastebin.com/mSZBLbU620:30
FinetundraI am cd'd into the directory with the img file20:30
zzahello, how to zip a lot of files individually and with pass-> for f in *.txt;do;aaa=`echo "$f" | sed s/txt/zip/g`;zip -e "$aaa" "$f";done20:30
bekksFinetundra: And you are in the same directory as that image file AND fd1 is your second floppy?20:30
zzahow to write the same password in for?20:31
sw0rdyhey guys20:31
sw0rdymy camera won't work on skype20:31
sw0rdyits available in the options20:31
Finetundrabekks: yes20:32
sw0rdybut not in calls20:32
bekksFinetundra: Then your image file is zero bytes, since nothing was written.20:32
Finetundrabekks: well you see, that's where the issue is20:32
bekksFinetundra: the issue is either using a 0 byte image or the wrong floppy device.20:33
ioriaFinetundra,  can you give me the link to the  .img ?20:33
daftykinssw0rdy: not much we can do given skype is proprietary, tried other programs to see if they view it ok?20:33
sw0rdylike what other programs can i use?20:34
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ioriaFinetundra,  sorry, don't find .img on that site , can you provide the file url ?20:40
bekksFinetundra: Whats the output of "dmesg | grep -i fd"?20:40
sw0rdydaftykins, cheese works20:42
sw0rdyi found this v20:42
tsapiihello i have a problem with installing ubuntu on a laptop with a pre-existing windows 8 installation. the whole disk is currently used by the windows 8 disk and i'd like to cut its size in half20:42
sw0rdydidn't work but maybe i should restart20:43
sw0rdyfor it to work20:43
tsapiihowever the partition manager is not able to detect the used size of the windows partition so i cannot resize it20:43
tsapiii can mount it fine, and if i do the partition manager sees the used size correctly20:43
daftykinstsapii: resize Windows from inside Windows, alternatively - you may've booted your ubuntu media non-EFI when it needs to have been EFI booted20:43
=== test_ is now known as parmenides
tsapiii am pretty sure i booted it with efi but may also be wrong20:44
tsapiiin any case i shall try resizing from within windows20:44
Finetundrabekks: http://pastebin.com/pZauUe8E20:44
daftykinsboot, run diskmgmt.msc, right click and shrink20:44
sw0rdydaftykins, what you think?20:45
daftykinssw0rdy: didn't look20:45
sw0rdyits ok20:45
Guest9969hello as of recently ctrl-alt-f(1-6) hasn't been working for me.  Anyone have any ideas why this'd happen?20:45
sw0rdyI'll just restart anyway20:45
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bekksFinetundra: As can be clearly seen, you a) dont have a second floppy device, but just one and b) that one device is named fd020:45
Guest80268Hello, i was wondering if anyone could answer me a question20:46
bekksGuest80268: You have to ask your question instead.20:46
Finetundrabekks: changing it to fd0 returns the same20:46
MonkeyDustGuest80268  let's hear it, in oneline20:46
=== edo is now known as edorivai
daftykinsone cannot answer what has not been asked (:20:47
Guest80268would i be able to take an ssd that has ubuntu pre-installed and configured and swap it into a nuc without any trouble?20:47
bekksFinetundra: Which doesnt make fd1 magically existing, suddenly ;)20:47
daftykinsGuest80268: yes depending on graphics drivers that may've been added20:47
sw0rdywell that was a quick reboot :D20:47
Finetundrabekks: irrelevant20:48
sw0rdytime for the moment of truth20:48
bekksFinetundra: Absoluetly not. Using the wrong device is nothing you should be expecting to work out successfully.20:48
sw0rdythe tipping point between xubuntu and windows 7 haha20:48
Guest80268Well my main rig has a gtx970, but I've not added any drivers20:48
bekksFinetundra: So pastebin "ls -lah filename" of that image file, and the full output when writing it to /dev/fd020:48
Finetundrabekks: it is irrelevant if both fd1 and fd0 return the same20:48
bekksFinetundra: It is NOT irrelevant.20:49
ioriaFinetundra,  how big is it this .img ?20:49
lotuspsychjeGuest80268: clean installs are very reccomended20:49
sw0rdyfuck it20:49
bekkssw0rdy: can you please watch your language?20:50
sw0rdydaftykins, I have to remove ubuntu and put windows 7 for this :S20:50
al_nz1whats the easiest way to install stuff from github on Ubuntu?20:50
rom1504al_nz1: using git clone20:50
rom1504next question20:50
sw0rdyahh, sorry bekks forgot that this is a family-friendly channel20:50
al_nz1rom1504: ta20:50
Guest80268lotuspsychje, it kind of defeats the point of me swapping it out in the first place20:51
daftykinssw0rdy: or get another camera you mean... i wouldn't give up so easily though if you've only been at it like 10 minutes.20:51
CruelDualBootI'm looking to dual boot Windows 8.1 and Xubuntu, and I need a little insight into UEFI. Anyone willing and able to assist?20:51
sw0rdydaftykins, thanks for the help the past couple a days bro, you've been tremendous20:51
lotuspsychje!uefi | CruelDualBoot20:51
ubottuCruelDualBoot: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:51
Ceees2Can someone shine me some light on the order of a chain in iptables? I want to block a range of ports, but allow one port inside the the same range. Should I first drop the range of ports, and then allow the one port?20:51
Finetundraioria: 1.44MB20:52
lotuspsychje!iptables | Ceees220:52
ubottuCeees2: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo20:52
sw0rdybut i give up because this is for my dad's friend and I'd rather be focusing on how to make money so i can have a little more than 10 bucks in my pockets20:52
tsapiibleh, it appears that the windows partition suffers from filesystem corruption20:52
bekksFinetundra: Pastebin ls.20:52
sw0rdydon't have time daftykins bro20:52
tsapiineed to chkdsk.exe this20:52
lotuspsychjeCeees2: the #netfilter guys might also assist20:52
sw0rdysee you from home, I'll be there in 5 min :D20:52
daftykinssw0rdy: oh that's you - yeah this is why converting others is often a mistake20:52
ioriaFinetundra,  send me, (if you want)20:52
tsapiithis may be the reason the partition manager was so unable to find the pratition size20:53
tsapiiunable to find the used size, rather20:53
Finetundrabekks: http://pastebin.com/87xqeHb720:53
daftykinstsapii: you need to shutdown out of windows properly yeah, "shutdown -s -t 1" tends to be a good method in 8 and 10, or hold shift when clicking shutdown20:53
Finetundraioria: send you what?20:53
ioriaFinetundra,  the file. i cannot find it ...20:54
Guest9969ctrl-alt-f(*) switches to a black screen for me, ctrl-alt-f7 works normally. I'm not sure how to debug this20:54
daftykinsGuest9969: sounds like you're using proprietary graphics drivers - is it on a TV by any chance?20:54
bekksFinetundra: Bingo. That file is ZERO bytes.20:55
bekksFinetundra: Fix it, try again.20:55
CruelDualBootThanks, lotuspsychje. I was a little concerned because I've already partitioned and installed Xubuntu. It's on my comp, but the boot menu isn't reading. And I know, there are methods to get it to recognize grub, but I've biffed it before on an OS install like this, and I'd really like to avoid as much pain as I can.20:56
senapsi can't lower down my screen brightness in acer 4750.... any help?(tried fn+ > or < that used to control screen brightness in windows)20:56
