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wallyworldaxw: thanks for reviews, issues hopefully addressed01:23
axwwallyworld: looking now01:23
blahdeblah\o all01:23
blahdeblahHappy New Year01:23
axwblahdeblah: hiya, and to you01:23
blahdeblahCan anyone tell me the name of the API that charms.reactive uses to send data between layers?  Is it charms.reactive.bus?01:25
wallyworldblahdeblah: not done any reactive charm development, sorry01:26
* blahdeblah asks around elsewhere; apologies for the redundancy for those in multiple channels01:27
wallyworldaxw: thanks for reviews, landing now01:41
axwwallyworld: cool01:41
axwwallyworld: are metabox going to come through for you this week?04:29
wallyworldaxw: i sure hope so04:29
wallyworldthey said NYE that order was underway04:30
axwwallyworld: I'll be interested to see it at the next sprint. probably won't get one though, I don't want a discrete card in my next laptop04:31
axwdead weight04:31
wallyworldaxw: yeah, +1, but bublebee turns it off. trouble is, to get everything else (alloy case, 4 DDR4 slots, 2 M.2 slots, 2 HHD slots etc etc) that was the only choice without spending double04:32
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dimiternand happy new year :)08:33
anastasiamachappy new year, dimitern \o/08:47
TheMuehappy new year to my ex-colleagues ;)08:48
dimiternTheMue, o/08:49
dimiterndooferlad, frobware, are you guys around today?08:51
dooferladdimitern: hi, just got here, new computer running :-D09:14
dimiterndooferlad, nice! happy new year :)09:23
dooferladdimitern: happy new year!09:23
dimiterndooferlad, I got a 4K monitor and now it works way better with the scaling and the past issues I was having are gone09:24
dimiterndooferlad, I'd appreciate a look at https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/4029 when you have some time ;)09:24
dooferladdimitern: *click* (email can wait)09:25
dimiterndooferlad, cheers!09:28
dimiternvoidspace, o/ happy new year :)09:52
voidspacedimitern: same to you :-)09:58
dooferladdimitern, voidspace,10:01
dooferladdimitern, voidspace: hangout10:01
voidspacedooferlad: morning10:01
voidspacedimitern: dooferlad: sorry about that10:18
dooferladvoidspace: no problem10:18
voidspacedimitern: dooferlad: so last year I landed the worker that imports spaces, plus fixed some bugs in it, but it has a few TODOs and needs tests10:18
voidspacedimitern: dooferlad: the last couple of days, when you were off, I spent working with Andy on a MAAS problem10:19
voidspacedimitern: dooferlad: we probably need to talk to dimitern about that10:19
voidspacedimitern: dooferlad: but it can wait for frobware10:19
dimiternvoidspace, ok, let's chat when andy's back then10:20
voidspacedimitern: yep10:21
voidspacedimitern: this was the DNS settings not being set on container templates, due to the change to manual network interfaces in 1.2510:21
voidspacedimitern: there is a simple fix, but that seems like a huge change that landed on 1.2510:21
dimiternvoidspace, right! yeah, I remember that10:22
dimiternvoidspace, we're getting far behind master as well :/10:22
voidspacedimitern: we should merge master10:23
voidspacedimitern: we'll do it as a merge rather than a rebase though, right?10:23
voidspacedimitern: I can propose that10:23
dimiternvoidspace, yeah, that's safer10:23
dimiternvoidspace, cheers10:23
voidspacedimitern: oooh, conflicts10:29
voidspaceonly 3 files, one of which is dependencies.tsv10:29
dimiternvoidspace, only 3 files with conflicts? That's not too bad :)10:31
voidspaceI guess so10:31
dooferladvoidspace: master --> feature branch should be done as a "merge commit", which is what "git merge master feature-branch-name" does. https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/merging-vs-rebasing/conceptual-overview seems to be a good doc on the subject that I need to read.10:32
voidspacedooferlad: well, all I *can* do is propose a branch for the bot to land10:33
voidspacedooferlad: anything else will require frobware10:34
voidspacedooferlad: if I'm *on* the feature branch - isn't that command the equivalent of "git merge upstream/master"10:35
dooferladvoidspace: yes10:35
voidspacegood, thanks10:35
voidspacethat's what I've done10:35
frobwarevoidspace, I'm back. 1:1 now?10:41
voidspacefrobware: hey, hi10:42
voidspacefrobware: happy new year10:42
voidspacefrobware: gimme 5 to get coffee10:42
frobwarevoidspace, sure. HNY10:42
frobwarejam: ping & Happy New Year. Want to catch up later today?10:43
