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stokachurick_h_, is there a way to query the api for something liek https://jujucharms.com/big-data22:05
stokachui want to pull those available bundles 22:05
rick_h_stokachu: no, those are hand curated pages and not api driven. 22:12
stokachurick_h_, ah ok22:12
rick_h_stokachu: we call them 'topic pages' kind of like CMS content in the storefront site22:12
stokachuso when i do a `charm info hdp-hadoop` i dont see `hdp-core-batch-processing` as being listed in the bundles-containing field22:18
stokachuis that something that should show up there?22:19
rick_h_stokachu: I think that the 'bundles-containing' is version tied, which is a bug that should be fixed but it's not been used much so it's not been prioritized22:20
stokachuwant me to file a bug for it?22:20
rick_h_stokachu: please do if you don't see it there already22:20
rick_h_stokachu: it really needs to be more version agnostic to be more usuable I think22:21
stokachurick_h_, for the charmstore repo for this?22:21
rick_h_stokachu: yes, github/juju/charmstore since it's the API there22:23
stokachuok cool will do thanks22:23
stokachurick_h_, ok done, https://github.com/juju/charmstore/issues/50222:26
rick_h_stokachu: ty22:27

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