ioriaFinetundra,  bekks is right ... is '0'20:56
Guest9969daftykins: am I Guest9969?20:56
daftykinssenaps: you may need to add the kernel boot parameter "acpi_backlight=vendor" for this to work.20:57
daftykinsGuest9969: yes, do you not see it when you type?20:57
ioriaFinetundra,  you have nothing in that file20:57
Finetundrabekks: I swear to god it read as 1.44MB20:57
senapsdaftykins: anymore instructions?20:57
Guest9969daftykins: I see me name as me2. I'm still new to irc so this is a bit weird for me20:57
bekksFinetundra: Even without being religious, you can SEE that the file is 0 bytes. So there is no point in discussing it.20:57
NomadJimif I just want an ubuntu for a long time, should I install 14.04.0 or 14.04.1?20:58
ioriaFinetundra,  try to send me20:58
daftykinssenaps: well you would boot up, hold left shift to get the GRUB menu, press 'e' to edit the normal boot entry highlighted and edit it so what i mentioned is after 'quiet splash' on the kernel= line20:58
bekksioria: Send you a 0 byte file?20:59
bekksioria: What do you expect from it? :)20:59
CruelDualBootMainly, I need to know: If I was able to start a Live Session from a flash drive without any trouble on a UEFI machine, does that mean that it's already a UEFI version of Xubuntu, or do I have to go through the steps listed here (http://linux.about.com/od/howtos/ss/How-To-Create-A-UEFI-Bootable-Ubuntu-USB-Drive-Using-Windows.htm)?20:59
ioriabekks, yep20:59
senapsdaftykins: anyway to do that while im logged in? from my own terminal?20:59
ioriabekks, nothing20:59
bekksioria: So we can omit that nonsense and continue. Thanks.20:59
daftykinssenaps: it's better to test it this way to see if it works instead of apply it permanently.20:59
Finetundrabekks: I just recopied the file and it now writes21:00
Bashing-omNomadJim: 14.04.0/1/2/3 will upgrade t0 14.04.4 when the next point release is released . presently we are at 14.04.3 .21:00
Guest9969daftykins: anyways I'm using fglrx-updates as my amd graphics driver.  It's on my pc. It used to work correctly as of a few weeks ago21:00
bekksFinetundra: Check the size.21:00
CruelDualBootTo put it another way, since I used unetbootin to make the flash drive, does unetbootin automatically make the ISO image "play nice" with UEFI?21:00
daftykinsGuest9969: yeah so that driver is what's ruining TTY usage.21:00
NomadJimBashing-om:  is upgrading to .4 going to require a reboot?21:01
ioriaFinetundra,  this is good21:01
daftykinsGuest9969: you could confirm it's being used properly via "sudo lshw -C video" and also "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" then share the resulting link here21:01
sw0rdfishhere i am D21:01
daftykinssw0rdfish: we don't need announcements21:01
sw0rdfishdaftykins sir yes sir!21:01
Finetundraioria: did you dl the file?21:01
sw0rdfishdaftykins I see you're not in #ubuntu-offtopic21:01
Bashing-omNomadJim: Yeah, when it is released and you have updated . ( it is in the plans that a install of a new kernel will not require rebooting ) .21:01
liamHi all...long time user f Ubuntu, just after getting a Chromebook and installing Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Everything working quite well except...a sound issue. Basically, the earphones/Speakers have to be manually chosen each time, and the sound is muffled for a while at frst until played at full volum, then it comes right. Any directions gladly accepted21:01
sw0rdfishdaftykins can I pm you21:02
daftykinssw0rdfish: what about21:02
NomadJimBashing-om:  thanks21:02
ioriaFinetundra,  yep... porting to the old pc21:02
Finetundrabekks: http://pastebin.com/2dduKL0V21:02
sw0rdfishdaftykins a friendly conversation21:02
daftykinsif it's support related, no.21:02
Finetundrabekks: does that provide enough information?21:02
bekksFinetundra: That seems to work.21:02
Guest9969daftykins: thanks for letting me know about automatically creating pastebin like that it's pretty cool.  Here's the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/14375259/21:03
=== sarxo is now known as marve
TynachHi, installing a program using Synaptic, apt-get, aptitude, and pretty much any other source works fine... But the new application isn't showing up in Unity's Dash until I log out and back in. How can I fix this? Usually if I install a program from Software Center, it will show up - but not always.21:04
Guest9969liam: I remember I had to mess around with pulseaudio after installing ubuntu on my chromebook21:04
TynachThis is a fresh install of Ubuntu.21:04
bob2017Hey — is it possible to install ubuntu without using the installer?  Just by decompressing an archive over a partition?21:04
Lurchy<Guest9969>...change your nick with /nick (name)21:04
daftykinsGuest9969: yep so fglrx is definitely in use, that could well be why you can't reach any TTYs - assuming you're not connected to a TV as i mentioned which could be printing the text off-screen21:05
daftykinsbob2017: don't think so.21:05
=== Guest9969 is now known as me2
NomadJimdoes the 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop image work for 64 bit intel cpus?21:05
me2Lurchy: thanks!21:05
Lurchyjust so you have a unique name21:05
daftykinsNomadJim: yes21:05
TynachNomadJim, yes.21:05
bob2017let me try differently — can someone help me install ubuntu without using the installer, by expanding an archive over the target partition?21:06
TynachNomadJim, AMD64 is just called that because AMD created the x86-64 instruction set extension first.21:06
TynachIntel then started using it.21:06
NomadJimah ok21:06
ioriaFinetundra,  seems to issue in dd it21:07
TynachDoes anyone know how to refresh the list of installed applications in Unity's dash, without logging out and back in?21:08
ioriaFinetundra,  seems no issue in dd it21:08
Bashing-ombob2017: Maybe of interest : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot <-Ubuntu ISOs are designed to allow booting directly from the hard drive using GRUB 2 and eliminates the need for burning a CD/DVD.21:08
me2daftykins: okay I'll try switching the graphics driver and see if that helps.  Can you let me know how you found out that fglrx is being used from my pastebin?21:08
daftykinsme2: read it21:09
SchrodingersScatbob2017: you may want something like, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DriveImaging21:09
Finetundraioria: yes, there is no issue with dd. It was an issue that occured during the copying to the img file21:10
bob2017schrodingersscat - that looks like what i’m looking for but the key is finding an image :p21:11
bob2017bashing-om - I don’t have GRUB installed, i’m afriad21:11
ioriaFinetundra,  let me try again21:11
=== Dragonslicer is now known as Dragnslcr
CruelDualBootI'm booting a live session from USB onto a UEFI comp with Windows 8.1 installed, but the boot menu isn't coming up after I install. Some tutorials have said I need to make a "UEFI bootable USB" to install it right, but if I'm already booting from the USB, doesn't that mean it's UEFI-compatible already?21:12
ioriaFinetundra,  dd : writing to '/devfd0': input/output  error ?21:13
[Mew2]anyone using fail2ban?21:13
