clivejooh I see it00:00
clivejoso if the value it compares it to is the same, the test will complete?00:00
clivejosneaky but clever00:01
clivejoyofel: https://paste.kde.org/pdjg4kup300:06
clivejois it readVariant QVariant(2.2)?00:06
yofelno, the test log says something about a failed string comparison, so the QString("2.2") part probably00:07
clivejoso line 5 in that paste?00:07
yofelI wonder why they're doing a variant AND string comparison on the same value o.O00:08
yofelbut nvm that00:08
yofeltry removing the string part and see if that works00:08
clivejoyofel: https://paste.kde.org/p6et5wsap ?00:15
yofelno, just remove the whole test00:16
yofel[01:08:58] <yofel> try removing the string part and see if that works00:16
clivejogonna have to look tomorrow00:17
clivejotoo tired to think straight00:19
clivejowould that patch not work?00:19
yofelpossibly, but that's really not what you want to do I think00:19
clivejojust want the test to complete00:20
yofelwell, then you're better off just removing the broken part00:20
yofelinstead you're adding another one which is as unreliable as the old one00:20
clivejoBTW is the a notepad for these apps?00:21
yofelyour idea is right in general, but doing equality comparison tests on the result of a double-to-string comparison is rather unreliable, which is why I wonder why it's there in the first place00:21
yofelthe ninjas one00:21
clivejoI think Im the only one working on them00:22
yofelyou most likely are ^^00:22
clivejobut there are a few Im not sure how to fix00:22
clivejookular for one00:23
clivejoand step00:23
yofelfamiliar names -.-00:23
clivejolots of fun00:24
yofelanyway, I'm off to bed, see you tomorrow00:24
clivejome too00:26
clivejonight night00:26
=== Guest532 changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Plasma 5.5.2: W/TODO X/WIP, Apps 15.08.3: W/TEST, Apps 15.12.0: X/WIP, FW 5.17: W/TODO X/WIP | https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging | No, plasma 5.5 isn't packaged yet
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mck182any developer with qt5.6 up? need to test a possible qtbug03:37
Mirvyofel: oh, you had another similar one. marble upstream had indeed just "fixed" it like that.06:24
Mirvyofel: btw kdepimlibs blocks qtbase proposed migration http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#qtbase-opensource-src . kdepimlibs has some akonadi error. other failures have been forced earlier by pitti and jriddell so it's the kdepimlibs that's blocking.06:27
Mirvpossibly just a missing dependency since it claims QSqlDatabase: QSQLITE3 driver not loaded06:28
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sitteryofel: git push notification is now renabled, so CI builds trigger immediately again09:14
sitterI'll leave the build count at 16 though as I fear it would randomly deadlock again09:15
sittermonitor certainly seems happier with less big spikes09:16
lordievaderGood morning.09:35
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sitter>> taking kci down for maintenance <<09:37
valoriehappy new year sitter!09:37
sitterand you valorie :x09:38
clivejositter: have you disabled KCI trigger for building on debian commit or is that Neon hook causing it to fail?10:22
sitter>> kci maintenance done <<10:30
valoriethank you sitter10:30
sitterkci has new jenkins and numerous new plugins, should problems pop up please poke me10:30
valorieif you have a sec in the next few days, would you please look over that packaging doc in the topic10:31
valorieand add your wisdom?10:31
sitterthere's a broken link on line 67 :(10:34
valoriesure is10:36
sittervalorie: looks good10:36
valoriewell, it isn't detailed enough10:37
valorieI want one good enough to get ME started packaging10:37
sitterwell, the topic it primarily touches, which is automation is well beyond getting started10:37
valoriesure, but I think it's good to understand the big picture before digging into a small detail10:38
sitterI mean, to use automation you need to be at least ninja or you can't upload anyway. at that point you should already have some grasp on packaging and have other things set up (Such as getting launchpad PPA upload permissions going, which the present doc doesn't touch on at all)10:38
valoriefixed the link btw, thank you10:38
valorieright, and I get that10:39
