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asaclp timesout when filing a bug:10:28
asac(Error ID: OOPS-6b44c530235943cb4cc4237d4d9da192)10:28
asactried a few times10:28
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ESphynxhey guys, is there a way to request a rebuild on a ubuntu package that failed on a particular architecture?22:00
dobeyESphynx: ask in #ubuntu-devel22:01
ESphynxthanks dobey22:01
Mc-i think there's a link for that on the recipe pages "request build(s)"22:01
Mc-just below the latest build list22:01
ESphynxMc-: I have that for our own projects recipes22:02
dobeyMc-: i presume ESphynx is asking about stuff in the ubuntu archive, not personal recipes22:02
ESphynxright dobey22:02
dobeyand stuff in archive requires someone with appropriate privileges to do it.22:03
Mc-sorry then, misunderstood the question22:03
ESphynxthanks guys22:03
bdmurrayIs staging down?23:04
wgrantbdmurray: The DB restore over the weekend ran into some RAID issues, so we had to rerun it. I expect it to be back in <12h.23:15
wgrantbdmurray: For now you can use qastaging instead.23:15
bdmurraywgrant: okay, thanks23:17

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