senapsdaftykins: tried but didn't work :( (the screen brightness thing)....21:13
ed__Disk priority in BIOS?21:13
Finetundraioria: are you asking me?21:13
ioriaFinetundra,  yep... what error you got ?21:13
senapsdaftykins: any other solution?21:13
TynachCruelDualBoot, have you made sure that your UEFI settings (like, the BIOS setup thing in your system) is set to try to boot Ubuntu's bootloader first?21:14
ed__Many failures to boot are resultant from not setting th ebootable disk as the priority in the BIOS.21:14
liamProblems with sound on Ubuntu Chromebook...earphones would start automatically, sound poor at first. Anyone help?21:14
daftykinssenaps: are you booted in having tried to add that parameter right now? confirm it was taken by showing me "cat /proc/cmdline"21:14
Finetundraioria: the only error I encountered was that it wasn't writing to the floppy. This has been resolved21:14
[Mew2]hey guys can anyone help me with fail2ban?21:14
ioriaFinetundra,  ok.... so solved . good21:15
vince_CruelDualBoot, http://www.rodsbooks.com/linux-uefi/ this has quite a bit of useful information about installing Linux with on a computer with UEFI21:15
daftykins[Mew2]: not without an actual question21:15
senapsdaftykins : BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-3.19.0-26-generic root=UUID=07b219ef-8714-4449-91d7-33c1930958c2 ro quiet splash acpi_backlight=vendor vt.handoff=721:15
SchrodingersScatbob2017: you would need to make it21:16
[Mew2]well im configuring it and i dont know what sopme of these things are like dropbear, ssh-ddos21:16
CruelDualBootI've opened setup at the start, and turned off "fast boot" as well as changing a few other settings, trial-and-error style. All I've accomplished is adding a system beep when the comp powers on that is apparently permanent now... :/21:16
[Mew2]i want to enable all of them21:16
daftykinssenaps: ok, you'll probably have to look up the right parameter for your model system21:16
daftykins[Mew2]: doesn't sound wise.21:16
daftykinsread the man page for it :)21:16
senapsdaftykins : how to find it?21:16
Finetundraioria: of course it helps to let dd finish writing the disk21:16
daftykinssenaps: your favourite search engine...21:17
[Mew2]ok daftykins thx21:17
ioriaFinetundra,  sure :þ21:17
CruelDualBootMy main concern is my next step... do I follow the steps to make the UEFI-Bootable USB drive, or do I try messing with the bootloader so it will recognize GRUB?21:17
liamSound problem anyone? http://paste.ubuntu.com/14375483/21:17
senapsdaftykins, : :) okay thanks...21:17
nicomachusliam: what log is this?21:18
daftykinsnicomachus: the wrong one21:18
nicomachuslooks like xOrg... definitely not related to sound21:18
BenLubarIf I do sudo do-release-upgrade -d, can I go from that to the released LTS in April or am I stuck on development versions?21:19
nicomachusliam: what's your exact sound problem?21:19
senapsdaftykins : i can't lower my brightness from power options too, that make any difference?21:19
bekksBenLubar: Depends on which version you are on, currently.21:19
BenLubarbekks: I'm on 14.04 LTS21:19
daftykinsBenLubar: that takes you to 16.04 because it *is* the current dev version, but it's generally not advisable to use.21:19
Bashing-omBenLubar: The 'd' argument is for (D)evelopment version .21:19
bekksBenLubar: Then you can use do-release-upgrade in April an update to 16.04 directly.21:20
BenLubaryeah, I need some packages that aren't available on trusty-backports21:20
nicomachus!pm | liam21:20
ubottuliam: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.21:20
liamUbottu, i did ask in the channell21:21
ubottuliam: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:21
liamI will ask again21:21
liamlol.....fair enough21:21
liamnico...my apologies, its a long time since i was on this21:22
liamMy sound is muffled and patchy at first until i turn volum up, then it becomes clear. Also, the earphones are not automatically selected21:23
liam<liam> I have to manually choose between earphones and speakers, and to get them to work properly I need to run at full volume to kick in21:23
nicomachusliam: what's your ubuntu version?21:23
liam14.04LTS the complication is i am running on a Chromebook21:23
nicomachusliam: ok, so it does work it just sounds bad at low volume?21:25
liamYes, that's right...it sounds bad, until you push it to full volume, then it sounds fina and can be varied without problem. Also, it will not auto connect to earphones, it has to be manually chosen21:26
EFrost7thany responses?21:28
k1lEFrost7th: what is the ubuntu issue?21:29
[Mew2]how do i know if fail2ban is running?21:29
Elixiovery strange question, i post this question because this is a large channel, but i am looking for someone who speaks chinees21:29
nicomachusliam: I'm looking at this thread: https://github.com/dnschneid/crouton/issues/79121:30
Ben64Elixio: if its not about ubuntu support, it doesn't belong in this channel21:30
nicomachusliam: it seems they were able to fix by switching from a beta channel (of crouton, I suppose?) to a stable channel. any chance that could apply for you?21:30
k1l[Mew2]: there is a process running21:30
Elixioyou are right Ben6421:30
MonkeyDust!cn | Elixio21:30
ubottuElixio: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw21:30
EFrost7thhow do i bounce my connections on the whole world and then connect to the target computer?21:30
Elixioand its not about ubuntu,21:30
liamThanks, but I am not running off crouton...I did a direct install of Ubuntu..wiped ChromeOS,21:30
kelicant find the minimize and all other buttons after iinstalling compiz21:31
[Mew2]ubuntu@ip-xxx:~$ fail2ban-client start21:31
[Mew2]ERROR  Directory /var/run/fail2ban exists but not accessible for writing21:31
Ben64MonkeyDust: so send him to the chinese ubuntu channel to be offtopic there?21:31
[Mew2]this means its not running?21:31
liamthanks nico21:31
keliany help21:31
nicomachusliam: ok. still looking. it's an odd error.21:31
MonkeyDustBen64  i wasnt aware it wasnt about ubuntu21:31
EFrost7thany hacker here?21:31
nicomachus!coc > EFrost7th21:31
ubottuEFrost7th, please see my private message21:31
k1lEFrost7th: this is not a malicious hacker channel. so please stop with that topics in here.21:32
Bashing-om!ask | keli We wont know 'til you say21:32
ubottukeli We wont know 'til you say: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:32
BPTtonehello, all. I have a question about apt-get21:32
k1l[Mew2]: you run it as a service (since its a daemon): sudo service fail2ban start21:32
[Mew2]ubuntu@ip-:~$ fail2ban-client start21:33
[Mew2]ERROR  Directory /var/run/fail2ban exists but not accessible for writing21:33
[Mew2]ubuntu@ip-:~$ fail2ban-client status21:33
[Mew2]ERROR  Unable to contact server. Is it running?21:33
Ben64[Mew2]: why do you need fail2ban21:33
EFrost7thwrong channel then21:33
k1l[Mew2]: how did you install fail2ban? did you use the ubuntu package from the repo?21:33
nicomachusliam: what's the hardware model? perhaps there's someone with the same notebook having a similar issue21:33
EFrost7thim looking for the typical channel, any help?21:33
k1l[Mew2]: so start the daemon, not the client21:33
keliminimize button is missing after installing compiz21:34