voidspacefrobware: you still there?11:02
voidspacefrobware: you left the hangout11:02
perrito666morning all11:03
voidspacedimitern: frobware suggests that as we have the demo coming up it may be better *not* to merge master unless there's anything we specifically need11:11
voidspacedimitern: frobware thinks it's just adding potential breakage11:11
dimiternvoidspace, frobware, I agree - we can do it after next week11:13
dimiternfrobware, perrito666, morning btw :)11:13
frobwaredimitern, morning11:13
frobwaredimitern, let's use the standup HO11:30
dimiternfrobware, sure, omw11:32
frobwaredimitern, don't think the HO issue is at my end as I was just talking with voidspace11:41
dimiternfrobware, let's try again?11:44
frobwaredimitern, OK11:44
mupBug #1530840 opened: juju status-history too noisy with update-status <kanban-cross-team> <landscape> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1530840>11:45
dimiternfrobware, one last try? :)11:51
mupBug #1530840 changed: juju status-history too noisy with update-status <landscape> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1530840>11:57
mupBug #1530840 opened: juju status-history too noisy with update-status <landscape> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1530840>12:00
dimiterndooferlad, thanks for the review!12:15
* fwereade is in london; is rapidly becoming overwhelmed with passport things and bank things and other tedium; is likely to be gone for much of today and weds and fri; marking self out on calendar; but ping me if you need me and you might be lucky12:26
dimiternfwereade, safe travels :)12:28
fwereadedimitern, cheers :)12:32
frobwaredimitern, ping. my ISP issues have gone away14:04
frobwaredimitern, can we sync?14:04
dimiternfrobware, sure, let's14:05
dimiternfrobware, I'm in the standup HO14:06
cheryljfrobware: you around today?14:50
frobwarecherylj, Happy New Year!14:50
cheryljfrobware: thanks, you too!14:50
cheryljfrobware, jam, did a unit test get written for http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3436/ ?14:51
frobwarecherylj, I haven't caught up with jam today but I was going to add a unit test today, then we can review and consider for merging. ok?14:52
cheryljfrobware: sounds good.  Thanks!14:52
frobwarecherylj, I need to catch up with dooferlad first though...14:53
frobwaredooferlad, HNY && can we sync for 15 mins?14:53
dooferladfrobware: give me 5 mins - doing some network configuration14:54
frobwaredooferlad, ack14:54
frobwaredooferlad, sounds like my (ISPs) morning. :)14:55
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dooferladfrobware: ok, ready.15:02
dooferladfrobware: I am lurking in https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/juju-sapphire15:04
perrito666mgz:  ping15:05
ericsnowkatco: standup?15:07
frobwaredooferlad, omw15:08
mgzperrito666: yo15:12
perrito666have moment for a priv chat?15:13
mgzperrito666: for you...15:18
natefinchcherylj: what bugs are we supposed to be working on for bug squad?15:38
cheryljnatefinch: I'm working on that list now15:38
rick_h_cherylj: also please check with alexisb/mramm on some issues the qa folks have getting tests going on the controller branch as potentials please15:39
cheryljrick_h_: will do15:40
rick_h_cherylj: as we should treat those as 2.0 alpha blockers atm based on some small irc conversations15:40
cheryljrick_h_: sounds good.  jog, sinzui,  abentley, do you have bug #s for stuff blocking controller rename branch testing?15:41
sinzuicherylj: I was just asking the same question. I expect to know shortly15:42
cheryljk, thanks!15:42
abentleycherylj: Here are the bugs marked as affecting controller-rename: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/controller-rename/15:45
cheryljthanks, abentley15:46
frobwarevoidspace, please could you take a look over dimitern's PR as we want to land this soon-ish for the demo. thx. http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3448/15:48
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voidspacefrobware: ok16:06
frobwarevoidspace, thx16:06
voidspaceit's kind of huge...16:06
voidspacedimitern: I'm worried about params.Address having a SpaceName added, does this mean that all APIs returning or taking an address should be version bumped?16:08
natefinchcherylj: bug fixes for 2.0 should still be on master, I assume?16:40
voidspacedimitern: frobware: reviewed, with several questions/comments16:41
cheryljnatefinch: yes16:41
natefinchcherylj: cool thanks16:41