sittervalorie: oh yes. that should be waaaay higher scope then IMO. "this is what packaging means... we do it like this... we use debian git... we use lunchpad.. etc.etc."10:39
valorieand I hope I won't get into packaging because I don't think it is my strength10:39
sitterbascically a big link collection if you will10:39
valoriebut in ONE place, instead of scattered all over10:39
sittermentioning the used technologies and where to read more about them and possible how to set them up10:39
valoriethere is no getting around having to read up on stuff10:40
valorieone of these days I hope you geniuses will talk about how neon and kubuntu can fit together, once neon is figured out10:41
valorieoh damn it, how is it almost 3am10:42
Yossarianukhi -  is there a link where I can see progress of the plasma5.5.x backport to 15.10 ? 11:33
soeeYossarianuk: there is no backporting yet11:36
bshahMirv: ping11:45
Mirvbshah: pong12:18
bshahMirv: I was wondering if you can merge qtfeedback packaging into debian git?12:32
BluesKajHi folks12:33
Mirvbshah: sure thing. I suspect your next question will be merging the latest qtsystems changes there too? keep the git repos bookmarked, I'll update them soon(ish), ie bump them in my todo list. should not be a big job for either.12:35
soeehiho BluesKaj12:37
bshahMirv: I am not sure if I will ever need qtsystems, but yeah would be handy.. :)12:39
BluesKajhey soee12:39
Mirvno problem12:46
Yossarianuksoee: cheers, guess i'll just have to wait.13:47
sgclarkdoh. git.debian.org is down, guess not much packaging gonna happen :(13:50
soeei see red a lot ...13:53
sgclarksoee: debian.git.org is down. nothing we can do 13:54
clivejositter: are the debian hooks working again?14:03
mitya57clivejo, they didn't work earlier today (when Alioth was still up)14:17
clivejoThey havent been working for a while now14:18
clivejoI thought it was the errors caused by the Neon hooks14:18
clivejois alioth down?14:18
sgclarkit is down14:21
clivejoI have a commit to make14:23
clivejothese KCI builds are all failing due to debian git not being available?15:47
clivejoany ETA on when alioth will be back?15:50
sgclarkcorrect. no clue.15:50
clivejosgclark: are you stil on holiday/vacation?15:51
sgclarknope. home now.15:52
clivejolibkinsane is living up to its name and driving me insane15:52
sgclarkclivejo: is that defned in rules file? if so then remove it.15:54
sgclarkit is looking for a non exeistant README15:55
clivejonope, cant see it in the rules15:55
clivejothats what I cant/dont understand15:55
sgclarkmust be hard coded in the debhelper then...15:56
sgclarkblah. perhaps yofel knows?15:56
clivejowould there be a build dep that makes the README?15:57
sgclarknot that I am aware of16:00
clivejoscaleway are taking the pi$$ now!16:01
clivejoIve cancelled all services and they still managing to bill me for stuff16:02
yofelclivejo, sgclark: is there a debian/docs file with README in it?16:52
clivejoyofel: there is an empty folder - /tmp/buildd/libksane-15.12.0/debian/libksane0/usr/share/doc/libksane018:21
clivejothere is a debian/docs file18:23
clivejowith README in it18:23
clivejo!info gramps18:49
ubottugramps (source: gramps): Genealogical research program. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.2.0~dfsg-1 (wily), package size 5999 kB, installed size 37175 kB18:49
clivejoneeds updating18:50
clivejocan I get my own git on launchpad?18:55
ovidiu-florinHello everybody19:24
clivejohi ovidiu-florin19:24
clivejohope you are well19:24
ovidiu-florinsgclark: gladd to see you back in action. I hope you had a great holiday.19:24
ovidiu-florinclivejo: yeah... I'm kind of ok19:24
ovidiu-florinI see alioth is down, again or still?19:25
clivejoback again19:25
ovidiu-florinit's back?19:25
clivejowell it was about 15mins ago19:25
ovidiu-florinhttp://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-kde/applications/akonadi.git/ is available, so I suppose it's alive19:27
ovidiu-florinclivejo: what's the current status of things, What have I missed?19:28
clivejohummm not sure19:28
clivejodebian been down a lot19:28
clivejoI uploaded plasma 5.5.2 - http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/plasma/build_status_5.5.2_xenial.html19:29
clivejofew issues with it I cant fix19:29
clivejoI believe yofel is looking into them19:29