nicomachus!alis > EFrost7th21:34
ubottuEFrost7th, please see my private message21:34
k1lEFrost7th: not on freenode.21:34
k1l[Mew2]: scroll back up, i already told you21:34
* [Mew2] looks21:34
nicomachusliam: your xOrg log isn't gonna tell me anything here...21:34
james99Can someone help me? How do I run a df-h command to check for disksapce and run it in cron at 13:00 pm everyday and email it to me?21:34
liamwhat should I pasrebin?21:35
nicomachusliam: lshw would help.21:35
[Mew2] * Starting authentication failure monitor fail2ban                                                                                                                       [ OK ]21:35
[Mew2]1. how can i verify its running, and 2. will this auto start on reboot?21:35
k1l[Mew2]: see the process list.21:36
climjarkhello all :)21:36
liamwhat directory is lshw again?21:36
k1land yes, it should autostart now.21:36
k1lliam: no directory. its a command21:36
[Mew2]ubuntu@ip-:~$ ps21:36
[Mew2]  PID TTY          TIME CMD21:36
[Mew2] 4314 pts/0    00:00:00 bash21:36
[Mew2] 5264 pts/0    00:00:00 ps21:36
nicomachusliam: it's a command. :) "sudo lshw | pastebinit"21:37
k1l[Mew2]: ps ax | grep fail2ban21:37
BPTtonecan anyone tell me what apt-get -f install does?  Tried Google without luck21:37
[Mew2] 5181 ?        Sl     0:02 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/fail2ban-server -b -s /var/run/fail2ban/fail2ban.sock -p /var/run/fail2ban/fail2ban.pid21:37
[Mew2] 5269 pts/0    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto fail2ban21:37
k1l[Mew2]: what you think? does this look like a process is running?21:38
[Mew2]it looks like its running twice21:38
[Mew2]2 pid's?21:38
k1lno, the second on is the grep process itself. look at the output. its quite self explaining21:39
MarcLkubuntu has the same update of ubuntu or is less mainteined? I like KDE so what is the ubuntu community advice.. to install ubuntu and kde or kubuntu?21:39
[Mew2]ok thanks k1l !21:39
Ben64MarcL: kubuntu is just ubuntu with kde, so do whatever you want21:39
nicomachusliam: ok, is this a Toshiba or HP?21:39
[Mew2]reboot brb21:39
k1lMarcL: the kubuntu community maintaines the kde packages. the rest of the packages are the same like on ubuntu. choose what you like most.21:40
liamNeither...Dell Chromebook 11 (Candy) Intel Baytrail21:40
BPTtonecan anyone tell me what apt-get -f install does?  Tried Google without luck21:40
xethquestion, would anyone here know how to move ubuntu from a vmware VM running in windows to its own hdd as a full system?21:41
nicomachusBPTtone: https://askubuntu.com/questions/58378/what-exactly-does-sudo-apt-get-f-install-do21:41
nicomachusfirst google result.21:41
k1lBPTtone: forces an install on all packages that are in cue21:41
BPTtonethank you....my browser kept crashing and that was recommended21:42
BPTtoneI will try...thanks again21:42
MonkeyDustxeth  very basic: backup your /home ... use it for the new installation21:42
qu4nt1n!s star wars the force awakens21:43
ubottuqu4nt1n: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:43
k1l!warez | qu4nt1n21:43
ubottuqu4nt1n: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o21:43
nicomachusliam: ok, I found someone with similar issues on that model, and they were able to play with the settings in "alsamixer" (equalizer program) to get the sound better.21:43
liamThanks dude, I will try Alsa mixer a little more21:44
MarcLBen64, k1l  I just was not sure because i did not see anymore any link from the ubuntu website to the derivates so I thought that they don't advice anymore them to the users but just ubuntu and then to add later the favourite environment..21:44
k1lMarcL: "....and other flavours" that links to the cdimage site with all official versions21:45
[Mew2]fail2ban doesnt work, i ssh in 5 times with incorrect password and still able to continue guessing21:47
MarcLk1l, Ben64    thanks21:48
k1l[Mew2]: then look at the config21:48
[Mew2]what should i be looking for21:49
xethMonkeyDust: Thanks, ill give that a shot and see how it works21:50
[Mew2]what is dropbear?21:53
nicomachus[Mew2]: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=dropbear21:54
[Mew2]thanks nicomachus21:54
[Mew2]that doesnt tell me21:57
[Mew2]im looking for these config options definitions21:57
=== mynis1 is now known as mynis
[Mew2]dropbear ssh sshddos xinet etc21:58
nicomachus[Mew2]: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/trusty/man1/fail2ban.1.html21:59
sorin-mihaii'm trying to disable all messages from dmesg showing up on boot. I tried with /etc/sysctl.d/20-quiet-printk.conf set to 0 0 0 0 and loglevel=0 rd.udev.log-priority=0 quiet on the kernel command line. nothing actually works, I get some errors from drm/i915 and some udev related to a usb disk. any idea?22:03
climjarkcan someone send me a link to a pdf of something along the lines of linux documentation and such?22:04
[Mew2]i dont see the fail2ban config option definitions in there anywhere nicomachus22:04
k1l!docs | climjark22:04
ubottuclimjark: documentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com22:04
SpaceAceHow can i check the temperature of my server via command line?22:05
nicomachus[Mew2]: under "Description". 3rd paragraph.22:05
k1lSpaceAce: lm_sensors is the thing to use22:05
nicomachusSpaceAce: lm-sensors22:05
daftykinsSpaceAce: install lm-sensors and run 'sensors' - but it needs to be a real bare-metal OS22:05
SpaceAcethanks guys22:05
climjarkahh thanks.ill check that out! im a computer science enthusiast and want to learn as much as i can haha22:05
[Mew2]did U read it?22:06
[Mew2]cuz it aint got what im asking22:06
nicomachusno [Mew2] I didn't, that's your job... I don't need to learn about fail2ban22:06
[Mew2]it doesnt have what im asking22:07
k1l[Mew2]: there is still the official fail2ban docs: http://www.fail2ban.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page22:07
[Mew2]i looked there also, nothing22:07
nicomachusI'm sure there's something. look again.22:07
MiningMarshSpaceAce: If you want to script something using temperature, `find /sys | grep temp`, most newer systems I see use coretemp at /sys/devices/platform/coretemp.0/hwmon/hwmon1/temp%i_input22:07
[Mew2]why dont you verify yyour statements before making them22:08
MiningMarshSpaceAce: Can be a bit faster than trying to parse the output of `sensors`22:08
SpaceAcethanks MiningMarsh. running sensors has given me enough info, though :)22:08
nicomachus[Mew2]: because this is a troubleshooting and support forum, not a teaching one.22:08
SpaceAceI just wanted to see if my NAS was overheating after i cleaned the CPU fan22:08
[Mew2]nicomachus u giving me info that i already read22:09
[Mew2]and its not helpful22:09
k1l[Mew2]: why do you want us to do your job and reading about it? we are providing help to help yourself.22:09
nicomachuswell sorry, I'll just stop then.22:09
[Mew2]nicomachus i appriciate you trying tho22:09
[Mew2]anyone else use fail2ban?22:13
bekksA lot of people do.22:13
den-3local-denhi. i am try to figure out bash and write some simply script`s. one of them install in vagrant zsh. all installed done but have question about post install.  by step chsh -s /bin/zsh; shell ask me a password. how can use chsh -s /bin/zsh without input password?22:13