frobwaredimitern, do you have some time after the network call to talk about the unit test case for the DNS issue?16:48
dimiternfrobware, ok, sure16:49
dimiternvoidspace, thanks!16:49
jamfrobware: hey, I did intend to meet with you today, it looks like my IRC client didn't actually connect properly today. I got your message from hours ago just recently16:57
frobwarejam: I futzed around with what turned out to be an ISP throttling issue so it may be related.16:59
cheryljfrobware, dimitern can you ping me when you're free.  We need to talk about another potential blocker for 1.25.217:07
frobwarecherylj, I'm around17:44
cheryljfrobware, sinzui, mgz, jog:  https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/canonical.com/cheryl-jennings?authuser=017:45
mgzyou named the hangout after yourself?17:46
mgzare you the topic? :P17:46
cheryljmgz: you should wait until I leave, then you can talk about me17:47
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mupBug #1530957 opened: New EC2 Korea region <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1530957>19:22
natefinchperrito666: can you review me? http://reviews.vapour.ws/r/3452/20:05
perrito666well not you, but certainly your code20:05
perrito666ship it20:08
mupBug #1530992 opened: Can't remove machine from Juju <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1530992>21:31
mupBug #1530992 changed: Can't remove machine from Juju <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1530992>21:34
mupBug #1530992 opened: Can't remove machine from Juju <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1530992>21:43
perrito666wallyworld: awake so early?22:08
wallyworldbeen up for a while :-)22:08
perrito666good to see you are trying that not overwork thing....22:08
perrito666is standup happening today?22:10
perrito666good, I had to nurse my google calendar back into health after all that shaking near december22:11
cheryljHey axw, did you see bug 1527681?22:23
mupBug #1527681: azure provider does not appear to be opening ports <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1527681>22:23
axwcherylj: no, I did not. will take a look later on22:27
cheryljthanks, axw22:27
perrito666axw: you are up too? what is it with you people and getting up so early?22:29
axwperrito666: I wouldn't normally, had to administer antibiotics22:29
axwperrito666: house full of chest- and ear- infected people22:30
perrito666axw: well that is what you get for getting vacation advice from wallyworld22:31
perrito666axw: wallyworld says the calendar that anastasia is off, would you guys like to call now? (also it would help me finish my day :p)22:37
wallyworldperrito666: sorry, in another meeting22:38
cheryljjog: did you guys get a chance to test the destroy-environment --force with 1.8.2?22:58
cheryljand checking for leaked container IPs?22:58
cheryljjog, mgz, I also attempted to deploy containers with frobware's DNS patch on 1.8.2, and saw that it didn't fix the issue23:00
cheryljbut it worked on 1.923:00
mgzcherylj: aha23:02
cheryljyeah.  Awesome :(23:03
jogmgz, did you start a new run of something?23:05
mgzjog: yup, see ^, I rebuilt the feature branch with the fix so we had a current run on that23:06
mgzgiven current info it should just be exatly the same23:06
mgzwait, < then ^, different channel23:07
cheryljah, I'm not on 1.8.2.  I'm on 1.8.3+bzr4053-0ubuntu1.23:08
cheryljnot that it'll make too much difference, maybe23:08
jogmgz, I had re-run 3430. Containers get past pending with that older build but this new run started before I was able to snapshot the leases file.23:08
mgzhm, the problem with the --keep-env thing on short timeout23:09
cheryljjog, mgz, I'm wondering if this is a bug with MAAS?    I see that a device gets created for the container, and that the device is removed (or at least doesn't show up on the devices list in the dashboard)23:10
cheryljbut I don't see a release of the IP23:10
cheryljlet me try it with 1.9 and see if there's a difference.23:11
mgzwell, the point is we were not previously exercsing this maas 1.8 networking code at all previously23:14
mgzso, even if it's maas not working as api promises, it's our problem because the change is juju using those apis where we didn't before23:15
wallyworldperrito666: standup?23:17
jogmgz, I'll going to try a maas-1_8-deployer run with Juju 1.25.0... do you have anything you plan to kick off?23:27
mgzjog, nope, but be aware the current queue isn't empty23:29
jogyeah, I see that now23:29

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