clivejoI uploaded apps 15.12.0 - http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.12.0_xenial.html19:30
clivejocurrently working on trying to fix them19:30
clivejoI spent some time creating some pbuilder environments19:31
clivejoThats odd19:32
clivejowhy is kcalutils failing in xenial but not wily19:33
clivejooh and sitter has fixed KCI19:33
ovidiu-florinlogfile of kscreenlocker show that it was successfull19:35
ovidiu-florinwhy is it in red?19:35
ovidiu-florinclivejo: fixed what in KCI?19:35
clivejoits got some .mo files we arent sure where they should go19:35
clivejoupdated the software etc and fixed what ever was preventing it trigging a build on debian commits19:37
ovidiu-florinthen why does it say at the summary that the status was successfull?19:37
ovidiu-florinah, ok19:37
clivejowell the build was successful, just some files didnt get installed 19:48
ovidiu-florinAnything I can do now?19:49
ovidiu-florinI've got about an hour or two to spare19:49
clivejohow far did you get up to in creating a pbuilder?19:49
ovidiu-florinlet me check19:50
clivejoyofel's settings are handy19:50
ovidiu-florinI've built pkg-kde-tools as a test19:50
ovidiu-florinI didn't get yofel 's settings19:50
clivejooh, I dont have the link19:51
clivejohe pasted them somewhere19:51
ovidiu-florinthe link is in the otes19:51
ovidiu-florinI think I got them 19:52
* ovidiu-florin checks19:52
ovidiu-florinyes, I have them19:52
clivejoI swapped to konseration for a while, but it doesnt have history like quassel does19:52
ovidiu-florinit has history in text log files19:53
clivejothats no use to me!19:53
ovidiu-florinquassel uses a DB19:53
clivejoI want to searh and find easy!19:53
clivejoIm back on quassel19:53
clivejodo you want to fix a package?19:54
clivejook, go here - http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ppa-status/applications/build_status_15.12.0_xenial.html19:57
ovidiu-florinI'm there19:57
clivejoand go to knavalbattle19:57
clivejocan you determine what is wrong?19:57
* ovidiu-florin remembers the time he packaged knavalbattle19:58
ovidiu-florinthat was my first package19:58
clivejovery fitting :)19:58
ovidiu-florinECM is missing19:59
clivejodo you know what package provides that?19:59
* ovidiu-florin checks with apt19:59
clivejoyup and where does it need to go?20:00
ovidiu-florinI didn't know the exact package name, but I know the project20:00
ovidiu-florinin the build machine20:00
ovidiu-florinprobably as a build dependency of the package20:00
clivejodebian/control as a build dep20:00
ovidiu-florinit doesn't have ECM20:01
clivejoyup, thats why it wont build20:01
ovidiu-florinI can clone and give you a patch20:01
clivejobut what Im finding is that they are missing multiple deps20:02
ovidiu-florinbut how do I test it in my pbuild?20:02
clivejoso grab a clone of the packaging20:02
clivejoand add ecm to the control file20:03
ovidiu-florinhow do I test it?20:04
clivejodo you know how to use uscan?20:04
clivejouscan uses the watch file and changelog to download the source tar from kde20:05
clivejoso in the folder above the debian folder, run uscan --download-current-version --destdir=../20:05
clivejothe output should download 15.12.020:06
ovidiu-florinit looks for 14.12.320:08
ovidiu-florinwhere does it get the version number from?20:08
clivejothe chnagelog20:14
clivejohow did you grab the git, what branch?20:14
clivejoyou need kubuntu_xenial_archive as thats what we are working on20:15
clivejoget it?20:18
ovidiu-florinI have the sources now20:19
clivejonow you build the source, "debuild -S"20:20
clivejodid you check that ECM is still there?20:21
ovidiu-florinI added it again20:22
ovidiu-florindebuild has finished20:22
ovidiu-florinwhat does this do/20:22
clivejothese are the files you would normally upload to LP20:23
clivejoso cd ..20:23
clivejoand you should see knavalbattle_15.12.0-0ubuntu1.dsc20:23
clivejothats what you need to build in pbuilder20:23
clivejoso using yofels script I use "sudo pro=apps dist=xenial pbuilder build knavalbattle_15.12.0-0ubuntu1.dsc"20:24
clivejothis environment has the staging PPA's added20:25
ovidiu-florinwhat's the pro variable for?20:26
clivejoit allows different profiles20:26
ovidiu-florinplease detail that20:26
clivejoyou should probably drop that20:26