stacks88if i want /home/file.sh to be launched upon system startup, do i add it to /etc/rc.local ? if so, ive got a freshly installed 14.04 system, do i add /home/file.sh BEFORE the exit 0 or after ?22:13
daftykinsden-3local-den: ask in #bash22:14
daftykinsden-3local-den: ah nm i should've finished reading before pointing ;)22:14
Ben64stacks88: depends what that script is and what it does22:14
k1l[Mew2]: did you actually read the config files? they got extended explanaition itself. even the ubuntu wiki help page had lots of info. so what is your specific issue now?22:14
stacks88launches a few processes22:14
den-3local-dendaftykins, ))22:14
Ben64stacks88: cool, very descriptive22:14
jaqentHi, I'm trying to run mosix/vcl and I'm getting this error -> /etc/init.d/vcl: 107: /etc/init.d/vcl: checkproc: not found <-- could someone point me in the right direction?22:15
[Mew2]i cant find a single explanation of jail.conf options22:15
k1lstacks88: rc.local will run on every boot and will run as sudo. so witht hat less info, no dont run "some stuff" as root on every boot.22:15
k1l[Mew2]: what options?22:15
k1l[Mew2]: its self explaining.22:16
stacks88k1l but should things be placed before the exit 0 ? i am assuming so22:16
Ben64stacks88: you're likely doing it very wrong22:16
k1l[Mew2]: where is your specific issue? did you read the header of the file? what dont you understand?22:17
senapsi have done the instructions in here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Debugging/Backlight/22:17
jaqentI'm running on Ubuntu 14.04 btw22:17
stacks88in /home/test.sh ive got ( while true ; do uptime >> /home/sites/$(hostname)/public_html/uptime.txt ; sleep 25 ; done ) & .. so my goal is to run this upon the system boot. so ive already got /home/test.sh in /etc/rc.local before the 'exit 0' line.. and it works fine.. but was wondering if i was doing it wrong.. though there is no issue, its working fine22:18
senapsPlease comment on if the brightness changes.     so the brighness changes but how and where should i make a comment?22:18
stacks88Ben64: so there you have it, im likely doing it wrong, whats the right way? if thatst what is inside the .sh file22:18
Ben64stacks88: what are you trying to run22:19
stacks88i just told you.. /home/test.sh i want to be ran upon system startup.. and inside test.sh is 1 line: ( while true ; do uptime >> /home/sites/$(hostname)/public_html/uptime.txt ; sleep 25 ; done ) &22:19
daftykinssenaps: write up some info on http://paste.ubuntu.com to tell us what's working maybe22:19
stacks88ive already got /home/test.sh in /etc/rc.local before the 'exit 0' line.. and it works fine.. but you say im doing it wrong, so what is the right approach ? to launch /home/test.sh upon system startup22:19
okay19I have some questions about fixing bugs. Is this the right place to ask them?22:20
Ben64stacks88: ooh yeah don't put that there, put it in cron22:20
daftykinsokay19: as in... what?22:20
stacks88what is the downside to putting it in rc.local ?22:20
stacks88or why not rather*, just trying to understand the mistake22:20
Ben64stacks88: you're running some weird crap as root every 25 seconds22:20
okay19daftykins: Once the change has been made on a local branch, should I attach a patch to the bug tracker or submit a merge proposal to the original branch?22:21
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.22:22
daftykinshmm no talk of a channel specifically22:22
k1lokay19: honestly i would ask the maintainer of that package how its best practice22:23
senapsdaftykins : http://paste.ubuntu.com/14376636/22:24
okay19I read the bug fixing page from the packaging guide, but it gives instructions for both.22:25
[Mew2]this is my issue22:25
[Mew2]an explanation fo what these do22:25
[Mew2]no where to be found22:25
daftykins[Mew2]: no that's just spam from where i'm sitting.22:25
Ben64ssh is for ssh, dropbear is for dropbear.....22:25
Ben64[Mew2]: what are you actually trying to accomplish22:26
[Mew2]Ben64 please scroll up and read22:26
Ben64no, what are you actually trying to accomplish22:26
Ben64different from what you're trying to do right now22:26
[Mew2]read or dont respond22:26
Ben64what is your end goal22:26
[Mew2]doesnt matter22:26
Ben64it does22:26
[Mew2]this is what im askin22:26
bekks[Mew2]: thats the fast.forward way to not get help. ;)22:26
daftykins[Mew2]: You are the one asking for help, it is YOUR job to work to get answers. Note that you're going to get ignored by all the volunteers for presenting an utterly terrible attitude very shortly.22:27
k1l[Mew2]: its the names of the services22:27
bekks[Mew2]: those are random words, enclosed in brackets. Whats your question?22:27
[Mew2]how hard is it to understand22:27
Ben64you keep asking questions here, since yesterday i've seen you repeating very easily googable questions, and getting all uppity when people try to have you explain22:27
[Mew2]im tryign to get an explanation fo these item in the config file22:27
daftykins[Mew2]: i ask myself the same of how you can't work out how to use the program from its' documentation.22:27
Ben64so explain yourself22:27
k1l[Mew2]: its like asking us "what is ford, bmw, mercedes?"  its kind of obvious22:27
[Mew2]right so i enabled them22:28
Ben64[Mew2]: what are you trying to accomplish with all of your questions here over the past day or so22:28
[Mew2]and they dont work22:28
amanojakuHello, I am running Ubuntu 14.04, LTS. I cannot seem to be able to run ANY third party apps including Lightworks, Aftershot Pro, and Shotcut. I get segfault errors, core dumps, and other similar issues.22:28
k1l[Mew2]: to be 100% precise. its the name of the filters.22:28
=== [Saint_] is now known as [Saint]
[Mew2]so glad i came here22:29
daftykinsamanojaku: where are those installed from? ubuntu repos, or otherwise?22:29
amanojakuLots of 'Ubuntu internal errors' as well.22:29
Ben64[Mew2]: it seems to me that you're looking at some guide that says "you should use fail2ban" and so you're trying to do that without having a clue what it does or why you need it22:29
daftykins[Mew2]: drop the attitude immediately.22:29
k1l[Mew2]: the exact service that will be listened to is named some few lines below22:29
daftykinsamanojaku: hmm is it possible your system has a hardware issue?22:29
amanojakudaftykins, These are third party applications that claim theor programs rung on Linux, including Ubuntu22:30
daftykinsamanojaku: right but how are they *installed* ? :)22:30
amanojakudaftykins, I have an AMD CPU, quadcore with 16 gigs of ram and a radeon graphics card22:30
bob3247can someone on ubuntu check something for me?22:30
senapsdaftykins : http://paste.ubuntu.com/14376636/  this is the file you wanted?22:30
nicomachus!ask | bob324722:31
ubottubob3247: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:31
amanojakudaftykins, There is a .deb package that is installed through the ubuntu software centre or a ppa22:31
amanojakudaftykins, Where I do a sudo-apt-get update22:31
bob3247the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d what should be the file owner/group and chmod?22:31
