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blahdeblahWhat's the name of the API that charms.reactive uses to send data between layers?  Is it charms.reactive.bus?01:27
blahdeblahOr maybe it wasn't in charms.reactive - does charmhelpers.core.unitdata ring any bells?01:45
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marcoceppiblahdeblah: unitdata.kv is best05:40
blahdeblahmarcoceppi: thanks!06:51
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lazypower_hellooo 2016. o/ bring on your juju questions, your tired charmers, and lets make this the year of juju18:25
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rick_h_lazyPower: :P18:26
lazyPowerlittle pep talk to get me back in the spirit of things :)18:26
rick_h_lazyPower: wfm18:27
bdxbdxHey whats going on guys? Happy New Year!20:24
bdxbdxI have a few questions regarding the review queue....I feel like I have tried to get a charm to the queue by adding "charmers" to the reviewers of my charm branch upon mr20:26
bdxbdxalthough, I can't get it to populate in the review queue, is there something I'm missing here?20:26
marcoceppibdxbdx: is it an openstack charm?20:27
bdxbdxmarcoceppi: no20:27
bdxbdxmarcoceppi: https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesbeedy/charms/trusty/fiche/trunk20:27
marcoceppibdxbdx: where's the bug?20:29
bdxbdxmarcoceppi: there is none20:30
marcoceppibdxbdx: well, you need one to get a new charm into the review queue20:30
bdxbdxmarcoceppi: exactly....20:30
marcoceppibdxbdx: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-charm-store#submitting-a-new-charm20:30
marcoceppibdxbdx: here's a better link: https://jujucharms.com/docs/stable/authors-charm-store#recommended-charms20:31
bdxbdxmarcoceppi: awesome, that is just what I was looking for20:31

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