ovidiu-florinplease explain20:26
clivejowell it allows you to create environments for different things20:27
clivejoif Im building for KCI I need to have the KCI PPA enabled20:27
clivejothis just allows me to do that20:28
ovidiu-florinso that would be pro=kci?20:28
clivejoand sometimes you just want a bog standard xenial install20:28
ovidiu-florinwhat is "bog" ?20:28
clivejoovidiu-florin: yes, but you have to create them first20:28
clivejosorry, bog is irish slang20:29
clivejoit means very basic20:29
maxyz_sgclark: ping, please, don't add epoch to packages that don't have epochs (plasma-frameworks)20:30
clivejoovidiu-florin: just use sudo dist=xenial pbuilder build knavalbattle_15.12.0-0ubuntu1.dsc20:32
ovidiu-florinI've already started it20:32
ovidiu-florinI just wanted to understand it20:33
ovidiu-florinI've also added notes while I was doing this20:33
clivejono problem20:33
clivejoyou have kubuntu hooks installed?20:33
ovidiu-florinclivejo: can you pelase add to the docks what those hooks are and why are they needed?20:34
clivejojust make things easier!20:35
ovidiu-florinplease explain in more detail20:36
ovidiu-florinthat does not clarify anything to a n00b20:36
clivejohas yours dropped out yet?20:37
clivejohook C10shell is used to drop us out to a shell20:38
clivejoso you should have a root@your-machine prompt20:39
ovidiu-florinI've added the qt5 buidl dep now and testing again20:41
clivejowhich package did you add?20:41
clivejowhy did you choose that one?20:42
ovidiu-florinI think that's the main one that brings in the qt5 development tools and libs20:42
clivejowas it failing on Qt5Config.cmake ?20:43
ovidiu-florinnow it's failing because it's missing a lot of KF5s20:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qt5-default20:44
clivejo!info qt5-default20:44
ubottuqt5-default (source: qtbase-opensource-src): Qt 5 development defaults package. In component main, is optional. Version 5.4.2+dfsg-2ubuntu9 (wily), package size 14 kB, installed size 84 kB20:44
ovidiu-florinhow come there are so many dependencies missing in this one?20:45
clivejois qt5-default a  virtual package?20:45
ovidiu-florinI believe so20:45
clivejoovidiu-florin: Im not saying your wrong, just need to ask yofel or sgclark about what to do here20:46
clivejoI would have added  qtbase5-dev 20:46
ovidiu-florinif I add that it builds20:46
ovidiu-florinpast that point20:46
clivejoyeah I know20:47
ovidiu-florinand since this is a build requirement, not a runtime requirement, I don't think it's a problem20:47
clivejoId just like another opinion20:47
clivejoso whats the next one its looking for?20:48
clivejoon mine its KF5ConfigConfig.cmake which means we need libkf5config-dev20:51
ovidiu-florinI've added all the KF5 dependencies20:52
ovidiu-florinit's building again20:52
clivejoto save time you can read the make files20:52
clivejoalso build-deps need to be in alphabetical order, there is a tool wrap-and-sort which will do this for you20:54
clivejowell they dont NEED to be, but it makes it easier to read etc20:54
ovidiu-florinI'll get to that20:56
clivejoalso this link searches the archives - http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?mode=filename&suite=xenial&section=all&arch=any&keywords=KF5ConfigConfig.cmake&searchon=contents20:56
clivejovery handy for looking for certain files20:56
clivejoovidiu-florin: how you getting on?21:04
ovidiu-florinI'm getting them one by one21:06
ovidiu-florinso I'm adding and testing one by one21:06
ovidiu-florinit's ok21:06
clivejoyeah, its slow doing it manually21:06
ovidiu-florinI can catch up on my reading while it's doing all the building21:06
ovidiu-florinis there a faster way?21:06
clivejohow are you rebuilding?21:06
ovidiu-florindebuild -S && sudo dist=xenial pbuilder build ../knavalbattle_15.12.0-0ubuntu1.dsc21:07
ovidiu-florinafter editing the debian/control21:08
clivejoare you getting a root@ prompt on failure?21:08
clivejodont come out of it21:08
ovidiu-florinand do what?21:08
clivejofix it within the chroot21:08
ovidiu-florinhow Do I copy the dsc again?21:08
clivejowhat editor do you use?21:09
clivejoapt-get install vim21:09
clivejoand then vim debian/control21:09
ovidiu-florinand do the debuild in it21:09
clivejosave it and rerun the build with "dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -nc"21:10