amanojakudaftykins, But it is possible there could be hardware issues22:31
=== mint is now known as Guest78362
Ben64bob3247: root, don't mess with them22:32
amanojakudaftykins, Do you suggest a re-install, perhaps?22:32
nicomachusamanojaku: those are all video editors, right? what's the GPU chipset?22:32
amanojakunicomachus, 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Oland PRO [Radeon R7 240]22:32
amanojaku01:00.1 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde/Pitcairn HDMI Audio [Radeon HD 7700/7800 Series]22:32
amanojakunicomachus, A graphics card and an APU22:33
bob3247Ben64, sorry that dont answer my question22:33
daftykinsamanojaku: could be that those programs don't enjoy a lack of propietary graphics driver if one hasn't been added yet22:33
bob3247the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d what should be the file owner/group and chmod?22:33
Ben64bob3247: did  you do something to them already?22:33
bob3247can someone check their system?22:34
Ben64bob3247: why won't you answer this simple question22:34
daftykinsamanojaku: but the other errors don't sound too good, i'd memtest the install or have a look at whether "dmesg | tail" is showing anything bad (don't paste here, use http://paste.ubuntu.com )22:34
k1lbob3247: root. and 64422:34
daftykinssenaps: yep one moment reading22:34
amanojakudaftykins, I did install the ATI radeon graphics driver, updated version. (There are two choices, radeon and radeon update, the former just blanks out on my monitors)22:34
daftykinsAMD, not ATI.22:34
bob3247thanks kll22:34
amanojakudaftykins, AMD/ATI are the same company, no?22:35
daftykinsthey haven't been called ATI for a large number of years ;)22:35
rwwAMD bought ATI a few years ago.22:35
k1lbob3247: fiddeling there needs root/sudo permissions. you should be more aware using that superpower in future.22:35
HoloPedhey all, I enabled remote desktop on my ubutnu 14.04 and I can't connect. "No supported authentication methods"22:35
HoloPedwhat do I do now ?22:35
daftykinssenaps: as i suggested earlier, try adding: video.use_native_backlight=122:35
Ben64HoloPed: get a better vnc client22:35
bob3247who says i fiddled with them kll22:36
HoloPedBen64, tried with TightVNC and with UltraVNC22:36
HoloPedsame results22:36
amanojakudaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14376800/22:36
k1lbob3247: else you would not have to worry about them22:37
daftykinsamanojaku: sounds like VLC has also had issues running?22:37
Ben64HoloPed: different does not equal better, the default vnc server in ubuntu uses encryption that some clients don't support22:37
amanojakudaftykins, On occassion, yes. I just reboot when that happens22:37
HoloPedBen64, can you recommend a client that does support it ?22:37
Ben64HoloPed: for windows, right22:37
daftykinsamanojaku: definitely not good. which kernel? "uname -r" (it's one line so you can paste here)22:37
nicomachusamanojaku: it sounds like you're getting a lot of the errors I got when I was running on bad RAM.22:38
bob3247kll, i just needed to do a sanity check to make sure they were correct, which they were, thx for checking for me22:38
k1lbob3247: ok22:38
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=== lzy is now known as lyzya
amanojakudaftykins, Perhaps a later version of Ubuntu is called for instead of LTS?22:39
nicomachusamanojaku: 3.19.0-42 isn't LTS. what's the output of "lsb_release -a"?22:39
daftykinsamanojaku: that or a newer graphics driver, something is definitely sick - i'm assuming a memtest is fine also22:39
nicomachusah .3 IS the 3.19. oops.22:39
Ben64HoloPed: http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/ssvnc.html22:40
amanojakudaftykins, Yes, the memtest is fine22:40
senapsdaftykins : i add this like after that splash thing right?22:41
daftykinssenaps: yep22:41
KNNNIWhen I make a startup disk22:41
KNNNIdoes it delete everything on the USB stick?22:41
amanojakudaftykins, You know, it could also just be a matter of filing aseries of bug reports with third party providers and Ubuntu forums22:41
daftykinsamanojaku: "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dpkg -l | grep fglr | pastebinit"22:41
KNNNIOr can I leave my files there and still make it work as a bootable USB?22:41
HoloPedBen64, that worked. thanks.22:42
gaby_Hi everyone :) I'm currently facing some problem with the installation of a PPA, and I wanted to know if someone could help me with it (I don't think it's a big deal, I'm just told that the package couldn't be found)22:42
daftykinsamanojaku: i'm focussing on what can be done in the here and now rather than the long-game really ;)22:42
nicomachusgaby_: did you run "sudo apt-get update" after isntalling the ppa?22:42
Ben64HoloPed: :D22:42
amanojakudaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14376900/22:42
Dylan____Is LIbreoffice 4 the latest version for ubuntu 14.04 or can it be updated to 5 through a ppa?22:42
gaby_nicomachus: yes I did :)22:42
KNNNIWhy do so few Ubuntu users use GNOME?22:42
amanojakunicomachus, Indeed, I did. I am pretty vigilant about updates22:43
tsapiiit appears that chkdsk gets stuck at 10% when fuxing the disk22:43
nicomachusgaby_: what's the ppa, and what version of ubuntu are you on?22:43
daftykinsamanojaku: and "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" ?22:43
tsapiithe drive may be more faulty than i anticipated..22:43
Ben64Dylan____: there might be a ppa, but ppas aren't supported here, you're on your own with that22:43
k1lKNNNI: its some sort of taste. and the typical gnome distribution is fedora.22:43
Dylan____Hmm ok thanks ben22:43
amanojakudaftykins, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14376922/22:44
tsapiithe laptop wad once spilt drink on and recently came back to life22:44
tsapiiso this doesn't really surprise me22:44
gaby_@nicomachus: the ppa is the following: ppa:iacobs/au6601 ; I'm currently on the 15.0422:44
daftykinstsapii: this the win8 factory install still? can you run crystaldiskinfo on it (Windows) or run some commands from an ubuntu live session?22:44
nicomachusgaby_: it doesn't appear that ppa has a version for 15.1022:45
tsapiithe laptop saw use for 3 weeks before the incident22:45
tsapiii believe that windows was installed on it once only22:46
daftykinsamanojaku: yep looks like many graphical issues are being caused by a bad driver22:46
tsapiii can mount the drive from a live sessio22:46
gaby_@nicomachus: so ut explains that I can't install it? It's a patch made to fix a bug with a card reader (card not detected)22:46
amanojakudaftykins, Maybe I need to try the beta graphics drivers...22:46
amanojakudaftykins, Thank you very much for isolating the issue22:47
nicomachusgaby_: no, you can't install that. sorry.22:47
daftykinsamanojaku: np, good luck22:47
gaby_@nicomachus: aargh, ok thank you very much, I'll keep looking for other solutions then22:47
tsapiidaftykins: what is this crystadiskinfo?22:48
nicomachusgaby_: you can add your name to this bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/127067622:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1270676 in linux (Ubuntu) "SD Card Reader broken on UX302LG" [Medium,Triaged]22:49
