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pleia2knome: we have a server now19:40
Unit193knome: Get us the wiki!21:15
Unit193knome: And going with a Debian server? :---D21:15
knomeUnit193, everything in time21:15
knomelooks like pleia2 set up ubuntu 15.1021:16
knomecomplaints etc to her inbox, plz21:16
Unit193Nono, we don't like harassing her, she's too busy for that.  All go to you!21:17
knomemy complaints department for server OS related issues is closed temporarily.21:18
pleia2I'll go to 16.04 and leave it there until the next LTS22:18
pleia2Debian is always twmpting though, I run it everywhere else22:19
Unit193I guessed as much, tbh.  And yeah it is pretty tempting.  I think that's wise to do .10 since you won't have to jump init systems honestly.22:21
pleia2I am wise \o/22:28
flocculantpleia2: \o/22:45
amjjawadHi knome :) happy new year :)23:26
knometo you too23:26
knomeso, what's the question?23:26
amjjawadubuntugnome.org is hosted with Canonical AFAIK. I can't even update WordPress, nor install any plug-in nor do anything whatsoever.23:27
amjjawadI can only create pages and add posts, that's all.23:27
knomeyou can send requests via rt.ubuntu.com23:27
knomethat's how canonical-hosted sites work23:27
amjjawadFor Xubuntu, do you guys host with them too?23:27
amjjawadwebsite + ISOs too?23:28
amjjawadFrom your own experience, do you think it's a bad idea to host somewhere else? should we stick with them?23:29
knomethere are benefits with both ways23:29
knomewhen you host with canonical, and have figured out a stable environment, you don't have to deal with the maintaining overhead yourself23:29
knomeand by stable environment i mean you know which theme/plugins you want to use23:30
amjjawadTrue. We're planning to replace the current website with a better designed one. However, due to limited access, we're unable to do that and I was wondering how to do it but now, you told I need to contact rt.ubuntu.com23:30
knomert.ubuntu.com is where you can request canonical to update the website files with new ones23:31
amjjawadSomeone mentioned they're so slow :( not sure if that's true.23:31
amjjawadI guess one way to find out is to actually send and see.23:32
knomeas i said, once you have figured out a stable environment, it's ok23:32
knomeour requests for theme updates are *usually* responded to within 1-2 days23:32
knomeanyway, i would strongly suggest, regardless how you build the theme, to maintain it in a bzr (or any other) repository so you can ask the canonical IS to update to a certain revision23:32
knomethis also enables them to see a diff between the version you are running now and the version you are requesting23:33
knomethis is important because all changes more or less go through code review to make sure it's safe23:33
amjjawadCan I share this with my team?23:34
knomethis is a public channel - of course23:35
amjjawadI know, just thought to double check :)23:35
amjjawadMany thanks. If that will work for us, we're sticking with them. If not, I have a decent web hosting service (a friend) and he has been a great help and just given me some discount for non-profit projects. We will see which option is best for us.23:36
knomegood luck23:37
amjjawadTo be honest, I love the design of Xubuntu. I wish I could build something similar.23:37
amjjawadThank you knome appreciate your time :)23:38
knomeand thanks for the compliments23:38
amjjawadYou welcome :D23:41
amjjawadis it possible to use something similar? to your theme? or that's not possible?23:41
knomeof course it's possible to use something similar23:41
amjjawadhmm, but how? :( 23:43
knomeok, few things23:44
knome1) our theme is in a repository here: https://launchpad.net/xubuntu-website/theme23:44
knomefeel free to look at it and build your theme around it23:44
knome2) the theme does not have a license yet, so without further notice, it's copyright are with me23:45
knomethat said, i'm fine with you using this theme to build off your theme, as long as you make it substantially different so the ubuntu gnome website doesn't look like the xubuntu website to avoid confusion23:45
knomeonce i've seen your modifications, i will either approve them if they make the sites different enough (and aren't a disservice for the theme) or disapprove them (until the theme is modified to a point where i can approve it)23:46
amjjawad100% fine by me. What if I want to use 'similar' theme for my own websites? with applying the same steps above of course. Is that still possible?23:48
knomei would have to think twice about that, but at least the above would apply.23:48
knomei think it's beneficial for xubuntu (etc) to have a distinct website theme from others23:49
knomeso i'm not sure if i'd generally like the idea of people using a similar theme for their personal websites23:49
amjjawadDon't get me wrong, I'd surely do something different. Just the general layout or concept might be a bit similar.23:49
amjjawadOkay, forget about the personal websites then ;)23:50
knomeif you look around, you can see that ubuntu.com is really similar - because the xubuntu website is inspired by that23:50
amjjawadlet's stick to Ubuntu GNOME to reduce confusion.23:50
amjjawadTo be, Xubuntu's website is much easier than Ubuntu's website.23:50
amjjawadto me*23:50
knomethe differences i'm thinking about should be about the same level as with xubuntu/ubuntu23:50
knomefor example, just changing some colors and the header image wouldn't do it, i'm afraid23:51
amjjawadI know, that won't be different for sure.23:51
amjjawadDon't worry, since I'm not a coder, I won't be involved so chances to have similar website are low. However, I'll share this with my team so whoever will do the coding, if and only if he/she likes to modify the code, the rules above should apply.23:52
amjjawadIt's just like graping Ubuntu's Kernel and come up with something else. Same what we did with my other project, ToriOS23:53
knomeas long as it's approved by me, i'm fine with whoever works with the changes.23:53
amjjawadI'll make sure to highlight that when I share this chat with the team.23:53
knomepleia2, i found something... for some reason, the new server isn't picking up the bugs blueprint23:54

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