ovidiu-florinbut how do I trigger the build?21:10
ovidiu-florin-us -uc -nc21:10
clivejobut also maybe sure you install the package it needs21:10
ovidiu-florinnot very descriptive21:10
ovidiu-florinit's building now21:10
ovidiu-florinno more cmake errors21:10
clivejoso when you add another build dep to the control file make sure you also apt-get install it as well21:11
ovidiu-florincp: cannot stat 'debian/tmp/usr/share/applications/kde4/knavalbattle.desktop': No such file or directory21:11
clivejobecause the old builds are kde4 and we are moving to KF5 this happens a lot21:12
clivejowhat I usually do is comment it out in the install file21:13
clivejoedit the debian/knavalbattle.install 21:14
clivejoanything with KDE4 is probably going to be broken21:14
ovidiu-florinclivejo: dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -nc does also do the debuild -S ?21:14
clivejonope its just retrying the build within your pbuilder21:15
clivejoyour pbuilder is like a virtual environment21:16
ovidiu-florinso I also have to run dbuild -S to regenerate the dsc, before I retry the build, right?21:16
ovidiu-florininside the pbuilder env21:16
clivejoand closely resembles a LP build machine21:16
clivejoyou need a dsc for pbuilder to build the package21:17
clivejojust like you need one to build it on LP21:17
ovidiu-florinyes but for the dsc I need my keys, does it have access to them?21:17
clivejobut with the kubuntu hooks installed we can modify and restart the build21:18
ovidiu-florinthat's why I asked you to explain these hooks in the notes21:18
clivejoyou sign the file21:18
clivejothats why you need the key21:18
clivejoIm not sure if pbuilder checks, but LP does21:19
clivejoovidiu-florin: Ill try and do it another time, in the wrong frame of mind at the moment21:21
clivejoovidiu-florin: regarding the install files, I usually comment out the lines I see problems with21:22
clivejothen when I get a list of the missing files I match them up21:22
clivejosometimes files are spread across a few install files, ie package.install, package-dev.install and package-data.install21:24
clivejothis one only has one install file so should be easy enough to fix21:24
=== tazz_ is now known as tazz
clivejoovidiu-florin: how are you getting on?21:44
ovidiu-florinI'm making progress21:45
ovidiu-florinI think I'm on the last test21:46
clivejocan you pastebin the control file please21:47
clivejobasically the next step is to commit the changes to debian git21:47
clivejowhich I will have to do for you21:48
ovidiu-florinthe last test finished21:49
ovidiu-florinsuccessfully I think21:49
ovidiu-florinclivejo: dont' you preffer a diff of the entire thing?21:49
ovidiu-florinclivejo: https://paste.kde.org/pulv6lz6i21:50
ovidiu-florinwhat now?21:51
clivejodo you have a diff for the changelog?21:57
clivejoalso, there is a missing files list22:00
clivejoyou need to figure out the new locations of the files and ammend the install file22:00
ovidiu-florinit's late22:01
ovidiu-florincan we continue this tomorrow?22:01
clivejoyou are almost there22:02
yofelso, I didn't read the full backlog, but if all kf5 deps were missing, then most likely the app was just ported to kf5 for 15.12 and was qt4 in 15.0822:02
clivejohi yofel22:02
yofeland as we don't CI qt4 based stuff, this wasn't fixed yet22:02
clivejoyofel: reagrding build deps, is it ok to use virtual packages?22:03
yofelI would not use qt5-default at least22:03
clivejoThats what I thought, but whats the reason/logic behind it?22:04
yofelqt5-default forces qtchooser to use qt5 apps. I can't details really, all I know is that you're not supposed to use it22:05
yofelas a build-dep22:05
clivejoyofel: and another question, if we make changes in pbuilder for example add deps to debian/control, is there any way to sync those changes back to your working folder?22:07
clivejoat the moment I use copy/paste into kate 22:07
clivejobut was thinking there must be an easier way?22:07
yofelwell, you can copy things out of the build folder. You can just access the files from outside in $BUILDPLACE/$PBUILDER_PID/tmp/buildd/22:08
yofelbe a bit careful though when you do that. People already managed to commit the "PPA build" changelog entry that's added by git-buildpackage-ppa by carelessly doing that22:09