daftykinstsapii: a Windows SMART disk info utility22:49
senapsdaftykins : wow, man it did work.... thank you...  just edit the grub file and make changes in it to make it perminant right?22:50
Bashing-omamanojaku: Dual AMD cards ??/ what does ' lspci -vnn | grep -i VGA ' reveal ?22:51
daftykinssenaps: "sudo nano /etc/default/grub" ; place it at the right variable and then "sudo update-grub" yep22:51
gaby_nicomachus: thanks, I was on this page. I'm going to add my name, but I'm quite hopeless ahah, this issue hasn't been solved for quite a while now ^^22:51
nicomachusgaby_: cross your fingers for a fix in 16.04 then. :)22:51
amanojakuBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14377039/22:52
amanojakuBashing-om, They are compatible, it is called 'crossfire'22:52
gaby_nicomachus: I'll do that, thank you anyway :)22:53
amanojakuBashing-om, Merging an APU with the graphics card22:53
Bashing-omamanojaku: K; look'n .22:53
tsapiii'll give it a spin when i have a chance to, and will report back22:53
daftykinstsapii: a couple of commands from the ubuntu live session would be easier to get an idea if the disk is damaged22:55
KNNNIIs Fedora preferred for GNOME than Ubuntu GNOME?22:56
tsapiiwhat kind of commands?22:56
daftykinsKNNNI: ash in #gnome22:56
daftykinstsapii: depends, do you have a live session booted on that system right now?22:57
tsapiiKNNNI: ehy are you asking in here about it?22:57
tsapiidaftykins: not at the moment. it is shut down22:57
KNNNItsapii: Because I'm thinking of switching to Ubuntu GNOME22:57
daftykinsuser is struggling with channels for appropriate support ;)22:57
KNNNItsapii: But now I found out that Fedora is the Gnome distro most love best.22:57
daftykinsthat would make #ubuntu an unwise channel to discuss it, then22:58
Bashing-omamanojaku: After the driver was installed, did you ' aticonfig --adapter=all --initial -f ' ?22:58
tsapiiwell i'd suppose that people in here would have some bias as to what they would find their most suitable os to be22:58
amanojakuBashing-om, I used 'settings' and 'additional drivers'22:59
daftykinstsapii: yeah hence trying to direct to the right channels to ask22:59
tsapiianyway i can boot to both windows and the live session when i get to the laptop again23:00
lyzyai use lubuntu 15.10 ... i installed "browser-plugin-freshplayer-pepperflash" and "pepperflashplugin-nonfree" ... is pepperflash stuck to a version23:00
daftykinstsapii: when'll that be?23:00
tsapiii remain curious as to what the commands are23:01
daftykins!info pepperflashplugin-nonfree23:01
ubottupepperflashplugin-nonfree (source: pepperflashplugin-nonfree): Pepper Flash Player - browser plugin. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 1.7ubuntu1 (wily), package size 10 kB, installed size 69 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)23:01
Bashing-omamanojaku: Let's verify that the FGLRX drivr is loaded . what returns ' sudo lshw -C display ' ? Then we run the aticonfig command IF the driver is loaded .23:01
tsapiii'll be at my laptop shortly, say in 15 minutes23:01
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest95818
amanojakuBashing-om, http://paste.ubuntu.com/14377182/23:02
daftykinstsapii: well curiosity is nice but there's not much point until you're in front of it :)23:02
tsapiii suppose so23:02
Malgorathdo you guys think a dual core amd at 1.8Ghz 3G Ram and a 60G SSD is good enough to run ubuntu 15.10?23:04
daftykinspretty pitiful specs, depends what the use-case is.23:04
Malgorathbasically gonna be a dev box for web apps23:05
daftykinsso server only install, that you'll deal with remotely from elsewhere...?23:05
=== AEL-H1 is now known as AEL-H
rwwwill be fine23:05
daftykinsas long as it's on lovely wired LAN ;)23:06
Malgorathcan't run a server from wifi?23:07
k1lKNNNI: gnome and fedora are made by redhat.  but nevertheless, the gnome team does a great job on the ubuntu gnome flavour.23:07
=== cesar_ is now known as Guest31374
daftykinsMalgorath: it's idiotic23:07
Bashing-omamanojaku: That syas no driver is loaded .. How have you tried to install the proprietary driver ? does ' /usr/share/ati/fglrx-uninstall.sh ' apply ?23:07
Guest31374Que onda!23:07
KNNNIkll: The actual GNOME team is behind GNOME for Ubuntu?23:08
lyzyanewest pepperflash is and mine is and won't update to a newest by command ... does anyone know why23:08
amanojakuBashing-om, I used the GUI graphical drivers installer23:08
KNNNIkll: In your opinion does Ubuntu GNOME run slower than Ubuntu MATE?23:08
Malgorathdaftykins, do you have some logic or data to back that up? or is that just a personal opinoin?23:09
ssfdre38i am trying to set up a vhost on apache but im getting an error 403 and i did set it up right to read the vhost to send to the right docroot23:09
daftykinsssfdre38: you moved the default config and edited it to reflect the new vhost yes? or were there already multiple on this server?23:11
k1lKNNNI: dont know about actual comparisons in speed of gnome-shell and mate.23:11
daftykinsssfdre38: the facts speak for themselves - since it doesn't work, you can't have done it right ;)23:11
amanojakuBashing-om, But you make an interesting observation.23:12
KNNNI"Even to this day people keep complaining about GNOME 3, how the interface doesn’t make sense, how the developers don’t listen, and how the design is brain-dead."23:12
KNNNIAppears GNOME 3 should be relegated to a niche segment. Most dislike it.23:12
daftykins!es | Guest3137423:12
ubottuGuest31374: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.23:12
ssfdre38daftykins, i made a copy of 000-default.conf and changed all the variables to match what im trying to do and it is no longer reading the default doc root but it is just showing a 403 error code23:12
amanojakuIam gonna reboot and see what happens23:13
k1lKNNNI: its the same with unity. you only hear the loudest voices complaining.23:13
daftykinsssfdre38: you then enabled the site by name? so it's present in both sites-available and sites-enabled?23:13
daftykinsssfdre38: restart apache2 and see if it errors out23:13
KNNNILook at this:23:13
ssfdre38already did several times23:14
KNNNI"Happy GNOME 3 user here. I would go so far as to say I don’t think I could go back to GNOME 2 at this point, and if GNOME 3 were to change rather drastically I’d probably look for something with at least some similar to GNOME 3 (although unfortunately Unity is the only thing I’m aware of and it’s still not even close)."23:14
daftykinsssfdre38: wouldn't be surprised if the apache user hasn't got the correct permissions on the path you set it to23:14
daftykinsKNNNI: you're going way too off topic now, this is support not desktop religion23:14
k1lKNNNI: do you have an actual ubuntu issue? else i would ask you to switch to #ubuntu-offtopic to chat about gnome.23:14
ssfdre38so i need to change the chown to www23:14
meshoالله يسعدك ي اسامه ..23:15
meshoاقصد انها موجوده على يسار البرنامج ..23:15
daftykinsssfdre38: i'd rather see some evidence of what i'm asking rather than you just start throwing permission changes around :)23:15
daftykinsmesho: english only channel.23:15
d21anthonyAnyone have a UI based solution/package for altering suspend behavior? Resuming using keyboard for example23:15
d21anthonyArkangel: was that ? for me23:19
ssfdre38daftykins, http://ssfdre38.info/img/screenshot.1.jpg http://ssfdre38.info/img/screenshot.2.jpg http://ssfdre38.info/img/screenshot.3.jpg23:22
liamCan anyone help with a sound problem on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS running on a Dell Chromebook 11?23:25
daftykinsssfdre38: drop the www. ; add yourself to the group 'www-data' then own the docroot as www-data:www-data and restart apache23:26
daftykinsssfdre38: and for the love of Tux, use http://paste.ubuntu.com or pipe commands into "pastebinit" in future, full desktop screenshots of text are horrific23:26
tsapiidaftykins: i'm back. it appears that windows cannot boot anymore because it goes back into chkdsk.exe which got stuck at 10% forever23:31
daftykinslive session it is then23:31
tsapiiso now i've booted to the live session, yes23:31
tsapiidaftykins: so what would these commands be, then?23:34
daftykinssudo apt update && sudo apt install smartmontools pastebinit && sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda | pastebinit23:35
notarobot039question: can someone please direct me to a hardware channel or one that can answer a question regarding about why a battery would discharge on a portable personal computer while it is turned off.23:35
tsapiilet's see23:35
Ben64notarobot039: ##hardware23:35
daftykinsnotarobot039: that's a sign the cells are old and failed, time to buy a new one.23:36
notarobot039darius93: reply: the computer is new.23:36
zykotick9nottrobin: ##hardware is a channel on freenode23:37
tsapiidaftykins: http://paste.ubuntu.com/14377758/23:37
tsapiizykotick9: he left already23:37
zykotick9tsapii: doh.  i have all the join/part stuff hidden...  thanks.23:38
daftykinstsapii: looks like someone's been dropping that thing :P no issues though, purely file system related by the sounds of it.23:39
tsapiiwell it has been spilt drink on. i suppose that's equivalent23:40
* zykotick9 notes he is also an ass, and has guest* set to ignore... nick is your friend.23:40
tsapiianyway, if chkdsk.exe cannot complete, then the partition must be corrected by something else23:41
daftykinstsapii: the whole laptop? yeah i'd put the disk in another system and chkdsk it there ; no other program is going to help23:42
tsapiihmm i came to this while googling: http://askubuntu.com/questions/47700/fix-corrupt-ntfs-partition-without-windows23:42
tsapiithe case seems mostly the same23:42
OerHeksi would use the ultimateboot-cd *if* i had no windows23:43
tsapiiwell with the exception that the smart diagnostics say the disk is fine23:43
daftykinstsapii: boot Windows install media, shift+F10 to run a command prompt, then chkdsk it from there... however this topic will need to be moved to ##windows since it's not appropriate here23:43
OerHeksopensource, legal, and enough bios mbr file tools to choose from23:43
tsapiiOerHeks: i'll keep that in mind23:44
tsapiidaftykins: i don't have any windows install media at hand currently. i'll give this ntfsfix a try in case something spectacular happens23:44
daftykinsno, that's a really BAD idea23:44
tsapiiwhy so?23:45
daftykinstsapii: just download one, it's freely available to grab a boot CD.23:45
tsapiiwell then. i'm going to need something to install it to23:45
daftykinsbecause those utils may not have been worked on recently enough to factor in windows 8 and 10's changes to how things work23:45
daftykinsno as i said above you can chkdsk it solely from the preinstallation environment23:45
OerHeksoh, nice, better way23:46
tsapiiwhat does the preinstallation environment mean here?23:46
daftykinsthe thing you're looking at when you boot win7, 8 or 10 install media23:47
daftykinsas i say cmd can be run from inside it23:47
daftykinsshift i think23:48
lmwyes, correct23:48
tsapiibut i do not have the install media at hand23:48
multimediaHey. Problem statement: I have 4GB of RAM, but 32-bit Ubuntu 14.04 only detects 3GB. PEA is supposed to be enabled by default, and I've even added some extras to FORCE it...  http://pastebin.com/wB3r6vrx23:48
daftykinstsapii: yeah so get it, like i said it's freely obtainable...23:48
tsapiiah, alright23:48
lmwmultimedia: try #ubuntu23:48
tsapiisorry, i misunderstood23:49
multimedialmw: I am in ubuntu :)23:49
akiktsapii: you can enable the windows boot menu with bcdedit23:49
lmwmultimedia: oops, didn't seen, thanks, haha23:49
multimedialmw: np )23:49
akiktsapii: "bcdedit /set {bootmgr} DisplayBootMenu true"23:49
shumnoHello guys23:49
k1lmultimedia: is the video card using some ram?23:50
shumnoWelcome auronandace223:50
shumnowelcome cloner9323:50
daftykinsakik: that's not even the situation - it's Windows only right now23:50
daftykinsalso bcdedit seems to have claimed many folks installations :P23:50
akikdaftykins: tsapii by enabling the boot menu you gain access to the same preinstallation environment without having to use the install dvd23:51
k1lmultimedia: and since kernel 3.16 there is no -pae kernel package, because all kernel have pae then. you cant boot a non-pae system anymore.23:51
multimediak1l: good thought, but 1G OF RAM? It has like a 1MB or 8MB option IIRC, -- anyway I'm using standalone graphics anyway23:51
daftykinsakik: but the fs is creamed, so it's not worth risking23:51
OerHeksmultimedia, if your motherboard supports up to 4 gb, your missing space is occupied by your videocardmem/controllercache/processorcache.23:52
multimediak1l: how could I confirm this via OS?23:52
daftykinsmultimedia: why did you install 32-bit? that makes no sense on such a system in 2016.23:52
akiktsapii: you said that you're able to boot windows?23:53
multimediadaftykins: it's not a 64-bit processor:  model name: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.80GHz23:53
multimediaaddress sizes: 36 bits physical, 32 bits virtual23:53
daftykinsno, akik23:53
tsapiiakik: no, windows goes into chkdsk which appears to hang forever23:54
daftykinsPentium 4 ugh :( i'd have buried that years ago23:54
OpenSorceGuys I'm trying to get aircrack (or the equivalent) working on a live usb so I can connect at work (yes I have permission they just don't know the ssid) is it no longer in the repositories?23:56
tsapiiit seems that i can edit the windows registry to disable the pending chkdsk23:57
k1l!info aircrack-ng23:57
ubottuaircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.2-0~beta3-4 (wily), package size 427 kB, installed size 1785 kB23:57
tsapiithough i'm not sure if it's anyhow sensible to boot a system that chkdsk was interrupted on23:57
multimediak1l: lspci confirms ,VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Caicos [Radeon HD 6450/7450/8450, Memory at c0000000 (64-bit, prefetchable) [size=256M]23:57
daftykinstsapii: that's obviously not a solution23:57
tsapiiprobably not23:57
multimediaafaik, that card uses dedicated memory; even if not, 256M doesn't account for 1GB23:58
tsapiii need to get the installation media somewhere23:58
daftykinstsapii: take this to ##windows now - it's clearly not ubuntu support23:58
tsapiialright. sorry for going off-topic23:58

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