yofelbut I do this myself for individual files if I do large changes22:10
clivejoah yeah, that could be a problem22:10
yofelfor small things I just edit things twice22:10
clivejocould a hook be used to sync to transfers diffs outside to an externalfolder?22:12
yofelI don't know, I don't use all hook types so maybe. 22:13
clivejoovidiu-florin: there should be a section like this - https://paste.kde.org/prrwj8caz - which you need to match with the lines in the install file22:15
clivejotake for example the desktop file, it was located here -> usr/share/applications/kde4/knavalbattle.desktop  22:17
clivejobut now its here -> usr/share/applications/org.kde.knavalbattle.desktop22:17
clivejosome files move, some are removed and some are totally new22:17
clivejoyofel: would it be ok to commit the work so far to debian and take it up again tomorow?22:19
yofelbut do upload it to the PPA as well, just so things are in sync22:20
clivejodo you have a sample of ovidiu-florin changelog entry?22:20
ovidiu-florinclivejo: are you asking me?22:22
clivejowell either22:23
yofeluhm, I would need to see the diff. If a lot of files changed, we already used "Update install files". If you know why something moved you could add something like "Update foo.install for moved desktop files" or so22:23
ovidiu-florinIve added build dep for kf5 and commented old, nonexisting files22:24
ovidiu-florinbut I still have to update the .install file22:24
clivejoovidiu-florin: can you do a dch and post me the diff?22:24
yofelfor the build-deps I would say "Update build-deps for the KF5 port"22:24
yofeland remove any qt4 build-deps in that case if they're not used anymore22:25
ovidiu-florinwhat's a dch?22:25
yofela command (short for debchange)22:25
yofelthe preferred way to edit debian/changelog22:25
clivejoits a command that updates the changelog22:25
clivejoadd your details22:26
clivejoso that people can see you worked on it22:27
clivejoyofel: also, if I commit using ovidiu-florin in the changelog, he should be able to do a git-buildpackage-ppa ?22:27
clivejoand dput to LP staging PPA?22:28
yofelas we usually do team-based work, I would recommend overriding the signature key using DEBSIGN_KEYID= in ~/.devscripts22:29
yofelthat'll override the debsign keycheck and just always use the defined one22:30
yofelthen it doesn't matter who's in the changelog22:30
clivejoI think should leave it to tomorrow22:32
clivejoits a lot to take in22:33
clivejoIm sure ovidiu-florin has a headache by now22:34
yofelwelcome to debian packaging :P22:36
yofeldid you guys start a link collection with stuff you should read yet?22:37
yofelalthough a couple manpages will also belong in that22:37
clivejowe have stuff we should read?!?22:38
yofelat least one document is mandatory: DEBSIGN_KEYID=2EC0A9FF22:39
* yofel throws stuff at chrome22:39
yofelyou can also install the debian-policy package if you want the some-100-pages pdf version ^^22:39
clivejolots of bedtime reading22:40
yofelyou might remember me pointing you to a couple sections in that in the past ;)22:41
clivejohow could I forget22:42
clivejowasnt that the night I fell asleep on my keyboard22:42
yofelwhich one of those? ^^22:42
clivejoproabably the copyright section22:43
* clivejo is off to bed22:47
clivejonight all22:47
valorieyou all are making 2016 awesome!22:52
shadeslayersgclark: would recommend going over kwin packaging onc more with a fine comb23:33
shadeslayerthere was stuff that was broken23:33
shadeslayercould be more23:33
sgclarkyes I am aware.23:34
valoriehappy new year, shadeslayer and sgclark23:41
shadeslayeryou too :323:42
valoriedid you have good holidays?23:42
* shadeslayer is welcoming the new year with a sore throat \o/23:42
shadeslayerI'm still on it, I think23:42
valoriejust a teens too much partying, eh?23:42
shadeslayermostly just doing critical work though :D23:42
shadeslayerheh, that sentence23:43
valorieteensy I meant23:43
valoriebut I did hear you were dating quite the young, beautiful woman23:43
shadeslayerRiddell is quite the gossiper apparently23:44
shadeslayeranyway, I'm off to sleep23:45
valoriesweet dreams, shadeslayer23:46
* genii takes away shadeslayer's coffee and switches the electric blanket on23:46
shadeslayerI had some hot chocolate :323:47

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